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63 Stories To Learn About Selenium

by Learn RepoJune 4th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Selenium via these 63 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Selenium via these 63 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Run Selenium Tests on Firefox using Firefox Driver

 Selenium uses Firefox Driver to link the test cases with the Firefox browser. In this guide, we discuss how Selenium Firefox driver aka GeckoDriver works with the help of an example.

2. Playwright Vs Selenium: Comparing the Two

A brief comparison between Selenium and Playwright from a web scraping perspective. Which one is the most convenient to use?

3. Recommended Websites to Practice Selenium and Test Automation

Here's a list of websites to practice test automation using Selenium.

4. 4 Automated End to End Testing Solutions Compared

Time to add some end to end tests for your next application.

5. A Look at End-to-end Testing in Nightwatch v2.0

A first look at end-to-end testing with Nightwatch v2.

6. How to Build a 910-wpm Typing Bot with Just 12 Lines of Python


7. Web Automation with Python and Selenium

Web automation is one of the best ways companies can test a product in development, especially the app's functionalities, such as clicking, scrolling...

8. Scraping A Website with Python and Selenium: A How-To Guide

web scraping is practiced by businesses that create their marketing and development strategies based on the vast amount of web data

9. 6 Popular Challenges In Automation Testing using Selenium

Selenium is a very popular software testing tool. However, Selenium automation testing often comes with several challenges which are solved in this QA blog

10. How to Start Your Friendship with Selenide

I've talked about why you should use Selenide previously. Now, it's time to teach you how it works first-hand.

11. WebdriverIO Vs. Selenium: Who Will Win?

Selenium is the most popular web UI automation tool, but does that mean that it's the best solution in test automation market?

12. A Successful Selenium Parallel Testing With Zalenium

Do you run a lot of automation frameworks using Selenium but finding it difficult to scale with a Dockerized infra? Maybe our case study can be of help. Read on

13. How To Make A Record of Selenium Test

Selenium is a open-source free and automation testing tool for web applications across all different browsers. It is quite similar as HP QuickTest Pro (QTP, currently UFT). However, Selenium mainly focused on automating web-based applications. So the testing done using Selenium tool is referred as Selenium Testing.

In order to record a test, follow the given steps: Step 1 : Open Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to tools and click on Selenium IDE. There type the link

14. Open-sourcing Ferrum: a fearless Ruby Chrome driver

If you want to run integration tests on your website, you have three options: Poltergeist, Selenium and now, a new secret weapon — Ferrum.

15. What is the Best Operating System and Programming Language for a Hacker?

It is the geeky thinker who uses an operating system along with programming and scripting languages to solve problems and automate tedious and monotonous tasks.

16. Use Jupyter to Restart the Script from the Point Where the Scrapper Terminated

Have you ever had a situation where your scrapper came across an error [may it be server error or scraper block] and had to start over again?

17. Top Unit Testing Automation Frameworks for Selenium

With the introduction of Selenium, automation testing has become an easy task. All you need to do is find an appropriate unit testing framework for Selenium.

18. Generating Dependable Locators for Web Testing, Data Scrapy

Generate reliable locators for web testing or data scrapy

19. The Test Automation Frameworks that Define Software Development

A test automation framework is a collection of rules or guidelines for generating and designing test cases. It includes a combination of practices and tools that are developed to assist the QA professionals in testing more effectively. Moreover, these set of guidelines may encompass coding standards, object repositories, test-data handling techniques, processes for securing tests results and also data on how to access external resources.

20. The Web Scraping Anti-Detect Anti-Bot Matrix: A Guide

Web scraping tools and framework comparison to bypass the most common anti-bot solutions like Cloudflare, Perimeterx, Datadome, Kasada and F5

21. Automation for Girl Scout Events

The shutdowns brought an opportunity for my daughter to participate in virtual scouting events all over the United States. When the event registration form changed, I took the chance to try out some new web scraping skills while inspiring my daughter about the power of code for everyday tasks.

22. Is Latency Slowing Down your E2E Tests?

LambdaTest offers to make cloud browser testing 70% faster than traditional cloud test execution platforms. In this post, we understand the optimisations made.

23. Why is Selenium the Best Tool for Automation?

The adoption of agile processes in the software development process reduces overall software development time, time-to-delivery (TTD), time-to-market (TTM), and also development expenses. The demand for automation testing solutions has risen rapidly in order to ensure efficiency and quality in the testing process. Selenium is one of the most extensively used web application testing technologies among the many automation testing solutions available. There are many online training centers across India like Selenium Training In Chennai which aids the aspirants in upskilling the knowledge to work with selenium. In this article, we are going to cover the topics which incorporate the topics of understanding the Selenium tool, supporting browsers and platforms for selenium, and the significance of employing selenium rather than other automated testing tools. Now let us try to comprehend the tool Selenium.

24. 7 Reasons to Use Automated Tests in Selenium, JUnit5, and Gauge Framework

Using automated tests to optimize your web application using Selenium, JUnit5, and Gauge Framework.

25. How to Set up Selenium in Visual Studio for Automated Browser Testing of Web Apps

In this Selenium C# tutorial, we are going to help you set up Selenium in Visual Studio and run your first Selenium C# example script.

26. "It's kind of morbid but I kinda love it", CEO Tai Shi Ling of UI-licious on QA

UI-licious was nominated as one of the best startups in Singapore in Startups of the Year hosted by HackerNoon. CEO Tai Shi Ling shared her founder story here.

27. How to Use .NET C# for Web Scraping

A guide on how to do Web Scraping in DotNet (.NET) CSharp (C#), with examples. Software Development Coding Programming Selenium HtmlAgilityPack Puppeteer

28. Using Google Street View Photos as Wallpapers [A How-To Guide]

Have you ever seen a photo on Google Street View and thought"Damn, this would make for a nice wallpaper"? Well, I have. So I started a project to get Street View photos at random and turning them into wallpapers.

29. How to Integrate Selenium with Capybara

There are times when you want to know how your capybara tests are interacting with your pages, sometimes it’s not enough the log on your console to determine why they are not working as expected, that’s why you can make it display the steps on your browser in real-time. The steps to do this are really easy thanks to the Selenium Project, which is in charge of providing us the necessary infrastructure to interact with the interface of all major web browsers.

30. How to Write Automated Birthday Posts on Facebook Using Selenium

Are you the kind of person that always forgets their friends’  birthdays? Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook, wincing at the realization that you didn’t post a congratulatory message yesterday on your bestie’s wall? And what use is that tiny ‘birthday’ tab that Facebook so helpfully sequesters in the top right corner of my Newsfeed. No big deal, right? Wrong. You might not have remembered their birthday, but they will definitely remember that you didn’t remember to remember it - and bye, bye, bestie. But don’t panic -  here lies the solution to your woes, and it's also pretty easy.

31. The world needs an alternative to Selenium - so we built one

[Disclaimer - the thoughts in this post are mine alone and the "we" in the title refers to an open-source project where I happen to be the lead developer.]

32. How To Make End-to-End Testing Your Friend

It's about time to get automated end-to-end testing on your side and improve your development process.

33. How to Use Data Science to Find the Best Seat in the Cinema (Part I)

From the most popular seats to the most popular viewing times, we wanted to find out more about the movie trends in Singapore . So we created PopcornData — a website to get a glimpse of Singapore’s Movie trends — by scraping data, finding interesting insights, and visualizing them.

34. Is Selenium Automation Testing with Disabled JavaScript Settings Worth Your Time?

Selenium has been a pinnacle for open-source software in the industry of automated website testing. The automation testing framework is widely adopted by the testing community to help them in automating interactions with their web-application for desktops.

35. How Can I Use Selenium to Automate Shadow DOM Elements?

In this blog, we highlighted the automation of the shadow DOM elements using the selenium web driver.

36. Using Galen Framework For Automated Cross Browser Layout Testing

Galen Framework is a test automation framework which was originally introduced to perform cross browser layout testing of a web application in a browser. Nowadays, it has become a fully functional testing framework with rich reporting and test management system. This framework supports both Java and Javascript.

37. How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Testing is indispensable. It's the lifeline of software. Quality is a thing that can uplift you from your competitors.

38. How to Build a PowerShell Script to Keep ChromeDriver Up to Date

Chrome frequently updates automatically causing ChromeDriver versions to mismatch. Using PowerShell you can download the correct version of the ChromeDriver

39. An Intro to Build Automation Tools for Selenium Automation Testing

Build automation tools are vital for Selenium testing, as they help to orchestrate the project build by automating the process. Read more to find out how!

40. How To Implement a JUnit Parameterized Test for Selenium Test Automation

Tired of writing the same test scripts for different input values? Save time by learning how to perform a parametrized test in JUnit.

41. The 4 Pillars Of Automation

In the test automation world, there is a competition between Puppeteer vs Playwright vs Selenium vs Cypress. These four pillars form the backbone of the space.

42. How To Use Selenium WebDriver for Cross Browser Testing

Selenium is a popular automation testing framework that is primarily used for cross browser testing. It is open source and is ideal for automating testing of web applications across different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. Selenium has become a renowned framework and is giving stiff competition to other test frameworks like HP QTP (Quick Test Professional) and AKA HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing).

43. Tests Automation with Examples: 'Click' Button Method in Selenium

One of the most fundamental and crucial interactions while Selenium automation testing is done by automating click operations over elements on a web page. We facilitate the click interaction using a method called

44. Top 10 Automation Testing Tools: 2020 Edition

The demand for delivering quality software faster — or “Quality at Speed” — requires organizations to search for solutions in Agile, continuous integration (CI), and DevOps methodologies. Test automation is an essential part of these aspects. The latest World Quality Report 2018–2019 suggests that test automation is the biggest bottleneck to deliver “Quality at Speed,” as it is an enabler of successful Agile and DevOps adoption.

45. How To Use Selenium To Catch Page Load Times

There are a number of metrics that are considered during the development & release of any software product. One such metric is the ‘user-experience’ which is centered on the ease with which your customers can use your product. You may have developed a product that solves a problem at scale, but if your customers experience difficulties in using it, they may start looking out for other options. Website or web applications that offer better web design, page load speed, usability (ease of use), memory requirements, and more. Today, I will show you how you can measure page load time with Selenium for automated browser testing. Before doing that, we ought to understand the relevance of page load time for a website or a web app.

46. Automating WhatsApp Web with Alright and Python

Alright is a python wrapper that helps you automate WhatsApp web using python, giving you the capability to send messages, media, and files programmatically.

47. Automation Testing With Selenium, Cucumber Tool And TestNG

Cucumber is a test automation framework which leverages Behavior Driven Development for collaboration in between Business and IT teams. It empowers a user to define an application’s behavior in plain English language which makes it easier for non-programmers to understand the acceptance criteria.

48. Selenium vs. Selenide: Which is the Better UI Test Automation Framework?

Choosing a UI automation framework is not an easy task. You have to consider many factors based on your company's needs.

49. What Deserves Your Attention in the Release of Selenium 4 (And 4.1)

The first-ever release of Selenium WebDriver 1.0 in 2007 has indented a lasting footprint in web automated testing. And through the years, the contributions of the Selenium project (WebDriver, Grid, and IDE) have truly transformed the way that we do quality assurance.

50. Selenium Exceptions as the Way to Get More Robust Testing Scripts: the Truth

Exceptions in Selenium are unavoidable. Here are 49 most common Selenium exceptions which might occur while performing Selenium Test Automation.

51. The Complete Guide Using To Selenium Locators In Protractor To Run Test Automation With Scripts

Selenium locators in Protractor are important for running your test automation scripts. Read now to know more about these locators.

52. Scraping Data With Selenium: Upwork Series #2

Hi Devs!

53. How To Use Nightwatch.js Framework For Test Automation

Selenium is a widely used tool for automated browser testing. Being an open-source framework allowed Selenium to be compatible with multiple test automation frameworks for different programming languages and if we talk about automation testing with Selenium and JavaScript, there is a particular framework that never fails to take the spotlight and that is the Nightwatch.js. This is why I decided to come up with Nightwatch.js tutorial for beginners.

54. Selenium Testing: Running First Pytest Script

Selenium as we know, is an open-source test suite used for cross-platform browser automation. Due to its popularity and ease of use, many compatible test frameworks with respect to different programming languages have been developed to extends support of Selenium for cross browser testing over multiple programming languages. Today we’re going to look into Selenium Python tutorial to run our first automation script using PyUnit framework with Selenium.

55. How to Use JUnit Annotations In Selenium

JUnit is a Java-based, open-source framework to help you execute unit testing. JUnit is used primarily to test each and every unit or component of your application like classes and methods. It helps to write and run repeatable automated tests, to ensure your code runs as intended. The framework offers support to Selenium test automation for web-apps or websites.

56. Automated Software Testing Using GitLab CI/CD And Selenium Grid

We will configure a CI/CD pipeline with GitLab CI/CD and execute Selenium testing over it through LambdaTest, an online Selenium Grid of 2000+ real browsers.

57. Getting Started with Selenium Grid Browser Testing

When performing cross browser testing manually, one roadblock that you might have hit during the verification phase is testing the functionalities of your web application/web product across different operating systems / devices / browsers are the test coverage with respect to time. With thousands of browsers available in the market, automation testing for validating cross browser compatibility has become a necessity.

58. WebdriverIO Tutorial With Examples For Selenium Testing

WebdriverIO is Javascript based test automation framework built over nodeJs. It is an open-source project developed for the automation testing community. WebdriverIO is extendible, compatible, feature-rich, and easy to install. This is considered a Next-gen test automation framework which supports both desktop browsers and mobile apps. Which makes WebDriverIO a favourable option for Selenium automation testing. It supports BDD and TDD test framework. The latest version of WebdriverIO is 5.X. In this WebDriverIO tutorial for Selenium automation testing, I am going to show you how to start writing your first Selenium script of WebdriverIO.

59. Tips About TestNG Listeners In Selenium WebDriver With Examples

There are different interfaces provided by Java that allows you to modify TestNG behaviour. These interfaces are further known as TestNG Listeners in Selenium WebDriver. TestNG Listeners also allows you to customize the tests logs or report according to your project requirements. TestNG Listeners in Selenium WebDriver are modules that listens to certain events and keep track of test execution while performing some action at every stage of test execution.

60. Selenide Test Automation: Using Selenoid in the Docker Container

This article will be useful for young QA specialists, as well as those who are interested in the features and capabilities of such popular testing frameworks as Selenide and Selenoid.

61. Groundbreaking Tips On How To Use XPath In Selenium

Identifying element has always been the trickiest part and therefore require an accurate and correct approach. If you are unable to find elements by the easily available approaches like ID, class, name, link or tagname then XPath in Selenium can help rescue you. Locating dynamic elements have always been the pain area while you wish to automate the scripts, the only ray of hope to deal with such fiascos is XPath. In my current article, I will be digging into the steps of locating an element via XPath example in Selenium and its various ways.

62. How to Handle Forms in Selenium With Java

Learn how to access forms in Selenium WebDriver for automated browser testing of your web application and ensure a cross browser compatible experience.

63. Python for Data Science: How to Scrape Website Data via the Internet's Top 300 APIs

In this post we are going to scrape websites to gather data via the API World's top 300 APIs of year. The major reason of doing web scraping is it saves time and avoid manual data gathering and also allows you to have all the data in a structured form.

Thank you for checking out the 63 most read stories about Selenium on HackerNoon.

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