6 Places to Start a Career in Data Science in 2022 by@karthikbhandary2

6 Places to Start a Career in Data Science in 2022

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I am a CS student, Kaggle Aspirant, Youtuber, and Blogger. I create content related to Coding and self-development.

Are you planning on learning Data Science?🤩 But have no idea where to and how to learn?😫Don't worry because I got you covered😎. In this article, I am going to be sharing with you the resources that you will be needing for learning Data Science along with a roadmap for you to follow. Don't forget to leave thoughts after reading the article😁

Before getting into the resources I want to mention that you will have to buy their subscription. I know😅, but this is about your career, so a little investment is good😄. Also by paying you will be at least motivated so that it doesn't go to waste. But for your sake, I am going to present you with one resource which has free content. Now that's out of the box let's get into knowing the resources. (This article is not sponsored by anyone, this is just my findings. Click on the resource title to get to their website)

1. DataQuest

Dataquest is along with the others that are going to be mentioned in this article are mainly focused on Data Science. Along with Data Science, they also have some related courses like Data Analysis, Data Engineer etc., you can look it up yourself on the website.

Coming to how you learn. You have text on the left and the editor on the right. You read the text which has the lesson and you perform the task given at the end of the lesson. You will be learning and practicing at the same time. It saves a lot of time. Think of it as a blog but you actually learn Data Science by reading that blog.

For a better idea look at the image I got from FreeCodeCamp:


Dataquest looks similar to this one. I think if you like reading blogs then this will be your cup of tea.

2. DataCamp

In this, we have video lectures. The videos last up to a max of 5 min. Right after the video, you get to practise what you learnt. They also provide you with assessments, projects, competitions where if you win you will have prizes.

If you are not into reading, then I would suggest you go with this. I personally use this myself and you won't be disappointed. They also have a very great certification system. Where you have to go through a series of tests before getting the certificate.

3. iNeuron

INeuron is similar to Udemy, but instead of dealing with everything, they only deal with data science and related things. One problem for me with ineuron is that they provide video lectures but we have to practice on our own device on our own (unlike in Datacamp and Dataquest). Apart from that everything else is very good. They also make you do projects and the cool part is that they also provide you with an internship, which you can complete at your own pace. Once you finish your internship you will receive a certificate as well.

4. 365DataScience

This platform same as iNeuron, provides you with video lectures. I just found this recently so I don't have much of an idea on this, but I did hear good things about this, so I decided to mention it here. If you are using this then please let me know in the comment section if it is worth it or not? It will be helpful for others as well.

I have mentioned only these, even though there are plenty of others because these 4 only focus on Data Science and related things.

As I've promised I am going to be sharing with you the roadmap which you can follow to learn DataScience. This is also the same one that provides free resource links. Let me explain.

5. DataScienceMaster.org

This website is a gem. They provide you with a plan to follow. From math to Machine Learning. The cool part is that they also provide you with the link from where you can learn for free and for Coursera courses you can audit them.


Let's say that you want to learn math, which is very important when it comes to ML. You want to learn Linear algebra, you can click on the link right next to it and start learning.

It is the same with everything. You click on the link and start learning, easy as that.

Now you have everything to learn. Let's say that you are finished with your learning and are egarly looking for places to work on projects. Well, I got that covered as well.


You can be sure that this is the place for you to do projects, along with the option of deploying them. You can learn a lot, with 250+ projects in your arsenal. They also provide you with tips to increase your performance as well.

They also have 2000+ free code recipes and 120+ reusable project solutions.

What better way to learn and develop your skills. I suggest that you take a look and give this one a try!!

I hope you found this article helpful. Also, it would be really helpful if you follow me on LinkedIn. I have a YouTube channel as well, feel free to visit. I post related to programming, self-development and Progression.

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by Karthik Bhandary @karthikbhandary2.I am a CS student, Kaggle Aspirant, Youtuber, and Blogger. I create content related to Coding and self-development.
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