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7 Tips To Create An Active Telegram ICO Community

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@michielmuldersMichiel Mulders

Telegram has become an essential part of the crypto space. Telegram groups like Naviaddress and Refereum have even reached 100,000 users, being the biggest groups in the space.

However, big numbers tell us nothing. It’s so damn easy to set up a pair of bots to join your Telegram channel and make your project look big.

There is no rush, steady growth gives an ICO project more return value like solid investors and a more active chat. The consequence of such large 100k groups is the amount of spam and FOMO messages that is being spread. It’s hard to keep track of all different conversations.

Community Manager Filipe Figueiredo and Yael Tamar, both active for, share their related Telegram experience.

1. Create Personal Relationships — Just Talk

Make people feel at home. Your Telegram channel should be their relief where they can discuss project-related items, non-project items, and even personal things. It’s a matter of building personal relations. A personal relation will make them come back as they see you as a digital friend.

2. Share Insights And Valuable Information

Investors are hungry for information. Don’t let them wait too long for information regarding new announcements. Be clear about your goals, even if you are running late. It’s not a shame to explain to the community why you are running late with a specific milestone. It’s better to provide information instead of being silent.

It’s not a shame to explain to the community why you are running late with a specific milestone. — Yael Tamar, iOlite

3. Launch A Contest

To increase interactions and the feeling with the product, you can come up with a contest related to your ICO. iOlite, for example, created a contest where people had to tell about how they want to implement smart contracts in their daily life. The top 3 stories are awarded iOlite tokens and will be featured on the Medium blog. As you can see, the result of the contest is relevant to the ICO project and it has increased engagements.

4. Share Interesting News — Ignite Conversations

Every engagement in your Telegram counts. Not all conversations need to be about your ICO project. Your Telegram channel should feel like home where people can discuss relevant topics as well. It’s crucial for a Community Manager to regularly share interesting news that can ignite new conversations.

Conversation in iOlite Telegram

5. Not Everyone Is Welcome

It is important to treat everyone equally. However, FOMO members and spammers can create a toxic environment. They basically destroy the ‘Home’ feeling. It’s not a shame to ban people from your Telegram channel. Other members will value your actions as they appreciate your efforts to keep the channel as friendly as possible.

6. Answer All Questions

Filipe Figueiredo, Community Manager for iOlite, explained how hard this task is, “Sometimes, I don’t find time to answer all questions. However, it’s not a shame you answer their questions the day after. What matters is that you answer all of them. This creates trust and gives members the feeling we do care about them.”

7. Listen…

Sometimes, listening to your community can be very valuable. When relevant, ask the community for feedback and adapt your strategy. Nonetheless, your community is the biggest shareholder in the project, their opinion does matter!

The iOlite community is a friendly environment, created from the fundamentals of trust and openness. Feel free to join our chat.


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