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5 Ways Chatbots Are Transforming Customer Services

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@emily-smithEmily Smith

Emily Smith is an MBA with more than 5 years of experience in content writing and development.

The key to a successful business lies in the efficient management of customers.

Irrespective of how innovative products and services a business offers, customer satisfaction largely depends on the overall experience a company provides to its customers.

This calls for the need for superior customer service, which involves prioritizing customer issues and offering a swift resolution to those issues.

Today, with technology empowering businesses, businesses are positioned closer to their consumers. However, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, businesses must use these support resources smartly that too in an environment where technology enables the customer support teams. This is where Chatbots step in.

According to predictions made by research advisory firm Gartner: By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an organization without any human intervention.

What is a Chatbot?

Designed to simulate communication with customers, Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that is powered by predefined business rules, scripts, etc. through a conversational interface. Over the last decade, Chatbots have transformed from being a mere automated tool to a smarter support partner capable of making informed decisions for solving real business problems. By analyzing huge chunks of data from customer service channels such as a CRM platform, the AI-enabled robots convert them into easily available reports with insights, which businesses can leverage to understand key details regarding the behavior and preferences of their target audience. 

In fact, Chatbots are capable of increasing the effectiveness of a CRM system. Salesforce - one of the best-in-class CRM platform allows enterprises to leverage AI-enabled Chatbots to automate their CRM while empowering them to take charge of multiple functions. As a business looking to leverage the best of both worlds, you must partner with a Salesforce consulting company that can guide you through Salesforce Chatbot integration.  

How are Chatbots Transforming Customer Service? 

Today, more and more businesses are relying on CRM systems to manage their customer relationships for generating greater revenue and building brand loyalty. However, with new channels creating new ways to form customer associations, leveraging technology to augment the efficiency of CRM systems has become inevitable. In fact, many organizations find Chatbot integrated CRM systems to be much more efficient. Let’s take a quick look into how chatbots can take your customer experience to the next level by improving customer service.

1.  Provides Immediate Response: These days, customers expect a prompt response to their queries from brands, which traditional response tools like phone and emails fail to provide. Also, the majority of request occurs beyond the normal business hours, which might lead to a lot of unanswered queries. Since chatbots unlike human agents neither get tired or fall sick, they can efficiently provide round the clock, and instant support to customers. However, in case the bot isn’t able to handle the query, it can efficiently route the customer to the most appropriate representative who can address their concern aptly.

2. Get Access to Relevant Data: To provide customers with superior customer service, businesses need access to relevant data regarding customer behavior and preferences. With a Chatbot integrated within their business ecosystem, organizations can save data from automatized chat and then use it to create tailored experiences. This will help them in personalizing and improving customer experiences. 

3. Improved Communication:  Friction in communication between human agents and visitors are common in traditional customer service set-up. This happens because customer service reps fail to understand all the phrases and idioms used by visitors during the interaction. This leads to customer dissatisfaction, which leads to loss of potential clients. The self-learning feature present in Chatbots allows them to estimate answers to questions, which they might not have been trained for so that it can correct them autonomously.

4.  Save Customer Service Costs: Chatbots can help businesses save money on customer care by expediting response time, freeing up customer service representatives, and answering routine questions. In other words, it’s a win-win situation for businesses who are looking to improve customer satisfaction at reduced costs. 

5.  Assign Right Message to the Right Recipient: There is always the option for a human agent to step into an automatized chat occurring between a guest and the bot if the bot fails to resolve the guest’s problem. However, this requires routing or sharing the message with the right representative so that customer queries or problems are handled appropriately. Since Chatbots understand the context of the chat, they efficiently route the query to the right customer service agent. 

Quick Wrap Up:

In this fast-evolving digital era, customers expect quick, reliable and round the clock customer service. To fulfill the needs of their tech-savvy customers, businesses can integrate chatbots into their customer service channels to take customer satisfaction to the next level. So, jump on to the bandwagon before you run the risk of being left out.

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@emily-smithEmily Smith

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Emily Smith is an MBA with more than 5 years of experience in content writing and development.


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