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5 Invincible AI Startups

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“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”
Ginni Rometty


The growth in the innovation sector is crazy. Choosing the best-in-class product is exceptionally tough because every product is built for a reason. To serve some purpose.

Know what keeps us alive and humane?

The emotions we care about, the relationships we celebrate, the knowledge we accumulate and at last the collective practice of all this. The things we do to put all this together to see what works out and what doesn’t, bring unexpected solutions to the table.

Dating back to the time when traders decided to exchange goods (quantity played the crucial role), that’s when the very first trading startup began. It has to be around 17,000 B.C when the active exchange of goods came into existence.

The flag of The Dutch East India Company

Who really did come up with the idea to exchange goods which then revolutionized the economic sector? As per the data, The Dutch East India Company built the first multinational company in the world. But speaking of startup, we hardly consider non-tech initiatives.

Mayhap because the online world is unthinkably odd that it doesn’t require any external stimulations or interventions to execute operations. Easy to work with, easy to monetize and easy to carry around that the whole idea could fit in a slab of coding software.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin — The prominent eggheads.

Our belief that startups are usually tech-driven projects started when Larry Page and Sergey Brin first impelled their Google project in 1996. Google catalyzed the startup thing in tech domain also triggered the creative spot of entrepreneurs working in other spaces. This has ultimately resulted in what we’re seeing now!

The reason why log of innovative projects is growing into a never-ending list.

Unlike in the 90’s the period when there were minimal choices for consumers to pick products from, now the actual combat is among the providers. To establish theirs as the most estimable asset compared to others. People working for technology now are making efforts to put some analyzing and decision making skill inside the software.

I’ve chosen the following list of AI tools based on the product transparency and the value they actually serve to the community.


One of the best AI-driven customer support tool out there. It helps its customers with optimizing automatic answers via chatbot to answer their user questions personally. This automatizing customer support process reduces the contract server volumes drastically.


Tetra lets you have a clean and complete conversation with the person at the other end because it takes care of all the niche details that come up in the discussions. It uses Artificial Intelligence to generate a detailed script of dialogues using its speech recognition technology.


HyperScience helps its customers save enormous time spent on manual data extraction from forms and the tedious data capturing process from pay stubs and invoices. What stands out is that the data are naturally aligned even when they’re split in the different fields and under distinct names between documents.


Jetlore builds unique user profile for every single user based on their behavior and their affinity for semantic attributes of content and the product. Then it leverages user profiles to display the most relevant and resonant content to every single user across any medium.


I discovered this company through a really touching blog by one of their interns. In case you want to know more about AxiomZen, here you go.

AxiomZen is a crazy working studio that adopts emerging technologies to solve real-world problems in many interesting ways. Most times the products or the tiny projects become an exclusive brand by the time they get launched. They usually attain high-growth rate for businesses and currently are dealing with AI, AR and Blockchain projects.


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