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4 Valuable Traits of a Qualified Marketing Automation Tool

AI and Automation are no longer “hip words”

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AI and Automation are no longer “hip words” at least not within the marketing vicinity.

A myriad of intelligent automation applications is specially designed for marketers to up their marketing win.

And it’s proven that marketing automation brings clarity within the organization by decluttering roles and responsibilities.

Redundant marketing processes such as social media posts and marketing bids can be automated so that teams focus more on innovation and business success.

To help you with that here is a list of items to look for in a marketing automation tool before investing your next penny.

  1. Ability to automate emails

Gain a better understanding of your users by acquiring necessary data, segmenting them based on their behaviour.

Later leverage the ability to automate emails and deliver contextual messages to your targeted audience.

An automation tool along with A/B testing is splendid as it lets you experiment with your segmentation. Together comes the power to track conversion rate and user/customer profiles.

2. CRM integration

Look for a tool that contains content creation, content optimization, email marketing, social interaction platform.

Importantly an analytics dashboard to get an immediate understanding of what’s the status of both your outbound and inbound marketing efforts.

Integrations such as HubSpot and Salesforce add a great value to the tool.

3. Campaign automation

If your users re-engage with your brand on social medium or anywhere across the web, retarget them with relevant ads and content.

Despite the platform or the devices they are on re-target them with timely and highly personalized content.

Do customized budgeting per content for users based on their level within the conversion funnel. Look for a platform which provides you with full control over your ad spend.

4. Inbound call analytics

Analyse and optimize your lead call experience by understanding the quality of voice interactions.

Leverage on keyword call tracking, phone surveys, in-call scoring, conversation analytics, caller-profile data, reverse lookup and more.

Make the most out of keyword call-tracker which is the most efficient way you can understand whether or not your service is a viable one to the user.

More about Automation and AI in the next blog.

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