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57 Stories To Learn About Json

by Learn RepoMay 12th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Json via these 57 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Json via these 57 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Creating Developer-Friendly Data Services with Apache Cassandra

Using data APIs and advanced data modeling will make it far easier for JSON-oriented developers to connect to Apache Cassandra.

2. Introducing Yet Another JWT Debugger

Introducing a new JWT Debugger App - our way to contribute back to the developer community. The app is available on the web and as Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac. With JWT Debugger App we immediately highlight what really matters to you as a developer without any shenanigans. It is a very simple tool but we hope it will improve the developer experience.

3. How to Use .populate() With mongoDB

How to use populate() method with mongoDB to itch data across referenced collections

4. How to Query Deeply Nested JSON Data in PSQL

Recently I had to write a script, which should’ve changed some JSON data structure in a PSQL database. Here are some tricks I learned along the way.

5. How to Export Your HackerNoon Stories as a PDF

The HackerNoon team is back at it with a new feature! You can now export your stories to a PDF or a JSON file.

6. The History of JSON and the People That Created It

Douglas Crockford and Chip Morngingstar created the data exchange format that is now known as JSON.

7. Automate Simply With Webhook

Automate anything with Webhook, a simple tool for your toolbox

8. With JSONB Data in PostgreSQL, You Can Get the Best of Both Worlds

JSONB in PostgreSQL offers the best of relational and NoSQL. Here are two techniques that we use at AppLand to make JSONB data even more effective.

9. Custom Log Processor Integration – Fluentd vs

By writing your tool, you gain more customization options, versatility, and other enhanced capabilities that can enrich your processing.

10. Defining Types: Using allOf in Swagger JSON

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

11. 7 Kotlin Libraries Every Developer Should Know

The most common Kotlin libraries that are used for cross-platform and Android development, testing, and documentation are considered in the article.

12. So, How are Observability and Monitoring Different, Actually?

The similarities and differences between monitoring and observability and how to pair the two strategies

13. Ruby: How to read/write JSON File

In Ruby read and write JSON file to hash can be achieved using File Handling.

14. How To Extract Key or Value From Hash in Ruby on Rails

When I was recently working in one of the client projects, I had to communicate with external MariaDB server to store records from React/Rails app, that means I would get ActiveRecord hash from our app which I had to convert to pure SQL query and send it to an external server for storing.

15. A Quick Primer on Data Scraping

Suppose you want to get large amounts of information from a website as quickly as possible. How can this be done?

16. Streamlining Form Validation with JSON Schema for Front-End and Back-End

Efficiently validate forms with a single set of rules for both front-end and back-end using JSON Schema.

17. The Complete Microservice Tutorial: Introduction [Part 1]

Project Link:

18. An Interview with the Creator of JSON Douglas Crockford

We had a nice chat with Douglas Crockford, a well-known American computer programmer who was involved in the development of the JavaScript language.

19. JSON Web Token: How To Secure Your Data With JWT

A JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a way for securely transferring information between two parties. It can be used for an authentication system. As this information is digitally signed, it can be verified and trusted.

20. 8 Tips for Solving The JSON RPC Error In Metamask

The most problem users come across is the internal JSON RPC error in Metamask. After a detailed search, I found there are numerous different solutions to it.

21. Hybrid Data Models: How To Have Your JSON Cake and Eat MariaDB Too

By adding support for JSON, MariaDB provides the ultimate schema flexibility without sacrificing transactions or data integrity.

22. How To Do Data Mapping in Kumologica

Data mapping is a key element in integration. Most of the prominent integration tools provide different capabilities for data mapping. In this article I thought of sharing on how data mapping can be achieved in Kumologica. Kumologica uses JSONata as the base for data mapping. JSONata is a Lightweight query and transformation language for JSON data. It supports complex queries expression which can be achieved with minimal syntax and has a location path semantics of Xpath 3.1.

23. How to Encode and Decode JSON with Scala-Circe

Getting started with encoding and decoding JSON using Scala-Circe.

24. When Json Serializations Go Horribly Wrong

From DateTime serialization issues, to the fact that serializing DateTime.MinValue causes a crash, because UTC time is less than minimal allowed DateTime value.

25. Fetch Data From a JSON File With a React & Redux App

This guide explains how to use React and Redux to fetch data from JSON files in an easy and lightweight method through a real example and well explained steps.

26. Parsing JSON in C with Vely framework

Parse JSON in C language with Vely framework

27. How to Use Data Science to Find the Best Seat in the Cinema (Part I)

From the most popular seats to the most popular viewing times, we wanted to find out more about the movie trends in Singapore . So we created PopcornData — a website to get a glimpse of Singapore’s Movie trends — by scraping data, finding interesting insights, and visualizing them.

28. How To Query JSON in Couchbase via Collections and Scopes

This week I’m attending the 3-day Couchbase Connect event and will be reporting on some of the topics that I find most interesting.

29. Extracting Information From Hash in Ruby on Rails

When I was recently working in one of the client project, I had to communicate with external mariadb server to store records from react/rails app, that means I would get activerecord hash from our app which I had to convert to pure sql query and send it to external server for storing.

If you have worked with sql queries previously then you must know that keys and values must be separated for insert operations like

30. Logging Vs. Monitoring: Best Practices for Logging [Part 2]

Logging and Monitoring… this I tell you, brother. You can't have one without the other.

31. The Best Java Libraries that Every Developer Should Know

This article describes Java libraries like Apache Commons, Guava, Log4j2, Logback, SLF4J, JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Hamcrest, AssertJ, Jackson, Gson, JAXB, StAX

32. A Quick Guide to JSON Web Token [JWT]

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) for securely transmitting information between parties as JSON objects.

33. Improve Network API Performance For Your Apps

Network APIs are everywhere in the modern world. If the data is the lifeblood of modern tech, then APIs are essentially vessels that carry it around distributed

34. Back-end Data and API Prototyping with Faker.js and JSON-Server


35. How to use Recursion to Traverse JSON Objects and the Filesystem

I work primarily on application-level programs, so I tend to not use recursion very often. However, every now and then I need a function that is best solved recursively. It is important to be able to recognize when a problem is best solved recursively, and to be able to write it when the time comes.

36. Breaking Down MSON Template Queries

Template Queries are dynamic templates constructed with MongoDB-style operators, which allow you to customize MSON components with less code.

37. Tree - AST Crushes JSON, XML, YAML, TOML, etc

XML, JSON, TOML, YAML are bad relative to Tree data format

38. Debugging Gson, Moshi and Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production

Parsing is a major source of production failures. Some are easy to track but some are insidious. Here's how you can debug them on the fly!

39. µjson — A minimal JSON parser and transformer in Go

µjson is a minimal JSON parser and transformer that works on unstructured (and trusted) JSON. It works by parsing input and calling the given callback function when encountering each item.

40. Build Data-Driven Web App Without Backend

During the last couple of decades websites' functionally has increased dramatically - from simple landing pages serving simple static ads to complex progressive web apps whose functionality close to native applications including user authorization, location tracking, bluetooth handling, and offline mode.

41. Using JSON Mapping to Work with APIs of Various Image Services

Using JSON Mapping to Work with APIs of Various Image Services. This approach is applicable to any other services that are similar in type of returned results.

42. Coding 101: Who is Json?

A.) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

43. Five Important Tips For Working With JWTs

Nowadays, JSON Web Tokens are the most common way of proving identity information to APIs. The concepts behind JWTs are also quite easy to understand, and it takes only a couple of minutes to have the most basic authentication running.

44. Using Rainforest API With WordPress [A How-To Guide]

Rainforest API is an alternative to the Amazon Product API provided to Amazon Associates. If you are thiking of building shopping comparisson sites with Amazon links and you don’t have an API key, or if you want to build a lot of pages very quickly without limitation, using Rainforest API is the answer. If you are serious about earning money as an Amazon Affiliate and want to make thousands of pages, do yourself a favor and start the project off right.

45. Writing Your First REST API: A How-to Guide

As part of my Borum Jot project, I made a Web API for all my front-end platforms to create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) data on the database. In this article, I'll discuss what exactly an API is and how I made my own Web API.

46. Today I Learned: Dealing with JSON DateTime when Unmarshal in Golang.

Beware the date-time standard!!

47. What is SQL? And Where is it Used?

What is SQL? Databases use it, query APIs use it, even energetic big data dashboards use it! Where did it come from and how are developers, DBAs, and app using.

48. Introducing Jdict Module in Python

Providing attribute access to Python dictionary entries

49. 8 Most Popular Weather APIs for 2020

The climate is a hot issue and weather forecasting technology is suddenly cool. The urgent need for innovative weather and environmental conditions forecasting solutions is obvious whether you believe in climate change or not.

50. How to Win the Velo Writing Contest: A Detailed Cheat Sheet

In order to display a non-static website - you'll need to have a data source and connect it with Velo. For example, you can create some sort of "fake API".

51. 3 Best Ways To Import JSON To Google Sheets [Ultimate Guide]

3 ways to pull JSON data into a Google Spreadsheet

52. How To Create a Simple Autocomplete Field And Connect it With Elasticsearch

Autocomplete is a feature to predict the rest of a word a user is typing. It is an important feature to implement that can improve the user’s experience of your product.

53. How I'm Engineering a Versioned Database Storage Engine for Byte-Addressable NVM

Feel free to contribute on GitHub 💚

54. JSON Web Auth Using Angular 8 and NodeJS

The article is about interfacing an Angular 8 Project with a secure backend API. The Backend will be running on Node.JS. The security that will underlay the interfacing will be JSON Web Tokens.

55. Go: Handling JSON in MySQL

56. Querying Complex JSON Objects With SQL

How many times have you run into a situation where you wish you could do a SQL join without getting duplicate rows back? What if we could get a list "column" returned instead? HarperDB’s ARRAY() function enables just that. In this post we’re going to take a look at a basic example of people with addresses and phone numbers.

57. Document Databases vs Relational Databases (Podcast Transcript)

Amy Tom talks to Eric Bishard and Arun Vijayaraghavan about the differences between a Document Database and a Relational Database.

Thank you for checking out the 57 most read stories about Json on HackerNoon.

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