5 XR Communities to Help Keep up With the Latest XR Trends in 2021by@knightcube
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5 XR Communities to Help Keep up With the Latest XR Trends in 2021

by Rajat Kumar GuptaJanuary 1st, 2021
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Top 5 XR communities to join and stay updated with the latest XR trends, events, courses, and more in 2021.
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Staying updated with the latest trends and updates in the XR industry can be challenging. If you have ever tried to develop an Augmented Reality
application before, chances are that you have faced problems and could
use some help.

Online communities are one of the best places to collect as much information as possible about a particular industry.

You can ask for potential solutions, feedback, look for jobs, hire someone, take part in events or just have a casual conversation with like-minded people.

Here are the top 5 XR Discord communities that you can be a part of today

1. XR Hub

If you're interested in augmented reality, mixed reality, or virtual reality, there is a high chance that you are already a member of this group. If not,
then let me give you some more information on the same.

This group was started by one of the most active XR Developers on YouTube. He has inspired thousands of aspiring XR Developers (including me). His projects are mind-blowing and futuristic.

Join XR Hub today

2. DilmerGames

Dilmer has been making XR tutorials on YouTube for more than a year now. If there is any new feature released in SDKs or libraries in Unity, you are most likely to find the first tutorial video about it on his YouTube

Join Dilmer Games —

3. XR Creators

This group has been started by XR Bootcamp, which is one of the best online bootcamps for aspiring XR Enthusiasts.

You will get to know about the biggest online XR events happening around the world. You will also stay informed about their latest bootcamps and courses.

Right now, they are preparing various learning paths and curricula for 2021.

They would love to understand your AR/VR learning needs.

Have some ideas? Join XR Creators

4. Manomotion

Manomotion is a hand tracking and gesture control SDK for smartphones. You do not need any dedicated hardware to experiment around with this SDK.

Recently, there was a game jam hosted by Manomotion where developers can use the Manomotion SDK to develop unique XR experiences. The top 3 experiences will win Amazon Gift cards. If you already have some prior knowledge of AR Development then this group is a must join for you.

Join Manomotion

5. Unity

Unity is hands down the best platform to develop games and AR/VR experiences using SDKs like ARFoundation, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, and many more.

If you ever get stuck with an issue in Unity you can either post your issue in the forums or get some help in their Discord group.

The Unity community is very active and they have a dedicated channel for AR/VR.

Join here

Wrap up

The above communities are very active. Developers in these groups will help you get inspired to develop your own creative XR experiences. I am sure there are many more XR communities like the above. You are welcome to share the link in the comments below.

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