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7 Exquisite Ways You Can Enhance Your Brain Power

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No matter who you are or what you do, there are so many different ways that you can enhance your brain power on a daily basis.

An improved memory, a sharpened focus and more mental power are just some of the amazing benefits.

It’s not out of your reach, as long as you know what you have to do to make the above a reality.

Forget What Other’s Think

People who care too much about what those around them think about what they are doing will never achieve the success the desire.

To care so much about others opinions is to limit yourself to their beliefs and not to your own. Tell me, whose opinion is more important when chasing your dreams.. your opinion or somebody else’s?

Young millionaires have developed a thick skin and care little about what people say about them. They pursue a life of goals and achievements and don’t expect nor require support from anyone.

Our very own Steve Jobs led a life just like this.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life” — Steve Jobs

Remove Negativity

A study conducted in 2012 found that when we often treat our negative thoughts like physical possessions. We also gain a great sense of satisfaction when we rid ourselves of them.

Negative thoughts weight us down on a daily basis, sometimes so much so that we find it very difficult to go about our daily activities.

We must make a point to search for any traces of negative thoughts in our lives on a regular basis and pinpoint the source. We should then physically go through the action of pulling that negative thought from our head and throwing it out the window. It may sound silly but you will see that it does in fact work wonders once you have tried it a few times.

Speak The Language of Success

Again, the power of positivity plays an important role here. If you truly believe that you can achieve it, you eventually will. It’s inevitable. Whether you realize is or not, once you firmly believe in what your are doing, you will subconsciously do everything in your power to reach the pinnacle of what you believe.

Strong people never complain or whine about anything. They simply see an opportunity to grow in their own abilities to overcome that particular obstacle.

The bottom line is complaining has never got someone to a place of sustainable success. The fruits of ones labor has always been achieved through grit, dedication, consistency and faith that they will eventually reach their goal.

Make Bold And Educated Decisions

Don’t let the fear of what might happen, keep you from making anything happen. We all have goals we want to achieve and believe it or not, we all have a fairly good idea of how we are actually going to make those goals become a reality. We have already envisioned what is required to move on to the next stage or take the next step which will bring us closer to the end result we are looking for.

We are literally and figuratively aware of tasks we need to accomplish, however we are often left at a standstill. We can and should be moving forward, however, for some reason, we are left stationary. Why?

Even though we know what we have to do, and we are interested in doing it, we don’t actually find ourselves taking the required steps. We cannot find the motivation? The inspiration? The will? to make a start. Why? I believe it’s because we are scared.

We’re scared of what will happen if we try to accomplish that task, afraid that we might fail, miserably. We’re afraid that it could be the entry point for a whole mountain of criticism from our friends, family or colleagues. We’re afraid that the blow of failure may be detrimental to our self esteem or that it may be, at least, more than we can handle.

The fact is we will never, ever, have the ability to create a ‘perfect’ situation, for there is no such thing. Perfectionism is both good and bad.

We must simply learn to adapt, to any situation. Now even though we cannot control the outcome of every situation, we can however stack the odds in our favour. Simply by focusing on those factors which are in our control we can make a difference in the outcome.

The fact that we made a particular decision or set of decisions in order to move us forward must not be forgotten. We took a chance and we reaped the rewards. Let us not allow the fear of indecision to get in our way ever again.

Believe In What You Do

You should never underestimate the power of being a positive person. It really does not matter how you build up the power to believe in yourself (within reason of course), it only matter that you do. You have to be confident in your own abilities. You can and will be a force to be reckoned with if you so believe.

The power of seeing that the cup is half full and not half empty. Knowing that you have your own back and that you are strong enough to carry yourself and others is extremely empowering.

Watch motivational videos, read inspirational quotes, reassure yourself in the mirror every damn day if you have to. Do whatever it takes to build up the confidence to believe that you can make a difference.

Feed Your Brain The Right Food

Nothing is more important for your brain than providing it with the right nutrition or brain food. If your brain hasn’t been fed the proper fuel, various tasks that require high levels of concentration, for example, will become increasingly difficult.

Nowadays there is a great obsession with low fat diets, in a mad race to lose weight. But do you know that the brain requires fatty acids such as Omega 3 if it is to perform to its full potential? Making healthy fats a part of your diet is an absolute must, if you’re to have a super sharp brain. Have coconut oil, grass fed butter, salmon and almond butter in your diet.

These foods keep your brain high on energy, alert and fresh.

Have a Strong Character

You were put on this earth for a reason, and never forget it. You are one special individual and you deserve the best that life has to offer. But believe it or not you actually won’t just get that for free. Not even if your mammy and daddy are spend all their time and money on you.

You have to make a conscious decision to compete against a surprisingly formidable character. It will not be easy and you will be beaten from time to time, but it’s simple, deicide now to get back up and fight. This formidable foe I’m talking about it is your own mind. The fact is, your mind decides how successful you will be. It decides how healthy you will be and whether or not you will have a strong body. It decides if you will be happy in life.

Take the time to find out what makes you tick. What makes you strong. What makes formidable. Focus on understanding that. Focus on improving. Do your best and above all else, remember, you are in absolute control of your life.


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