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8 Exceptional Routines That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

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@joeytawadrousJoey Tawadrous

We all have goals and aspirations.

We all have many desires in life & we all want to become exceptional.

How do we do that?

1. Create A Sense Of Urgency

The youngest millionaires in the world today have a great need to get things done in the most efficient manner possible. They have so many tasks to complete on a daily basis and they have no interest in taking their time.

We have to realize that we can do so much at any given time, all we need is ambition and focus to get the job done. The only thing holding us back is our own ‘perceived’ limits.

There is absolutely no need in waiting for the perfect opportunity in any situation, because if it ever comes around, which it probably will not, you will have wasted so much time waiting.

Avoid a laid back attitude at all costs. Drive forward. Be ambitious and work harder for what you want each and every day. Have a sense of urgency that amplifies the output of everything you do.

2. Focus On Every Single Task

Being focused is certainly one of the most important traits of the ultra successful. Focus is what allows us to continue working hours on end towards a particular goal of ours.

Of course it is recommended that you take breaks every so often to rejuvenate yourself, however if you are highly focused on what you are doing, you may indeed feel time slip by much faster than you think. This can be a really good side effect of being focused.

However we must always take the good with the bad and vice versa, to be completely aware of our situation.

To be fully focused is to give a certain task or set of tasks your complete attention for an amount of time, with a disclaimer — as long as you do not cause any harm to your own health, both physical and mental, in doing so.

Meaning you can spend hours on end working on something, without taking a break, if you are sure that you don’t need to take a break. Some of us definitely try this, and again for some it’s perfectly fine, but for others, breaks are necessary. We must all read our own situations and bodies to ensure we take breaks when they are needed. Or at least take them every so often for a change of scenery at least!

3. History Is Our Best Teacher

So you’ve gone through pain, and you’ve been hurt. You’ve made mistakes and you’ve been burned. Get over it and stop bringing it up, either in your mind or in conversation.

All of your past experiences have molded you into what you are today, and you’re a god dam masterpiece. We must all understand this, that even though we didn’t play Superman in Man of Steel, we are still pretty damn incredible as a result of what we can and have done thus far.

The past is an incredible source of information. There is a wealth of knowledge to be tapped into, and it’s open for anyone to do so. Once you harness the power of both your own past and the past experiences of others, you will become indestructible.

You can literally learn from thousands upon thousands of different people about their trials and tribulations. Take Walt Disney for example. Before his career took off he was told that he ‘lacked creativity’ and that he should think seriously about a career change.

Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school basketball team. If history has taught us anything, it’s that you should never throw in the towel just because somebody thinks your not good enough. After all, success is the best form of revenge.

4. Speak With A Confident Tone

Following on from the last example about standing up in the middle of a group and expressing your own opinion and thoughts… if your simply saying what you think in a low & soft voice, the people to whom you are speaking will not relate to what you are saying… and this is not a good sign.

When other’s can see your passion for a particular topic, when they can see that you truly believe in what you are saying, they will appreciate what it is you are saying all the more. Even if you are wrong, they will still want to believe because they can truly feel your passion, most of the time.

Speak up. Use a slow & calm voice, which is coming up from deep in you chest, not just out of your mouth. Look every person in the group in the eye to make sure they are feeling what you mean.

However sometimes they will disagree, and that is perfectly ok. Don’t jump to saying that they are totally wrong, no matter how much you believe they are. Simply give them their shot at explaining why they think the way they do. Respect them and their opinions, they way you would like them to respect you are yours.

5. Challenge Yourself Every Day

Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before! Nothing keeps your brain on it’s toes as much as challenging it every so often. A brain that’s bored is also a brain that’s not at its best.

Look to challenge yourself, by doing something different or irregular all the time. Do something you’ve never imagined yourself doing — such as learning a new martial art skill such as Krav Maga, or learning breakdancing, for instance.

It does wonders for your brain and you will have picked up new skills that will always be useful to you.

6. Live By An Unbreakable Code

No matter whats going on around them, powerful people do not buckle under pressure. They know their values and their beliefs are just, and so they will not let anyone sway them to make a bad decision.

They know that if someone falls down and cannot pick themselves back up, that we should help them. They believe that if you are strong enough to help, then you should do just that. They will not join in the conversation, which is aimed at picking on somebody (in fact 9 out of 10 times they will stand up for that person). They do not follow. They lead.

7. Invest In Experiences, Instead Of Posessions

In this day and age it’s very easy to become caught up in a world of possessions and material things, reaching for more and more physical possessions without cause or a strong reason as to why we actually want them. This is wrong.

We need to lay more consideration to attaining experiences in our lives. We need to spend more time reflecting on each and every situation that occurs in our lives and learn from it. Our experiences are much more profound and valuable to us than our possessions and that will never cease being true.

8. Stick To A Strict Schedule

Without schedules we would struggle to get everything done. Whether we realise it or not, we all have a schedule. We carry that schedule with us everywhere we go, but this schedule is not tangible, it’s on our brain and it can weigh us down. I explore the concept in more detail in this post.

We all have plans which change from day to day and week to week. Some of us try to keep our plans only in our heads.

Why tire yourself out? I recommend Google Calendar or some other calendar tool or app to keep everything you want to do organised. All data will be available at a moments reach. You’ll also find yourself with much more mental energy than before!

Originally published at JoeyT.net


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