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157 Stories To Learn About Sales

by Learn RepoJuly 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Sales via these 157 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Sales via these 157 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

“If I tell you I want to be a door-to-door salesman, don’t knock it." - Jarod Kintz

1. HubSpot Salesforce Integration: Pros and Cons

HubSpot Salesforce integration proofs itself like a very powerful solution. You may already have Salesforce Integration Services installed and educated your sales department on the platform, however now you want to utilize HubSpot strengths and opportunities for your marketing department. Solution helps you to start using Salesforce and bring your marketing strategy in place.

2. How to Use ChatGPT for Effective Sales Messaging

ChatGPT is an ideal tool for crafting sales messages that resonate with potential customers.

3. When Promise Becomes Reality On Social Media

Millennials trust the qualities of products when Micro-Influencers recommend them

4. Sales of NBA Top Shot NFT Surge by 72% in The Secondary Market

NBA Top Shot was largely credited with kicking off the widespread NFC obsession in March of last year. It looks like the hype is coming back.

5. A Beginner's Guide to CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Tools

Configure, Price, Quote – CPQ software is a tool designed to help sales teams of organizations to quickly produce accurate quotes. CPQs automate product pricing for customizable products. Cloud-based CPQ, like that of Salesforce, can provide data real-time allowing the sales team to continue the juggernaut of inching a customer ever so closer to a purchase, rather than wasting valuable moments during a crucial call doing the math behind quotations.

6. 5 Successful Explainer Videos Examples

Are you a newborn brand, startup, or even established company launching a new product? Likely, you are now looking for ways to attract your audience’s attention and gain their loyalty. Good news! There is a great solution to obey the customer’s hearts and instill strong associations with your brand — animated explainer videos.

7. Going From Idea to Client in 6 Weeks [Here's What We Did]

In January 2020, we met with about 45 companies. This enabled us to refine our vision (3 pivots in that month), understand our go-to-market, and start to build a list of potential clients. Once we felt confident about the product, we entered into full implementation mode.

8. How to Sell an API to Non-Developers

When selling an API to a non-developer, there’s an extra level of complexity involved: many of these people don’t know what an API is or what it can do for them.

9. SaaS Sales Guide: How to Close Deals Despite the Pandemic

We haven’t even seen the end of the first quarter, yet our yearly plans need to be built from scratch. Forget about your brilliant business plan for 2020. The economy and market rules have completely changed, and you need to adapt if you want your business to see the end of this crisis.

10. 4 Lessons From OnlyFans and its Founder, Tim Stokely

In contrast to other live platforms, OnlyFans saw adult performers as assets, so instead of prohibiting them, the company empowered them.

11. How Snowflake Grew Into a $70 Billion Dollar Company

How Snowflake Became a $70 Billion Company with the Largest Software IPO in History

12. Paying Attention to Every Detail: How to Work With the Metrics to Increase Your Revenue

Every significant business result consists of micro-level metrics that one can and should manage daily. Learn how to increase your revenue with small steps.

13. Why microcopy is vital for startups & large businesses alike.

Brands usually skip microcopy without realising that it boasts enormous potential. After all, it is the smallest of details that make life worth living.

14. 6 Pricing Strategy Hacks That'll Boost Your Sales

Knowing all the top tips and tricks is one of the best ways to succeed. And if at the same time those tips and tricks are the ones that are unfamiliar to your competition — even better! In the world of eCommerce, most tricks revolve around price.

15. Customer Engagement is the Key to Achieving Better CX

How customer engagement and customer experience are related.

16. B2B Software Pricing - Understanding the Drivers

In this article, we will examine the B2B software pricing for telecom customers however many of these concepts could be applicable to other verticals as well.

17. 5 Practices to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile That Gives Results

Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing that grabs people's attention so make sure it's worth it. Here are 5 ways you can create a profile that stands out.

18. Upselling and Cross-selling: Boosting Tech Sales in a Changing Economy

19. These 5 B2B Sales Strategies Will Help You Close More Deals

Over the years, the dynamics of sales have changed completely. Salespersons are not in charge of the buying process anymore — customers are!

20. Outbound Sales Strategy and Why We Decided Against It

Over the last six months we built and refined a dedicated outbound sales strategy. The result? A swath of data and learning but ultimately, the decision to plug

21. How to Increase the Market Cap of Your Car Company

The route to success in the automotive industry is a meticulous and ever-evolving process.

22. From Zero To $210K MRR in Five Months: Here's How

Building a SaaS startup

23. Is Telegram Digging Its Own Grave?

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, wants to introduce Web 3.0 technologies into the instant messaging app in a contested move.

24. Will AI Replace Salespeople? Opinions Differ Between Experts in the Industry

We've been wondering if AI steals jobs from salespeople? These experts' predictions will push you to aim higher – or learn to work with the robots instead.

25. How to Maximize your Cold Email Deliverability

You've spent hours crafting the perfect sales email, but if you're not careful, your message could end up in the dreaded "spam" folder.

26. Beyond Checklists: How to Add Outbound Sales to Your PLG Motion

Product-led growth is not enough for you to dominate the market. Viral growth loops and self-serve can only get you so far. You need an outbound sales team.

27. 3 Ways ChatGPT Has Dramatically Transformed Sales Processes in 2023

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model that’s currently revolutionizing the way companies operate.

28. The 5 Steps For Companies To Annihilate Their Churn Goals

Having a healthy business is about more than the new customer coming in the door. It’s also about retaining the customers you already have.

29. 7 Proven Strategies for Selling Expensive Products on an eCommerce Website

Read this article to know more about how to sell expensive products on E-commerce website.

30. Emotional Selling Hacks to Improve Your Sales Strategy

I have honed on how you can use emotions to drive sales, and how it helps your business and makes your brand stands out.

31. How to Go From 0 to 1000 Users in 30 Days

In this article, you will learn how to go From zero to thousand users in 30 Days!

32. 5 Steps to Increase Your Sales Department’s Efficiency

The sales department is a huge factor in the company's success. Here are 5 steps on increasing its' effectiveness and thus company's revenue

33. Generative AI Can Disrupt the B2B Post Sales Space - New Staircase AI Report Shows

62% of CS playbooks are inaccurate, can generative AI help?

34. Good Cold Email: Can You Write It In Less Than 21 Words?

I came across a wonderful way of writing a short, sweet, and powerful cold email. Thought it might interest you, so here I am. :) Happiness for me is to share every interesting thing I learn!

35. Sell Trust, Not Technology

Trust is foundational to all human relationships. You put your lives in the hands of strangers every day, whether it's the water-control company, the barber, the taxi driver, or the train operator.

36. What's the Difference between Inbound Vs. Outbound Sales?

Inbound sales begin when a lead comes from a potential customer reaching out to your organization to inquire about a product or service. Outbound is opposite

37. If Composable Commerce is the Future, Where is it?

Composable Commerce was predicted to be the future, but remains out of reach for most companies. Integrations will be key to ensuring this approach succeeds.

38. How Airbnb Hacked Craigslist for Viral Growth

Not only did they completely revolutionize and redefine travel as we know it, but Airbnb was also one of the first-ever true “Unicorns”.

39. How Do You Build Software That Makes Money?

Learn what systems really make the money.

40. How to Warm Up and Nurture Cold Leads Using Videos

Is your CRM database full of cold leads that need to be warmed up? Are your current strategies not enough to nurture your prospects? It's time to hit them up with video content.

41. Instagram Users Start Minting and Selling NFTS

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it would allow users to mint and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform.

42. How to Start Using Video Prospecting for Sales Outreach

Video prospecting is a helpful tool that can be used to drive action, increase engagement, and increases the chances of converting responses to conversions.

43. LinkedIn Enablement is Critical to Sales Readiness

Marketing is essential for creating events and content, but relationship building depends upon each person reaching out and taking time to establish trust.

44. Size Does Matter: Global Control Group for a Bank

Learn how to approach data-driven measurement properly. See what unexpected results we got in a bank and get insights for your own data analytics journey.

45. 20 Top Tools And Apps To Generate More Targeted Leads In 2021

If you are wondering what is the best lead generation software, you arereading the right article. Lead generation and acquiring leads isessential for any business, so it is very important to use good toolsto help you with this. This article will tell you everything aboutthe 20 best lead generation apps and tools some of which areconsidered the best free lead generation software currently availableon the market.

46. Why Interactive Sales Proposal Is the Next Big Thing?

Paper sales proposal is rapidly becoming an old fashioned thing in a connected and interactive world. It's clear that sales proposal have evolved in many ways. Sales proposal files have been replaced by fancy proposal tools. You can also call it a technological leap.

47. Eight Secret Sale Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

Persuading customers to buy online from you is no more challenging today. All you need is to learn brilliant sales strategies to succeed.

48. Walnut Raises $2.5M Seed To Make Product Demos Easier For the Post-Pandemic World

Seed round is being led by NFX with additional participation from other top SF Angels

49. How You Can Easily Identify a B2B Decision-Maker

The process of B2B sales is usually complex and involves up to 10 stakeholders. Mind that these stakeholders don’t share a single point of view, so it takes enough hot air to run a small city before a decision is reached and the deal is closed.

50. How Tinder Acquired 50 Million Users

From sorority parties to 50 million users - Here is the story of the Tinder's go-to-market strategy.

51. Top 10 Field Service Management Software for Small & Mid Sized Businesses

No business is untouched today by technology; so is the case with the field service industry. Technology companies have introduced some advanced software solutions that effectively resolve the most simple and complex problems of the field service industry.

52. The One Piece Of Advice All Founders Need To Hear

Lose the to-do list, there is only one thing you need to focus on

53. The Journey From A Failed Video Game To $26 Billion Dollars: The Slack Story

How Slack Went From An Unsuccessful Video Game To A $26 Billion Dollar Company

54. How to Negotiate Everything in Life

I got a text from my Nanny on a Thursday. "Can I call you?"

55. Co-Founder: How To Appeal To Your Target Audience Like An Expert

The cryptocurrency market is registering an impressive growth year by year. With the rise of DeFi, investors expect next-generation wallets, payment processors with various services, catered to users at one spot. As the market expands not only in the B2C but B2B sector, startups must strategize efficiently and effectively. I sat down with Greg Waisman, Co-Founder, and COO at, a payment processing company, to discuss what makes a customer tick and what management should look at when expanding overseas.

56. The Discord Evolution: From a “Chat for Gamers” to a “Chat for Communities and Friends”

Discord Was Built For Gamers And Took the World by Storm but its actual story is not well known. This is how the app started as a failed game and evolved.

57. The Fastest Way to Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

In the last few decades, E-commerce businesses have grown exponentially. The e-commerce industry is exploding and creating millions of opportunities for the growing population. Shopping online has been a luxury with the growth of the industry, but not anymore. Ordering goods and services online has undeniably become a necessity for most customers who prefer shopping online to shopping physically in stores for convenience. With the need for convenient shopping comes the demand for services, presenting the best moment to start an eCommerce business and advance on to financial freedom. Remember, seizing the moment is just the first step to becoming your own boss, a thousand more lie ahead.

58. Create Content That Helps Your Sales Team With These 5 Steps

Learn to create content that helps sales. It's one thing to nail user research, it's another thing to have the resources to take them from stage 1 to the last.

59. Integrating Your Sales and Marketing Teams Will Save Your Company Millions of Dollars

Sales and marketing departments are closely connected and it's impossible to increase revenue without building interaction between them. Learn 3 ways to do it.

60. Small Businesses use AI Tools to Increase Their Leads By 50%

AI can empower sales reps by monitoring different signals and predicting a specific lead's readiness to purchase. AI tools can reduce customer acquisition costs

61. How to Do Sales Forecasting in a Product-Led Business

Sale forecasting isnt an exact science. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put more rigor into it to make a model that is in line with your go to market motion

62. What Does R&D Stand for in Business and Why is it Important?

Innovation is the main source of competitive business advantage, and, as a result, it determines the success of every leading company in any industry. However, today the basis of a leadership strategy is not even access to technology itself but the company’s ability to bring its technological potential in line with market requirements.

63. Startup Lessons: Where Does Your Product Fit Into the Market?

Finding Product-Market Fit: Does Your Idea Fill a Gap?

64. A Sales Technique To Help You Increase Your Income

Have you exhausted all kinds of tactics and schemes to increase your income?

65. 5 Tips for Business Leaders To Manage Their Remote Sales Teams Effectively

Here are 5 tips for managing the remote sales teams more effectively to increase their productivity.

66. Using Sentiment Analysis to Attain and Retain Customers

Analyzing customer sentiment allows businesses to look into how customers feel about their products & services.

67. Metaverse and NFTs for Ecommerce: Driving Sales With Examples

Metaverse and NFTs are two trends that can help ecommerce drive sales. In this article, I discuss successful cases during sales with NFT and metaverse.

68. How the Use of Machine Learning is Challenging the Retail Apocalypse

Whether retailers like it or not, the future of retail is here, in the form of smart algorithms. Machine learning will change much of the industry's norms, often for the better. Retail trends point to the store of the future being automated using the latest technology. Brick & Mortar, physical retail... however you like to call it, your favourite real-world store is about to get a whole lot more digital. Whether that's the best idea remains to be seen.

69. Killing the Conversion Killers: Insights from A/B Testing

A/B testing is a double-edged sword using which you could test absolutely anything and everything. To be a good A/B tester, you need to have a discipline and a proper system to trim the fat and dig into the useful aspects of eCommerce conversion.

70. Ways to Use Images in Your Marketing Campaigns

Images are critical to the success of your campaign due to their huge impact on emotions.

71. The Best Facebook Ads Formats for Leads and Sales

Facebook Ads Offer Some Great Formats For Lead Generation And Sales. Discover More In This Article How You Can Scale Your Leads Acquisition And Online Sales.

72. Cold Email is not Dead

$400k Closed in 30 Days. Cold Email is not Dead.

73. 5 Effective Rules Successful Sales Teams Follow

A global gaming marketplace that allows users to buy and sell in-game valuables and services — shares the five most detrimental mistakes.

74. Why Sales Teams Love Business-Oriented Chatbots

The average wait time on a live chat is roughly 35 seconds, and with every growing second you have an unanswered chat, you're likely to lose a lead.

75. 🎓 How I am Learning Sales as a Technical Founder

As a first time founder embarking on my (intended to be a VC-backed) startup journey 🚀, I quickly realized there are a lot of skills that I need as a founder that I didn’t have. I was comfortable with talking to customers & product development due to my engineering background but I massively struggle with copywriting, marketing, and the most important one — Sales 💸.

76. The Robots are Coming! - An Interview with Ilan Kasan, CEO at Exceed AI

This article talks about automation and artificial intelligence and how it is impacting the sales industry and how the future will look in the age of AI.

77. Marketing 401 for Engineers: Stages of Going to Market

Every product or company goes through a similar set of steps on the path to success. In previous posts, we’ve looked at different aspects of going to market — from launching to building and measuring a funnel to pricing — with some ideas about how to measure things and know when you’re off track. In this post, we’ll take a step back and walk through all the stages of GTM that you’ll typically experience.

78. Meet Scott D. Clary: From Fortune 500s, to Early-Stage Startups, and Everything in Between

Meet the Writer: Hacker Noon's Contributor Scott D. Clary, Host of the Success Story Podcast.

79. Maximize Revenue with Salesforce Territory Management

Salesforce Territory Management is a tool that forms a part of the Sales Cloud. Salesforce enables you to model sales territories into logical structures.

80. 5 Easy Ways to Get Video Testimonials from Your Customers

Customers' video testimonials help in creating brand trust, provide more leads & better higher customer retention rate. This post helps in getting testimonials.

81. 27 Lead Generation Tools Analyzed: Pros, Cons and Pricing

Lead generation is way more than getting traffic and make people visit your website. But, If you are able to collect information of people and drive a good communication with your website traffic to convert them into loyal customers, you are on right track.

82. Sales 101 for Engineers: A Functional Introduction

What sales actually does and models used

83. First Impressions Matter: How to Design a Product Page Effectively

Design the best product page for your eCommerce store to attract more customers to your website and make sales.

84. A Detailed Guide on Conversion Rate Optimization in E-Commerce

Improve your online sales with my comprehensive guide on Conversion Rate Optimization in E-commerce. Learn about website design, UX, A/B testing, sales funnels.

85. 5 Important Metrics to Measure your Success

No matter how big or small your business is, you need to have certain metrics that tell you how much growth it has achieved.

86. B2B selling demystified like a rock star — part one

I’m sure every person in the enterprise world knows the definition of b2b. B2B is short for “business to business.” It indicates sales made to other businesses, rather than sales to individuals. The latter is referred to as “business to consumer” sales, or b2c. This distinction makes the sales person think that b2b sales is very different from b2c. B2B requires a lot of interpersonal skills and lots of casestudies to get across to that particular influencer who needs to be convinced that your product/service is going to make a change to his organization. Is that right?     Before we get into the details of b2b selling, lets have a look at this particular statistic from Forrester Research.

87. 6 Effective Tactics To Nurture Leads

Find out the importance of lead nurturing, why you should implement a strategy, and top tactics to create an effective one that drives results.

88. Why End a Sales Pitch Deck like the Dude Reading Disclaimers?

This Slack discussion by David, Utsav Jaiswal, Natasha, Limarc and Linh occurred in hackernoon's official #only-at-hackernoon channel, and has been edited for readability.

89. How to Leverage Salesforce Using a Client Written in Svelte

In the 2nd part of his series, John Vester introduces a Svelte client application to read and update Salesforce data … without actually using Salesforce.

90. Chase Bowers Got His First Thousand Customers Without Spending Any Money - Here's How!

How Did Chase Bowers Get 1,000+ New Customers Without Spending a Dime? He gave away 1,000 free plans, used feedback to improve, & then launched paid plans.

91. How to Turn Your E-commerce Site into a Profitable Venture

Many people start ecommerce store but only a few succeed. In this article we have mentioned actionable tips to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

92. 4 Tips for Successfully Launching Your First Digital Product

Launching a digital product isn't easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your next product launch.

93. How To Create An Action-Inducing USP That Connects With Your Target Audience

The unique selling proposition, or USP, for any product, must inspire a potential customer to take action.

94. 6 Ways to Smash Sales Quotas When Managing a Remote Team

Working remotely has been the new normal for professionals all over the world. As we continue to adapt to our unique working practices, sales professionals will still be judged upon their ability to meet and exceed quotas and targets.

95. 5 Tips to Build an Optimized Sales Process That Closes More Deals

Optimizing the sale process is a key skill for any sales manager. Learn about 5 important tips to help you make your team more efficient.

96. 7 Strategies to Prepare Your Online Store During Coronavirus

The global pandemic COVID-19 has uprooted the lives of the people and has disrupted operations of many businesses. Some for good and some for worse. And the eCommerce industry is on the good side of this COVID-19 disease. This is because shoppers are advised to stay at home in the wake of COVID-19. Since the brick-mortar shops have been closed down, it leaves only one option for shoppers to shop on eCommerce stores.

97. How Selling Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Can Benefit Your Brand

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is about selling directly to consumers, without the intervention of middlemen. This approach helps in cutting down excessive cost.

98. What This Year's Singles' Day Results Mean For the Holiday Shopping Season

What This Year's Singles' Day Results Mean For the Holiday Shopping Season

99. Things You Need To Know About Our Redesigned Google Chrome Extension

Last week, we have launched a brand new user interface for our Google Chrome extension. Take a look!

100. 5 Marketing Mistakes That SaaS Founders Make

Working with SaaS founders over the years has allowed me to look at their marketing mistakes. The success of SaaS depends mainly on the marketing strategy that is put into place. As a SaaS founder, you must be aware of the mistakes that could cost you time and money, eventually failing your startup.

101. Boosting Sales in B2B: How to Leverage Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations, or ways in which that you can use your store to suggest new products for your customers is a way you can boost B2B sales for your store

102. How to Get the Best out of Your Next Software Demo

Choosing a new software platform for your nonprofit can cause lots of stress. there's one part of the process that especially freaks out nonprofit techies.

103. How to Create a Technology Stack for Your Sales Team

With all the options out there, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out what software to include in your tech stack. Here's a helpful guide to get started.

104. My Story About Getting the Salesforce Administrator Certification

Spoiler: Achieving the certification was not an all smooth journey...

105. Ryan Stewman on The Secret to Closing More Sales

Ryan Stewman | How to Close More Sales

106. 5 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Sales

In the competitive and ever-changing eCommerce landscape, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a steady stream of sales and growth.

107. 8 Hacks to Creating a Winning Sales Deck for Your Micro-Business

If you're like most micro-business owners, you wear a lot of hats. And when it comes to sales, that means creating a winning sales deck. But who has time for that? Where do you start? What should you include?

108. What Is Bonjoro And How It Can Help You Make Money Off Cold Contacts

He breaks down how one of his customers tapped into COLD leads (we’re talking 2-3 years old leads), and generated $16,000 dollars worth of brand-new business.

109. How To Catch A Whale

Why looking for whales is the perfect method for salespeople and how you can go about catching a whale for yourself to get your own sales career started.

110. Salespeople Should Build Trust, Not Relationships

Attention Salespeople: Build Trust, Not Relationships

111. From Data to Dollars: Exploring the Role of AI and ML in Sales

This blog will discuss what role artificial intelligence and machine learning play in sales.

112. How Outrageous Product-Guarantees Make More Sales

Outrageous product guarantees can help our products stand out in a very crowded marketplace. They show our belief in our products.

113. The Importance Of Data in Sales in 2022

114. Understanding the Stages of the Sales Funnel and How it Relates to Your Website

The sales funnel attracts consumers to business products or services, and it also convinces them to buy the respective product or service.

115. Talking With Jager McConnell, CEO of Crunchbase - Using Intuition To Succeed In Business

Jager McConnell - CEO of Crunchbase | How To Use Intuition To Succeed In Business

116. Talking With Jake Dunlap, CEO & Founder of Skaled About the Past, Evolution and the Future of Sales

Jake Dunlap, CEO & Founder of Skaled | The Evolution of Sales

117. Use the Pareto Principle on Influencer Collaborations to Increase Your Sales

More influencer collabs aren't always better. Sometimes less is more, Let's look at influencer collabs through the lens of the Pareto Principle.

118. Top 6 Actionable Steps to Align Sales & Marketing Teams

The sales team gets to hear from buyers day in and day out.

119. Success or Flying into the Sun: Discussing Emotions and Modern Business

Grant Cardone | Success or Icarus: Hardships, Ego and Humility Within Modern Business

120. Startup Lessons: How to Sell Your Product Micheal Bloomberg's Way

With MB selling his terminal to the top bank in the world as his client, this was just the beginning of the Bloomberg terminal and Michael Bloomberg’s legacy.

121. 4 Simple Steps To An Effective Sales Lead Generation Technique Strategy

Lead generation is an important part of managing a product. Having an effective sales lead generation technique strategy with these steps will help your product

122. 7 B2B Marketing Tips and Tricks that Work

A 2015 press release from Bain & Company stated an interesting piece of truth. Almost 90 percent of sales and marketing executives don’t feel adequately prepared to sell to today’s digital-savvy buyers. Fortunately, this post offers a few B2B marketing tips and tricks so you can skyrocket your revenue.

123. 12 Tips to Help Technical Founders Grow Sales-Driven Organizations

If you are a highly technical person, who’s found one of the many problems in a big enterprise, join the club! There are so many things to fix that seem easy from a coding perspective but so hard from an organizational perspective.

124. Top B2B Statistics Every Sales and Marketing Pro Should Know in 2023

You need your marketing to be effective to increase your sales. But to achieve that, you need to conduct extensive research.

125. 6 Simple Ideas to Monetize Your Website for Passive Income

Many website owners dream of making money on their website while they sleep without having to lift a finger. Here are 6 ideas how your website can do that.

126. How to Generate Leads in B2B

Hello and welcome to the overview of the basic techniques and methods that are a must for you if your goal is to make your B2B sales lead generation more efficient and less time-consuming.

127. 5 Quick Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Learn the top five methods that you can use to quickly boost your ecommerce sales.

128. Why are Document Creation Apps the Darlings of Salesforce Users

Document creation apps solve ultimate problems of different professionals in companies from the sales, customer success & support and legal to the management.

129. Make Sure You're Not Wasting Valuable Sales Time

Are You Wasting Valuable Sales Time?

130. How the CPQ Software is Transforming The Complex Pricing of Products And Services

Many organizations have also seen the need to leverage technological advancements such as AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics.

131. Stop Blindly Targeting, Start Creating Smarter Content for the Funnel

Businesses want to make sales.

132. How to Debug and Automate Processes in the Sales Department

The Sales department is the only one in the company that makes money. It is logical that management seeks to maximize its productivity. One way is automation.

133. The 3 Rules of Morning Brew's Sales Strategy

The Morning Brew Sales Strategy

134. How To Gain Your First B2B Customers In The US Market

Acquiring US B2B customers: here are some insights and experiences I had at HRtech B2B startup - Alchemist Accelerator, which helped me enter the US market.

135. How to Create a Buyer Persona Road Map

Creating in-depth buyer personas is often enough to make even the most diligent business owner realise how little they actually know about their prospects.

136. The Best Black Friday Tips You Will Read This Year

When you think of Black Friday, you might think of getting trampled at Walmart trying to snag a half-price TV or the latest toy phenom for your kids. (“Baby Yoda purchase, you must.”) This year is a bit different though — COVID-19 has upended the economy and new social distancing measures have changed the in-person shopping experience.

137. B2B Trends Every Salesperson Should Know About

Every industry has seen a tremendous shift during the last two years because of a plethora of reasons.

138. What Sales Teams Need to Know About Using AI

lAI is gaining root in different industries and sales isn't going to be spared. learn how to maximize AI for sales to achieve your business goals.

139. Using Scientology's Quality Control Model for IT in the Company

The quality control department provides a window into a company's development and L' Ron Hubbard's Scientology framework is a useful model.

140. B2B Prospecting Methods: How to Build a B2B Prospect List of a Highest Efficiency

Why are some B2B companies rather successful in sales, and others are much less, even if we speak about very similar products or services? The answer lies in how they approach the sales process, starting from prospecting B2B lists.

141. How to Drive Startup Growth Using Cold Outreach

In a cruel world of startups you either grow or you die. And this often means trying every trick in the book, including less popular methods like cold outreach.

142. Dell's Social Media Customer Support Is Actually Really Good

Go To Where Your Customers Are: How Dell Increased Revenue By $256K A Week

143. How Conversational AI Tool Can Help You Attract Real Estate Buyers And Residents

Step One: Prospecting

144. Top 5 Sales Automation Startups To Watch In 2022

145. 13 Essentials from 🔥Hell🔥 of Referral Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to KickRef Success

The gates of Hell are wide open tonight and we have prepared a fiery guide for you, hotter than Dante’s last circle

146. Inbound Vs Outbound Sales: Which Path is Right for Your B2B Business?

At the most fundamental level, the major difference between outbound sales and inbound sales is in who starts the sales relationship.

147. Salesforce Commerce Cloud vs SAP Commerce Cloud

In this story we mentioned the difference between Salesforce Commerce cloud and SAP commerce cloud.

148. Automate, But Don't Eliminate: We Still Need A Human Touch

Let's face it: for the business world, automation is like the flashy new $5,000 Weber barbecue you saw in your neighbor's yard last summer. You bought it because it seemed like the 'thing to do', but when it arrived at your doorstep, you realized – I've got no freaking idea how to use this thing.

149. 9 Super-Effective Practices to Find Email Addresses in Fewer Than 1 Minute

Want to know how to find email addresses in simple and effective ways? Here’s the tips, tricks, and tools to find email addresses effectively in under a minute.

150. Lessons In Distribution From Your TV Remote Control

What makes up distribution for a business? In this article, you will learn some valuable lessons about distribution by starting from your remote control.

151. Bad Data is Ruining Your Performance

Your CRM has messy data.

152. Why Do Cold Emails Need Anti-Spam Filtering Service

Anti-spam campaigns and anti-spam monitoring are essential parts of cold email and marketing campaigns.

153. Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Top Automation Strategies to Implement Now

The numbers don’t lie. Those using marketing automation are seeing better statistics on user engagement, conversions, sales, and other aspects of business.

154. Mastering The Old Art Of Cold Calling

Learn to master the old art of Cold Calling with expert salesman Andy Paul, someone who has honed his skill over multiple industries selling everything.

155. The Importance of Customer Testimonials to Inspire Future Customers

Customer testimonials can be a great marketing asset, if you learn how to use them properly.

156. How To Make Your Remote Sales Team More Productive

2020 commenced with a hopeful note. Sadly, as the months passed, it turned into the worst nightmare that many didn’t see coming.

157. Marketing 403 for Engineers: Answering Founder FAQs

Programming notes: this post is n in a series of indeterminate length on GTM topics mainly for startup people, mainly leadership, mainly coming from non-GTM backgrounds. There’s a list at the end.

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