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7 Firefox Add-Ons Every English Learner Should Make Use Of

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Firefox is one of my favorite browsers, and its functionality may be significantly extended by using add-ons. I am also an active English learner and user, and so I’ve come up with a list of Firefox add-ons that will help in enhancing writing, spelling, listening skills, and grow up the vocabulary.


Textly.AI is a grammar checker that uses advanced AI algorithms to detect writing, spelling, and style mistakes. After you install the add-on, it starts checking your writing at any website with a so-called text area where users can type something. The system supports a lot of popular sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Medium or WordPress.

When the error is detected, the checker highlights it. To apply the fix you need to click on suggested correction. This is super handy for language learners, because day after day you will see your common mistakes, and better memorize how to write certain words correctly.


As developers of LinDuo claim, the tool can help in learning 1,000 new English words in a month. The learning process is gamified. During the game the tool displays the word, its graphical representation, and can play the correct pronunciation.

After each completed lesson the user is awarded by so-called experience points, which should stimulate to continue studying. Not sure about 1,000 words/month schedule, but learning at least several dozens a month look possible with this tool.

Read Aloud

A great tool for mastering listening skills, this add-on uses custom voice recognition technology which allows it to read aloud every text on the web. This means you can learn while listening to articles you are interested in, and not dull learning materials. Users can set up voice type and reading speed. Read Aloud even can read PDFs.

English Popup Dictionary

Handy dictionary for Firefox Quantum. It works pretty directly — double-click the word on the page to see the translation.

ReadSpeaker TextAid

Another text-to-speech converter. It can convert to audio web pages, Google Documents, MS Word Online pages, and even dictate the text you are typing right now.

Context Wiktionary

A simple add-on, but still helpful. Helps in finding the word’s actual meaning in the Wiktionary database. The search result is then displayed in the new tab.

Google Translate

Works similar to Context Wiktionary by opening the new tab with the translation. The powerful translation tool which can save you lots of time.

What useful language learning Firefox add-ons do you know? Share links in comments below!


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