5 Ways to Get More Likes on Your YouTube Videos by@syedbalkhi

5 Ways to Get More Likes on Your YouTube Videos

Business owners and marketers around the globe know that YouTube is one of the best places to connect with their target audience. YouTube is the 2nd largest website of all time and sees an impressive 2 billion visitors every month. You get a video view every time someone clicks on your content and watches for at least 30 seconds. Likes on your videos are a little more straightforward. A user can like your upload by clicking the thumbs-up button below your YouTube videos. The easiest way to put your value proposition on display through YouTube is through your content.
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Are you interested in getting more views and likes on your YouTube videos? If so, you’re not alone. Business owners and marketers around the globe know that YouTube is one of the best places to connect with their target audience, which leads to more on-site conversions. 

YouTube is the 2nd largest website of all time and sees an impressive 2 billion visitors every month. So, there’s a good chance you can find your target audience on this platform, regardless of your industry. 

Before we show you how to get more engagement on your videos, let’s first describe YouTube’s definition of a view. Simply put, you get a video view every time someone clicks on your content and watches for at least 30 seconds. Likes on your videos are a little more straightforward. A user can like your upload by clicking the thumbs-up button below your YouTube videos. 

Now that we’ve defined the engagement terms, we will show you several powerful ways to get more likes on your YouTube videos! 

Create Relevant, Value-Packed Content

If you want people to like and share your YouTube videos, you have to show them why your brand is worth their time. The easiest way to put your value proposition on YouTube is through your content. 

At this point, you should have a good understanding of your audiences’ goals and pain points. You’ll want to use this information to create relevant, helpful video content for subscribers and first-time visitors. 

For example, an email marketing SaaS would create YouTube videos that show visitors how to generate new email lists leads. They would likely include several videos that show how they use their service to build lead lists and engagement because their audiences’ pain point is they want more email signups. 

Educational and entertaining videos that show viewers how to accomplish complicated tasks or overcome an industry-specific problem will help you get more likes on your videos. 

We also suggest adding plenty of content to your profile, such as a bio, channel trailer, contact information, and company website. There’s a good chance people will find your channel and want to know more about your products, services, and brand as a whole. If you openly offer this information, you stand at excellent chance at seeing more YouTube engagement. 

Show Videos on Your Site

Another way to get more people to watch your YouTube videos is by showing uploaded content on your website. There are quite a few benefits that come with adding videos to your website. For starters, videos are 50x more likely to drive organic traffic when compared to sites that only have text and images. 

In other words, cross-promoting your YouTube uploads on your site can help you get more channel and website engagement. 

One easy way to show website visitors your YouTube videos is with a social wall plugin. Essentially, these tools allow you to show your YouTube feed on your site’s sidebar or a standalone page. 

You can also embed videos from your channel to crucial pages on your site. We suggest including videos on your landing pages and product catalog. Believe it or not, landing pages with videos tend to get 80% more conversions when compared to pages without video content. 

Not only will more people see your content if you share it on your site, but you can bet that some of your visitors will then navigate to your YouTube profile, hit the like button on your videos, and follow you for future uploads. 

Optimize for Searchability

Next, let’s talk about how visitors will find your channel when they’re browsing YouTube. Much like your website, search engine optimization plays a crucial role in your channel’s visibility and thus, affects your likes, shares, and engagement. 

You have to actively boost your search position for prominent keywords if you want new people to find your videos. The idea is when someone types in a word or phrase that’s relevant to your channel, they’ll see your videos at the top of the results. 

There are several ways you can find keywords that will bring more people to your channel. One of the easiest and most effective ways to find rankable keywords is to type one or two words into YouTube’s search bar. You’ll see a list of results that include the words you used. 

YouTube shows these suggested results because they are all popular strings of words typed in by other users. You can find plenty of helpful keywords and topic ideas by simply browsing suggestions. 

We also suggest reviewing your YouTube search report so you can see how people discover your channel. For example, if you run an email marketing SaaS and one of your top search terms on your report is “email marketing tutorial,” you’ll likely bring in additional traffic by publishing more optimized videos that are focused on that specific keyword. 

 Run a Giveaway

Online giveaways are an excellent way to get more likes and engagement on your YouTube videos. Most of us have participated in a giveaway, and it’s not hard to see why. People love the chance to win something for free, especially if the prize is valuable and relevant. From a business owner or marketer’s perspective, it makes sense too. On average, giveaways have a conversion rate of 34%

When you create your giveaway, we suggest establishing rules that encourage people to engage with your YouTube videos across all platforms. When we want to get more traction on our YouTube channel, we use entry methods that drive users to our videos. 

You shouldn’t directly ask visitors to like your videos as a part of the giveaway, as this goes against YouTube’s terms of service. However, you can ask participants to watch specific videos or visit your channel. 

If you’re already creating top-notch content, there’s a good chance many of your visitors will choose to engage with your videos organically. In our experience, two to three weeks is the perfect time for an online contest. This time frame gives people enough time to participate without worrying that those who signed up on day one will forget about their entry. 

Partner with Other Content Creators

Finally, you can dramatically grow your YouTube channel by partnering with other creators. Depending on your niche, budget, and resources, there are several different types of partnerships are worth considering. 

You could, for instance, choose to partner with another business that operates in your industry. The key is to find a company that sells products that work well with what you offer. Work together to create videos that show off your experience and product selection. 

Influencer marketing is also a powerful way to get more traction on your channel. Social media influencers are internet personalities that produce content highly engaging for their viewers. In many cases, these people will partner with brands and promote their products.

In this instance, you’ll want to find influencers with a target audience that aligns with your own. A clothing company would partner with a beauty influencer over an influencer that streams video games. The beauty influencer and the makeup company have a similar target audience, so this strategy makes sense. 

In most cases, smaller influencers will review your product and link back to your channel for a free copy of your product or service. Influencers with medium to large followings tend to charge a fee to promote your brand. You’ll have to weigh your budget with your marketing needs if you decide to take this route. 

One thing’s for sure; 59% of people say they use social media sites like YouTube for shopping inspiration. If you can partner with reputable influencers, you could see a dramatic boost in views, shares, and even sales.  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to get more likes on your YouTube videos. Today, we showed you several tried and true ways to grow your channel and build your audience. It’s worth noting that it’s not likely that your channel will see a huge surge in traffic overnight. You have to stay patient and continue to publish value-packed videos and actively engage with your audience if you want to see long-term growth.


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