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5 Cryptocurrency Resources That Will Help You Get Up To Speed

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Whether you have been in around the blockchain space for a while, or are one of the many new entrants to the party, realize that the world of “crypto” is constantly evolving. The tide moves quickly as, seemingly every day, there is a whole new wave of content, tools, and news.

With all of the crowded noise, it can be tough to decide what is really important.

Here are 5 helpful resources that can help you stay up to speed with all that is going on in crypto:

1. Coinzy

Given all of the recent hype, it has become increasingly challenging to filter out what is really important in the “crypto world” from the deluge of useless noise. Coinzy helps you stay on top of your game by giving you a curated selection of the top stories in the bitcoin/crypto sphere via a twice-daily newsletter. They try to keep all of the information digestible in under 8 minutes — a great way to ensure you are well informed.

2. Decentralized TV

S/O to my friend John Saddington on his recent launch of DCTV

From the makers of CryptoYum and The Bitcoin Pub comes Decentralized TV, a youtube channel/vibrant community of people interested in crypto. They provide a number of different tools and resources to help you stay up to date with all that is happening in and around the space. You can check out their emerging Youtube Channel Here:

They provide a ton of daily content — ranging from run throughs of different crypto exchanges, compare and contrasts between several great options for Ethereum wallets, and much much more. It is a great way to stay in tune with all that is happening.

3. Bitcoin Wisdom

Bitcoin Wisdom is a super simple app that shows you a ton of relevant data / metrics around prices of popular cryptocurrencies and Altcoins. This super handy one pager gets rid of all of the “buzzword-filled” headlines so you can just get the data you need without getting distracted.

4. Token Data

Token Data provides an up to date list of all of the most recent (and most popular) token offerings. You can easily query/filter from different categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for. They also show the “status” of the specific offering so you know how much time you have left to invest. Finally, they link to all of the white-papers so it is easy to read about different projects quickly. All super handy!

5. Coinality

Coinality is a super simple job board for people looking to get employed in the crypto/blockchain space. Employers can easily post listings that will show up on the main feed — connecting them to thousands of interested engineers/designers/etc. If you are looking to find a job, this may be the best place to get started!

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