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5 Best Indian Companies Offering The Best IoT Platform

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Internet of Things or IoT is the talk of the industry. It connects all the devices to the internet and in turn connects them to each other. Once these devices are connected to each other, they collect and share data. IoT will be the big change that will make every small or big device that we see around us smarter. According to a report 8.4 billion IoT devices were connected to each other in 2017. By 2020, the number is most likely to increase to 20 billion IoT devices.

These devices need IoT platforms which act as the middleman and help in bridging the gap between the data network and device sensors. It is these IoT platforms that combine the real and the virtual world between objects, systems and people. Additionally, these platforms are cloud-based which are designed to provide developers with ready-to-use features for apps for connected devices.

In simple words, an IoT platform is a diverse service that will help in converting physical objects online. There are a lot of big IoT platforms designed by Amazon, Google, IBM and much more. However, there are certain Indian IoT start-ups that are going to be major game changes in the upcoming years. Here are the top 5 upcoming Indian companies offering the best platforms for running IoT applications.


Altiux is a company which focuses on delivering IoT enabled products and services to users. Their services include data analytics solution, edge nodes, gateways and data analytics solutions. Altiux also offers customized services according to the client’s needs and requirements. Their IoT toolkit provides users with a platform to connect wireless devices to the web and create apps for these devices to gather their data. The company also provides various other customized services which will be effective while building a wide range of connected networks.

Datonis by Altizon

Datonis is an IoT platform designed and developed by Altizon. Altizon is an Industrial Internet platform company that will allow you to connect and process scalable IoT data securely. The platform will also let you analyze the data in real-time analytics and incorporate it into your business. With the Datonis IoT platform, you can build IoT devices in weeks. To do this, the company offers device connectivity kits, big-data analytics engine, a device management layer and monitoring services. Additionally, the service is open for Saas and Hosted models. Datonis incorporates with your existing IT system to provide a seamless transition between your IoT devices and IT infrastructure management tools.


This Indian based IoT platform offers smart, secure, scalable and customizable IoT solutions. With IoTSense, you will be able to connect various devices by numerous manufacturers. IoTSense offers ready-to-use features which can be customized according to project requirements. With this platform, users will be provided with strong and secure security mechanisms. Along with this, the platform also offers M2M communication, real-time stream analytics, scalable framework and rule-based actions. IoTSense collects data from sensors and sends it to cloud providers using smart features.


This Bangalore based startup works on providing next-generation sensor-based smart solutions for agriculture and environmental sensing with IoT. Yuktix has a cloud-based IoT platform supports functions that will allow users to receive, store, analyze and visualize data. Additionally, Yuktix’s platform includes a sensor catalog which generates information from sensors and various other network options to send the collected data to the cloud from anywhere. Users can pick required sensors from this catalog according to their industry and background. These sensors can be plugged into the device for the users to start receiving data on the cloud. Plus, their cloud platform will also allow you to group several devices.

Exiris by Machine Pulse

Exiris by Machine Pulse is a robust cloud platform dedicated for data storage and advanced analytics with secure & scalable options and inbuilt device management capabilities. The cloud platform helps in creating scalable and secure end-to-end IoT solutions. Their cloud platform is an intelligent system which learns and adapts itself to the evolving technological environments. Some of the interesting features that Exiris offers are data engineering, device management, flexible architecture, security and rich visualization.


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