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5 Quick Productivity Tips for Busy Solopreneurs

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@kahliluxKahlil Crawford

Content Strategist | Theorist

Not only do these productivity tips work, they also rhyme for easy recall.


Take some time each day to engage your inner muse - journal, dance, paint, sing, etc. Studies show that arts participation can inspire creative business ideas that can empower and grow your solopreneurial venture. Don’t be shy! If random people can create masterpieces at local “Sip & Paint” events, there is no reason why you can’t boogie your way to the next solopreneurial level!


For many solopreneurs, the concept of delegation is synonymous with sharing control of their “baby”. However, the solopreneur must ultimately choose growth over control; hence the need for task delegation. Find a proven and trustworthy delegate upon which you can consistently rely, yet maintain your “control” via regular meetings to develop strategies, review progress and set goals. Treat your delegate as an executive would a manager, because mutual trust and power-sharing can take your venture a long way...


What can’t be delegated must be automated. For a solopreneur, it is possible to successfully compete against large companies and corporations via software automation. When implemented and leveraged correctly, software automation can transform a solopreneur into a powerful “multipreneur” with several competitive advantages that larger companies cannot foresee.


A frequent reason for solopreneurial failure is burnout. Many solopreneurs sacrifice vacation for ambition, yet reap minimal monetary reward. It is standard practice for companies to grant employees vacation, and a solopreneurial venture should be no different. Make vacation a part of your life and business plan. Remember, replenished minds generate new ideas which create fresh income. Know when it’s time to take a sabbatical and book your vacation today!


In addition to physical vacations, a successful solopreneur must take mental vacations throughout the day. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, step away from your office, find a serene space, and still your mind for a little while. A well-balanced disposition is essential to solopreneurial success, and meditation can provide you the peace of mind needed to make sound business decisions.


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