A Beginner's Guide to Spending Cryptocurrency in Real Lifeby@simpleswap
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A Beginner's Guide to Spending Cryptocurrency in Real Life

by SimpleSwapDecember 25th, 2020
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In this article you can learn how to use cryptocurrency in everyday life: pay with crypto for goods and services. Find out what to buy with cryptocurrency.

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Let’s dream that you are traveling on an imaginary tour. And during the whole trip, you have only bitcoins with you. Is it possible to get from point A to point B using cryptocurrency only?

Today we can buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrency, and even pay for real items and services with it. Now cryptocurrency is an ultrafashionable digital currency that is still not recognized as an official payment method in different countries. Many countries accept cryptocurrency as something like stocks and securities only but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be used as money.

Global corporations such as Expedia, Dell, and Microsoft are active users of a new payment method.

Such a way of purchases is not very popular in the world at large at the moment but there are several methods to buy something.

Get Your Crypto

First of all, we need to get some crypto. For example, just recently SimpleSwap, an instant cryptocurrency exchange, has added a new option of purchasing crypto with fiat to its official website.

Now the SimpleSwap platform allows customers not only to exchange сryptocurrenccies but also buy it with bank cards. SimpleSwap has an extensive list of coins and tokens that can be purchased or swapped easily. It offers to use such popular currencies as USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, TL, and UAH to buy crypto. 

Buy the Tickets

Secondly, we need to buy tickets, a tour package or book a room in the Hotel. CheapAir, Destina, Expedia, TravelForCoins, and some other services will help us to do it. In other words, with a strong desire, you can travel everywhere you want.   

Thirdly, just in case we can get a pool of fiat money for extras. Ultra-modern Bitcoin ATM will help us.

About 58 countries have Bitcoin ATMs.

The USA, Canada, and Great Britain are on the top of the rating by the number of machines. ATMs are very modern and smart. The interesting fact is that you can find these machines in a small eatery or a grocery store right between alcohol bottles and magazines.

Prepare for Your Trip

Fourthly, we have to be ready for the trip and buy a suitcase, a swimsuit, or a pair of comfortable shoes. Online shopping will help us with that.

There are hundreds of online stores that accept cryptocurrency, for example, Aliexpress, Overstock, Amazon, and many others. If stores accept Bitcoin, there will be an orange and white Bitcoin logo on a par with other methods of payment. Everybody should be as attentive as possible in the process of payment for purchases because if a user makes a mistake he can stay without goods and money.

Nowadays there are even special platforms like Particl where you can buy goods for cryptocurrency only. The main idea of the Particl ecosystem is the building of a digital marketplace. Users can pay with PART coins or choose other cryptocurrencies to make a deal there.

If there are some difficulties with payment in Bitcoins, you will always have an opportunity to buy a gift card online and continue your shopping.

One such service of converting cryptocurrency into gift cards is It is a trusted peer-to-peer crypto gift card exchange service. Using Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies you will be able to buy something on Amazon, Walmart, or some other global shopping platforms and get a 20% discount or more.

Also, you may get bored on the way, so we offer you to download an App and become acquainted with CryptoKitties.

It is a game in which you can buy, sell, and grow virtual cats and get benefits. This application blew up the Internet. There are no two similar cats, everyone is unique and has a special set of features. The cat seller sets the initial price at the auction and defines its duration.

If the cat is on sale for a long time – it’s getting cheaper. It is not necessary to buy a cat, because everyone can create it. Cats owners have to agree on the creation of an offspring. The owner of a female cat will have a new pet and a male cat owner will get Ethereum. Characteristics of a “newborn” cat will depend on 256-bit genes of “mom and dad”.

Perhaps you will get hungry on the way, and there is no need to go far to find a place where you can eat and pay in Bitcoin.

Everybody knows the Subway fast-food restaurant. It is the first cafe where Bitcoin started to be accepted as an official payment because the founder of the restaurant chain is a big fan of digital currency.

Furthermore, if during the trip you want to rent a car for going to see the splendor of landscapes and architecture around, or buy gift certificates for the friend whose birthday you will miss due to travel, there are certain services where you can do it for crypto coins.

Maybe, who knows, your final destination called point B is the incredible outer space. Virgin Galactic group calls itself a high-technology company that is looking to the future and claims that bitcoin is our future. The price for a suborbital flight that they offer is 250 000 U.S. dollars or 342 BTC. The space tourism industry is at the initial stage of development now but it has good prospects.

As you can see cryptocurrency is legal in many countries and the number of places where you can use it is growing every year. If you would like to know more about the services where we can buy something for digital coins, you can take a look at a special service – It covers the whole world and shows how many places have accepted cryptocurrency in your country. You can also check their location there.

Welcome to the new decentralized world of cryptocurrency!