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7 Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2

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Hope all are safe and going well with your Magento store. In the era of hustle and bustle, everything is available in a blink of an eye. Then why not your website? Read further to know How to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website.


Magento is one of the prominent platforms to develop any E-commerce website. Due to its flexibility, scalability, and security, it is favorite amongst E-commerce business owners. Magento is a powerful platform to handle a large amount of data. It offers a user-friendly store environment and amazing features to boost your store performance.

Higher the speed of the website, the better the user experience. Loading speed is the first impression of your website. You may have the best of the content and products in your site but if the page load speed is low it is of no use as the user will not wait for a longer time. Thus, the page load speed of the website is very important.ย 

People have zero patience levels while searching for anything in browsers. Almost every website experiences system load time. If the webpage of your website takes more time for loading, the visitors will switch to other sites. You will face problems in converting visitors to customers. It will also affect the rankings of your business. Thus, to optimize your store performance is very necessary to boost sales and get your store liked by the customers.

Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website:

Magento 2 has more features and more lines of code. It will require more time to load the page that is obvious. The faster loading time of the webpage will help to increase traffic and ranked higher in search engine results.

Letโ€™s look at the Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website ๐Ÿš€

  • Enable Flat Categories and Products
  • JS/CSS Minification and Merging
  • Disable JavaScript Bundling
  • Image Optimization
  • Varnish Cache
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Use the latest version of Magento 2

Enable Flat Categories and Products:

When you are running with a large number of products in your store, it will definitely take time to load the product page. This is the reading time into the Magento database. To avoid this you can enable the Flat Category and Flat Products built-in option provided by Magento 2 to make the database speed faster.

Login to Magento 2 store admin panel. Then follow the following steps :

Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Storefront

Set Use Flat Catalog Category to Yes.

Set Use Flat Catalog Product to Yes.


JS/CSS Minification and Merging:

JS (JavaScript) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files are used to control the formatting and layout of your website. Enabling the minify and merging option will merge JS and CSS files so it will minimize the loading time of the page. This is another alternative provided by Magento 2.ย 

JS Files:

In the admin account follow the below steps

Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> JavaScript Settings

Set Merge JavaScript Files to Yes.

Set Minify JavaScript Files to Yes.


CSS Files:

In the admin account follow the below steps

Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> CSS Settings

Set Merge CSS Files to Yes.

Set Minify CSS Files to Yes.


Disable JavaScript Bundling

JavaScript Bundling helps to reduce the server requests for JavaScript files. It groups a number of JavaScript files into one.

From backend follow the steps to disable JavaScript Bundling

Store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> JavaScript Settings

Set Enable JavaScript Bundling to No.


Note - JavaScript Bundling will work with production mode only.

Image Optimization ๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ

Images are such things that every website willbe containing. One of the key reasons for the webpage loading time is the higher image size. Images with heavy size will give the low performance of your site. Compress the size of the image on your website to prevent it from longer page loading time.

Formats like jpg, png, gif can be optimized for faster results. The image must be compressed in such a way that it does not lose its clarity. Google has developed a new image format to get rid of system load time. It compacts the size of the image as well as retains its resolution.

Varnish Cache:

Varnishing the cache helps to reduce system response time. The files are moved to the cache so that the page loads faster.ย 

From the backend go to System -> Cache Management and enable all the options.


Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a software program that offers to store all the server pages together. Instead of loading all the system pages separately, CDN helps to keep the files at one place which gives faster loading of pages when requested.

From the admin page follow the steps

Store -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Base URLs


Use the latest version of Magento 2

Magento is updating every now and then for better performance, functionalities, and security. Always keep your Magento 2 store updated to the upgrade Magento to latest version for achieving the better results of your site. Upgrading to the latest version allows your store to speed up loading time.ย 

Wrap Up:

Hence, I hope now you know How to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website. Improving your Magento Performance Optimization can be very advantageous for the higher output of your store. Write down your suggestions and comments below. Do not forget to share with your Magento friends to help boost up their store performance. Stay Safe, Stay Updated!

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