7 Online Radio Stations For Coders 🎵💖by@madzadev
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7 Online Radio Stations For Coders 🎵💖

by MadzaMay 10th, 2024
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I collected some of my favorite radio stations that you can use to get some awesome music and increase your productivity while coding.
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A while ago, I had a discussion, asking whether developers prefer to code while listening to music or not. I was surprised about how many positive answers I got.

Therefore, in this article, I collected some of my favorite radio stations that you can use to get awesome music and increase your productivity while coding.

I will provide you with the direct link, give you a concise description of it as well, and include a screenshot so you can get an initial impression of the fly.

DevTunes FM

An online radio to boost productivity for coders. As of writing, 28 different stations and 160K tracks have been listened to—personal creation based on SoundCloud API.

DevTunes FM

Science-first approach creates music that sounds different–and affects your brain differently–than any other music. Paid product with three days free trial.

FreeCodeCamp radio

24/7 music designed for coding by FFC. One station with the option to tune in to the best bitrate closer to your location. Recently played list and equalizer on top of coding GIF.

FreeCodeCamp radio

An online radio based on some of the most popular YouTube radios for coders. Includes beautiful GIFs and handy keyboard shortcut navigation.

The perfect playlist with one click. Hit play and get into the zone instantly. Three stations to suit your mood: chill, jazzy, or sleepy. Includes both free and premium plans.

A unique and eye-catching design. Lots of lesser-known tracks that are worth your time exploring. As of the time of writing includes 63 episodes.

Single station music if you are in the chillstep genre. Been around for quite a while. Recently played list and background packs for further customization.

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