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5 Actionable Ways To Organically Get More Followers On Instagram

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If you want to be a master of Instagram, you got your work cut out for you. Becoming a success story requires hard work and, most importantly, creativity. At times, it can seem like your follower count is stagnating, even though your feed is filled with high-quality photos. You don’t get the number of likes you’d like and it leaves you confused because you don’t know if your content is good or bad. If that’s the case, don’t fret.

Here are 5 actionable ways to build your online presence on Instagram organically.

1. Optimize your profile for search

Instagram announced not that long ago that English-speaking users in several countries will be able to search the social networking site using keywords. So, there’s no better time than the present to optimize your profile and posts for search.

If you’re a fitness trainer, for example, people searching for at-home workouts can find you, even if there’s no hashtag in the post. For the time being, keyword search is limited to topics of interest and keywords that are present within the community’s guidelines. To enhance your discoverability and reach on the online platform, optimize your username and bio for search. 

Consider including a primary keyword in your display name and username. This will increase your chances of being identified by the algorithm. Think about who you target and what solution you’re offering. Use secondary keywords in the bio. You’ll want to be using search terms that everyone else is using, such as “baked goods”. If you want, you can include clickable hashtags to boost your chances of appearing at the top of the search results. Optimizing your Instagram posts for various relevant keywords is a good idea because they might appear in keyword search results. It’s all about having time. If you’re busy, make time for the things that are important. 

2. Get a grip on editing tools 

Instagram is about looking good, but that’s no secret. When it was launched in October 2010, it was an app used for applying voguish filters to photos and sharing them with friends. The photo-sharing app quickly developed into a source of income for creators and a new sales channel for businesses.

Since the social media platform is extremely visual, you need images that stand out. Sure, you could stick to filters like Clarendon, Juno, or Ludwig, but you won’t create a positive impression. If you want to blow away your followers, edit the photos a little bit prior to posting. With the right editing tool, you can up your Insta-game. Make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, warmth, and other aspects of the photo. The result should fit in with your overall feed. 

3. Build social proof on Instagram 

If you’re looking forward to improving your Instagram presence, build social proof by getting more followers. A huge number of followers usually mean that you’ve got a successful social media account, which is worth following. Basically, if you’ve got lots of followers and the follower-to-following ratio is high, that’s strong social proof. Users tend to trust a profile that already has a few hundred or thousands of followers than one that has just a couple of followers. But you already know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for advice on how to supercharge your follower growth. 

Buying Instagram followers is the fastest way to grow an audience. You’ll be able to attract more people towards your account and even get on the trending list on Instagram. If you want to be taken seriously, look into the many ways to buy Instagram followers. It’s not complicated at all. There are several services that allow you to buy real followers. You’re not paying for robots or inactive accounts. You shouldn’t rely on purchasing Instagram followers as the only method to grow your account, but it’s a very good strategy in the beginning. You can beef up your profile and get the attention you deserve.

4. Make Instagram Stories part of your strategy 

Unlike photos, Instagram Stories are more fleeting and fun. You can create different types of content to reach out to your audience and, of course, grow your following. Diving in doesn’t require hiring a videographer, fortunately. All you have to do is to click the camera icon, tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen, and press and hold to record video or swipe up to deploy pre-existing visuals. Does that seem complicated to you? It’s child’s play, really. You can tag up to 10 users in your story. If you mention brands, you can get re-posted to their story. 

As a rule, the best Instagram hacks are secret, but we’ve managed to get our hands on some of them. Here’s one: Use Google’s Gboard app to paste photos directly from your keyboard. Open a story and tap the screen to pull up Gboard. Tap the G logo and search for your desired image. Once you find what you’re looking for, tap onto the image to copy it and tap onto the screen to paste it. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, believe us. You can augment snaps with digital stickers.  It may be necessary to credit the image, so be careful. 

5. Share memes that resonate with the audience

It’s hard to explain why we love memes. It probably has something to do with the fact that they challenge us to think about important issues in novel ways. If you use clever memes, you can build a genuine brand, drive interest, and get more followers. Why don’t you jump on the meme bandwagon? Use memes to show what you’re about, share viral tweets from your community, and so on. You’ll amass countless followers and become a brand name. Just make sure that the memes have a broad appeal. The material should be accessible and widely appealing. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating the wilds of social media is a trial-and-error process. The good news is that you’ve got the power to turn things around. If you want to get real, organic followers on Instagram, this is what you need to do. Build your online presence up the right way with these tips. 

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Famoid is the best option to get all social media services in one platform. High quality & Safe.


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