6 Clear Steps to Realise the Future of Money & The Internetby@ChrisHerd
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6 Clear Steps to Realise the Future of Money & The Internet

by Chris HerdMay 22nd, 2018
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<strong>Interest Rates </strong>— Derisory and borderline offensive
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Interest Rates — Derisory and borderline offensive

Lack of Intelligence — Knowledge gap between the data a bank has on each customerand the intelligence itcan provide for consumer benefit

Inequality — 99% of us can’t access asset classes reserved for richest 1%

Innovation — A majority of people aren’t going to awaken tomorrow and embracetokenisationand cryptographicwallets even though they should

Future — Internet’s broken,advertisingas revenue will die within a decade

Stage 1 — Tokenise Interest

Users forego interest on deposited money and instead, receive tokens at the end of each month (Proof-of-savings mining concept)

This money seeds a fund which invests in speculative asset classes — Venture Capital, Commercial/International real estate etc.

This leads to the establishment of an asset backed disitial currency which enables a new type of online economy to emerge. Tokens equate to fractional ownership of the fund

Stage 2 — Data Analysis

Banks know how much I pay for my recurring expenses, as well as all every other customers. The knowledge gap exists because the data is not comparable. They don’t know what products, package or services we have.

Tokens let us buy that data and benchmark all user spending. Where you pay more for anything we tell you how much (Free tier).

This will eventually give way to a product which allows us to undertake these negotiations on our users behalf (Premium tier).

Stage 3 — Your Attention as a Service

People want to act in their own mutual self-interest. We harness and direct that trait to make it economically beneficial to do so.

Imagine the power of 100k users requesting their supermarket stock a product that we invest in or 1m people sharing a message on their social media profiles. This enables us to influence the success of nascent companies while significantly reducing customer acquisition costs.

By doing so, participants earn a higher % of ownership in the fund,spread the reach of their investments and increase the value for everyone else as well.

A portion of all tokens will be retained for charities and social enterprises to use.

Stage 4 — The Future

The periphery of legality indicates future revenue models online

Digital taxation will become the mechanism white redistributes capital when advertising as a form of revenue is marginalised due to people protecting their identities more effectively online.

What this means is that you would forfeit a % of your GPU/CPU which is used to mine Cryptocurrency. This is paid to the creators of products, services and content online who are paid as per the duration of attention their product holds.

Your Nexves account is at the heart of participation.

Stage 5— Diversification

What will become critical is the engage with younger demographics at earliest possible moment. This not only enables them, to begin funding their future but it become a ramp for participation in traditional financial services before banks. Our intention would be not only to educate them on financial matter, but allow them to make a meaningful contribution to the world through their actions.

This also allows people to participate and earn who have no money yet

Stage 6— Open Ecosystem

Nexves becomes the key piece of infrastructure which enables Web 3.0 . It requires no alteration to existing behavior by innovating around services people are already familiar with lowering all bariers to participation.

A digital passport for universal trust online, tying an anonymous wallet to an online profile cultivating the next evolution of the internet.

What this will allow in time is for others to reiterpret existing online services in decentralized form while disrupting other indiustries by creating products and services which are not currently possible. Actions can be controlled, letting you maintain ownership of content and data which will be critical.

Snapchat but screenshots are punished, images overlayed with watermarks for safety, engagement is monetised. Dating services with bad actors removed. Airbnb/Uber with more trust. Everything else you can imagine.

Initial Token Sale

To seed fund there will be a controlled initial token sale which will run alongside the Stage 1 tokeneisation of interest scheme.

Tokens will be sold at the same price as interest generated tokens1 token = £15

What we intend to achieve is the most fiscally responsible token sale in history which conforms to or exceeds all regulatory recommendations.

There will be a £1,000 limit on tokens purchased per person with no limit of interest based deposits as there is no risk to this capital.

Fund your Future, Fund the Future, Become the Future

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