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93 Stories To Learn About Aws Services

by Learn RepoApril 10th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Aws Services via these 93 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Aws Services via these 93 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Easily Deploy Telegram Bot Using AWS Lambda

To deploy a telegram bot in C # seems is difficult, but I want to show that it is not. In this article I will give an example of publishing it on AWS.

2. How to Set Up an SFTP Server with S3

3. An Introduction to Boto3: How to Use any AWS Service with Python

What is boto3 and how to use it? We look at how boto3 works and how it can help us interact with various AWS services.

4. An Introduction to Infrastructures for WEB projects in AWS

Let's review a particular project in detail and the cost of infrastructure maintenance. And so, we have an internal WEB application that consists of a static website on React, a backend on Go, and a database DynamoDB. All code is stored on Github and for CI/CD we use Github Actions. The infrastructure code is defined in Terraform.

5. How to Build a Digital Auction SaaS Platform using JavaScript, AWS Lambda, and Redis

Want to create your very own digital auction? We'll show you how to build this application by guiding you through each step. Click here to get started now!

6. A Complete Inventory of Your AWS Footprint in 5 Minutes

Multi-cloud asset inventory for AWS, Azure, GCP.

7. How To Extend AWS EBS Volumes With No Downtime

This can be applied whenever you need to extend your EBS volume size avoiding to stop the instance and detach the volume.

8. How to Trigger Lambda with SNS Messaging: Going Serverless with AWS

Do you love event-driven programming? Let's take a look at triggering AWS Lambda functions from AWS SNS messages.

9. 4 Ways to Run Your AWS Amplify Project From An Existing GitHub Repo

4 Ways to run amplify project from existing GitHub repo.

10. Cracking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

Tips to pass AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certificate exam

11. How to Upload to Amazon S3 via AWS CLI and NPM scripts

Static websites are a brilliant way to create performant sites. My website is built using Gatsby and hosted on Amazon S3. I have created a simple script to help you quickly upload your site to S3 by running one simple command in your project terminal.

12. Using Open Source AWS Amplify JS with Cognito to Secure Angular Apps

This article shows how to set up the Cognito UserPools JWT authentication flow and how it will integrate with an Angular Web Application.

13. How to Deploy Your Node.js Apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk without EB CLI

Let’s face it — AWS is a convoluted web of so many services and can be really difficult to wrap one’s head around. That’s certainly how I felt, the first time I deployed a Node.js app to the service. PSA I love Clis but definitely not a fan of the Elastic Beanstalk Cli.

14. The Beginner’s Guide to Serverless Computing

Serverless is a modern computing model that employs Function-as-a-service architecture and manages the backend and scaling automatically with low cost and high concurrency.

15. A Deep Dive Into AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

AWS KMS Security and Key Management

16. How to Host a React Web App on AWS S3

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps required to configure an S3 bucket to host a React.js web application

17. OpenSearch From a Serverless Perspective

What is OpenSearch in a nutshell? What's the history between Elasticsearch vs OpenSearch? The role of AOS in serverless architectures, setting up & monitoring.

18. Creating Tables and Querying data with AWS DynamoDB

In this article, we will look at the NoSQL database service offered by AWS called DynamoDB and how to perform basic database operations with it

19. What Does "Serverless" Mean?

In the simplest terms, a serverless system is a way to build an application without having to manage the infrastructure. It reduces administration & maintenance

20. Cloud Wars: AWS Vs. Azure Vs. Google Cloud

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are three cloud services that are the creations of three large worldwide corporations with a global customer base and a constant commitment to improving their services andproducts.

21. How to Use G-Suite as an Identity Provider For Your AWS Account

The idea behind SSO it’s pretty simple, you login into only one place and can use multiple applications.

22. A List of AWS Benefits for Startups

The global pandemic now may have hit many sectors of the economy, but it doesn’t appear to have hampered the cloud computing market. According to the latest forecast from Gartner, the public cloud market is likely to grow 6.4% in 2020 to reach $ 242.7 billion.

23. Application Authentication: AWS Cognito vs JSON Web Token

Explore the difference between two well-known Auth building methods: AWS Cognito and JSON Web Token. Plus, take a look at the AWS Cognito application process.

24. AWS Vs. Azure: Key Differences and Business Benefits

The Big Three, Amazon, Azure, and Google, are driving the cloud computing market. The variety of opportunities they offer to businesses is endless which makes the decision even more difficult — which cloud will benefit my business the most?

25. Storage Services Provided By Amazon Web Services

Storage may be a large part of every enterprise architecture.

26. How to Deploy a Django Application on AWS with Terraform

The final goal of this guide is to create a scalable and reproducible setup of the Django Web Application on AWS using Terraform.

27. AWS Snow Family: An Old Solution to a New Problem

The AWS Snow Family is a group of three products that solved the problem of slow data transfers and edge computing associated with cloud storage.

28. [Announcement] Running Your Containers on AWS Is Coming Up On Twitch in September 2020

Have you ever had questions about running your containers on AWS? If so, this upcoming, Developers, Let's Code session is for you!

29. 5 Common Amazon SQS Issues

Ready to fix your SQS queues?🔨 This article aims to help you solve the most common issues as quickly as possible. Let's dive in!

30. Containers vs. Serverless: Which is Better for DevOps?

Managing your own containers versus letting serverless do it for you - when to choose what? Let's go over the pros and cons.

31. I made AWS Lose Money - Here's How!

This is a short series that I wanted to share for a long time about the basics of “Cost Optimization” on AWS.

32. The Benefits of Amazon S3 Explained Through a Comic

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental services of AWS Cloud.

33. Triggering AWS Lambda Events with DynamoDB Integration

Learn everything about AWS Lambda triggers in this guide, including Amazon DynamoDB integration and 3 common ways to trigger AWS Lambda.

34. 6 Use Cases to Drive Down Cost Using AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven computing cloud with many uses. Here are some of the best AWS Lambda use cases >>

35. Two Websites on One AWS LAMP Stack

Set up two named domain websites on one server host

36. How To Build Scalable Serverless Architecture on AWS

A majority of companies prefer to focus their resources on other things rather than on scalability, which causes massive problems in the future, especially once they grow to one million users. The objective of building a robust serverless application is to succeed in making it scalable and powerful at the same time.

37. A Principal Architect's Learnings From Using AWS Step Functions For One Year in Production

This article summarizes our learnings at SSENSE in applying WAS' Step Functions; what worked, what didn’t, and what should be improved in its ecosystem.

38. How AWS Enabled My American Dream

Today we explain AWS and how it blows a door open for the poor to achieve the American dream.

39. How to Add Business Context to Every Dollar of Your AWS Bill

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of how we use nOps to add a business context to our AWS bill.

40. Choosing a Computing Method: a Serverless SWOT Analysis

If you ever find yourself deciding for or against serverless the following tries to make the decision easier for you.

41. Answering the Biggest AWS Lambda Questions

Learn all about AWS Lambda, an Amazon serverless computing system that features a custom back-end service and real-time data processing >>

42. Debugging AWS Lambda Runtime Errors

Debugging AWS Lambda can get tricky in Amazon CloudWatch. KloudMate lets you get to Lambda errors quickly and effectively using Lambda error logs.

43. Redefining Serverless: A Change in Approach and Architecture

Serverless is a fantastic way of building applications, but there is a lot more to consider than simply Lambda functions.

44. How Migrating to Serverless Gave Square Enix, Autodesk, and FINRA Big Business Benefits

Bigger companies are notorious for moving slow, but here's a case for why they should make the switch to serverless ASAP.

45. 5 Common Amazon Kinesis Issues

AWS Kinesis is a professional tool that comes with its share of complications. This article will discuss the most common issues and explain how to fix them.

46. Better Failure Detection in Serverless Apps

Having reliable failure detection in place is a must for any application in production. Here's how to best achieve it for AWS Lambda.

47. Understanding AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a set of best practices used to create highly efficient and cost-effective applications on AWS. Lean more.

48. Adding a Firewall to Your AWS Servers: Step by Step

Network security is an important aspect of cloud security because cloud-based systems

49. Should DevOps Engineers Write Code?

“DevOps” is one of the most misunderstood terms in the software development industry.

50. How to 'Architect' an Easy Way into the Serverless World

A easy way to jump to jump into the serverless world in AWS

51. AWS Chatbot Magic: Building Conversational AI with AWS Services

AWS offers a range of services that can be used for chatbot development and deployment. The steps outlined in this article show you how.

52. How to Choose the Right AWS Partner to Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

When you chose Amazon Web Services for your cloud platform, you made a good decision. AWS remains on top because it continually improves and enhances its service provisions for its users. But it is a complex environment and one which many businesses cannot navigate with expertise.

53. Amazon Web Services: A Beginner Friendly Overview

As a web developer, I’ve had a lot of experience with Amazon Web Services. I never had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate its goods or gain a thorough understanding of AWS capabilities. The following guide will provide you a quick overview of AWS products.

54. Create a 1-Click Cost Alert Notification in Amazon AWS: A How-To Guide

Are your AWS costs growing? Learn how to deploy a cost alert in one click.

55. Getting Down and Dirty with Metric-based Alerting for AWS Lambda

Discover how to set up metric-based alarms for AWS Lambda functions. See how to do it in CloudWatch vs Dashbird.

56. Building an AWS Integration for Salesforce Image Handling

In this article, we’ll look at a solution that not only offloads your Salesforce image storage to AWS, but also resizes and renders them on demand.

57. How to Handle EC2 Credentials: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

When using the AWS CLI on an EC2 instance for accessing AWS resources like your S3 buckets(S3 is a storage provider on AWS), you might encounter a permission error and prompted to run aws configure as shown here:

58. How to Deploy a Java Springboot App with MYSQL in AWS for Free

This tutorial explains how to deploy a Java Springboot app in AWS Free Tier

59. 5 Essential AWS Services for Web Development

If you're getting started with AWS and you're interested to build your web applications using AWS services, then you're in the right place.

60. Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Prevent Outages

Are we learning from the past? At what point should others take accountability for their actions? When do we stop the cycle that has failed us and try a new approach?

61. Become An AWS Automation Pro With These 5 Lesser-Known Capabilities

Here are five lesser-known AWS capabilities you can leverage to become an AWS automation pro.

62. How Amazon CloudFront Secures Content Delivery

Amazon CloudFront is highly secure, managed service for content delivery by providing useful, and security supporting features. Learn more in the blog.

63. The Essential Guide to Amazon RDS Pricing and Optimization

Amazon Web Services makes getting your data into their Relational Database Service (RDS) relatively easy. Import costs are free, and you can store up to 100 terabytes across all your instances. AWS hosts your relational databases in the cloud, and their engineers handle patching, monitoring, availability, and some security concerns.

64. Build a Video On Demand (VOD) Service with AWS Lambda, S3 and CloudFront

With VOD streaming viewers may enjoy accessible media whenever and wherever they choose it. This way you'll keep visitors on the site longer. Learn here how!

65. 4 Tips for AWS Lambda Cost & Speed Optimization

In this article, we're covering 4 tips for AWS Lambda optimization for production. Covering error handling, memory provisioning, performance and more.

66. A Guide to Building Complex Serverless Infrastructures

In this article you'll find out how the AWS Well-Architected Framework came to be, how it evolved and how it should be implemented in 2021.

67. An Introduction to AWS VPC

VPC is the topic that flies under the radar of many Software Developers, despite being present in every AWS account (well, maybe not for accounts created before 2009...but that's unlikely). There are a few reasons for this I can think of:

68. AWS Decoupling: The Big Comparison

A comparisons between AWS services - Kinesis, SQS, SNS - that allow you to decouple sending and receiving data (including Python examples).

69. The Complete Beginners Guide to AWS S3

In this tutorial, we'll get to learn how to use the AWS S3. First, learn what is S3, the core parts of S3 that are the Buckets, Access Point, and Objects.

70. How to Scale a Business on AWS Lambda and Process Millions of API Requests per Month on a Budget

My biggest fear was the database.

71. Codify your SaaS Apps: The Answer to the Unmanaged SaaS Jungle

A phenomenon we have encountered often, when helping companies overcome drift, is a common neglect of the entire SaaS toolchain. Learn why this is troubling.

72. AWS Secrets Manager: How to Manage Credentials in Python

In this tutorial, we're looking at the AWS Secrets Manager as a way of managing credentials in Python scripts, with an example use case.

73. 6 Common DynamoDB Issues in 2022

It’s expected that developers face many of the same issues when starting their NoSQL journey with DynamoDB. This article might clear things up a bit.

74. How To Use AWS CloudFormation To Reduce Redundancy

Mr. X has been working on a very interesting, and meticulously written web application involving some heavy computation and a complete test suite. He architects the system well and chooses to host his application over AWS.

75. Why and How to monitor Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs

Monitoring your HTTP APIs can transform your decision process with actionable information instead of guessing around user complaints and high bills.

76. Introduction to AWS S3 Pricing and How to Optimize Expenditure

In this AWS S3 Pricing and Cost Optimization Guide, you’ll learn about S3 pricing and cost factors, storage classes and how you can save money.

77. AWS Lambda with Kinesis Trigger: 6 Pitfalls and How to Fix Them

In this article, we discuss the 6 most common pitfalls of AWS Lambda with Kinesis trigger that are usually spotted only in production.

78. AWS Lambda: Top 14 Use Cases for Your Business

How can you improve serverless architecture with Amazon Web Services? Explore unconventional AWS Lambda use cases.

79. How to Set Up Authentication With AWS Amplify in Next

Authentication is a way for applications to confirm user identity before granting permission or entry to a website.

80. Auto Scaling in Cloud Computing with AWS: Top 4 Advantages

In this article I have mentioned what auto-scaling is all about and what benefits it holds in a cloud computing environment, especially with respect to Amazon.

81. How We Kept Datadog From Blowing Up Our AWS Bill

A deep dive into how AWS billing works and an intricate series of steps to discover the location of the firehose of data

82. Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services 

Cloud migration is already past the cautious exploratory phase. We bring to your attention: List of Top 10 AWS cloud migration tools. In 5 years, as much as 98% of businesses will be relying on some cloud software and technologies. That makes perfect sense when you consider the benefits of infrastructure, data, and cloud application migration:

83. Webiny v5 Update: DynamoDB, VPC Support, and Performance Improvements

In the last 6 months, we put 100% of our focus on addressing this feedback and getting Webiny to the next level. Today we present the Webiny v5 release.

84. Top 14 Must-Haves for Your AWS Architecture Checklist

After analyzing the requirements of your application and coming up with an AWS architecture, here is our guide to validating your architecture.

85. Let’s Talk About Cloud Computing

In this article, I propose to understand what cloud technologies are, to see their differences from solutions, to consider these key characteristics and models.

86. 12 Strategies to Reduce Amazon S3 Costs

Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 is a service designed to house storage for the internet. In this article, we'll talk through all the strategies you can use to reduce Amazon S3 costs.

87. Deploying Payment Processing Infrastructure to AWS: Corefy's Experience

Hi all! I'm Dmytro Dziubenko, Co-founder & CTO of Corefy, a white label SaaS platform that empowers clients to launch their own payment systems in a few clicks. Our platform helps numerous payment providers and companies successfully cover all their payment acceptance needs. The key value of our platform for clients is that it eliminates the difficulties of payment provider integrations. After a single integration with us, clients get access to hundreds of ready-made integrations with PSPs and acquirers worldwide, allowing them to connect any payment method easily.

88. A Simple Guide to Optimize Cost on AWS

You may create cutting-edge, scalable apps to suit your demands with AWS (Amazon Web Services), which gives you the control and ongoing spending optimization you need.

89. Essential Guide to Accessing Your AWS Account

Hey there. You just created your first AWS account, and you can't wait to dive into all the exciting services and technologies that AWS has to offer you to start to build the next big thing. But, wait for a second... are you going to log-in with your root account credentials? Or it's better to generate a new user? Or maybe use a role?

90. 17 of the Best Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Web Developers to Learn

This article will give you a basic understanding of the main AWS features and will be useful for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the platform

91. Real-Time Data Processing for Analytical Use Cases: Is it Worth it?

How can you reap the benefits of a real-time processing with the least amount of architectural changes and maintenance effort?

92. Everything You Need to Know About AWS Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is an all-inclusive cloud computing marketplace by Amazon. It serves as an on-demand cloud computing platform that offers multifarious cloud computing models and deployment tools.

93. Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere: A New ECS Function

Amazon ECS Anywhere gives customers the ability to run Amazon ECS on any infrastructure using the same cloud-based, fully managed, highly scalable container orchestration service and control plane they use in AWS today.

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