8 Chrome Extensions for UI/UX Designers by@avrorashuhalii

8 Chrome Extensions for UI/UX Designers

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Every time I share chrome extensions, designers write that they cannot imagine how they worked before without them. I have compiled eight chrome extensions to help get the job done faster and more productive.

To show examples I took the page from Figma Community 12 UX free templates.

  1. WhatFant

WhatFant helps to identify the font’s name, its family, style, weight, size, line height & color. My mentees usually operate this extension when I give them the task of copying sites.


  1. Visual inspector

Visual Inspector helps to inspect or edit live web pages without coding. It gives the ability to export images in png and jpg formats, change elements position, size, opacity, and rotate it. You can change the page font, its weight, alignment & spacing.

Usually, I use this extension for a reason to better understand how to work some elements on the site. Visual Inspector provides an amazing playground for this opportunity. Also, it can help designers who want to know more about coding.


  1. Image downloader

Instead of looking for images scrolling the whole page, the extension proposes one viewport with all images that you can download. If you have a challenge to copy-paste the site, try this extension.


  1. Loom

Loom offers a nice opportunity to record and send someone a video recording (screen + speaker face). The free version allows people to do 5 minutes recording.

I use the loom extension daily to do design reviews for my colleagues.


  1. Muzli

Muzli is one of the most helpful resources for inspiration. This extension daily provides a huge amount of new projects, articles, posts & videos.

Every day I start with Muzly scanning the first from 3 to 5 new study cases for UX designers.


  1. ColorZilla

ColorZilla provides the opportunity to pick via one click the color on the site.

I propose my students use this excitation when they train their visual skills or copies with the live site. Also, you can reuse found colors in your portfolio creation.


  1. UX Check

UX Check allows doing heuristic evaluations and saving them in report view. The extension provides Nielsen's Heuristics which designers can assign to the chosen element on the site. You can go through all sites, pick elements that have broken heuristics, and add comments. The extension will save your analysis in screenshot view. In the end, you will have the report of the heuristic evaluation.

Note: this is a great tool that can help to do your job faster and more productive. But this tool does not do the heuristic evaluation on its own.


  1. Grammarly

Grammarly helps keep text content in good grammar, style, and tone. This extension helps me to write good emails and text for design projects.



I hope you will find these extensions helpful. Thank you for your attention!

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