A Bazillion Reasons Why Everyone Should Read and Publish on HackerNoonby@product
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A Bazillion Reasons Why Everyone Should Read and Publish on HackerNoon

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesOctober 10th, 2023
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HackerNoon is the hub for free and engaging tech content. All it takes to become immersed in this platform is a willingness to read and a dedication to writing. We meticulously review each and every article submitted to us, guaranteeing the quality and precision of the content. We are truly grateful to have all of you contributing top-quality content to our community.
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Welcome to HackerNoon—the hub for engaging and free tech content. All that's required to dive into this platform is a passion for reading and a dedication to writing. Here, you'll discover compelling reasons why absolutely anyone should read and publish on HackerNoon.

To delve deeper into the benefits of reading and writing on HackerNoon, be sure to explore our latest addition, "HackerNoon Testimonials." This section highlights our achievements and the value we bring to our continually expanding community.

Why You Should Start Writing on HackerNoon

The Writing Experience

As a global leader in online publishing, we’re continuously refining the writing experience.

Instead of singing our own praises, let's hear from the writers on our platform:

Brooks Lockett's testimony on HackerNoon, January 2023.

Ybes De Hondt's testimony on HackerNoon, July 2023.

We prioritize acknowledging the significant influence our writers exert on the community and ensure their articles gain the readership they deserve. Moreover, during the development of HackerNoon, our founders, David Smooke and Linh Dao Smooke, stressed the importance of "The Second Human Rule." This rule means that all submitted articles are reviewed by our editors. Rest assured, they are nothing short of excellent. 😌

On the Topic of Editorial Work…

Andy Chan lauds the HackerNoon Editorial team for their superior work:

Andy Chan's testimony on HackerNoon, December 2019.

We thoroughly review each article submitted to us, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the content before it goes live. This process is not only something we take pride in, but it's also highly appreciated by our writers.

Here are testimonials from two of our esteemed long-time contributors, Nesha Todorovic and Brooks Lockett:

Nesha Todorovic's testimony on HackerNoon, September 2022.

Brooks Lockett's testimony on HackerNoon, February 2023.

We are deeply grateful for all contributors who enrich our community with high-quality content daily. 💚


Every article published on HackerNoon enters our distribution engine, putting your work in front of individuals actively seeking it. Here's a testimonial from James Bore, a participant in our HN Fellowship program, to this effect:

James Bore's testimony on HackerNoon, May 2023.

Good writing opens up a world of opportunities. Let HackerNoon be YOUR launchpad to greatness!

This leads us to…

Why You Should Read on HackerNoon

Free, Curated, Personalized, and Quality Content

In our information-saturated world, finding reliable sources of consistent, quality content can be challenging. Additionally, many publishers erect paywalls for their content, obstructing the dissemination of knowledge and education.

We firmly believe that paywalls suck 🤮

As such, we’ve HackerNoon is a haven for free, curated, personalized, and quality tech content. Here are a few testimonials from our readers: Vamshi, Jay Dutta, Ankit Prajapati, Lanze IV, and Omri Hurwitz.

Vamshi's testament on HackerNoon, December 2019.

Jay Dutta's testament on HackerNoon, January 2023.

Ankit Prajapati's testament on HackerNoon, August 2022.

Lanze IV's testament on HackerNoon, November 2022.

Omri Hurwitz's testament on HackerNoon, March 2022.

Closing Thoughts

While these aren’t technically a bazillion reasons… they are more than enough for you to get a feel for the kind of community HackerNoon is building. And of course, there are much more where these came from. The "HackerNoon Testimonials" page is not merely a testament to our work; it is also our way of expressing gratitude and paying tribute to the tremendous support we have received over the years.

All the images featured in this article have been adapted from our latest HackerNoon Testimonials page. This page is more than just a reflection of our work; it serves as a means to convey our heartfelt gratitude for the immense support we've received throughout the years.

Moreso, it has been created using our in-house page builder, showcasing our commitment to innovation. We invite you to visit the page to get a glimpse of what we're accomplishing and to see what our esteemed contributors, and the rest of the internet, is saying about us!