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40+ Sources For Maximizing Media Coverage For Your App's Launch

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How can you make your app popular? I’ve collected 30+ sources for the app reviewing (text media, Youtube channels, and podcasts), a checklist for a submission letter, and an example of the perfect press kit. You’re totally armed from now on.

Text media for app review

So you've published your app on Product Hunt, Betalist and Betapage. What’s next? Below is a list of media that can write about you. To make the navigation easier, we’ve indicated each average monthly traffic.

  1. CNET Download (150 M)
  2. Business Insider (187 M)
  3. PC Mag (45,7 M)
  4. Techradar (90 M)
  5. Mashable (22 M)
  6. Wired (22,5 M)
  7. Telegraph (86,7 M)
  8. Make use of (11,6 M)
  9. Techcrunch (20,1 M)
  10. ZD (21 M)
  11. Android Police (7,7 M)
  12. iMore (11,4 M)
  13. Common Sense Media (6,4 M)
  14. AppAdvice (391 k)
  15. Computer World (4,1 M)
  16. Tapscape (2,8 k)
  17. Android Guys (530 k)
  18. Gizmo’s Freeware (502 k)
  19. AlphaDigits (2,3 k)
  20. 148Apps (50,3 k)
  21. Apps4review (1,2 k)
  22. Apppicker (24 k)
  23. PhoneDog (130 k)
  24. Appolicious (8 k)
  25. Appszoom (28 k)
  26. WebAppRater (1,6 k)
  27. Android Apps Review (1,3 k)
  28. Engadget (45 M)
  29. iPhone Apps Review Online (1,6 k)
  30. StateOfTech (30 k)
  31. Android App Reviews (26 k)
  32. Best Apps for Kids (21 k)

Don't be limited by specialized resources. Build on your audience. Is it an educational, organizing, or sports app you’re launching? Find the relevant media.

Submission letter and press kit

There are two ways to contact: either write directly to the editor, or fill out a form on the website. Depends on the resource. Anyway, you should keep in mind this checklist to form a message. 

  • Greeting
  • The name of your app. 
  • A short but impressive description. Say who your audience is, what your app does, what makes it different. If it’s not a specialized media, you need a story to interest the journalist. Examine the author's media and his articles to find an angle.
  • Free or paid.
  • Contact information. 
  • Links to your product page and press kit.

Here's an example of a great app press kit, it has all the necessary elements. Take it as an example. There should be description, features, factsheet, video, images, logo, icon, additional links (social media), contact. 

Youtube channels for app review

Think big – don't focus only on the text media. Youtube also has enough review channels. True, it will be more difficult to get there for free. But it's worth a try. Much depends on the number of channel subscribers and the uniqueness of your app. Contacts are available on the channel page.

  1. TechWiser (420 k)
  2. HowToMen (Android only) (447 k)
  3. Gadget Gig (290 k)
  4. VivaLaAndroid (54 k)
  5. Zachary Anderson (255 k)
  6. Beebom (2 M)
  7. Nois Tech (25 k)
  8. Rick Aqua (15 k)
  9. Sam Beckman (171 k)
  10. FozTech (59 k)
  11. Matt Robb (40 k)


How to find the relevant one? Explore podcasts from well-known studios to be sure that it will be of high quality. Here is a selection of big important ones, look for detailed podcast lists on their websites. You can also search for small podcasts with relevant topics. ⠀

  1. Gimlet
  2. Radiotopia
  3. National Public Radio (NPR)
  4. American Public Media (APM)
  5. BBC
  6. The Guardian
  7. The New York Times


Hope it was helpful. You can find more checklists and app marketing guides in the Checkaso blog. See you!


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