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5 Benefits of Project Planning and Management by@Luke Fitzpatrick

5 Benefits of Project Planning and Management

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Luke Fitzpatrick

Luke covers blockchain trends on Forbes.

Anyone who has managed one or more projects knows that a lot goes into completing them. But how much do you know about project management? The process requires much more than just completing tasks as they come to you. A great deal of planning is required to ensure that each project goes smoothly, especially if you manage more than one project simultaneously. 

Before you start managing a product, you should sit down and create project milestones. Each milestone should have a completion date so that you can make sure that the project stays on track and you know if you are falling behind. Milestones also enable you to show that you are making steady, concrete progress that you can easily display.

There should be several tasks within each milestone, although it can be difficult to distinguish between tasks and milestones, especially with larger projects. If you aren’t sure whether something should be a task or a milestone, you should ask yourself whether completing it indicates forward progress. If so, then it should probably be a milestone rather than a task, although the task itself and other tasks may fall under the milestone. 

At this point, you may be asking yourself why you should set milestones and plan tasks because it may sound like you are creating extra work for yourself. However, there are many benefits of project planning and management, and here are some of the reasons you should create a plan and layout your project before you get started.

1. Improves productivity

The first benefit may seem a bit surprising because of how much time goes into planning and setting milestones and tasks before you even get started. However, having a plan improves your productivity because you don’t waste time thinking about what you should do next. 

A plan enables you to charge ahead quickly because you have already created a plan for completing the project. You don’t have to wonder what you should do next because you already have a plan in place.

Additionally, setting milestones for your project ensures that you always know where you stand in terms of progress. Completing a milestone provides a sense of accomplishment that keeps you going when you are in the midst of a long project with a far-off completion date.

2. Improves your team's performance

Another benefit of planning and project management is the fact that it improves your team’s performance. When project managers have a plan, they always know how well they are executing, which encourages them, especially when working on a long-time project. 

Your team will always perform better if they have a plan to follow because they can keep track of their progress. An excellent project manager will know whether they are on track with the project or have fallen behind and need to catch up. 

3. Improves customer satisfaction

Additionally, having a plan improves customer satisfaction because you can always tell the customer how you are progressing. You will always know what stage of the project you are in and whether you are running on schedule. 

Customers will be pleased that they can monitor the status of their project and receive a warning if the project falls behind so that they can adjust their expectations. Project management also enables you to understand customers’ expectations better and improves communication throughout the project. 

4. Improves team collaboration

Project management also enables team members to collaborate more closely. Using project management tools ensures that everyone working on the project is on the same page. They also enable the manager to define the roles of everyone on the team so that no one has to wonder what they should be doing. 

Project management keeps everyone on task and enables them to understand expectations. It also encourages communication so that teams collaborate better. 

5. Helps with problem resolution

Finally, project management makes it easier to resolve problems that occur during the completion of the project. There will always be problems, no matter how well-thought-out a project is, and problems can increase when project managers complete more than one project simultaneously. 

With project management, you can quickly identify problems, sometimes before you even start working on the milestone or task where they will occur. If you’ve already begun the task or milestone where the problem is, you will still be able to solve it before you get too far into the task or milestone. 

Planning can also enable you to work out problems before you even begin the project. It’s virtually impossible to overstate how vital project management and planning are for avoiding or dealing with problems in a project.

Summing up

There are many benefits to creating a plan before you do any work on a project. It enables you to plan out the process from the beginning to completion so that you can identify potential problems before you even get started. 

Project management enables you to get organized before anyone on your team starts a single task. Many available tools like Nifty or ClickUp make the project management process fast and straightforward.

These tools enable project managers to create a one-stop-shop for every project, milestone, and task. They allow team members to communicate in one place so that everyone is on the same page throughout the project. 

Are you ready to start managing your projects? There’s no doubt that you will find even more benefits to project management as you begin the process. You may already have been creating a plan without realizing that you were starting the project management process. 

However, having a complete understanding of project management will enable you to be more thorough with your planning. Utilizing project management tools will also improve your productivity and ability to plan because they will pull all the information you need to complete the project into one place.

Featured Image credit: Unsplash.