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55 Stories To Learn About Entrepreneur Mindset

by Learn RepoJune 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Entrepreneur Mindset via these 55 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Entrepreneur Mindset via these 55 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. 10 Lessons Learned From Being An Entrepreneur

Today more than ever, I strongly believe it's time for everybody to have a side hustle.

2. The Female Founders of Unicorn Companies ClassPass and Spanx Share These 5 Traits, Do You?

What are the top five traits of new-age female founders of unicorn companies? How are they different from conventional traits?

3. Understanding Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on The World and Your eCommerce Business

There is no question that the largest sectors of the business world were left battered during the COVID pandemic. AI will be able to help improve that.

4. Your Perception of Success is Wrong. Here's A Technical Representation to Prove It

We often mix a state of being with personalities. Like being successful... Is success a personality of a person? or rather a state of a person at a given point in time. Here's a technical representation of such a model.

5. Starting A Blog for Some Extra Side Income

?Follow my own personal journey and a hands on approach to passive income online. Let me share my every step with you along the way.

6. Uncover the Dark Side of Electric Vehicles

High Electric Vehicle market penetration may look great on paper, but there is a sinister consequence lurking.

7. 6 Entrepreneurial Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

People aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs must try and follow certain tips that can give them their desired success.

8. When I give, I have control: Meet the Writer Baptiste Monnet

Baptiste Monnet, on personal development, cooking videos, and the danger that comes with Lithium mines. Read the latest in the "Meet the writer" series.

9. Four Reasons Why Programmers Are Naturally Inclined to Become Good Writers

Using programming as a mindset

10. A Timeless Business Lesson About Nepotism and Meritocracy

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, and I teach my children by personal example. Here's how?

11. House of Gucci: Rewriting a Better Alternate Business Strategy and Timeline

"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." Aldo Gucci's famous saying explains some entrepreneural lessons that House of Gucci teaches viewers.

12. How to Build a Winning Team: Advice from Experienced Crypto Entrepreneurs for Newbies

The launch of any project begins with three stages - market research, business plan development and team building. Building a team is the most challenging work for a founder as it deals with the most vulnerable material – human resources. For any project, an efficient and strong team is the key to success. Here are the main tips already successful entrepreneurs recommend to keep in mind when finding the right people to form the team.

13. 6 Ways to Mentally Prepare Yourself to Start a Business

We've all experienced time management problems at work. Here are 6 tips to use when you are mentally preparing yourself for entrepreneurship.

14. I Spent the Last 9 Months Building a Side Project, Here's How It Went

I thought I'd try to my hand at this entrepreneurship thing. Here's how it went, the lessons I learned, and the progress I've made so far!

15. 7 Essential Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Possess

An entrepreneur is a proud name for people who have the courage and wit to kick off their business and cruise through the world of financial ups and downs.

16. The Loneliness of Entrepreneurship That Nobody Talks About

Entrepreneurship is a lot of things: sexy product launches, acquisitions, and funding. But it's also lonely as hell. Here's why, per my own experience.

17. How to Become an Entrepreneur in 2021

Want to know how to become an entrepreneur in 2021? Business has changed, it’s important to learn to stay ahead. This guide will give you everything you need

18. How to Turn Your Side Gig Into Your Full Time Job

Turn your part-time side gig into a full-time business by creating a brand palette, building a funnel, creating a landing page, and more.

19. What I Learned in the First Three Months As an Entrepreneur

1- Don’t get too attached.

20. Video Games Make Better Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Some of the most popular games can actually impart the exact skills that one needs to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive professional world.

21. From Small Failures to Big Wins: An Interview With Marco Calamassi on Mindset

I'm a mindset geek, It all comes down to that in the end, whether it's failures or wins. In my constant chase for Mindset hacks, tips and stories I had the opportunity to talk to the Digital Entrepreneur Marco Calamassi, whose team develops social media brands and products for some of the biggest influencers. In this interview, I had a chance to ask a few questions regarding his journey, the struggles, the successes and the mindset needed. Here's what he had to say.

22. Entrepreneurs Are Not Robots: How to Prevent Burnout and Not Harm Your Business

Entrepreneurs Are Not Robots, and in the fast speed of work, we tend to forget it. We have to work harder to succeed but it's vital to care about mental health.

23. How to Manage Your Anger at Work

Handling emotions at work

24. Entrepreneurship is an Act of Generosity

For the world to exist as we know it, it was necessary for many people to have dedicated lives to something greater.

25. Complexity is An Opportunity, Not A Threat

For every facet of an organization, the increasing and infinite demands that need to be met are inevitable, especially if your company is growing.

26. Entrepreneurs: It Takes One to Know One

It takes an entrepreneur to know one.

27. Software Engineer Remi Denoyer’s Curiosity Propelled His Career at Mentoring Platform Plato

Remi Denoyer learned to code and built his first basic application at the age of 14. He was the perfect founding engineer for Plato, a mentorship platform.

28. Hacking Your Motivation

I didn't grow up being excited for my mornings. All I remember is that I dreaded waking up. Then I found coffee, my best friend for years. It managed to wake me up and get me going.

29. 7 Podcasts That Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Listen to

Podcasts are a fantastic method to keep learning, build abilities, and broaden our knowledge while still being enjoyable.

30. Social Entrepreneurship Qualities You Should Harness

Social entrepreneurship is an excellent way to profit and change the world at the same time, offering a business model that will be pivotal for many years ahead

31. 10 Myths Stopping You From Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs tend to believe that all the stars in the sky need to be aligned perfectly for their start-ups to succeed. Because of this belief, they postpone their jump to entrepreneurship, often indefinitely.

32. How to Hack Your Money With a Growth Mindset

Very few people understand basic financial concepts. That’s probably because we are taught from a young age that we shouldn’t talk about money. Unfortunately when people don’t talk about money they don’t learn how to manage their money, and finances become something mystical unable to be controlled or understood. But when people take the time to learn about managing their personal finances things turn out better. What if you could apply a growth mindset to hacking your finances?

33. Social Entrepreneurship Can Help You Level Up Your Success - Here's How

34. Overcoming a Lifelong Stutter to Interview the Best in Business and Tech

The Growth Manifesto's Alex Cleanthous has managed a challenging stutter and come to interview some of the best and brightest guests in the world.

35. Startup Lessons: Where Does Your Product Fit Into the Market?

Finding Product-Market Fit: Does Your Idea Fill a Gap?

36. An Interview With The Founder of Maven Cluster: How Faheem Hasan Turned The Business Profitable

I started my journey as a 15-year-old kid who was curious and fascinated by the world of technology. I started by reading about designing and building websites.

37. The Entrepreneurs' Guide to Better Sleep and Productivity

Sleep is vital for the human body to function. So why does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than one-third of professionals aren’

38. The Secret Mindset of the successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs learn to seize opportunities as they arise, avoid pitfalls along the way, and engage employees to achieve their business goals.

39. Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

Unfounded feelings of being a fraud is the hallmark of Imposter Syndrome but it's only one part of a five-sided coin that can be confronted with time.

40. Eight Business Quotes That Shaped Me As An Entrepreneur

Behind every great business quote, there’s a book that could be written about the entrepreneur who said it.

41. How to Set Yourself Up For Business Success as a Writer in 2022

If you don’t believe you should be paid six figures, no one will hire you for that amount; Your words will reveal the richness of your mind.

42. Entrepreneurship in the Age of Pandemic

Entrepreneurs need a special mindset to thrive in a global pandemic. And what is this "special" mindset you may ask? Read further to find out.

43. How To Be A Successful Millennial Entrepreneur

Five actionable steps Millennials can take to help them overcome obstacles and forge their path to business success.

44. 20 Principles for Managers to Learn and Lead

Being a manager isn’t easy, and anyone who tells you otherwise ain’t doing their job.

45. The First Crucial Steps for an Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur's First Crucial Steps

46. Miki Agrawal Highlights The Importance Of Authenticity in Business

Miki Agrawal speaks with BillionSuccess interviewers to discuss the importance of maintaining authenticity in business.

47. 5 Important Books For Indie Hackers: 2020 Edition

In this post, I’ve listed five books that helped me to shape my mindset and that help with creating and marketing a viable product

48. The Path to Restful Entrepreneurship: DO More, Stress Less

“It’s not just physical things anymore that are distracting us and dragging at our mindset and productivity… but it’s also these things in the ether: these ideas, these emails, these tweets. It’s nonstop.” - Josh Ellis

49. What Problem are You Trying to Solve With Your Startup?

Many people kickstart their careers with a desire to start a business.

50. Why am I Learning to Code at 31 after being Successful at Entrepreneurship


51. How to Start a Socially Responsible Business in 2022

The state of the world in 2022 certainly calls for a little TLC from the business community.

52. John Climaco Talks About Defining Your Legacy As An Entrepreneur

John Climaco | Defining Your Legacy As An Entrepreneur

53. How You Can Discover Your Unknown Knowns

If you feel like you suffer from imposter syndrome, comprehension gaps or a decrease in personal growth, it may be time to hit the yellow brick road.

54. Leadership Defined: Deconstructing the Buzzword

Leadership Defined: Deconstructing the Buzzword

55. What is the Fear Response and How Does it Work?

Fear Is Your Signal To Thrive

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