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70 Stories To Learn About Iot Applications

by Learn RepoAugust 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Iot Applications via these 70 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Iot Applications via these 70 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Understanding Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A Guide to CGM Devices

Understanding Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A Guide to CGM Devices, and how developers can build solutions on such data

2. Integrating System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for Wireless IoT: Prerequisites

The IoT market wouldn't be the same without system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology. IoT devices can be expensive and face compatibility issues, making them unfit for commercial applications, but these everything-in-one chips address that. If you're going to build a product consumers can use, you need to consider your SoC.

3. Building your own ESP8266/ESP32 Over-The-Air Firmware Updater [A How-To Guide] Part I

This guide explains how to build a simple ESP8266 firmware updater in NodeJS. The ESP8266 will send a GET request to my application with some key information stored in its header. This will then be used to serve up the appropriate binary.

4. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the HVAC Industry

The term “Internet of things (IoT)” is often used in tech-savvy conversations, and its prevalence in society is increasing exponentially. It is here to stay by making our lives ever more productive. The days of standalone appliances are long gone, and interconnected ‘smart’ devices are the way forward. Even though IoT is already making its presence felt in the fields of consumer electronics, household appliances, power utility distribution, and financial services, there are still some obstacles to cross and mountains to climb before we truly live in an interconnected world.

5. Could the Tech in "Tomorrowland" Movie Become a Reality by 2050?

Two things appear to be repetitively accurate about emerging technologies. First, content production studios often set unrealistic expectations on what’s possible and what isn’t with new devices and systems. Second, innovators of all types are doing their best to catch up with fiction and sometimes have to remind everybody that what’s onscreen can be misleading.

6. IoT Innovation From The COVID-19 Global Pandemic in 2021

Here's a look ahead to 2021 and some of how we can expect this megatrend to take shape and play an increasingly important role in how we live, play, and work.

7. This IoT Expert Built a Smart Home in 3 Months

I interviewed an IoT expert whose forte is synergy between IoT and real estate. He built a fully functional smart home in 3 months

8. 14 IoT Adoption Challenges That Enterprises Need To Overcome

Tech-enabled industries are never short of buzzwords and the latest to join the bandwagon is the Internet of Things. Though this Industry 4.0 solution is available for long, the need for adding smart technology has increased presently among industry leaders.

9. How to Leverage IoT and Mobile App Development ?

Most of the businesses today are looking to leverage on Internet of Things and in due progress achieve Mobile App Development effortlessly. Internet of Things are a befitting technologies especially for the corporate world with emergence of various modern IT Systems. It is a good news for IoT based mobile app developers who have the ability to answer to the current demands in mobile app developments.

10. Smart Home Technologies that Will Raise the Value of your Home

Smart homes are rapidly becoming popular across different demographics, and all for good reasons. For starters, smart security systems can detect break-in attempts and alert the authorities even in your absence. Some smart detectors can detect smoke, moisture level, carbon monoxide among other factors that can harm the home. Smart devices save money and allow convenience and efficiency in a huge way. In addition, smart home devices are easy to install. You only need the right tools and instructions to get started.

11. How IoT Can Help You Grow Your Business

Internet of Things has become quite a buzzword these days. But what exactly is IoT, and how can it help you grow your business to new heights?

12. An Introduction to 5G Networks and IoT

What is IoT? IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, which describes a system of physical devices that are connected through the Internet. These devices can ...

13. Why and When it’s Better to connect Your IoT devices With Help of a Mesh Network

The non-mesh network enables the devices to communicate directly with a base station, while a mesh network provides a device-to-device connection.

14. How IoT Platforms can Control Digital Transformation 2.1

IoT platform technologies enable traditional businesses to transition to become digital-based businesses.

15. IoT Security Threats in Retail: How Do We Eliminate Them?

The number of smart connected devices on the Internet, including cameras, machines, and sensors, has grown exponentially. According to the premier market research firm, International Data Corporation, by 2025, it’s estimated that we will have approximately 41.6 billion connected devices.

16. Using IoT to Solve Housing Problems and Improve Safety

IoT can help manage air quality and emissions at industrial sites, improve control over electricity, water, and heat meters, and more.

17. Reinventing Consumer Relationships In IoB

While technological dependency increases for people in personal and professional aspects, IoT has now started to enhance the way humans perceive themselves.

[18. Research and Experimentation of

LoRa in Heavy Multipath]( Recently, we came across this great paper (link, free PDF) about modeling the impact of multipath on Semtech's LoRa modulation.  Specifically, it models Rayleigh flat fading, which is observed in urban and indoor use-cases.  We had just finished testing LoRaWAN vs. Haystack’s LoRa XR2 in an environment with heavy multipath interference (an airport parking garage).  The results were so one-sided that we wanted to find any research that might either validate our results or, potentially, shed light on something we were doing wrong in the experiment.  Fortunately, we found just the paper, and it corroborates perfectly with the experimental results we achieved.

19. How IoT And Edge Computing Influence Various Industries

From healthcare to lifestyle, everything is being influenced by emerging technologies like IoT and edge computing. Moreover, as data remains the foundation of today’s economy, businesses can use these emerging technologies to offer a more personalized experience to their customers.

20. An Intro to HVAC IoT System Development

Homeowners and enterprises waste a great deal of money on inefficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVACs) systems. Unnecessary energy consumption is a problem for both large corporations and small businesses.

21. Where You Can Go In The Aftermath Of The LoRaWAN Hack

By JP Norair

22. What Do You Know About IoMT - Internet of Medical Things: A Slogging Thread

This Slack discussion by Sadia Mehmood, BitcoinPetar, Rianke Krugel, anthony watson and Utsav Jaiswal occurred in slogging's official #introductions channel, and has been edited for readability.

23. Regulators are Just Starting to Understand Crypto and the Impact it can Have on our Society

This article talks about how blockchain can be applied to the IoT industry to protect and leverage security and token economy.

24. Top Trends in Fleet Management Coming in 2022

Flotilla IoT provides a diverse range of management solutions ranging from a fleet management system to a facility management system based on 5g technology

25. Why Should Businesses Collaborate With an IoT App Development Company?

Considering IoT a true digital transformation enabler, businesses collaborate with IoT app development services providers to gain competitive advantages.

26. IIoT in the Healthcare Industry Can Free Up Hospital Beds

The applications of IIoT in healthcare can be much more than smart sensors and smart hospitals. IIoT can help healthcare institutions in providing personalized.

27. How IoT is Transforming Transportation, Supply Chain, and Logistics

In today’s connected world IoT can speed up the rate of delivery actions of vehicles used for logistics and transportation purposes.

28. IoT Communication Protocols: Use Cases, Advantages, and Limitations

This article features a rundown of popular IoT communication protocols — and expert tips for choosing the right tech stack for your project.

29. A Rudimentary Introduction to the Internet of Things

This is a breakdown of the Internet of Things for beginners. It includes definitions, use cases, and basic concerns.

30. How IoT is Powering Remote Work in 2021

The interest in IoT applications is set to explode as more organisations look to solutions to enable remote work.

31. Why Businesses Need to Take Full Advantage of IIOT and Data Analytics

Modern business is driven by digital technology, and yet many business leaders remain hesitant to adopt them.

32. How IoT Can Help Solve the Most Critical Global Waste Problems

Even though recycling and other waste management methods such as waste-to-energy systems and commercial composting have been rising in popularity since the 1960s, still most of the waste ends up in a landfill. Most countries often do not deal with waste management as effectively as needed. According to, in 2017, the United States alone produced approximately 267.8 million tons of solid waste. Of that, some 139 million tons went to landfills, and only 67 million tons were recycled. However, in the future, cities are expected to achieve zero waste, reduce municipalities’ operational costs, and improve services to citizens, thanks to more efficient and smarter waste collection systems.

33. How to Use IoT in Supply Chains

What is IoT and is it really a technology of the future? and more importantly, how can it be used in optimising supply chains?

[34. Edge Computing Is So Fun -

Part 2: The Future Begins with The Road Side Unit]( This is the second in a series of articles on edge computing, delving into the infrastructure of outdoor edge computing, the emergence of the Roadside Unit as a common building block, a real-life example of the Roadside Unit, and the way forward.

35. A Path to a Successful IoT Startup

There are so many industries that are flourishing today, but we’d say the most promising area is anything connected with the IoT — the Internet of Things. Why? Because IoT is taking over more and more areas of our lives, starting from the simple act of connecting your phone to your TV set. For this reason, let’s take a look at:

36. Preventing Man in the Middle Attacks - A How-To Guide

There are many cyber threats out there. Usually, they’re motivated by money or political gain, but it can also be simple mischief. However, motivation is of little significance when your business is under attack.

37. How IoT is Transforming Digital Marketing Industry in 2021

By investing in IoT, you will have access to valuable information about end-user behavior. This will help develop better digital marketing strategies.

38. What is the Internet of Bodies and How it Can Revolutionize Healthcare?

The Internet of Bodies describes connected devices that monitor the human body, collect physiological, biometric, or behavioral data, and exchange information.

39. Vecna and Ants Have a Lot in Common With the Internet of Things

Vecna and ants have a lot in common with the Internet of Things. Find out how as well as how organizations can drive digital transformation with IoT.

40. Securing the IoT Edge (Part 1)

IoT adoption in enterprises is on the rise. Yet despite interest in the space accelerating, organizations of varying sizes and verticals have run into several roadblocks in implementation.

41. Are we Able to put Internet of Behaviour (IoB) to Good Use?

Internet-connected technologies that gather, integrate, and analyze data about people's behavior in an area are referred to as IoB.

42. How to Build a Robust IoT Prototype In Less Than a Day (Part 2)

Welcome back to our second article about creating a robust, bidirectional IoT prototype in less than a day using Arduino, Heroku, and Node-RED. If you missed the first part, we covered setting up Node-RED, adding security, and deploying to Heroku. In this article we'll look at creating our embedded system on the Arduino boards, connecting them to our Node-RED instance, customizing Sketches, and creating a flow that allows our devices to talk to each other. Let's get started.

43. 10 Ways IoT Can Help Environmental Sustainability

Care to live in a sustainable and environmentally safe future? These 10 IoT use cases can help

44. What Will be the Next Home Gadget to Drive Every Adult Insane?

The HN team discusses the next big thing in smart home gadgets and what new technology they'd like to see available for purchase.

45. Using IoT Sensors in Healthcare to Stop COVID-19

Currently, many problems are arising in healthcare because healthcare workers cannot reach all their patients, but now IoT can help solve this problem.

46. 5 Ways How Telemedicine Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare

Leveraging the incredible possibilities of telecommunication and information technologies, telemedicine is serving as a devoted healthcare assistant in the healthcare industry. However, till the dawn of new age technology telemedicine was hiding away from the limelight.

47. Impact of IoT from Recruiting to the Final Product

(Source: Image by methodshop from Pixabay)

48. Monetization Models, Use Cases, and Business Opportunities of IoT Solutions

New IoT applications appear daily. Learn how to ensure your IoT solutions bring revenue and leverage all the benefits of IoT products’ ever-growing demand.

49. A Look at Anomaly Detection and Why It's Important in the AI Space

A Look at Anomaly Detection and Why It's Important in the AI Space

50. IoT Can Help Control The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

The Internet of Things is a paradoxical technology: despite its simplicity, it can dramatically improve people’s daily lives and make businesses more profitable and less risky. Yet the majority of companies still hesitate when it comes to the implementation of IoT in business operations.

51. IoT Projects: Build a Robust IoT Prototype In Less Than a Day (Part 1)

The IoT world is powerful, but also quite complex. There are many protocols and vendors and the landscape is fragmented. [As Matt Turck has already shown in 2018.]

52. Enabling Smart Communication for IoT Devices With Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart Contracts and NFTs can allow IoT devices to negotiate prices and transact with eachother.

53. Top Ways Organizations Can Secure Their IoT Devices

With the internet of things, which has been around for a while, IoT, sensors, or whatever we call them, the contentedness we have been enjoying, at the same time has resulted in the expansion of the threat landscape exponentially in the past few years.

54. The Best Practices for Web3 Security Risk Mitigation

This article highlights the risks and vulnerabilities within the Web3 ecosystem and the best practices for Web3 security risk mitigation. Read on.

55. IoT App Development Companies Collection

Global market for IoT will grow 457 billion by 2020. Here we look at the Top 7 IoT app development companies based on several metrics like customer reviews, usage of the best IoT technological stack, providing the Enterprises increased scalability, cost, and connectivity.

56. Effective Scaling Of Applications – Tips and Tricks

Before jumping into making a plan for scaling your application, ask yourself what attracts your user now more than ever before?

57. All You Need to Know About the Life-Changing Digital Twin Technology

“Digital twin is a digital representation of a physical entity that helps in tracking and modifying the activities of the object real-time”.

58. A Guide to Making a BLE-Enabled Smart Bulb with STM32

The aim of this project is to control different home appliances using a web browser or smartphone.

59. IoT Integration: A New Era of Digital Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) integration market size was USD 1.29 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 8.21 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 27.4% .

60. How IoT Technology Helps Cities to Focus on People

As cities are concentrating the largest part of the world’s population, they face challenges that have never existed before. Evolution of smart cities from basic infrastructure elements to a comfortable urban ecosystem supports citizens throughout their lives and raises new concerns.

61. Top 7 European IoT Platforms to Consider in 2021

The European market for IoT solutions is flourishing, with the Nordics catching up closely. In this article we will introduce the best IoT platforms.

62. Benefits of Using IoT and AI Together

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the operations of various industries and businesses. IoT coupled with AI is used to make intellectual machines that imitate smart actions and supports in decision making with minimal human intervention. Used together, these two potent technologies enable enterprises to attain true digital transformation.

63. IoT Trends And Insights That Can Guide Your Business Decisions: 2020 Edition

Internet of Things is literally changing our world. The global number of IoT devices is predicted to grow from 30.7 to 35.8 billion in a single year (2020-2021). Both industrial and consumer niches get transformed by diverse IoT applications.

64. Impact of Next-Gen Blockchains On The Adoption of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) means the internet-connected devices or objects which are capable of exchanging data and instructions over a wireless network of the internet. Modern computers, smartwatches, and smartphones can be considered as the basics of IoT. Along with increasing modernization, the use cases of IoT devices are also increasing day by day in every field. There is a wide range of applications of IoT technology to make lives easier. For example, IoT devices are used in the healthcare system, cryptocurrency mining, machine learning technology, agricultural products' analytics, gaming, manufacturing, trading, and many more.

[65. Edge Computing Is So Fun

  • Part 3: Help Save The Planet With Smart Cities]( Figure 1. Singapore was ranked №1 on the Institute for Management Development’s 2020 Smart City Index Report. Credit: International Case Studies of Smart Cities

66. Blockchain Technology Will Unleash The Power of IoT - And We're Ready to Prove it

Our solution is to provide businesses with a service registry infrastructure that allows them to write their networks' configuration data onto the blockchain.

67. Anomaly Detection Strategies for IoT Sensors

Motivation - Algorithms for IoT sensors

68. Building Your Own ESP8266/ESP32 Over-The-Air Firmware Updater [A How-To Guide] Part II

This is a continuation of Part 1 of our initial simple OTA solution for the ESP8266 or ESP32. In this next part we’ll look into how we can build a more comprehensive OTA solution that does the following:

69. Smart Warehousing Helps Businesses Achieve Operational Excellence

A smart warehouse uses IoT and warehouse management software to automate workflows and drive efficiency. It can increase the efficiency of operating actions.

70. The Evolution of Smart-Cities With AI and Blockchain Technology

This article grants a comprehensive understanding of the applications and prospects of AI Blockchain technology in smart cities.

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