5 Successful Explainer Videos Examplesby@dana-kachan
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5 Successful Explainer Videos Examples

by Dana KachanAugust 1st, 2020
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Animated explainer videos are a great way to attract your audience’s attention and gain their loyalty. Crazy Egg raised 64% conversions and raised $21,000 extra revenue per month. Jellyfish used an animated video-format to pitch their services to clients who had never heard about their services before. An explainer video helped Jellyfish close a $800K deal in just seven days. The video has a versatile medium of connecting brands with their target audiences and transferring brand ideas again.

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Are you a newborn brand, startup, or even established company launching a new product? Likely, you are now looking for ways to attract your audience’s attention and gain their loyalty. Good news! There is a great solution to obey the customer’s hearts and instill strong associations with your brand — animated explainer videos. 

No more empty words, let’s take a look at these amazing cases of five world’s most-loved companies. Some of them have been unknown until discovered and leveraged the power of explainer videos for marketing. Thanks to lovely yet straightforward animations, they raised conversions, made sales booms, and won the global audience.

An Explainer Video Helped Crazy Egg Raise 64% Conversions & $21K Extra Revenue Per Month

Crazy Egg is a digital tool that allows investigating how visitors browse on your site. It enables you to create heatmaps and see how people scan your content. Today, it’s a market-leading tool. However, quite recently, it hasn’t been as popular as it’s now. 

Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg, has hired Demo Duck, an explainer video production company, and produced his next commercial. 158 seconds of animation helped them raise 64% conversions, and the founder shared that the video helped them start earning $21,000 extra revenue monthly. You can watch the video here.

Dropbox’s Animated Video Raised 10M New Customers & $48M Revenue

Dropbox is a famous file hosting service. At the startup phase, they tried to acquire new customers by investing in paid search and affiliate campaigns. However, the team was disappointed by the results of these marketing efforts since they spend nearly $233-$388 to sell their $99 product. What did they decide to do next? The answer is simple, and it’s an explainer video.

Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, had earlier used a demo video to validate the idea of Dropbox, so he also did the same once again to explain a concept of his product and convince customers to purchase it. He hired a professional explainer video production company and created an introductory video for Dropbox. This whiteboard explainer video helped acquire 10 million customers and raise $48,000,000 extra revenue. Their explanatory video is here. They have also produced an updated version of the video.

An Explainer Video Helped Jellyfish Close A $800K Deal In A Week 

Are you thinking of how to warm up your cold audience? Jellyfish used an . They used an animated video-format to pitch their services to the clients who had never heard about their services before. Nobody expected that a single animated video would make a whole sales boom for Jellyfish at that time. The video helped them close $800K deal in only seven days. Can you imagine?

An Explainer Video Helped Rypple Raise 20% Conversion

Rypple is a social performance management tool. The company was looking to increase signups and decided to run an A/B test of three landing page versions: 

  • A web page with the text and image;
  • A web page with a live-action testimonial from Facebook
  • A web page with an explainer video

Guess which one has won the competition. Bingo! The explainer video helped connect Rypple with its target audience and raised a 20% conversion rate. 

An Explainer Video Increased 27% Conversion for RankWatch

It is a case proving the power of explainer videos for SaaS businesses. Despite RankWatch was a great web application, it faced the conversion problem that’s quite common for SaaS startups. The company needed to communicate its concepts and ideas to prospective customers in a more effective way. So, they invested in animated video production, and it showed great outcomes to a business! It brought in 27% signups for a free trial and significantly improved sales.

So, How’re You Going to Pitch Your Next Business Idea?

These are just several examples of how explainer videos help multiply conversions. The video has become a versatile medium for connecting brands with their target audiences and transferring brand ideas. These cases just prove that it’s a really helpful practice once again. Hopefully, these companies have inspired you to try something new for your company and unlock the benefits of animation for business in order to skyrocket your success in 2020. 

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