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5 Notable Cryptocurrency Conferences to Attend in 2022

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Almost 15 years have passed since the first crypto-asset appeared, and during this time, interest in digital assets has increased manifold. Here is a list of the most notable crypto events, forums, and online conferences that will help you expand your business connections and become an excellent investment in your crypto wallet.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022, Paris, April 13-14, online


Paris Blockchain Week Summit has over 3,000 participants, 70 sponsors, 250 speakers, and 100 media partners. During the two days of PBWS, there will be meetings, speeches, workshops, and hackathons. The key topics are the use of blockchain in innovation and business, digital governance, the state of digital asset liquidity, and international cooperation in blockchain regulation.

Renowned speakers from the world's best blockchain and IT companies will share their stories and insights about the crypto market and its prospects. Invited experts include heads of successful IT agencies and founders of blockchain projects. Paris Blockchain Week Summit is recognized as the largest in Europe. Moreover, this year organizers decided to dedicate a separate day (April 12) to NFT tokens. Leading project and game creators at web3 will talk about NFTs, which have already become legendary, and share the secrets of their creation and the timing of their purchase.

Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth, Washington, May 25-27, online


Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth forum is part of the GBA - Government Blockchain Organization project. This organization develops professional working processes between IT specialists, politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, and the government. It is not a lobbying organization and catalyzes creative, profitable, and positive levers of blockchain technology. Speakers include representatives from the U.S. Treasury Department, the State Department, and the Senate. In 2022, the forum's main topics include the legality of cryptocurrencies and their extraction from the shadow economy.

It is worth noting that the GBA project holds regular online lectures and educational events. The organization holds meetings every two or three weeks, with one key topic being government regulation and blockchain.

Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (SEBC-2022), August 1-3, online


Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will be held in August 2022 for the first time. Key topics will be the use of clean energy for mining and the relationship of the "smart city" concept to the blockchain. The environmental centricity of the event is an interesting focus, which shows the not always visible side of cryptocurrencies: even intangible digital assets are subjected to environmental dependence.

Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference, September 14-15, online


The relationship of classic segments of the economy (such as oil and gas to blockchain and cryptocurrency) is a key theme of another U.S. conference that you can watch online. The event will showcase potentially possible solutions to oil and gas market problems through the use of blockchain.

Zebu Live, London, September 22-23, online


Web3 and cryptocurrency are two key areas of the Zebu Live conference. Lots of information about decentralization, the new iteration of the Internet, and the blockchain revolution. More than 70 speakers, which will also include representatives from the British Parliament, such as Matt Hancock, treasurer-general in the Cameron government, as well as the exMinister of Health. The conference will also feature new web3 developments that can accelerate the global transition of the Internet space to a new, independent level, and workshops on world-class networking.


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