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63 Stories To Learn About Company Culture

by Learn RepoJune 22nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Company Culture via these 63 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Company Culture via these 63 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Ex-Twitter Employee Rejected at New Job For Asking 'Political Questions'

Think it's easy finding a job after Twitter? Think again.

2. Why 2022 Will Be the Year of the DAOs

DAO developers believe that they can eliminate human manipulation or error from how companies work. This way, decisions are geared towards profitability alone.

3. Developers Created a Culture of Shame and a Toxic Workplace

Open up Twitter or any dev forum really, have a little scroll, and it will not take you long at all to find developers being unpleasant to each other.

4. "The 4-Day Work Week" and other Insights on Bootstrapped Business with GooseChase CEO Andrew Cross

Inspired by scavenger hunts, GooseChase is an online platform that enables you to create exceptional experiences for your communities. Meet CEO Andrew Cross.

5. Beyond Fame and Parties: What top Engineers Really Want From a Startup

8 things that make engineers today say, “this place is for me!”

6. Ageism in Tech: How It Feels To Be The Oldest in the Room

The phone interview started with the founder explaining the format, followed by the standard “tell me about yourself.” Before the interview, I had done research to know he wasn’t yet 30. It seemed to be his first startup and publicly available information about this venture was minimal. I was excited that I got the phone interview because I knew my previous marketing experience was a perfect fit. I kept my story short by including only relevant startup marketing projects.

7. MashRadar Reviewed HackerNoon - Everything You Need to Know

Hacker Noon is a tech-focused news website that features content from over 10,000 contributors.

8. Fun at Work Matters: Building a Company Culture

Having non-productive fun with colleagues at work is a great way of relaxing during work and getting to know the team.

9. Remote Working and Why I Wouldn't Relocate for a Job Again

Here is a list of reasons why I won't relocate just because of a job offer.

10. Productivity Hacks: How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Employee wellbeing is a challenge in this world as i89% of employees have worked while feeling unwell.

11. TekPon is Offering "Free" Marketing Services Of $1.5m To Newly Launched Software Companies

A tech start-up is offering free marketing services of $1.5m to newly launched software companies

12. How Digital Transformation Impacts Your Company Culture

The successful implementation of digital transformation in the enterprise depends largely on the willingness of the corporate culture to change.

13. Why Working in a Startup Is More Rewarding Than a Career in Big-Tech

Five reasons of why working in a startup might be more rewarding than position in a big-name company for specialists, who are focused on career achievements.

14. How to Protect Myself Against Sexism in the Workplace

In the era of #metoo and Harvey Weinstein, people are becoming more and more aware of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Society should thank the brave women who stood up and created a better culture for us, but sexism still happens. It can range from unwanted physical advances to unfair pay to getting passed up for a promotion. The work isn’t done yet. We need to continue to fight to make things equal and safe for women in the workplace. To contribute fighting sexism in society, we need to start at our own workplaces. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from sexism in the workplace.

15. Pandemic Remote Work != Remote Work

Have you switched to remote work in the past couple of weeks/days? Well, chances are high you have, or you will. I want to share my words of caution and tips to make pandemic remote work better.

16. 4 Routes to Remarkable Company Culture

Everything I learnt about how to do company culture right I learnt in a tiny, cramped office at an up and coming publishing startup in Farringdon Road, London.

17. How to Prevent Burnout and Keep Your Organization on Track

As a result of significant events against me, I burned out in 2016. Here are the keys to overcoming (and potentially protecting staff/colleagues from) burnout.

18. What it Really Means to Hire Slow, Fire Fast

A look at what it truly means to practically incorporate hire slow, fire fast within your organization.

19. The 10x value isn't all originating from the engineer, though

There's been a lot of discussion on Twitter recently about so-called 10x engineers.

20. How to Preserve Your Remote Company Culture

Promoting socializing, resisting surveillance, and hosting idea sessions can help to preserve your remote company culture.

21. 6 Questions Devs Should Ask Interviewers To Discern Culture

If you want to learn about growing a digital product without targeted advertising, subscribe to my newsletter Engineering Growth

22. The One Objective to Establish a Winning Startup Culture: Get Better Everyday

Last week I had a conversation with a couple of friends about the issues they've been facing at their startup. These friends, like many others, have been affected by CoViD-19 related business impact, as well as the Work From Home situation. As you can guess, the biggest issues have been around communication, specially when it involves some sort of negotiation about what product features to prioritise, and how much effort to put into the same.

23. "Companies With Content Employees Thrive, And Clients Can Feel That", Brais Méndez, Docuten CEO

B​rais Méndez, CEO of Docuten, discusses the company's beginnings, what the future holds, and exciting innovations in digital signature and e-invoicing.

24. Why Outsourcing Core Business Functions Can Be Dangerous

Outsourcing a core business function, no matter how big and strong a company is, can be a very serious decision.

25. Why It’s a Good Idea for Developers to Work with Startups Instead of for Them

What if I told you, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds – to capture the advantages of working with a startup while mitigating the downsides?

26. Twitter Employees Fear Elon Musk's Takeover Will Ruin Company Culture

Despite being a longtime lightning rod for controversy, even Twitter employees were caught off-guard by recent events.

27. Does Hiring for Culture Affect Diversity?

Can your company hire for both diversity and culture? Learn how to prioritize and balance both through talent intelligence and psychological data.

28. How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Change Company Culture (An Infographic)

Focusing on cultural transformation can bring big rewards, including an 85% net profit increase in just five years. But employees sometimes resist this change.

29. Managing Workplace Emotions During Organizational Transformation

For a long time, organizations have been analyzed as systems and remained mainly indifferent to how various organization members feel about information.

30. Do Away With Command and Control: How to Change Your Work Culture

Despite articles and studies claiming it dead, command and control remain in around nine out of ten organizations.

31. What Whiplash Teaches Us About the "Sink or Swim" Method in Engineering

I love movies - Particularly ones that can be referenced to bring a point home in a professional discussion. Such is the case with the movie “Whiplash” and the debate over the “sink or swim” methodology in engineer onboarding.

32. "They're The Ones Signing The Check..."

Signing the check The good and the bad

33. How Cultural Sector Can Help The Business Industry

Working with people from other fields may help artists and thinkers contribute to the corporate world in useful ways that the current paradigm does not allow.

34. How Companies Should Act When Employees Work Two Full-Time Jobs

The pandemic has changed the rules of the game, influencing how we take care of our health, our leisure, and especially how we work.

35. Demystifying Culture - What Does Culture Really Mean?

Annie is a software engineering leader on Square’s platform & infrastructure engineering organization. Prior to Square, she worked at a number of startups across a spectrum of industries from consumer products to enterprise solutions, as well as a wide variety of teams from sales to engineering.

36. The Importance Of Staying Humble And Strong Company Culture: Stephen Goldberg, HarperDB CEO

Harper DB is a startups of the year nominee from Denver, Colorado. Stephen Goldberg, CEO, shares the origin story and what makes their company culture relevant.

37. How the Noonies is Like the Dundies [or at least I told my team that]

Managing people, meh. Building teams, now that's fun. It is really interesting to think about how individuals can make others better.

38. Why Cybersecurity Must Start with Company Culture

Cyberattacks, though frequently thought of as ‘sophisticated’, are often anything but. They are actually surprisingly straightforward and mostly financially motivated. We often see the media reporting on large-scale cyberattacks that have managed to breach complex security protocols, at a substantial financial cost to the business involved.

39. Deglorifying CEOs

Bright CEOs belong in the past. Web3 is talent-centric and doesn't need a "charismatic leader" to become successful. Well, are we right, or are we right?

40. Omnipresent Requests That All Employees Return to the Office: The Best April Fools Prank Ever?

What would you do if your employer suddenly announced that everyone needed to work from the office? Just kidding, it's just a really good joke.

41. Startup Interview with Dmitry Bubnov, CEO Of ENBISYS

ENBISYS CEO shares his tips on running software development company and how his team manages to stay abreast of technology development.

42. 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Brand

Your company’s brand is an essential yet intangible asset that narrates how your audience views your organization. It’s no longer sufficient to merely develop your branding. To be sustainable, you must also future-proof your brand, ensuring that you evolve with industry trends and stay relevant to a digital audience.

43. Improve Team Dynamics is Key to Better Workplace Efficiency

Understanding group dynamics and how team-building, when done correctly, can dramatically improve workplace efficiency.

44. HackerNoon and the Time We Talked About Pints?

HackerNoon is trying to settle a debate: do the international (non-UK) folks order a “pint” of beer, or just generally connect a “pint” with drinking?

45. Proper Communication Helps Make Digital Transformation Smooth

The digital transformation process of the business. The role of communication during the fundamental change. Agility as the locomotive of transformation.

46. 7 Ways to Improve Internal Communication to Foster Better Corporate Culture

Here are some of the best practices for developing an internal communication strategy that makes sense for your organization.

47. How to Help Your Employees Maintain Work-life Balance in a Hybrid Landscape

Companies need to adapt to the changes necessary in a hybrid workspace to set employees up for success.

48. Subtle Culture Problems That Often Go Unnoticed

When Peter Drucker said in 2006 that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” he did not mean that strategy is not important. Rather an effective strategy is crucial to organizational success. A good strategy is the key to successfully implementing the vision. But a strategy by itself cannot push any organization to achieve tremendous growth and success. What gives life to that strategy are its people.

49. Building Remote Teams: Lessons From The Gitlab Remote Playbook

DevOps giant GitLab are one of the leading fully remote tech companies. They have produced a ‘Remote Playbook’ to guide companies looking to adopt remote workin

50. The Unbundled Work Era: The Time Is Now

The internet and rise of micro-entrepreneurship

51. The Disregarded Reality of Burnout Crisis in the Tech Industry

A self-help blog on how to survive the industry pressure and revolutionize the toxic work culture into something that might become sustainable eventually.

52. 5 Simple Strategies To Build Trust in Remote Teams

Before we attempt to answer the challenge of how to build trust over Zoom, Loom, Slack. Let’s try to analyze what built trust

53. Treating Your Internet Friends with Respect Starts Right Here at HackerNoon HQ

TL;DR: All Hacker Noon full time employees and long-term part-time contractors are now eligible to enter our fully-funded Mental Health initiative. Plus a few tips on how to make Remote Work work.

54. How to Set Up a Team's Systems and Culture for Strong Code Reviews

All software companies must take an intentional and structured approach to code reviews. Here are some tips on how to do that.

55. Office Inferno: Why Aren't We Happy At Work?

I just finished watching “The Office”. Funny on the surface, but very satirical and even dark once you go a layer below.

56. Implement These 21 Employee Wellness Program Ideas For Better Retention

Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.

57. Some Tips On Holding a Productive Virtual Offsite

Offsites are a big part of remote teams. They allow everyone to socialize, connect more deeply with coworkers, and help build shared experiences and empathy. Even if video calls are a great tool to share information, they can be tiring. It's too easy to miss non-verbal cues. Chance encounters over coffee never happen, and we don’t always experience the same personal connections that come from small-talk. That’s the downside of remote work, and that's why meeting a few times a year is a great way to fill the gap!

58. 5 Things To Ask About the Engineering Team to Avoid Taking a Job From Hell

Anyone with enough job experience knows that some jobs can leave you completely exhausted at the end of the day — while others make you excited, proud, and willing to do more. Sometimes people experience these opposite effects from jobs that are in fact quite similar in terms of responsibilities. So what can account for this difference?

59. Secrets of High-Performing Teams: Part II

A robust DevOps team facilitates faster development of new products.

60. Ash Coleman, Head of DEI at Credit Karma, talks about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Federico Toledo, wraps up season three of Quality Sense with an illuminating interview with a leader in the DEI space.

61. Team Building Activities In The Workplace Help To Establish Trust

Let’s take a look at some benefits of team building activities and games at the workplace.

62. Everyone Is Doing Remote Work but Not Everyone Is Doing It Well with Michael Brooks

On this episode of the HackerNoon podcast, Amy Tom and Michael Brooks get into everything freelance. They dive into, Michael’s freelance marketplace company. How it came about and Michael’s insights on running it. They talk about wild experiences like getting kicked out of Belarus and taking a shot of Brandy first thing every morning before work in Serbia. It’s a wild ride and you definitely should tune in! Brandy or coffee in hand, your choice ;) 🍻

63. Improving Communication With Global Cultures Using Contextual Communication

If we wish to communicate effectively, we must understand how culture affects communication. Here's a communication design to avoid conflicts and uncertainty.

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