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6 Steps To Boost Conversion Rate For Your Ecommerce Store

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When you start a new eCommerce store for the first time without any experience, you'll face many challenges - how to maintain user experience, server controlling, lift your sales, and deal with low traffic. In addition, it isn't easy to know where to start page optimizing and product listing. Therefore, it would be best to have an experienced mentor to help out all turbulence in starting years. 

Currently, you have access to everything on the internet to boost conversion rates through online video tutorials such as Lynda, Udemy, and Study.com.

Let’s Talk about the Ecommerce Store Optimization Strategies:

1. Design and Improve Product Pages

Your landing page should be impressive in terms of design. Make sure product pages convert visitors into customers. Always try to make it easy to find out all products.

Your product titles should be eye-catching and SEO-friendly. They will help rank in search engine results, and customers could quickly seek what they need.

Remember, product images are a significant key for attracting visitors and deciding to buy!

2. Optimize Your Pricing

Nowadays, the price is the most influential reason a customer comes to the landing page and decides to buy an item. You have to plan the best pricing tactic to increase conversion and customer satisfaction. They’ll expect some benefits while placing an order—for example, Free Shipping, Sales, and Discount offer.

3. Competitor Price Analysis:

There are numerous ways to competitor price analysis and rank up a top listing of your product and learn, where prices will go against your competitors:  

  • Define your competitors
  • Track your price analysis
  • Use your pricing fluctuation 
  • Analyze the Competitor Data
  • Manual Tracking

4. Optimize CTA (Call-to-Action):

Here are some of the most actionable phrases to use:

Learn more: It’s a “soft phrase” that doesn’t ask consumers to promise to buy and get more benefits from discount offers, sales, etc.

Join Free: The word “Free” helps people join feature programs and get it for the Call-to-Action program, leading visitors to convert into buyers.

Buy Now: It’s the most actionable phrases to force visitors to click to “buy now” button and purchase as you have selected the item. 

5. On-Page Optimization Strategy

On-page SEO is a crucial part of an eCommerce store, especially when you are setting up the product pages and don't know the Google search engine policy what you need to required of product optimization.

Here are few critical points described of on-page optimization:

URL Structure: First, you have to build an SEO-friendly URL structure because Google loves user-friendly URL structure. It's also the help of visitors on search engines when they're trying to search for relevant results.

URL Structure example: https://www.xyz.com/products/smart-led-fitness-band-fitness-assist-features-black.html  

On-page MetaData: Add titles, meta description, focus keywords for showing in organic SERP. It would help if you also use focused keywords on your products.

Product Data: Add "to the point" and short product descriptions for visitors' attention, describe the item specification in detail, and add some advantages. Make sure your product images are evident in high resolution and encourage people to buy them. 

Rich Data: It's the best way to add snippet data for fast indexation of all your products in search engine results to customers. 

6. Get Customer Feedback

Is it necessary to add feedback? Yes! It's the best way to know the customers are happy with their product/services. Also, a majority of visitors read the feedback before online shopping.

You can also use a popup for collecting customer's feedback. 

For example, you can ask/say:

  • How was your experience with our store?
  • Did you find the right product that you wanted to buy today?
  • Would you like to hear about new deals?

Final Words

In this article, you learned how to improve the conversion rate for your eCommerce store. In meanwhile, you need to manage product listing such as defined in all heading. These are few common tips that can grow your sales. Keep in mind: product prices are the key factor. So, keep an eye on competitors' prices!

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by Faizan Raza @faizan4it. I love HN authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about AI, Tech,Startup,Blockchain & etc. Read my stories


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