5 Best Practices For Keeping A New Product On Track

Vera Reynolds, Software Engineer at Pivotal Tracker (middle), Lisa Doan, Product Manager at Pivotal Tracker (right)and Poornima Vijayashanker, founder of Femgineer(left)

Interview with Lisa Doan and Vera Reynolds of Pivotal Tracker

Last week on Build, we shared why instead of rebuilding or redesigning an existing product, it might make sense to build a brand-new product, and we walked you through how some folks on the Pivotal Tracker team arrived at their decision.

When you start building a new product, you have the best of intentions to revise old processes and move away from bad habits. But it’s easier said than done. So this week, we’re going to share some best practices for keeping a new product on track!

And to help us out, Lisa Doan and Vera Reynolds are back! You’ll recall Lisa is a product manager, and Vera is a software engineer at Pivotal Tracker.

Here’s what you’ll learn as you watch today’s episode:

  • Why it’s important to set a mission and vision for a product and what happens when you don’t
  • What being user-centric looks like in practice
  • How to create a balanced team and have members weigh in on decisions during planning meetings
  • How to hold yourself and your team accountable inside a larger organization
  • How to remind people of best practices

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