A Christmas Tale of Software Engineer by@imantumorang

A Christmas Tale of Software Engineer


It’s so lonely and empty, what should I do now ?


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This is a night before Christmas, when I write this story. I don’t have any clue what I will wrote. It’s just so lonely, in my room, I’m alone. When my family was far away from this city(the city I lived).

So…What will I do, to fill this emptiness??


Finishing the Task from Office

Started to wondering, maybe I could be productive in this few hours. Well, I open my projects from my office. Reading some code, and hmm, all the things is already done. Still on review progress, means I can’t do anything until someone reviewing it. A negative option.

But maybe, I can do some cleaning for all my projects directory. Deleting un-necessary directory.

Starting to do this job. The first thing was, my golang projects. Since all my projects using glide, which is all the project has their own vendor folder. Maybe I can delete, any other package in gopath folder. Of course all that package that got by go get package-name. Starting from : $GOPATH/src/*any_package , listing all the package and deleting all the projects that have a role as a library in any main projects.

And here we goes…..

$ sudo rm -rf github.com gopkg.in almighty_go project-masa-depan and many more.

Wait a minute. I think I’ve deleted my projects from my office. WTF!!. And I remember that there are a few changes that I didn’t push yet to the remote branch 😱. Well, Hell Yeahhh.. This is Christmas, NO TIME for SADNESS. I just rewrite it later 😎

Finding Alternative to a more “Productive” Ways

Alright. To avoid another mistakes that can cause stress and crazy. I wouldn’t make any contact to anything about deleting.

Then I just open Quora, reading some wise answer, also reading some Medium post. And then, started to bored again. What the heck!!

Then, trying to open Youtube, watching un-important stuff, just a random. But the ads make me upset. It’s not video with ads, but ads with video. Closing it.

Then starting to confuse, I closed my eyes, and everything is just empty. Then something come to my mind. Maybe I can make some library. Or something.

Open my IDE again, then, just typing random stuff. I made some simple programming logic, that I learn in my college a few years a go.

That was, creating a program that will say number in english.For example:

1 => one10 => ten25 => twenty-five

Well, this kind of job, success made me productive, It make me a bit thinking. I made it in golang. Later, I started to confuse, what would I called this mini projects. It even doesn’t look as a library. It is just a very simple project. To be honest, I’d prefer call it just a piece of function. Hmm… Maybe I will said it humanizer. Because I think this will say number in human ways. Maybe I can add many feature about this later. Hmm… Interesting 😈

So then pushing it to github, and running it. Hmmm. Looks good.

pairworking/humanizer_humanizer - Humanizing in human ways_github.com

To make it’s more look professional, I made some documentations, and some example. LOL

func ExampleNumberToWords() {res := NumberToWords(24)fmt.Println(res)// Output: twenty-four}

Wait, a minute, I have a call from my friend. They invited me to hangout together in the outside. Alright.

I never think, this Christmas just the same as the last year. But at least, I’m productive this night 😆

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