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60 Stories To Learn About Compliance

by Learn RepoAugust 1st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Compliance via these 60 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Compliance via these 60 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Promoting Reliable Decentralized Finance: An Interview with 2 Experts

Ever since Bitcoin first came into play in 2008, the cryptocurrency space has never been deprived of concerns.

2. Bye-bye Google Fonts: German Court Rules That Google Fonts Is Not in Compliance with GDPR

Google Fonts is a data privacy concern. Learn why you should care.

3. Astra Protocol Brings Decentralized Compliance to Sandbox's Metaverse by Setting up Compliance Hub

Astra Protocol, a cutting-edge legal and compliance layer that provides unparalleled security to public blockchains, announced the launch of a Compliance Hub.

4. ‘It’s Never Too Late To Learn a New Language’: Yair Solow, CEO of Centraleyes

Startup interview with Yair Solow, founder and CEO of Centraleyes. Learn more about the company and different solutions.

5. Blockchain Regulations Must Empower Those Outside the Traditional Banking System

Banking and finance instruments have slowly evolved from being exclusively accessible to the fortunate few to becoming widely accessible to the masses, who are now able to transact with relative ease and accumulate wealth.

6. Worried About Your Crypto's Custody? Outsource Everything Except Key Management

A year into my stint at the Bank of France, I was still struggling to understand why they employ cryptographers. One day, I saw them huddled around a white board for a few hours and struck up a conversation. They walked me through their highly sophisticated key management solution that included everything from certificate signing mechanisms to deep traffic inspection contraptions. Baffled by the complexity of it all, I resorted to my go-to cryptographer question - "So, where are the keys?". The key storage, as it turned out, was outsourced to "a cool startup here in Paris.”

7. The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Cybersecurity Compliance

Whether they know it or not, any business with an internet-exposed edge has to take cybersecurity seriously.

8. Why We Need Regulatory Compliance in Web3

A conversation with Sakhib Waseem of Astra Protocol on why regulatory compliance is both needed and a positive development for the Web3 space as a whole.

9. How to Build a DevOps Culture Within Engineering Teams

10. Report: 10% of Crypto Exchanges have 'Good' Cybersecurity in Place

11. Conquer GDPR Article 32: Locking Down Data Segregation and Identity-Based Access

Understand the importance and tools of implementation for data segregation through access control GDPR compliance to address Article 32.

12. Faster is Safer: How Software Physics Beats Human Psychology

The idea that we make software safer by releasing it slower is an illusion. Here's why.

13. How Cloud Provider Compliance Affects Your Application Compliance

Cloud is evolving fast and already becoming a significant part of the software ecosystems. With this growth, becoming compliant on standards such as ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, builds confidence for you to trust the cloud in terms of security.

14. A Guide to HIPAA Compliance in 2021 & Its Benefits

Following HIPAA laws provides a higher level of safety for your corporation and its leaders.

15. The Massive Uber Hack: Technical and Legal Implications

In this article, I analyze the technical and legal implications of post-data breach, the risks & possible exonerations in the eyes of extent laws & regulations.

16. Concordium Blockchain valued at $4.45 Billion in its Last Private Sale is now Live

Concordium is a public, layer-1, proof-of-stake blockchain with a unique ID layer at the protocol level to assist with regulatory compliance.

17. 3 Solutions for Sharing and Managing Your Zoom Recordings

Recorded a Zoom meeting, now what? How do I efficiently share it with people around my organization? How do I restrict access to such a recording? I want my marketing team to only view this recording so how do I segregate access?

18. Providing Proof in an Untrusting World

Dragonchain's hybrid platform provides blockchain-based measurable proof for selective transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

19. Compliance is Not a Guarantee Against Data Breach

When it comes to combating the ever-growing threat posed by data breaches, most organizations believe that compliance is key. With cybercriminals targeting governments, small businesses, and other essential infrastructure- the need to minimize the impact of these attacks is at an all-time high.

20. 10 Factors to Prepare for CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

Be ready for CCPA with these top 10 critical factors

21. Readable Legal Documents Are No Longer a "Nice-to-Have"

By writing your company’s privacy policy in a clear and structured way, you influence how privacy policies are written and designed in huge organizations.

22. Cloud Compliance And Regulation Resources

Customers and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) share the responsibility of security and compliance. Thus, the organization would have the freedom to have architect their security and compliance needs, according to the services they utilize from the CSP and the services they intend to achieve. CSP has the responsibility to provide services securely and to provide physical security of the cloud. If, however, a customer opts for Software-as-a-service, then the CSP provides standard compliance. Still, the organization has to check if it meets its regulations and compliance levels to strive to achieve. All Cloud services (such ad different forms of databases) are not created equal. Policies and procedures should be agreed upon between CSP and client for all security requirements and operations responsibility.

23. How to Optimize Your Salesforce Security

Companies implementing Salesforce’s internal security solutions may find their customizations limit visibility into the risks that can impact other processes.

24. How Website Accessibility Affects Your Tech Brand’s Reputation and Success

If your website isn't easily accessible by readers with disabilities, you aren't only losing revenue opportunities, but you’re at risk of legal problems.

25. Data Leak Prevention with Databunker

We hear the horror stories of data leaks almost every day. Some require a sophisticated attack to gain shell access to the servers. Some happen over the web using the SQL injections in the web apps. As a result of this attack, your customer data can be dumped and personal data leaked.

26. How does IT Process Automation Help in Improving Business Productivity

Discover how IT process automation help in improving business productivity.

27. 8 Cloud Compliance Frameworks and Why Cloud-based Organizations Need Them

Cloud compliance frameworks help an organization to keep its database secure and private. In this article, you will eight such frameworks that can guide you.

28. Your CI System is a Terrible Compliance System of Record - Here are 5 Reasons Why

Jenkins, GitLab, Travis, Circle CI are great for DevOps but not so great for your compliance records - here's why.

29. Establish Your Data Team Early Using These Tools and Techniques

Start building your data strategy team and architecture as soon as you can. A one-person data team can make a massive difference to your success as you grow.

30. The deal requires Twitter to be compliant with Musk's request. But not with "past practice"

Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing is part of our Legal PDF series. Part 10 of 31.FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS-The Final, Agreed-upon Term-Ordinary Course Covenant

31. New Data Privacy Laws Are an Opportunity, Not a Threat

The New York Times declared the 2010s as “The Decade Tech Lost Its Way.” And it’s easy to agree when you look back at the Cambridge Analytica scandal, tech companies who consistently got off easy after privacy violations and the rise of sweeping new regulations to protect personal data.

32. How a Data Privacy API Abstracts and Simplifies Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy and compliance are hard! Let a data privacy API help.

33. SOC 2 for Startups: Save Time and Money In The Long Run

There is no better time for startups to undergo a SOC 2 Examination. See the top reasons how a SOC 2 audit can boost your startup.

34. FTC Mandates for Direct-Selling and Ecommerce Industries

Ensuring legal compliance is crucial for direct selling companies to avoid legal issues and maintain the trust of their customers and distributors.

35. An Overview of Legal Compliance as a Service

How to automate compliance with legal software.

36. Multi-Cloud Environment and Hurdles of Incorporating IAM

Understand the aspects of deploying IAM in multi-cloud environments and how businesses can ensure maximum security and privacy while moving to the cloud.

37. How to Ensure your SaaS is Compliant - For Developers

This article reviews what kinds of compliance certifications and regulations exist, what they mean for developers, and how to begin the certification process.

38. "Hackers Need To Get Lucky Only Once" - Excerpts on Fighting Crypto Hacks, Theft and Fraud

What do trust & safety leaders expect in 2022 with the rise of blockchain and crypto? Find out why next year is the year for compliance, regtech, trust & safety

39. How Compliance Management System Tools Are Changing the Compliance Landscape

Compliance management system tools are changing the compliance landscape.

40. 5 Things You Need to Know About CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is meant for those companies to comply with which have customers in the Golden State. The statute “represents a shift in perspective” for data. The state legislature has certain aspects that must be taken seriously by compliance practitioners if their companies are to be in compliance with it.

41. CCPA: Compliance Issue and Major Fraud Risk

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) signals a major step in online privacy rights for California consumers and will likely make its way onto the national scene in the near future. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of businesses predict that CCPA will become national law at some point in the next five years.

42. How a Data Privacy Vault Protects PHI for Healthtech Users

With healthcare apps and wearables that gather customer PHI, healthtech companies need a data privacy vault to ensure HIPAA compliance and build customer trust.

43. International Tech Sanctions: A Summary for Startup Founders

In this article I'll give you a quick overview of the concept of international sanctions, how they work and how it may impact a FinTech company, especially from the standpoint of technical implementation and tools.

44. 10 Things I Did To Increase CloudTrail Logs Security

It's crucial to safeguard CloudTrail logs and enhance the security of them, to meet compliance regulatory requirements and internal business needs.

45. Crypto's Value Is Not Relevant To Investigators, Criminals Are

The UN estimates $2 trillion annually is involved in money laundering, and a small but significant percentage is done with crypto. Despite the crypto winter...

46. An In-depth Look at Shadow IT

How should IT departments respond to shadow IT? Is it realistic, or even practical, to track 100% of all IT resources? Should there be a more managed approach?

47. 3 Ways to Share and Manage Zoom Recordings

Recorded a Zoom meeting, now what? How do I efficiently share it with people around my organization? How do I restrict access to such a recording? I want my marketing team to only view this recording so how do I segregate access?

48. People, Not Systems, are the Real Vulnerabilities in the Workplace

Why companies need to reevaluate cybersecurity to reduce risks within the flow of work. Remote work and SaaS apps make securing people more important than ever.

49. Why Websites Need To Be ADA Compliant

Did you know when a company website is not ADA Compliant, a lawsuit can be filed?

50. How to Build a Compliance Culture by Improving Employee Engagement in Your Company

Creating a culture of compliance means that the organization understands that compliance is critical.

51. Understanding The Importance of SOC2 Compliance for Data Centers

Businesses rely on Data Center SOC2 Audit Reports for critical business decisions concerning outsourcing services. It helps customers build a sense of trust.

52. Ethereum High Transaction Fees Discourages New Participants From Entering the Ecosystem

This article talks about blockchain, FATF and NFTs.

53. 10 Important 409a Valuation Compliances to Know

In this article, we will discuss some of the important considerations in the 409A valuation in order to comply with the law.

54. What Makes Zero Trust Better And Different From Traditional Security

Traditional vs zero trust? Learn how zero trust outperforms the traditional model by delivering improved security, flexibility and reduced complexity.

55. LCX Announces Venture Program To Invest Up To $2.5M In Compliant Token Sales

At the core of LCX’s infrastructure is their native LCX Token, aiming to elevate the platform to greater heights.

56. 5 Tips for Integrating Security into Development: Part 2

In this second part of our series, we explain five additional tips to help you code more securely, from leveraging existing frameworks to protecting data.

57. Regulatory compliance needs to become mandatory for all cryptocurrency exchanges

Regulatory compliance needs to become mandatory for all cryptocurrency exchanges

58. How Novel Technology Boosts Compliance in Pharma

Compliance programs aim to promote transparency, safety, and efficacy in the industry. However, achieving compliance in pharma can be complex and costly.

59. Newsflash - "People with AWS Console Access Tend to Change Things"

This blog post is a written transcript of the FOSDEM Talk: “Infrastructure drifts aren’t like Pokemon, you can’t catch ’em all”, by Stephane Jourdan – CTO and founder

60. Building a MongoDB NoSQL E-Commerce Data Model

MongoDB supports ACID transactions, and its cloud offering is PCI DSS compliant. It's one of the best NoSQL options for e-commerce.

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