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69 Stories To Learn About Live Streaming

by Learn RepoAugust 15th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Live Streaming via these 69 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Live Streaming via these 69 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming? A Brief Intro to ABR

Adaptive bitrate streaming, or ABR, is the capability of a video player to adjust the video quality dynamically to match the viewer's network.

2. Ten Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Service

Things to consider when choosing a streaming service

3. How to Stream Little League Games 2022 and Its Full Schedule

For your convenience, we have listed the most popular broadcast networks as well as their schedules.

4. Build a Twitch Clone with the Livepeer API

5. You Are Invited to be a Game Show App Contestant! Live Video, #Moar Audience, Remote, Open to All

With the rise of interactive live streaming, the format is no longer confined by traditional broadcast parameters, opening new opportunities.

6. fitlive is a Better, Easier Way to Provide a Virtual Fitness Experience

Fitness instructors are not necessarily all digital natives, although many have large followings.

7. How Much Do Twitch Streamers and YouTubers ACTUALLY Make from Donations?

Most full-time streamers get an average $3000-$6500 per month. Gamers received up to $1,000,000 donations on Twitch.

8. "Posting Raw Content is Comfortable, Now" — AJ Picard, Clava Founder

My name is AJ Picard, founder of Clava. We allow you to start making money per minute from each viewer in your Live. Our goal is to help Creators monetize!

9. The Impact of Live Streaming on Media and Entertainment Industry

The growing popularity of live streaming is because it is interactive and engaging, and anyone can be a part of it.

10. How to Get Started Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is a great place to learn in public. I'll cover tools, tips, and workflows to help you get started with streaming.

11. My Thoughts on the Evolution of Live Streaming

The pandemic created a need to feel more connected through the digital world. Being able to listen and communicate directly has become more essential.

12. How to Implement Sound Waves in iOS by Using ZEGOCLOUD SDK

This article explains how to achieve the sound wave effect in live broadcast, voice chat, call and other scenarios

13. An Intro to Analytics Tools for Video Streaming Business

After you have invested your resources and time in making a product, you naturally like to know what people think of it. You would also like to be wise enough to collect all the information you can about who is using it and how they are using it so you can make the product a lot better.

14. Movie Streaming Apps: An Innovative Way to Redefine Entertainment

When we think of streaming TV shows and movies, the first thing that comes into our mind is Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video which dominates all the movie streaming apps in the entertainment industry. It seems like they captured the world with its cutting edge technology base and remove the era of CDs, DVDs, and video players. As per the survey held on February 2019, Netflix is one of the largest providers of streaming movies and TV shows on the internet with 139 million subscribers.

15. Create On-Demand Past Live Stream Playback w/Full Chat Replay on Amazon IVS

In our last few posts, we've looked at how to auto-record Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) live streams to Amazon S3.

16. Live Stream in the Cloud with Amazon IVS: Part 1

Amazon Interactive Video Service (or Amazon IVS) is the service that powers Twitch. You can use it to power your own interactive live video streaming app.

17. A Quick Guide to LiveLike: How to Enhance Live Stream Interactivity

LiveLike solutions can now be easily layered with Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) Amazon IVS provides customers with more options to build.

18. Leveraging Amazon IVS in Creating Unique Ecommerce Livestreaming Experience

From powering live trivia sessions for Samsung, to helping fashion retailers sell out limited edition inventory in minutes, BeLive Technology has delivered more than 50 million hours of live video since 2018. Offering rich interactivity and analytics, the company’s customizable live streaming service is a go-to for notable brands and celebrities in southeast Asia looking to boost real-time viewer engagement and monetization. Available as an end-to-end white label solution for custom streaming platforms, a one-click install SDK for customers with an in-house development team, and a live shopping solution, BeLive Technology is built on a host of Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) to ensure high-quality, low-latency, and resilient live streams.

19. Using OBS Macros to Automate Your Processes for Streaming

In this post, we teach you how to create macros for starting a stream, intro video, and ending a stream in OBS.

20. What is the HLS Streaming Protocol and How Does it Work?

HTML5 live streaming solutions have become more popular lately. One of them is the HLS protocol. There are some reasons why this is so popular, the most important of which is that RTMP lost its support by the end of 2020.

21. What Is the Right AWS Live Streaming Solution for Your Use Case

In July last year, AWS launched Amazon IVS, a managed live streaming platform for creating low latency interactive streaming services.

22. Build a Clubhouse Clone App with Android and ZEGOCLOUD

This article explains how to quickly clone a Clubhouse app using ZEGOCLOUD's ZEGOLiveAudioRoom SDK

23. Migrating To Serverless Video Streaming Platforms like AWS Elemental

Serverless technology is spreading across the SaaS industry like wildfire, including the Video Streaming industry. Is it a good idea?

24. Live-streaming Unicorn Tango Shows how Focus can be the Difference

From basic filters to complex AR face-changing features, then live-streaming and broadcasting, the evolution of social media has moved at breakneck speed.

25. How Headliner Helped Artists Deliver Quality Virtual Concert Experience During the Pandemic

While most music is accessible today via streaming services, the allure of experiencing performances live remains strong as fans seek out concerts and festivals. When the global pandemic halted large gatherings, artists began exploring alternate ways to continue performing, typically via live streams ranging from intimate and low-fi setups to clones of stage shows in empty halls. Inspired to help deliver a more dynamic virtual concert experience, Headliner Founder and CEO Matt Smolin began building a new way for artists to connect with fans. Leveraging Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) for ultra-low latency streaming, Headliner established a new medium for performers to host live, interactive virtual concert events.

26. [Mux Stories] Why I Joined Mux

I’m extremely excited to have joined the team here at Mux. Having worked in the video streaming space for the past 4 years at Crowdcast, I’ve been following the ecosystem closely. Four years ago the landscape for video, particularly around live, looked vastly different.

27. 56k+ Marketers Joined Global Marketing Day

Global Marketing Day: A Recap

28. How to Build a Live App in 10 Minutes with ZEGOCLOUD's ZEGOLive

This article explains how to use ZEGOCLOUD's ZEGOLive to quickly build a live broadcast application, including functions such as mic, beauty, and messaging

29. Monetizing Interactive Live Video: How To Get It Right

Business success for any brand hinges on monetization. Read on to know how to get it right when it comes to monetizing interactive live videos.

30. Live Streaming is the Future for Business Marketing: Gear Needed For On-Location Streaming

Over the past twenty years, the internet has become the primary channel that people turn to for all kinds of media content. They watch streamers playing hours of their favorite games on Twitch, catch just-released movies on Netflix, and even build their music collections using any number of mp3 YouTube converter sites.

31. How to Embed Video Call Function on Your Website with PreBuilt SDK

This article will introduce how to embed Video Call into your website using the Prebuilt SDK with two lines of code.

32. 5 Things You Should Start Doing to Reach Younger Audiences

Gen-Z marketing through gaming and live-streaming

33. How Tonal Introduced Data-Driven Strength Training Classes Through Amazon IVS

Developed with a data-centric approach to fitness, users refer to Tonal as the world’s smartest home gym and personal trainer for good reason.

34. How to Build a Live Video Streaming App Using the Agora React Native SDK

In this article, we will create a live broadcasting app that can accommodate numerous broadcasters and entertain thousands of users using the Agora Video SDK.

35. How to Auto-record Amazon IVS Live Streams to Amazon s3

This post explains how to auto-record live streams to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket.

36. Using Amazon IVS Chat to Create an Interactive Whiteboard

Live streaming is a perfect tool for delivering educational content too.

37. Use Screen Sharing and Canvas Overlays to Enhance Your Amazon IVS Web Broadcast

In our last post, we looked at how to broadcast to an Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) live stream directly from a web browser.

38. How to Build a Live Streaming App

This article explains the features of live streaming apps in different fields, and how to build a live streaming app using the SDK.

39. NFL Going Against VPN Sites For ‘Promoting’ Illegal Streaming

Several takedown notices, reportedly sent on behalf of the NFL, are asking Google to remove VPN-related URLs. According to a recent request, these sites promote the use of VPN services "to illegally stream NFL games." While many of the pages show how VPNs can bypass geographical restrictions, Google has left most URLs in its search results.

40. 4 APIs That Will Enhance Your Virtual Live Event

Every live event needs a support network that can smooth out any wrinkles and ensure that the experience is accessible, positive, and user-friendly.

41. First steps toward interactive live streaming

Live video is central to many aspects of modern life, from the way we socialize and keep ourselves entertained to how we work, learn, and more.

42. How A Real-Time Voice Chat API Helps You Make Dramatic Changes In Your Business

Real-time communication is the vigorous pillar when it’s about businesses in recent days. This Blog helps to identify the best Voice Call APP.

43. A Simple Live Stream Toolkit for Business

Not many businesses are using live streaming in their marketing strategies. And they should be. But there's quite a bit of fear of failure standing in the way.

44. What Is MPEG-DASH: Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Protocol

DASH is stated as not a system or a protocol or a demonstration or a codec or interactivity or a client specification

45. How to Broadcast to Your Amazon IVS Live Stream From a Browser

We're learning how to get started with live streaming in the cloud with Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS)

46. Adapting Outreach and Marketing Strategies to the COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has put the world as we know it on stall. Lockdown strategies adopted by governments worldwide mean one thing for most businesses:

47. What is Transcoding and Why is it Important for Video Streaming?

Transcoding is the process of converting an audio or video file from one encoding format to another in order to increase the number of compatible target devices

48. Nobody Cares Which Live Streaming App Is "Best"

As you are reading this blog, it is clear that that you are already sold on the idea of leveraging live streaming to build your brand.

49. How AI-powered Mobile Apps have turned into a Game-Changer for Musicians

Between social distancing requirements, stay-at-home orders live concerts, dive bar gigs and massive festivals have disappeared. Making it extremely difficult for musicians to earn a living due to the lack of solutions for fan engagement and revenue.

50. CTV Advertising: What It Is and How Brands Can Make the Most of It

The entertainment industry is evolving rapidly. Here's how brands can optimize connected TV (CTV) advertising to reach audiences lost to cord-cutting.

51. Delivering Hydroponic Salad via Drones and Being Paid in Bitcoin [An Interview]

Hydroponics, drones and Bitcoin. Three technological concepts that are used in a new project from the Parallel Garden team in cooperation with Parallel Polis. As we enter an era of social distancing, delivery of food by drone can be a pioneering act. We bring you an interview with the authors of the Hydroponic Flyer 2020 project.

52. 5 Powerful Reasons Why Live Streaming Is So Important For Enterprises

Businesses with a well established online presence have the ability to build a strong relationship with their customers. Communicating with your target audience is no longer enough for today’s modern customers. Enterprises also secures a space in their area of expertise and actively share their knowledge with their audience through live streaming platforms. To stay at the top of the market, brands frequently post informative and engaging videos that are shared to their audience on social media in different online platforms.

53. Parasocial Relationships: A Pervasive Risk

Virtual relationships can be complicated, especially when they're not symmetrical and parasocial: "I know a lot about you, but you don't know me at all."

54. 10 Best Platforms To Build a Live Video Streaming Website, App or Service in 2022

Whether you’re an enterprise business professional, Individual or content creators, a live streaming platform can be a double-edged sword, it all depends on which platform you prefer to use for your streaming business.

55. How Live-Stream Apps are Changing The Way We Shop

Live stream shopping is really just the newer version of the infomercial. But now your salespeople are your favourite influencers.

56. Using FFMPEG for Broadcasting to an Amazon IVS Live Stream in Headless Mode

When broadcasting to a live stream, you're probably going to use some sort of desktop streaming software.

57. Using Amazon IVS to Create a Private Channel for Authorized Live Stream Playback

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) supports private channels.

58. How to Use DeepAR For AR Effects on Amazon IVS Live Streams

Now that people are more accustomed to using video technology, AR stands to dial up both the functionality and fun factor of the medium.

59. How Live Streaming Is Helping Businesses During The Coronavirus Crisis?

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, which means that it is an infectious disease passing from person to person in many parts of the world at the same time. The maximum cases have been reported in China where it originated and has more than 245,463 confirmed cases across the world. While China has quickly coped with the situation and reported zero new locally transmitted cases, Italy has become the epicenter with over 41,035 cases. As Governments have halted flights from affected countries, shut down businesses and entire cities, people are being insisted to stay at home to contain the spread.

60. Your Guide To Video Streaming Equipment for PC: 2021 Edition

61. How to Retrieve Health Metrics for an Amazon IVS Live Stream and Render Them as Charts

In this post we'll show some examples of how to retrieve stream sessions, and retrieve health metrics for a live stream from Amazon CloudWatch.

62. How to Stream Sports Without Cable in Minutes

More people than ever before are cutting cable and switching solely to streaming to get the programming they desire. However, there’s one group in particular that has been hesitant to cut the cord: sports fans. The biggest reason is they aren’t sure if they’ll be able to watch their favorite games or teams without cable.

63. Taking a Closer Look at Everything Live Streaming

This article brings together my eight years of experience in the audio and video live broadcast industry, hoping to help those in need

64. Ready Player China: An Introduction to China’s Booming Video Game Market

Despite its history of strict regulation against the industry, China’s gaming market is flourishing. Chinese MMOs and RPGs are topping lists around the globe while high-quality cross-platform releases, along with creative marketing through films, eSport competitions, and livestreaming, have set the tone for China’s growing gaming market for years to come at home.

65. How To Quickly Set Up Low-Latency HLS

I remember a funny old ad, where a Godzilla and a robot fall in love and have a Hummer as a baby!

66. Smit.Events Introduction: A Flexible Way for Transfering Events To Online

Hello, my name is Yan. Let me present you our new startup for online event organisation

67. An Introduction to Livestream Shopping

The concept of live shopping goes back to the 80s and builds on the idea of video shopping.

68. How I Live Stream My Brain with Amazon IVS, a Muse Headband and React

This is the first time we've used React to broadcast live streaming our brain data

69. Top 8 Best Video Streaming Solutions Comparison in 2023

Thinking about starting a online video streaming platform? Explore the top 5 best video streaming solutions to monetize video content across multiple platforms.

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