8 Enterprise Software Companies Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Workspace

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the forefront of conversations from employers across the globe. AI is helping organizations make incredible strides in efficiently handling mundane and repetitive tasks and freeing up valuable time and thought space that employees can use to exercise more creativity, solve complex problems, and otherwise focus on the bigger picture.
Let’s take a look at some software companies utilizing AI to create enterprise solutions that will transform the workspace of the future.
Twilio is a US-based cloud communications platform acting as a Ucaas service company. Twilio allows software developers to automatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and carry out other communication tasks using its web service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
About 20 years ago, communications platforms were a complex and expensive task, requiring proprietary hardware from various communications vendors.
However, Twilio has enabled its customers to apply machine learning to live voice calls via Media Streams. Media Streams is a new set of APIs which enables developers to layer AI-based functionality, like natural language processing (NLP), keyword detection and sentiment analysis, on voice calls in real-time.
This, then, reduces the stress of trying to keep up with customers, forgetting information about them and going through a repetitive task, as AI is known to sieve through data to avoid such.
Darktrace is a UK-based, one of the world's leading cyber AI companies and the creator of Autonomous Response technology.
The Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst is a new technology designed to emulate human thought-patterns to consistently investigate cyber threats at the speed of light. With transformational effects for the security industry, first users of the Cyber AI Analyst reported a 92% decrease in the time required to investigate threats and provide conclusions to authorities. Hence, causing fewer worries and saving time to cover more workspaces.
Featurespace is a UK-based provider of adaptive behavioral analytics technology for fraud and risk management in financial services & gaming.
Featurespace built the ARIC platform to outwit fraud attacks by thinking like each one of their customers. The ARIC platform uses quirk detection to study unusual behavioral data in real-time, spotting abnormalities to block any fraud attack as it happens. At the same time, Featurespace recognizes genuine customers without blocking their activity, therefore, reducing the number of real transactions mistakenly identified as fraud by over 70% and increasing business' profits.
Catalyte is a workforce creation technology company and one of the fastest-growing providers of software engineering services in the United States.
Catalyte recently launched a platform named "Odyssey" which has a ground-breaking ability to transform technology workspaces.
Relying on AI-based predictive modeling and enhanced analytics, Odyssey helps multinationals and mid-market enterprises birth high-functioning technology workforces that are distinct, native, cost-efficient and manageable.
With the Odyssey platform, companies can now source for, train and deploy top-notch developer talents right under their nose.
TopDevz is a US and Canada-based software company that offers other companies simple and complex software development services using elite-level developers, designers, project managers and QA testers in the United States and Canada on a project basis. 
TopDevz is known for its work with global brands like Kraft, Invesco, Bose, Ferrari, W Hotels, TMZ, Urban Outfitters and Williams Sonoma by offering its AI-based hiring technology.
In recent times, job openings have outpaced available workers by 17%, making the talent gap really wide. This is due to the frequent launching of new products and services in large scales to provide the needs of today’s consumers. This has caused difficulty for companies to deploy the solutions needed to keep up with demand, especially in the technology world.
However, TopDevz has birthed TopDevz Academy which enables prospective talents to go through a testing process to prove that they are qualified for a particular project. This will then, avail potential developers the opportunity to sharpen their skills that need improvement through TopDevz academy before being contracted on a project. Hence, reducing the stress of making their employees go through avoidable stress.
Babylon Health
Babylon Health is a UK-based health service provider that serves remote consultations with doctors and medical experts via text and video messaging through its mobile application.
The company’s approach to healthcare is to combine AI with the medical expertise of humans to deliver flawless access. Babylon's AI has been designed to act as a doctor to provide acquirable healthcare for millions at the click of their phones. It can comprehend and recognize different ways humans express their symptoms. Using this knowledge, added with a patient’s health history and current symptoms, it provides information on probable medical conditions and the quickest approach to it, therefore, reducing medical ignorance, increasing life expectancy and saving medical experts from avoidable stress.
Onfido is a software company that aids identity recognition in various businesses using a photo-based identity document, a selfie, and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Onfido makes aspiring employees snap a selfie and a picture of their passport, driver’s license, identity card, or one of 600 other forms of identification. They perform a liveness check by following on-screen instructions involving one of many actions and then, using optical character recognition, facial biometrics, criminal records, and other required records.
Onfido processes and gives out a risk report showing the person’s identity status, hence, causing a non-rigorous output in making the workplace a haven.
Healx is a UK-based biotechnology company integrating artificial intelligence with elite pharmacology to discover treatments for rare diseases.
Healx uses an AI-powered and patient-inspired service called Healnet to accelerates the research and creation of rare diseases treatments. Their AI drug discovery platform uses public and proprietary biomedical data and employs the best knowledge graph for rare diseases. Applying this technology with patient perception and drug discovery expertise, they have been able to discover different treatments with just a 30-member team and save lives.
The workspace is gradually going through an evolvement and this will, in years to come, increase in a geometrical rate due to the import of artificial intelligence. CEOs make more money, recruiters save energy, employees go through less stress and the masses are enjoying transitions in different facets of life. Hence, the transformation that comes with AI only caused a ripple effect in productivity in the industrial world.


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