Build Something Great in 2022 with these 40+ NoCode/LowCode Toolsby@astrodevil
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Build Something Great in 2022 with these 40+ NoCode/LowCode Tools

by Mr. ÅnandDecember 16th, 2021
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There are so many no-code tools to make the work of developers easier. In this article, we will see 40+ No Code/Low Code Tools And Resources For Developers that is going to help you In 2022.

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There are so many no-code tools to make the work of developers easier. Anyone can build some useful products, startups without writing even a single line of code. In this article, we will see 40+ No Code/Low Code Tools And Resources For Developers that is going to help you In 2022.

What exactly is no-code?

Programming without code is a concise definition. It is the use of no-code tools that allow you to create a fully functional, responsive web application or website without writing any code. However, it goes a little deeper than that.

Every piece of technology, including no-code platforms, is developed with code. The distinction is that no-code platforms provide building elements that are required by any website or application, such as pages, data storage and display, individual user profiles, and file upload. People may then link them into their own program using drag and drop or other "human-understood" actions that do not require coding.

1. Zapier

For folks who are always on the go, automation is a great way to save time. Zapier automates the transfer of data across your online apps, allowing you to focus on your most critical tasks.



You can preview 500+ google fonts on top of your designs using this website.


3. Figma

Figma integrates everyone involved in the design process, allowing teams to produce better products in less time. You can create beautiful designs for your work. The “always online” nature of Figma actually provides some of the greatest strengths of the tool. One of those strengths is that Figma allows for live, real-time collaboration. Free + Paid


4. Previewed

Previewed helps to create smart mockups by just dragging and dropping in the browser. You can create device shots and animated clips.


5. NoCodeAPI

NoCodeAPI helps you to set up your Google Sheets, Airtable, Google Analytics, Twitter, Telegram, Open Graph API, MailChimp, and 50+ other apps without a backend to save time and money.


6. Spline

Spline helps you to create beautiful 3D designs to use for your projects and websites.


7. removebg

You can remove the background of any image without a click. There are a lot of beautiful backgrounds to choose from.


8. Coolors

The lightning-quick colour scheme generator! Create your ideal colour scheme or get inspired by thousands of stunning colour schemes.


9. Webflow

Webflow lets you create your own website without writing any code. More than 3,500,000 designers and teams use Webflow to build, collaborate on, and develop amazing websites on a totally visual canvas – no code required. It is a visual interface builder for digital interfaces. It essentially enables you to position and design parts of any digital interface.


10. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup performs a quick audit of your website, checking for proper tags and highlighting any errors that may arise. Analyze your SEO concerns in real-time. You can analyze and act on SEO reports.


11. Typeform

Make forms, surveys, and quizzes that people want to fill out. You can create integrations with various apps to enjoy your time-saving workflow. Free + Paid


12. Mockuuups Studio

Your search for the ideal mockups has come to an end. Designers and marketers can drag and drop graphics into 1200+ mockups in seconds.


13. is a low-code platform for building and deploying browser extensions that help you grow your business. Use their library of sample extensions and templates to get started right away, or start from scratch. Free


14. flaticon

Download free icons and stickers for your projects. Resources made by and for designers. PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. Access 6M+ vector icons & stickers.


15. freepik

Find tons of graphic resources including Free Vectors, Stock Photos and PSD.


16. landin'

Build your best landing page with hand-picked examples and tools. A curated library of landing page resources. You'll have a up-to-date landing pages in no time.


17. Framer

Create stunning interactive designs from start to finish all on the canvas. Design realistic websites and apps in minutes with pre-made interactive components, polished assets, layout tools, and more.


18. Tails

Tails is the ultimate drag'n drop page creator built for TailwindCSS. Over 220+ components to help you look pretty for your customers. Free + Paid


19. Panelbear

Panelbear helps you to measure your website's most important metrics, so you can deliver a great end user experience.



With CopyAI’s automated creativity tools, you can generate marketing copy in seconds.


21. PORY

Create your app the way you like using drag and drop blocks. Connect your data from all your favourite apps. Control what users can view, create and modify with user groups.


22. Shoutout

Increase your consumer base by emphasising why people trust you. Shoutout makes it simple to take your current social proof and transform it into a lovely "Wall of Love." In less than 3 minutes, you can capture, curate, and publish a wall.


23. Coda

Coda comes with building blocks—like tables and buttons—and time-saving templates, so your doc can grow and evolve with the needs of your team. No more ping-ponging between documents, spreadsheets, and niche workflow apps to get things done. Coda brings all of your words and data into one flexible surface.


24. BuildFire

The Most Powerful App Maker For iOS & Android. BuildFire’s powerful and easy to use mobile app builder makes it so you can create mobile apps for iOS & Android in a fraction of the time and cost.


25. bubble

The best way to build web apps without code. Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform, empowering entrepreneurs to build production-ready web apps.



Build beautiful websites In light speed. No coding required. Launch websites from Notion, Google Sheets, GitHub or Airtable.



Create 2D and 3D game without any coding. Try this awesome low code game development platform. Build any game from scratch or use templates.


28. Wicked Templates

Find HTML landing page templates here. You can get Free and Premium themes, UI Kit's, templates and landing pages built with Tailwind CSS, HTML & Next.js.


29. Airtable

Airtable is a modern spreadsheet tool with database functionalities. It's straightforward and user-friendly, allowing anyone to rapidly establish a database. It's one of the numerous no-code tools that's gaining popularity.


30. Splitbee

The analytics platform helps you to track and optimize your online business. Follow incoming traffic in real-time. Uncover where users come from and what pages they visit. Dive deep into your ad campaigns and see what converts best.


31. Voiceflow

Voiceflow is a conversation design tool that allows teams to create, develop, and launch voice and chat assistants. Voiceflow makes it simple to create contextual discussions. Leverage reusable components, robust context models, interaction model exports, and more all inside our fast & beautiful drag-n-drop canvas.


32. Notion

Notion is one of the most popular productivity apps right now, with over a million users. It continues to expand every day, owing to the adaptability of Notion's robust databases, user-friendly pages, and performance enhancements. You can also create webpages using notion.


33. Taskade

If you want Notion, Zoom, and Slack in one place then you definitely have to use this. Map out your workflow, from ideas to action. Collaborate on projects and manage tasks.


34. Glide

Create powerful apps and websites, without code. Using basic spreadsheet skills, you can make incredible things with Glide. Pick a spreadsheet and Glide instantly generates a real, working app or website to get you started.


35. Bumpa

Manage your business from your phone. Everything you need to sell online, offline and on social media. Track orders. Engage customers. Receive payments. Free Website.


36. MagicPattern

Beautiful graphics with a total of ten tools. Effortlessly and instantly! In just a few clicks, you can create distinctive visuals for social media posts, landing sites, and branding. Then you may save them as photos or even code (SVG & CSS). Create an infinite number of high-quality backdrop graphics for your customers and products.


37. Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anybody to open an online store and sell their goods. With Shopify POS, merchants can also sell their items in person. Without any programming skills, you can set up a Shopify store and get it up and operating in no time. Themes are installed with a click of a button, and customising them (depending on the theme and its accessible parameters) is as simple as filling out an online form.


38. Graphite

Responsive, Pixel-Perfect, Code-Free. Make site design feel like a comfortable environment. Create pixel-perfect Web Pages, not just mockups, with familiar visual editing tools. Concentrate on the creative aspect, and forget the rest.


39. Testimonial

Easily get video testimonials from your customers. It is difficult it is to get video testimonials. As a result, Testimonial is there for you. You don't require a developer or website hosting to collect video testimonials from your consumers in minutes.


40. Carrd

Carrd is a site-building platform similar to SquareSpace or WordPress that has grown in popularity over the last year. Carrd distinguishes itself from other websites by specializing in one-page websites. Almost all of its capabilities are free to use, and it has a wide range of applications.



IFTTT is short for If This Then That, and is the best way to integrate apps, devices, and services. IFTTT makes it possible for devices, services, and apps to interact in new and powerful ways. IFTTT was based on the idea that everything works better when it's done jointly. For anybody wanting to design a smart home or automate their life, tech incompatibility has become a challenge. It's simple with IFTTT.


42. Nocode Video

Explore top Nocode Videos from around the web and learn about new tech. Find tutorials related to Nocode.


43. MemberSpace

With just a few clicks, you can make any section of your website members-only. Simply restrict access to any page of your website, then decide how much visitors will pay to get access. Create memberships for whatever you desire, including courses, video lessons, member directories, and more, all while maintaining complete control over the design.


44. NoCodery

Nocodery is a job board for nocoders, created by nocoders for nocoders. Nocodery collects nocode job offers and jobs from a variety of sources so you don't have to search for them manually on job boards, saving you time!



Codeless is a website offering information for anyone who runs an internet business and wishes to automate routine operations without writing code. You'll learn how to use technologies like Zapier, Webflow, and Airtable to automate marketing, sales, billing, and other activities.



Softr is a fantastic online development tool that allows users to create code-free websites, portals, and web apps in only ten minutes on Airtable. Using Zapier, You may integrate application logic with external services or interconnect multiple sites.


People have been able to use computers without ever writing a line of code for decades. With the proliferation of no-code technologies, a comparable revolution is taking place for those who wish to write software. While the no-code revolution is still in its early stages, the business is expected to be worth more than $43 billion by 2023. The current boom, on the other hand, is the consequence of decades of hard labour and progress that cannot be overlooked.

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