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6 Tools That Will Make You A Successful Hustler

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Every day we wake up to our phone, which is not shocking at all. Our cyclical way of living our day-to-day life is, set up alarm for the next day morning supplanted by 4 hours on phone then.

Which ultimately shifts our wake-up time farther and farther away. Resulting in the incessant wish to be on the roster of early-risers.

This converts into an endless loop. That when we get to our workplaces we observe ourselves being extremely worn out and undersized regardless of whether or not we relish the specific task or activity.

But the truth that’s yet to be exposed is, hustlers, do mind having and hustling with both personal and professional lives.

Everything we’ve been preached about living a hustler life so far only encompasses facts such as “work like today is the last day, be there before everyone else, sacrifice our present for the fruitful future and more.

With a bunch of research articles that pinpoint the need for inside happiness and mental health on one side. The number of “Hustlers gotta live this way” articles and social media excerpts on the other side cause an unexplainable amount of ruckus.

There aren’t any rulebook to lead our lives in one particular way, also to reap enough success out of it.

If you are genuinely passionate about what you’re up to, you will do it nevertheless doing other lame jobs you love doing too. This represents all of us.

Not necessary should we feel like a cheap or cheat in here, because it’s natural and thereby lies the unadulterated happiness of most of our deep souls.

Enough said.

Now, leaning on the productive side of hustlers life, here are the 6 tools every hustler needs to be successful in their life.

First comes music.

Spotify or YouTube

Nothing apart from a couple of good instrumentals or picks from our favourite genre can keep us focused. However, locus coeruleus is the reason why music helps us retain concentration for the longer time.

More science…

It takes the responsibility instead of us deciding whether or not we must respond to the specific stimulus. By dousing the part where irrelevant decisions are made. Changes the level of arousal from bottom-up and takes charge of influencing our behavioral responses.

Best inventions in the history ever!


A homepage successor app mainly designed to invigorate and keep us concentrated throughout our time at the workplace. On opening our browser, Momentum welcomes us by the name with an uplifting picture and quote.

It is immensely helpful when determining and completing our one thing every day. Every morning, we can commit ourselves to one dedicated task that it will remind us of it for the rest of the day. This way we can focus on the prioritized tasks first then follows the rest.

Voila Norbert

Searching email addresses of people we’re actually looking for could be an extremely tiring task. This occurs to be a cumbersome issue for hustlers when they’re working on their podcast, blog or next big launch also figuring out ways to connect with people full of values.

Here comes Voila Norbert. A tool dedicated to finding the right email addresses, even when they’re not brazenly mentioned on a website. Knowing the name of the contact person and the domain name of their company is more than enough for Voila Norbert!


An online graphic design platform that can perform any visual stunts you may ask for. I am a regular and happy user whereas I constantly create artwork for my blogs, Instagram visuals and similar. In here, we get to wear the designer hat ourselves and step into the field for creating actual effective visuals by spreading our innate creativity.

It is an uncomplicated drag-and-drop design tool with a treasury of more than 1 million photographs, graphics, and fonts to pick from. It grants easy or free access to a wide collection of design tools and options. Letting us create anything from blog headers to infographics.


Typeform is one such effective survey creating tool available for free. Helps us create impressive and valuable information procuring surveys. We all use online forms to take feedback from our fellow readers, listeners, and customers.

Regrettably, tedious surveys are likely to be overlooked which makes it harder for us to know if they’re going in the right direction or making moves those that we intended.

Last but not the least,

Hack the Entrepreneur

We could be anywhere in the world, this book will certainly get us where we want to be. In terms of deciding our future moves, sorting out our existing entrepreneurial hitches or when to flight for actual freedom.

It includes 50 nicks by eminent entrepreneurs, who have directed their startups into prosperous businesses. Helps us figure out how to kick start, bargain with failure, and master in not making simple mistakes further in our entrepreneurial journey.

Happy hustling my friend 😄

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