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5 Best Employee Onboarding Tools on Product Hunt

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Starting a new job can be really scary. There are lots of people you have never met before. There are many inside jokes you do not know about. And there is a whole pool of company knowledge and culture that you have missed out on.

That is why employer’s are beginning to take employee onboarding a lot more seriously. Delivering a magical and comfortable experience is SO important for easing the transition for new hires.

So we asked Product Hunt, “what are the best tools to help with new employee onboarding?”

Here are the Top 5:

1. Trello — Organize Anything, Together

Trello makes it easy to create a pipeline of onboarding materials for your new hire. In it’s Kanban style format, Trello is a great way to provide a visual representation of work and onboarding To-Dos.

2. Rippling — New hire onboarding in one click

Signing up new hires for a bunch of different accounts can be a real pain — as it’s super repetitive.

Rippling automates all of that so you can onboard (and offboard) employees in literally one click.

3. ChiefOnboarding for Slack — A Slackbot that onboards new hires for you

ChiefOnboarding is a super simple slack bot that onboards new hires FOR you. The bot is much more intimate than email, and can take care of a lot of the administrative work that you do not want to be doing.

4. Gusto — Seamless HR

You can integrate all of your HR Tooling (Payments, Benefits, etc.) so the employee onboarding experience is smooth and frictionless. It is one place, for everything HR related.

5. Typeform — Beautiful forms in less than 60 seconds

It is important to measure the impact of all of your onboarding efforts. With typeform, you can easily create an employee satisfaction survey to see how the onboarding process went.

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