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8 Tips to Develop a Robust Website Design for Your Business

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Website design has utmost importance because it combines everything on a web page and collectively uses all the elements on the website to achieve one objective.

The objective could be anything — bring more sales leads, increase purchases, get more subscribers, generate social media following, and so on.

Even though you can write optimized HTML PHP code or know how leading content management systems work, that does not mean you just starting to code as soon as a new project comes.

You have to have a design to conceptualize your development skills in developing an irresistible website.

Here’s how you can develop a robust website design for your business.

1. Create the Map of Buyer’s Journey

Don’t just starts your code editor and writing code of your webpages because even though you can instantly code your pages, you will have to frequently edit afterward to meet the requirements of the customer and client.

So, always start creating a map of the buyer’s journey before anything else. The map will allow you to further plan on how to design your website.

The map will help you get an understanding of how to represent your information to your prospects to make them your ideal prospects and then make them take the desired action on your website.

You would anticipate the readers’ mindset and their evolution in becoming your consumer. Hence, the map of a buyer’s journey lays the foundation of a robust design plan.

2. Develop Engaging Content on Your Website

The purpose of a website is to communicate to the readers by educating, entertaining, or persuading them through your website content.

Also, design a dedicated blog section on your website because, through blogs, your website content would be fresh and relevant, and you can cultivate your users to become your customers through engaging articles.

Moreover, decide how you are going to showcase your content. Keep the web pages clean and unambiguous so users can focus more on what do you want to convey through your content.

Keep the font family and the color palette of the text constant throughout the website.

3. Mention Your Social Media Links

Social media is one of the important online tools to show your authenticity to the world. People could check out your social media feed and interact with the posts to verify that you are a genuine brand of a particular niche.

So, design the layout of your website smartly to attract more eyes to the social media profiles of your business.

4. Include Social Media Sharing

Allow your webpages and articles to be shared on the website.

You can include a feature on your blog where users can share your articles and posts on their personal social media accounts to engage their friends and connections. This way, your brand would be advertised automatically.

Moreover, try to mention the number of times your post is shared online. There are many plugins and scripts available that will show the count of total social media shares a web page has got since it has been published.

The count will show the first-time readers that you write excellent content and people like what you write.

5. Use Relevant Multimedia

Experts say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is correct. If you can find a relevant image that could convey the context of your page, they always add it on the page.

If you can make videos, that would be even better. Video gives you a unique advantage of creative storytelling.

You can convey your message more dynamically through video compared to images. Moreover, users also like video content more on the internet.

Infographics are also a creative way to represent factual and complex data

Blogs and textual content become boring when there are lots of facts and statistics, so infographics can help you engage your readers by creatively convey your message.

6. Don’t Forget About Mobiles

Mobile friendliness is mandatory in 2019 for any website. Irrespective of whichever platform you are working on, whatever niche you represent, you cannot ignore the fact that in the coming time, most of your users would come from mobile phones.

So, it is essential that you design your website by keeping small-screen devices in your mind.

Moreover, a mobile-friendly website will also give you SEO benefits and improve your domain authority since Google also prefers mobile-first indexing in its algorithm.

7. Utilize White spaces in Your Favour

White spaces are one of the most powerful tools that can make your website’s design more elegant, and direct the focus of the user to the most important aspect of the website.

You can go for the minimalist approach and include only those elements which are essential for your website. All the details that have been added to the website must have a unique and crucial purpose to fill, so start questioning every aspect of your design or whenever you add something.

Also, include animation that enhances the elegance of your website. Don’t boast that you know designing and web development by adding unnecessary shapes and animations on your website.

8. Ensure there are Zero Dead Links

Dead Links are like a nightmare for any website owner due to multiple reasons. It wastes the time of your users by giving “Page Not Found” error. Moreover, search engines also do not like those websites give 404 errors.

Run a test and verify that there are no broken links on your website. If you find any, delete those links as soon as possible to save the user experience getting spoiled.

If you cannot remove the hyperlink or the page, you can always apply 301 redirection so that users get the information that they have been looking for. Although creative website design demands skills and experience, that should not stop you from creating an attractive layout.

Keep these things in mind while designing your website, and you will have an engaging design for your users.

Share your views in the comments about the things discussed in this post. You can also share any particular tool or technique that you use for designing your website.


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