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7 Rising Leaders in the Crypto Industry You Need to Know

The software and internet revolution was led by leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and the likes. They gave us things that were far beyond our imagination. Now, in the crypto revolution, we see new leaders who have fearlessly set goals to build the impossible. Let’s find out who they are and the change that they are fuelling.

David Siegel (The Pillar Project)

Credits : United Conference of Internet & Money

David Siegel is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of user design. Through his Pillar Project, he is trying to give users complete control over their personal data. Our personal data which we entrusted in the hands of Facebook, Google, and even banks have been abused repeatedly over the past few decades. It was even used for psychological manipulation in the 2016 elections. David Siegel is on a mission to enforce the user’s right to privacy through his Pillar Project. The Pillar Wallet securely stores user’s personal information. You have total control of who is allowed to see which data to what extent. You can read more about their mission in their grey paper.

Sonja Prstec (Bitnation)

Credits : UCIM

Sonja Prstec is a lawyer who is trying to make the world borderless through her company, Bitnation. The place of our birth decides our choice of values, jurisdictions, and economic opportunities. What if we are given an option to select a community whose values resonates with ours? This is the idea behind Bitnation. They have created a blockchain jurisdiction through which you can create your own nation with your own set of rules. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Vishal Gupta (Diro Labs)

Credits : UCIM

Vishal Gupta is on a mission to fight identity theft through his company, Diro Labs. Since current KYC systems don’t check for data validity, it’s easy for someone to steal your identity. Diro Labs provides a facility to validate the facts of a document by confirming it with government databases. They also automate the due diligence process along with enabling remote authentication. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Babu Munagala (Zebi)

Credits : UCIM

Babu Munagala is on a mission to enable a secure, seamless and consent-based exchange of highly sensitive information. Governments around the world store such information on centralized servers. There have been multiple occurrences where such sensitive information was hacked and leaked. The risk of this data being tampered is also high. Such situations can cause great difficulties for citizens around the world. Babu Munagala has built Zebi to store highly sensitive information on private blockchains. They are proven to be tamper-proof and incredibly secure. Institutions can request data of citizens from Zebi’s APIs, however, it is only revealed to them with the individual’s permission. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Vincent Lim (Fanfare)

Credits : UCIM

Vincent Lim is on a mission to empower and incentivize consumer influencers through his platform Fanfare. They believe the current trend of micro-influencers would shift to consumer influencers in the next few years. Hence consumer videos are going to have a major influence on people’s purchase decisions. However, current social networks don’t have a tight integration with e-commerce. It’s difficult to know if a consumer video on Facebook led to any conversions. Fanfare provides a platform where consumers can upload product videos. Brands can track these videos to evaluate the conversions it led to and incentivize the creator accordingly. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Igor Chugunov (Credits)

Credits : UCIM

Igor Chugunov is on a mission to build a platform that makes smart contracts fast, cheap, and scalable. Though Ethereum was a great innovation, its contracts take time to execute. Credits drastically reduce the cost to 0.0001 USD. It claims to process millions of transactions per second. They also offer great tools for developers to simplify developing dApps on smart contracts. They also support the cyclic process, the ability to execute instructions at regular intervals. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Natan Avidan (ORCA Alliance)

Credits : UCIM

Natan Avidan is on a mission to simplify crypto & fiat asset management. Presently, it’s difficult for newbies to get started with cryptocurrencies. Most of them lack awareness about the security practices and store their crypto holdings in centralized exchanges. Managing multiple crypto wallets and bank accounts at different places is a pain. Orca helps you manage your crypto and fiat assets with a single app. It also provides you with AI assistance to get the best out of your assets. You can read more about their mission in their white paper.

Though the internet and software revolution brought us great innovations, it also produced problems in privacy and security. Decentralized markets seem to be promising for the welfare of people around the world. We have the above leaders with a mission to fight the issues of security, economic inequality, and privacy with an overall vision to make this world a better place. United Conference of Internet & Money has invited me to cover their event in Singapore. I am curious and excited to hear from these leaders.

Claps please 👏. I would be covering this event in the coming days. Please follow Hackernoon and me (Febin John James) so that you won’t miss out on these stories.

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