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5 Places to Learn About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Free

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The Crypto space is over a decade old and, based on what is seen in the markets, the future is digital and will use blockchain technology as its foundation. However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global level is currently lagging.

The number of crypto users has officially reached 100 million people. Although 100 million is an excellent achievement, cryptocurrency adoption is still far behind. 

Many people have never heard about cryptocurrency, either because they are not exposed to it or because they do not have access to blockchain education. What is even worse is the fact that a significant portion of people who have heard about crypto have never used it because they don't know how it works. 

To help educate more people about crypto, some crypto platforms have introduced learning programs. This guide will discuss the five best projects that every crypto beginner can use when learning about crypto. 

1. The Binance Academy 

Binance academy is an excellent tool for individuals seeking to learn more about crypto. Binance Academy is a product of the popular Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

It has three educational levels, starting with the beginner level. The beginner level discusses the basics of what the crypto ecosystem is. Here, you are introduced to popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc., and get to understand what they are.

There is intermediate-level education where you learn about investing. The intermediate level discusses the many features making up the crypto world. 

The final course offered in Binance academy is the advanced course. This level involves looking into the center of a blockchain, how it works, and the algorithms' interaction. The people interested in this level are those who wish to understand the technical aspects of blockchain networks.

2. The Shrimpy Academy

The Shrimpy Academy is among the most popular crypto education centers. This platform offers vast information about the decentralized world, including DeFi, exchanges, trading bots, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, etc.

To best explain the crypto world to newcomers and veterans alike, Shrimpy Academy utilizes a set of three difficulty levels. By completing articles and guides, readers can grasp certain groups of information before continuing to the next level.

For example, the first beginner level introduces completely new users to cryptocurrencies by explaining what they are, how they work, and showcasing the technology behind them. Knowing that a strong foundation is necessary to succeed and climb the crypto ladder, Shrimpy Academy explains literally everything that a user needs to know. 

After that comes the intermediate level. Here, users have the chance to study more technical areas of blockchain technology. While things may get more challenging at this point, the beginner’s section has built a good enough foundation for users not to struggle too much. When exploring projects at this level, Shrimpy Academy noticeably introduces far more complex cryptocurrencies to grasp.

Finally, Shrimpy Academy has advanced level crypto studies where the learner starts understanding complex topics designed for those seeking to become experts in the field of decentralized technology. This is also the place where ordinary users encounter developer topics and certain subjects that require an advanced understanding of other tech areas. 

3. Coinbase Learn

Coinbase Learn is another popular option providing vast education opportunities for users. This tool is operated by the Coinbase crypto exchange.

For starters, there is a section dubbed crypto basics. This section deals entirely with the basics of virtual currencies. The basics section answers all the ‘what is’ questions about crypto assets and services, including Bitcoin, Defi, digital wallets, centralized exchanges, Altcoins, NFTs, staking, and much more.

Accordingly, there is a glossary defining commonly used crypto jargon. If you are new to crypto, then Coinbase Learn tool will help you better understand digital assets.

After getting the basic crypto knowledge, Coinbase Learn follows up with the tools and tutorials section. These sections have many ‘How To’ videos on using crypto. Some of the popular questions answered include how to earn rewards, how to donate crypto, etc. 

Finally, as part of the education program, Coinbase has the market updates section where investors can get regular updates on the crypto market. The updates can include trending issues like high Ethereum transaction fees, Bitcoin and Ethereum price surges, new payment methods, and recently introduced crypto wallets.

4. Crypto Maniaks

Another great crypto educational tool is the Crypto Maniaks website, designed with utter simplicity. This platform has a section called education, where it offers basic information about blockchains. In the education section, ‘what is’ questions are explored vastly. Generally, this section addresses the basics of cryptocurrency. 

There is another tab dubbed invest where it addresses various investment-related questions, including matters on cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, when considering an investment decision, you can visit the section and enlighten yourself.

Crypto Maniaks has a growing section that educates on how to grow with different currencies, from the largest cryptocurrency to the newest. Moreover, it has an NFT and gambling section, which educates about NFTs and crypto gambling.

The glossary section is another reliable tool provided on the crypto maniaks website. In this section, various terms commonly used in the crypto world are explained in a dictionary format, i.e., from A-Z. Therefore this option can help get the basic level definitions of cryptos.

5. Coin Academy

Coinacademy.co is another suitable option for reading educational content on decentralized technology and crypto-assets. However, unlike its competitors mentioned earlier, this platform is relatively new and has little information. 

This platform can be of great help to beginner and intermediate-level cryptocurrency traders. For beginners, there is a course on digital assets, bitcoin, and much more. The first course has around four lessons, including information on cryptocurrency wallets, crypto trading platforms, and much more. 

Understanding digital assets prepares you for second-level intermediate training. Here, there is information and interviews with other crypto enthusiasts that help define crypto. 

Generally, the interview section has videos that help understand the opinion of crypto users about different projects. This platform is at number 5 because it's relatively new and is still adding more information. 

Final Word

This guide has delved deeper into some of the main cryptocurrency and blockchain education centers that beginners can use. Shrimpy Academy and Binance Academy are considered to be the best platforms, introducing satisfying and organized courses, starting with beginner, intermediate, and finally advanced. 

Coinbase Learn is another efficient learning tool provided by the Coinbase exchange. Their website offers tutorials, beginner-level articles, news, and market updates. Lastly, Crypto Maniaks and Coin Academy are other reasonably good platforms that assist new market participants.

Considering that the crypto world is fairly new, at least in comparison to traditional finance, education platforms are critical to accelerating the adoption of crypto assets on a global level. 


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