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384 Stories To Learn About Technology Trends

by Learn RepoSeptember 3rd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Technology Trends via these 384 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Technology Trends via these 384 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Trends come and go, but there's a chance you'll find a long-lasting trend in one of these stories.

1. AI Trends in 2020: The Comprehensive Guide

“AI can be our friend.”

2. Cycling's Tech-Driven Future: A Podcast with Lance Armstrong

A podcast conversation about the future of cycling through Technology, with Lance Armstrong and Terra API

3. The State of Vue 2022: What Has Changed In The Last 12 Months

Check the latest statistics on the usage of Vue and learn why this framework is growing in popularity.

4. How the Great Resignation Has Widened The Tech Gap

The Great Resignation, as some have dubbed it, has heavily impacted the tech jobs market. Here's how it's impacted businesses and how they can adapt to it.

5. DnD Giving Up on the Creator Economy; a Sign of Things to Come for Web3

Here’s a company that seems to be abandoning the creator economy it set up years ago and is going back to chasing the money instead.

6. 3 Affordable Ways to Enter the Metaverse

To enter the metaverse, you have to have a device that can connect to it. A PC is nice, but it's not necessary. You do not have to go purchase a gaming computer

7. E-Commerce Development Trends for 2020

As we have entered the digital age, where everything from purchases to sales can be done using mobile devices, there’s one solid conclusion we all can draw: e-commerce development is here to stay.

8. 7 Programming Concepts Everyone Should Know (With Code)

Hi Folks , Hope you all programming geeks are doing good. Today, we will discuss about the basic programming design principles and concepts that everyone should be aware about while developing a software . Well, Software Development ain’t easy. Programming/coding can be a real daunting task if not done in the right way. Hope you guys will like this post . So, without wasting time lets get started . [ i will be using JavaScript in here but you can use whatever language you are comfortable with ! ]

9. Tips to Choose the Best Tech Stack in 2023

Tech stacks are combinations of programming languages, operating systems, and frameworks that web developers use to create custom applications projects.

10. Language Modeling - A Look at the Most Common Pre-Training Tasks

This article is about putting all the popular pre-training tasks used in various language modelling tasks at a glance.

11. Industrial Design: Why Do Product Shapes Change Over Time?

A look at how product shapes have been influenced, over time, by consumer experience and revenue.

12. Could Artificial Intelligence Win Out Over Humans In Translation?

AI Is Changing The Translation Industry, Can It Beat Humans In Business? Let's Find Out in This Article For AI Play in Language Translation App Development?

13. 🔮 What Does the Future Hold for API Management, in 2023 and Beyond?

As the number of APIs continues to expand without bounds, what can we expect from API Management platforms in 2023? What are the important human interactions?

14. Career Ladder for Women in Tech: Latest Trends and Research

Have your efforts as a woman in tech garnered heightened respect in a male-dominated field? Get to know more about the 2023 career ladder for women in tech here

15. The Weird and Wonderful World of AI Art

While the vast majority of developments in AI technology have centered around practical solutions such as self-driving cars and facial recognition, there's a growing number of artists using AI systems to develop new ideas for artistic projects and generate entirely unique pieces of work.

16. 6 Ground-Breaking Software Development Trends: 2020 Edition

Artificial Intelligence is going to push development

17. Amid Substack Acquisition Rumors, Twitter Shuts Down Its Free Newsletter Tool

From January 18, 2023, it will no longer be possible to access your Revue account.

18. How IoT May Be Applied to the Healthcare Industry

This article explores some use cases for IoT in the Healthcare Industry.

19. A Rudimentary Introduction to the Internet of Things

This is a breakdown of the Internet of Things for beginners. It includes definitions, use cases, and basic concerns.

20. Gaming as a Step in the Right Direction Towards Blockchain Adoption

Is blockchain adoption set to increase towards the new normal? As the world sees COVID-19 cases surpassing the 10 million figure, countries slowly prepare to open up for the “new normal” life. A lot of things will need to be changed, starting from the way we work to the way we travel and have fun.

21. Nvidia Puts AI Focus on Overdrive as Data Centers Drive Sales

The expansion of Nvidia's data center earnings coincides with the meteoric rise of chatbots like Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT.

22. There Are Web Products Everywhere You Turn

Brian Mayer launched a website which listed reservations for sale to popular restaurants in San Francisco.

23. Harnessing the Power of Robotics to Transform eCommerce Fulfillment

By automating tasks, robots can increase efficiency and lower costs, allowing retail businesses to scale and meet the growing demand for fast, reliable delivery

24. DINO (Decentralized In Name Only) Vs. True Decentralization

comparing centralization, partial (in name only) decentralization and true decentralization / the problems with blockchains / the single point of failure...

25. What’s Lurking in Latin America’s Tech Industry?— Surprising Facts of LATAM’s Talent Reserve

A snapshot of LATAM’s tech industry and why it has become a go-to destination for U.S. companies to hire remote software engineers.

26. From Education to Edutainment: The Evolution of Sharing Knowledge

Edutainment is not a new term, but this term has gained more prominence since the computer and the Internet have become increasingly popular.

27. Job Mobility Slows Amidst Recession Fears and Tech Layoffs

The Great Resignation might be waning among knowledge workers. Enter: The Great Disengagement.

28. Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Business Strategy

Companies of all sizes and industries increasingly prioritize technological development in their business strategies.

29. Building Your HR Career in IT: Tips to Master Tech Recruitment

One of the key requirements for working in IT, for HRs included, is being digitally literate and using technologies to boost productivity. Let's dive deeper.

30. 5 Technologies That Could Be the Next Big Thing

What is the up-and-coming breakthrough technology that will significantly advance humankind? Here are 5 Ideas of what it could be.

31. Startup Interview with Andrey Ustyugov, CEO, Planner 5D

Planner 5D CEO talks about what is driving the team to build the best interior design and home improvement platform.

32. A Simple Guide on Crafting Text Prompts for Stable Diffusion Images

Demonstrate a guide on creating unique AI art using Stable Diffusion, by making the best possible prompts yourself.

33. Building a ChatGPT-Powered Markdown Documentation

Learn to build markdown documentation with Chatgpt and the OpenAI API

34. Everyday Use of Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-connectivity of computing devices that are embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It is simply defined as an extension of internet connectivity introduced into physical devices and everyday objects. These physical devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

35. Unlocking Downstream Opportunities in Web3's Reputation Economy

How the new web3 Reputation Economy will put individuals back in control and enable new forms of economic prosperity.

36. Smart Toilet: Artificial Intelligence In Your Bathroom

According to Sameer Berry, “Everything these days is connected and smart, but I feel like the bathroom is a very untapped area,”

37. The Secret of Startup Success: Picking The Best Technology for Your App

When picking up the technology for the startup app, the technology stack plays a crucial role. It is a set of frameworks and tools that will be used in social d

38. An Artificial Discussion Regarding Artificial Intelligence

The facts about machine learning in 2023 tell a different story than what you might hear on social media

39. The Noonification: OpenSea: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing? (1/24/2023)

1/24/2023: Top 5 stories on the Hackernoon homepage!

40. Kubernetes Terraforming on Linode: Linode + Terraform + Kubernetes = Cloud Nirvana

Let's discuss the process of "Terraforming" a Kubernetes cluster on Linode using Terraform to help organizations efficiently manage and scale infrastructure.

41. What Will Netflix Games Look Like, and How Will Users Play Them, in 2023?

It's hard to predict the future, but this article takes a stab at what Netflix gaming will look like in 2023.

42. Top Chatbot Trends That Will Dominate Businesses in 2023

Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence that is programmed to simulate human communication. They are able to understand the context of a conversation and provide answers in a natural-sounding way.

43. Best Machine Learning Books You Should Read: 2020 Edition

These books cover the Introductory level to Expert level of knowledge and concepts in ML. These Books have some core factors about ML. Give them a try. Lets Start.

44. Tips and Stories on Getting into Tech with No IT Background

Are you passionate about technology?

45. What is Bionic Reading and How is it Possible?

Bionic reading, a trend, that focuses the eyes on artificial fixation points in a body of text, can revolutionize the way we read. This piece explores how.

46. Artificial Intelligence: Stats and Facts You Should Know in 2020

TV shows and fiction aside, the present day examples of basic AI are Google Voice, Cortana, Alexa, Siri and chatbots. However, AI isn’t just limited to voice assistants, it’s turning tables in other domains and industries as well. Several restaurants for instance have bots for room service, serving food and carrying luggage.

47. We're collecting AI problem statements to crowdsource solutions to data scientists

As technology penetrates every facet of life, and continues to grow exponentially, the solution potential becomes enormous. At the same time, we're in a world where billions live in poverty, and millions are on the brink of famine. In order to support an ever-growing populace, we need to leave no stone un-turned in the search for solutions. AI provides many potential solutions to humanity's greatest challenges."AI" is a vague, even confusing term. If you hear the phrase "artificial intelligence," you might wonder why there aren't sentient robots walking around, or why everyone isn't in self-driving cars already. The reality is that "AI" is just a marketing term for a set of computational statistical tools, or more simply, algorithms.However, as versatile as mathematics is, so is AI. AI is limited by (primarily) a couple things: data and computational power. Both the data and the compute power we have available are growing exponentially, so AI is becoming more and more powerful.With this increase in data and computational ability, AI is now being used in a wide variety of applications.For example, bitgrit (disclaimer: I'm CEO), collects meaningful AI problem statements to crowd-source solutions to data scientists. Some problem statements include saving animals’ lives, increasing agricultural yield, and speeding up healthcare claims processing.Michael Suttles, CEO at Save All The Pets, explains how data and AI can be used to save shelter animals:

48. ChatGPT Is Making the Internet More Fun and Less Confusing

This is a short story about the rise of ChatGPT :) I hope you like it.

49. 8 Ways PSA Software makes your Services Firm More Profitable

How PSA software helps professional service firms improve profitability by improving visibility into the company's entire resource pool & project delivery time.

50. 5 Benefits Of DaaS & VDI Technology Solutions

Know top five benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) technology.

51. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT and Generative AI

The quality and relevance of results that can be derived from ChatGPT is highly dependent on the quality and contextual mapping of prompts or requests.

52. The Growing Likelihood of a Cyberpunk Dystopia Over a Futuristic Utopia

If you are tired of the sci-fi predictions of a glorious future then, have no worries. We’re heading straight toward a cyberpunk dystopia.

53. 7 Technology Trends To Drive The Energy, Oil & Utilities Sector In 2022

54. Link up With the Best Blockchain Development Companies in 2021

Although blockchain is a relatively young industry, many companies have emerged that offer Blockchain Development Solutions.

55. Legal Tech Solutions: Market Size, Impact, and Trends

This article provides readers with a definite legal tech overview. Here we analyzed legaltech market size, trends, and the state of technology in legal industry

56. An Insight into Side Hustles for Software Engineers

37% of Americans are involved in some sort of side business one way or another.

57. 6 Lessons Learned From Building Tech Communities Across Sri Lanka

Building tech communities is harder than it looks. This article talks about some of the lessons I've learne by building a 5000 strong community on a tiny island

58. What Is the Future of AI Rights?

As AI advances to a point where it could become conscious, even autonomous, when is there a moral requirement to consider the extension of human rights for AI?

59. Here’s How My Experience with Stable Diffusion Went…

I compare HackerNoon's new AI image generation integration tool to

60. We Are Millions. Let There Be Billions. Join the Web3 Revolution

I believe in Web3, decentralization, the right to privacy, and the truth.

61. Top Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Trends in 2023

Top DeFi Trends - The rise in demand is so much that the global Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market is expected to reach $231.19 billion by 2030.

62. The Impact of Live Streaming on Media and Entertainment Industry

The growing popularity of live streaming is because it is interactive and engaging, and anyone can be a part of it.

63. The Future of AI in the Telecom Industry

Artificial Intelligence is conquering almost every sector, including the telecommunications and mobile app development industry. This technology has begun to provide new dimensions to every industry by accelerating the digital transformation.

64. What Is Next for Crypto Enthusiasts and the Entire Industry?

How is that possible that digital currencies remain downtrend, even though “smart money” continues to pile into crypto?

65. What Is Elon Musk's Deal with Space Colonization and Underpopulation?

Elon Musk is just too busy to explain why we should worry more about underpopulation than the overpopulation problem.

66. Lending Technology Forecasts — What to Expect in 2022 and Beyond

An article about the most promising trends and forecasts in lending technology one should be on the lookout for in 2022.

67. The Future of DAOs and Large Corporations: Risks and Rewards 

It seems that big companies are not ready for DAO. Or is this their future after all? Let's try to look at it in more detail

68. A Deep Dive Into the Concept of Ethical Hacking

A deep dive into the topic of ethical hacking and its place in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

69. How Can Machine Learning Predict the Stock Market?

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it. Form self-driving cars to weather predictions. Now it's taking on the stock market. Here's how.

70. Top Crypto Trends from 2016 to 2021 [Infographic]

We can define recent years as the rise of a technology (DeFi, NFT, etc.) on the crypto market. The thing is that most of them rise long after their invention.

71. Three Industries Augmented Reality Could Disrupt in the Next Decade

AR has great potential in positively disrupting real sectors

72. Exploring Cryptocurrency Trends and Forecasts in 2023

There are whispers that new technologies and applications will emerge in the next few years that could revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies.

73. Web 3 Adds Two Layers to the New Social Tech Stack

The New Social Tech Stack will create more meaningful social experiences and eventually replace legacy social media while being mindful of current pitfalls.

74. Meet Aiko and Aiden: The World’s First AI Interns

Aiko and Aiden are the world's first AI Interns to be hired.

75. The Free NFT: Its Pros and Cons

NFT CCO, CCO,Open source NFT

76. Wearable Tech Gadgets Can Boost Our Productivity

You’ll agree with me that prioritizing your tasks and events helps you to stay productive.

77. Hardware Upgrades At Home: Hacking Nintendo Joy-Con Controller

Surgically implanting a 3D-Touch Capacitive Trackpad in place of the original Analog Joystick.

78. How Law Enforcement Agencies are Using Biometrics

Here's why law enforcement agencies like the FBI and police use biometric technology to enhance their security and to protect them from unauthorized access.

79. Enterprise AI Has Been Failing, Here’s How It Can Recover

Over the last decade, AI has evolved into an all-purpose term for any accomplishments of computer algorithms that formerly required human reasoning and thought

80. Technology Trends of 2021: Our Top Five Picks

2021 is just around the corner, which means it is high time to forecast what the IT industry is holding for us.

81. Trends That Will Impact Data Analytics, AI, and Cloud in 2023

As we enter 2023, the world of analytics, AI, and cloud is entering an exciting new phase, with a wide range of innovations and developments set to reshape the

82. AI's Impact on Cybersecurity in 2023

AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity in 2023 by detecting and responding to threats in real-time, identifying vulnerabilities, and enhancing defense.

83. Tiny, Fast, & Strong: An Insect-sized Robot that Mimics Cheetah

Engineers at the UC- Berkeley, have developed a specialized robot that mimics the movement of a cheetah to take quick turns.

84. 3 Books to Top the List on Digital Trends in 2021

3 Books to Top the List on Digital Trends in 2021.

85. Five Questions About AI Bias You Probably Wanted to Ask

5 main questions from a panel discussion on bias in AI. Panelists offer insights into the sources of bias, the responsibility of developers and Ai's future.

86. An Overview of Blockchain Domains and How They Differ From Conventional Domains

A brief overview of web 3.0 domains based on blockchain technology.

87. Five Promising Startups That May Change the Way We Do Business in 2023 and Beyond

Judging by the survey conducted by Forbes, we can highlight five trends that will shape business in 2023.

88. 8 Gadgets Every Start-up Must Have

The start-up companies of the present time seem to have some great ideas to share in a larger platform. But the main problem in doing this is the lack of modern gadgets and technologies and being a start-up company, it’s not abnormal.

89. When Driving Adoption for a Low-Code Platform, Does One Target Developers or No-Coders?

Is the future of software development low-code? Or is it no code at all?

90. Hacking Email Security: Ensuring Your Information is Safe

A look at how safe your emails are and what you can do to protect them from cyberattacks involving phishing.

91. The Top 5 Technologies to Watch out For in 2022

The future lies in its convergence, as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) will impact every industry vertical in 2022 and in the approaching years.

92. New Challenges for Digital Banking: How Neobanks Can Defend Against Cyberattacks

The rise of neobanking and banking ecosystems, and how businesses should protect themselves against cyber attacks

93. Is Artificial General Intelligence Really Achievable or Not?

With a new year starting, you would have already seen a lot of industry experts sharing their insights on the future of AI and considering 2020 to be the year when artificial intelligence will become a reality. However, the reality is quite the opposite of what non-tech people imagine.

94. 7 Node.JS Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

The popularity of Node.js has grown in recent years. With the developers going crazy over the technology, businesses are focusing on the potentialities of Node.JS. If we look at the statistics:

95. 5 Reasons Businesses Are Switching to Low-Code Solutions

Technologies are advancing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is upon us.

96. What is a Distributed Storage Network on a Blockchain System?

A Distributed Storage Network (DSN) is a peer-to-peer network based on blockchain. It is a decentralized and distributed network that provides storage.

97. 5 Reasons to Incorporate IoT in Fitness and Professional Sports

The sports sector leverages IoT development services to give athletes innovative ways to analyze and enhance their performance.

98. Monetize Your Marketing Campaign and Increase ROI

Companies around the world are investing a handsome sum of money in digital marketing to achieve the ultimate goal of maximizing their ROI. 93% of CMOs say that they are under constant pressure to show concrete results and deliver measurable ROI from their marketing investments.

99. Is It Worth It to Invest In Tech Right Now?

The current economy provides issues for investors who may be looking to capitalize on the tech downturn.

100. Crypto Gaming Will Bring 100 Million People Into Web3

Despite the fallout from crypto bear sentiment, we can't afford to dismiss gaming hype as the unheralded catalyst for Web3 adoption.

101. From Sci-Fi to Reality: The Matrix as a Mirror of Our Screen-Centric World

Exploring the parallels between the cult classic The Matrix and our screen-dominated reality.

102. Why Efficiency Drives Tech Innovation

A slow load time on your devices down the borderline unacceptable in today’s society. The average consumer now expects everything to work instantly.

103. Crowd learning and Crowdsourcing: Trends in Contemporary Journalism

In the last few years, technological advancements have reshaped the way every individual, society, and industry functions. Journalism is no different.

104. What You Should Know About iBeacon Technology

Bluetooth beacons are a technology that sticks out when looking for ways to increase engagement and revenue for physical establishments. And once you get started, you'll be bombarded with terms like iBeacon, Eddystone, and BLE beacons, which might intimidate anovice. Let's go over each phrase, starting with iBeacon technology.

105. How VR Technology is Changing the Gaming and Entertainment Sectors

(image source-Nintendo)

106. From Crappy Autocomplete to ChatGPT: The Evolution of Language Models

An easy explanation of how self-attention works and a brief look at the evolution of large language models.

107. My Top 4 ChatGPT/AI Chatbot Tools

This tool has replaced Google for me...

108. Potential Use Cases of AI in Kubernetes

See how AI is helping shape the Kubernetes industry and optimize clusters for the future.

109. 7 Ways You Can Use Git to Boost Productivity

Git is the most popular source control system. In this post, I'll show some of these features that will make your work easier when using Git.

110. Why is it so Hard to Find a PS5 for Sale?

PS5 was released last year on November 12, 2020. It is Sony’s best PlayStation and it is Sony's fastest-selling PlayStation, with more than 10 million consoles sold so far. PS5 came with many new features where it supported gaming up to 8k at 120Hz, a digital edition and an enhanced PS5 controller were some of the few main highlights.

111. Can AI Put an End to Mouse-click Programming?

Mouse-click programming has long been a new trend in programming. Simply put, it is a method of coding when ready-made modules of code are being put together to form a new piece of software. It is needless to say that this way of writing programs is far from perfect. To start with, the programmers who do this kind of programming may not even know what is in those modules. This leads to two basic problems: unintentional or intentional bugs, poor code that does not work properly.

112. From Quantum Computing to 5G - The Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2021

Where is the new road going to take us? We cannot be entirely certain, but in 2021 these trends in digital transformation are likely to be relevant.

113. Know your Apps: An Insight into App Usage and Error Data Reveal during COVID-19

As physical stores closed and people sheltered in their homes, consumers turned to mobile apps to replace many in-person behaviors.

114. Containerization in 2023: 4 Tips for Successful Container Adoption

Four tips for laying a solid foundation and making sure you're ready to handle the challenges of operating containerized workloads in production.

115. Is Apple’s Monopolistic Control Over the App Store About to End?

App Store monopoly on in-app purchases and subscriptions. How to deal with it?

116. Moving From the Flat Earth: Why We Should Switch to Data-Driven Finance

Businesses should switch from linear formulae to data-driven finance. This will allow companies to not only get an immediate revenue boost!

117. Data Science Teams are Doing it Wrong: Putting Technology Ahead of People

Data Science and ML have become competitive differentiator for organizations across industries. But a large number of ML models fail to go into production. Why?

118. The Decentralized Internet and Redistribution of Power

The decentralization driven by Web 3.0 might not look like similar battlegrounds of the past, but make no mistake, this is about redistribution of power.

119. Significance of Legal Technology in Legal Matters

The effect of innovation on law is pushing ahead with all the nuance of a charging rhinoceros, changing conventional practice and generating new types of "legal help" conveyance. Shockingly, many expect that the twirling occasions will simply upgrade the current framework, leaving it basically flawless, however with specific procedures improved. In the event that the experience of different fields experiencing the impacts of mechanical development fills in as a guide, notwithstanding, foundation change is around the bend.

120. AMD Posts Q4 Earnings Growth, Despite Industry Challenges; Expects to Capitalize on AI Demand

The fourth quarter saw a 51% decline in revenue for AMD's client segment, but this decline was offset by a 42% increase in revenue for AMD's data center segment

121. Top 5 Age Verification Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

It’s high time for enterprises of all sizes to incorporate robust identity verification solutions, especially age verification solutions.

122. Technology and the 21st Century Artist: The Search for a New Aesthetic

This article discusses how advancements in technology can influence art aesthetics.

123. Top Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Find out the mobile app marketing trends that will be rising in popularity all around 2022 and beyond.

124. 5 Technology Trends For Construction In 2020

The construction space has always been behind in adopting technological advancements. Why? I'm not too sure either. These technologies I'm sharing may or may not seem new to you but recently, they are rapidly being adopted in construction.

125. 7 Digital Accounting Trends will Affect CPA Firms in 2020

The always developing technologies and the advent of innovations in the world are boosting economic growth at a global level. Accounting, too, plays an important role in any business as well-organized accounting operations can provide accurate, relevant, and valuable financial information, leading to better business decisions and desired growth.

126. Major Image Recognition And Annotation Trends

Image recognition and annotation technologies are evolving. New techniques that allow you to solve a wide variety of tasks quickly appear. We are happy to present five major trends in image recognition and annotation.

127. Tech Concierge: An Essential New Role or All Hype?

At this point, it's undeniable just how much the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the use of technology among older generations.

128. Top Google Play Store Categories For App Developers

For smartphones, apps are one of the main reasons for growth. These applications are used to balance user load.

129. Redefining Philanthropy with Blockchain Technology: Black-in-Tech Interview with Dr J.R Gibson

Interview with Dr. James Ramon Gibson, an established business professional, entrepreneur, and lifelong academic with experience in leading global enterprises.

130. A Free Ethical OS Toolkit for Woke AI Enterprises

Are your algorithms transparent those they impact? Is your technology reinforcing or amplifying existing bias?

131. Testing ChatGPT's Understanding of White Lies

ChatGPT can formulate a white lie, but only if prompted for. Most worryingly, ChatGPT may think it's a good idea to launch a nuclear second strike.

132. Google, the Rise of Junk Articles and Why it has Become Harder to Find Info on the Web

You’re googling something. The first result seems promising. You open it. It’s a really long, messy article, and you can’t find your needle in this haystack.

133. [Writing Prompt] What is the Metaverse? : Interview Questions List

Welcome to HackerNoon’s Writing Prompts program. Answer one today!

134. 7 Game-Changing AI Tools in 2023

Discover 7 AI tools that will save you so many hours.

135. Why I Want AI Singularity

What if we could create something that could take over and do a better job of protecting our planet than we ever could?

136. Welcome to the World of Artificial Intelligence Programming

Discover everything you need to know about artificial intelligence programming

137. AI for Social Good: Addressing the Top 5 Challenges

To realize the potential of Ai, we must address the top 5 challenges facing it: data bias, lack of access, security, scalability and impact evaluation.

138. 'Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else', says Lisa First-Willis, CEO Truvelop

Truvelop is a best in breed HR tech solution for a modern approach to performance management and development by leveraging a large scale data asset.

139. WordPress Lessons: Applicable for VR?

What Can We Learn From WordPress To Boost the VR Content Market?

140. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Your Business: Tips and Best Practices

You want to grow your business and make it run more efficiently. AI can help you do both.

141. 13 Premium AI Gifts Tech Lovers Might Not Have Considered

Do you want to make your loved one's life ultramodern? So, here are AI gift ideas some sort of high-tech equivalent in everyday life.

142. The Green Tech Movement and Its Impact on Climate Change

A lot of people are concerned about the effects climate change is having on our planet. For those of you looking to make a difference, here's what you can do!

143. Hyper Converged Infrastructure: 'All the Eyes in One Basket'

Hyper-converged infrastructure or HCI is a virtual approach to conventional hardware systems.

144. Do Some Tech Companies Have Too Much Influence? - Lessons From the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia is increasingly isolated politically and economically, and countries are not the only parties choosing to flex their economic might.

145. Analyzing and Protecting Large Amounts of Data

Successful business operations are driven by the organization's data. The amount of data you collect and share also makes it easy for you to make major business decisions as well as increases your chances of venturing into new avenues. With proper data management, your employees also gain access to critical data that is essential for daily business operations.

146. Why Are E-bikes Gaining Popularity?

Curious about e-bikes, electric bikes, or power bikes after hearing about them? Well, find out here why e-bikes are gaining popularity.

147. What Mobile Apps will be Built in 2022

Our hot take on mobile app development predictions and trends for the rest of 2022

148. What will be the next big thing in the USB Industry?

Read this article to inform yourself of its diverse classification and to get a glimpse of what is happening in this industry now.

149. A.I. Art is Not Real Art, Sorry

Tech people making A.I. art and arguing their art is "just as good" is disrespectful and detached from the art world.

150. The 3 Additive Manufacturing Challenges to Overcome

Additive manufacturing or AM is currently at the forefront of some dramatic global industrial changes, with great opportunities to take regular metal, plastic, ceramics, etc. and build any 3D objects you wish out of it. CNC manufacturing and 3D printing are in the spotlight for all progressive businesses out there, covering aerospace and car production, healthcare and energy niches, among many others. These advanced tech concepts keep on showing a formidable value for all kinds of productions.

151. The Future Of Manufacturing And Automation

Innovation is a consistently advancing field, continually blending in new emphases and developments to make energizing new open doors for the present makers to rethink their tasks. In certain cases, new advances open the entryway for dynamic makers to discharge genuinely creative contributions of their own. In the present and future time innovation is going to assume a significant job in human life. Most of the present day students are doing various researches and trying to innovate any device that suite for everyone. As robots and machines are currently being presented in the industry, there are many innovations in progress. Also, these things have decreased human commitment in function, as a result, lessening slip-ups or blunders, which brings about better profitability and great quality work.

152. 5 Effective Deployment Strategies for Machine Learning Models

Understanding model deployment challenges and effective strategies that counteract them.

153. Leading Technologies Shaping the Metaverse

Get to know the top technologies that will shape the immersive experiences of the metaverse.

154. How Programming and Technology Are Changing the World

How Programming and Technology Are Changing the World

155. A Brief Intro to the Metaverse in 2022

The metaverse is a parallel universe or multiple universes running through the internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments.

156. Game Engines Aren't Just for Gaming Anymore

As gaming gets more advanced, so do the game engines behind it. Everyone from Hollywood to online stores has been tapping on gaming technology in new ways.

157. Firing QA Testers Is the Biggest Mistake You’ll Make All Year

You wouldn’t edit your own work for a critical business presentation, so why should developers be expected to test their own code? A second set of eyes is key,

158. Top 10 Best Agencies to Hire Angularjs Developers

Finding the top companies to hire AngularJS developers to assist in the development of your app is not always an easy process. Discover the top companies for hiring the experienced Angularjs developers globally in a short time span. There is no need to sign up; just complete a short form with your criteria and hire Angular developers in accordance with your project development needs.

159. Where The Money’s Headed: China’s Tech Investment Trends of 2022

China’s entrepreneurial fervor and investor confidence is at an all-time high, with no signs of losing steam. So, where's the big money going in 2022?

160. Agile Methodology Trends 2022 – The Rise of Tech Transformation

Searching for the top Agile Methodology Trends 2022? Explore this blog to check out the Top 11 Agile Methodology Trends with benefits for 2022 and beyond.

161. The Art of Deception: Technology's Best Weapon Against Cyberthreats

A look at the history of deception technology and some examples of how it can be used to keep your systems safe.

162. The Metaverse Rush ⁠— Why Projects Should Take Their Time

To ensure long-term success, metaverse projects must avoid rushing the building process

163. How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Will Go Hand in Hand?

The emergence of technology is playing an inevitable role in business. It’s drastically transforming the way people work together in an organization. Both these technologies are revolutionizing every aspect of our life.  These technologies are creating a culture where the collaboration of IT leaders and businesses results in realizing values from all generated data.

164. Crypto Hacks Trends - End of 2022

Because of the fast growing adoption of digital assets, wallet solutions and platforms that connect to them became an obvious target for malicious actors.

165. Low-code, No-code and the Future of Enterprise App Development

People working in the digital space have most likely heard the phrases “low-code” and “no-code” circulating lately in discussions regarding app development.

166. 5 Useful Apps for Small Businesses

Organizing teamwork, submitting bills, scanning documents, and doing inventory—these duties can be carried out swiftly if you know the right app for them.

167. How to Implement Digital Twin Architecture

What technologies are behind the digital twin and how to reasonably approach its creation? Discover a detailed explanation in this article. .

168. Should Security Cameras be Used in Online Meetings?

Video conferencing tools can be much more then just video meetings, e.g. adding security cameras for situation rooms.

169. From Dogecoin to Twitter: The Making of the Everything App

Depending on whom you ask, Elon is either an egotistical villain or a savior. He is currently the world’s richest man, with a net worth of about 200 Billion. Well, with that ind of money it becomes easy to create products that have a direct impact on people’s daily lives- with huge repercussions. Now, Elon is not your average billionaire. Most of the time, he has swayed the masses to his favor, much to the chagrin of big tech. This has turned him onto somewhat of a cult, with a huge following and an enviable portfolio of companies that seek to upend conventional beliefs and corporations. From Neuralink to Space X , Tesla to the Boring Company, he is an entrepreneur who seeks to “disrupt” global order as he strives to achieve what may somewhat be thought to be impossible, until its done.

170. 3 Futuristic AI Trends in Finance Sector: 2020 Edition

From the fraud prevention to driverless cars that navigate busy streets with ease, 2019 brought a dazzling array of artificial intelligence (AI) innovations. In 2020, AI is set to move towards collaboration in different sectors.

171. Top 10 Productivity Apps to Make 2020 Your Most Productive Year Yet

Welcome to Part 2 of the Tech Productivity Series

172. Streaming Services Overtake Free-to-air TV For First Time in Australia; What Does it Imply

Australian viewers of OTP streaming services and FTA television were almost the same. However, by the end of 2020 the popularity of OTP services grew by 70%.

173. How Netflix Transitioned From DVDs to Video Streaming

The story of Netflix as a company is the story of a business that knows how to innovate, takes chances, and takes risks that even compromise its business model

174. ChatGPT’s Facebook-Like Rise: Don’t Get Hooked on Big Tech’s Bait Again

GPT-4, arguably the most powerful AI model ever, has just been released. Does it matter? Probably not as much as ChatGPT, probably not for the reasons you think

175. 5 Trends That Could Mark Social Media’s Evolution in the Next 5 Years

Social media trends to watch

176. ­Tech Trends 2020: Poised to Transform the Future of Enterprises

Do you know that nearly 6,140 mobile apps are pushed out every day through the Google Play Store? Sounds astonishing right? But it is a fact and that’s why it is important that every entrepreneur know about the Tech Trends 2020.

177. Exploring the New iPad Pro and the Future of the iPad

What is Apple planning to do with an iPad that contains the same hardware as a MacBook? Let's explore iPad's intriguing possible futures.

178. Voice Search Technology: Yay or Nay? Why, and Why Not?

This Slack discussion by Sadia Mehmood, ronak (GraphCMS), Oliver N and kira leigh occurred in slogging's official #introductions channel, and has been edited for readability.

179. Why I Left Google's AI Division for the World of Blockchain

AI is flourishing with the rise of ChatGPT, while crypto crashes abound. So why can’t I stop thinking about blockchain?

180. What Can IoT Tech do for the Automobile Industry?

The (IoT) is a setup that takes all the physical computing devices and connects them to the Internet, providing them with UID and the ability to transfer data.

181. Technology and Globalization: The 21st Century is Underachieving

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life.

182. 10 DevOps Conferences You Should Be Attending in 2020

DevOps being the center stage of the software development life cycle today, has gained enough momentum and has a massive community around the world.

183. Artificial Intelligence in HR Processes is The New Norm

“AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues. The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer-grade service to employees,” said Jeanne Meister, co-author, The Future Workplace Experience, The People Space.

184. Thinking of Moving to Germany? Here's What to Expect Working as a Software Developer in Germany

Germany offers ample opportunities for developers to find fulfilling & well-paid jobs. Most developer jobs in Germany require Java, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.

185. 🧩 Why Do We Need APIs Anyways?

If you’ve been anywhere close to a computer engineer, you’d have definitely noticed them drop the term - API. A software engineer would use the term for so many varied purposes that it’s easy to lose the track of the conversation and left hanging in there, wondering, “Why the heck we need APIs?”

186. Portfolio Optimization with Python and Quantum Computing Techniques

How to optimize portfolios using quantum computing and Python, featuring QUBO conversion and QAOA solving algorithm.

187. VPNs vs. Streaming Platforms: The Never-Ending War

Why are VoDs not banning users for VPN usage on their platform? Read about the never-ending battle between VPN services and streaming platforms.

188. Technology: Past, Present and The Deep Blue Sea

Armed with science, technology, and a complex psyche, the entire species inched forward, spurred on by a collective curiosity that will make or mar us.

189. Is GitOps the Emperor With No Clothes?

GitOps makes me think of the old Hans Christian Andersen tale, about what’s real and what’s imagined.

190. The New STIR/SHAKEN Anti-Spam Regulations on Phone Calls

A look at how STIR/SHAKEN legislation is changing the game to stop spam calls and allow for verified business.

191. Transparency in AI - Why Ethical Oversight Is Crucial

It's high time we call for ethical and regulatory oversight in AI. Transparency in AI may take some time, but it is going to be of crucial importance.

[192. Cloud & DevOps Market in China:

A Brief Overview]( China is a massive internet and mobile-based internet market. China's cloud needs are growing at high speed. Still, the government’s long-standing protectionist policies, foreign cloud service providers face significant challenges competing with Chinese tech giants such as Alibaba Cloud and others. China acts differently when it comes to cloud and DevOps practices. While the whole world embraces AWS, Microsoft, Google for their cloud-related needs, that is not the case when it comes to China, Alibaba seems a clear winner of the most market share followed by Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud, and others. Today we will see a brief about China’s cloud and DevOps market.

193. 5 Upwork Alternative Websites for Freelancers

This article introduces 5 Upwork alternative websites for freelancers looking for work in niche fields or people looking for entry-level micro work. With struggling economies in many countries, more and more people are turning to online freelancing as an additional source of income. Upwork is one of the most popular websites for freelancers. However, if you aren’t really getting many leads from that site, there are tons of upwork alternative sites you can try.

194. 5 New AI Tools That Can Help You To Be More Productive

How much of your productive time is taken away by all those meaningless news, stories and activities? Especially if you are a high performing executive or professional, how productive would you be if you weren’t distracted? We lose a lot of time on the activities that seem to be crucially important, while they are not. Although social media and numerous web-based communication platforms have definitely made communication a much less bothersome task, it is simply mind boggling to realize just how much of our time is spent on social media.

195. AI Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

However, as time has proven over and over again, humankind is unable to duplicate the same kind of AI that we see in the movies..yet.

196. Exploring the Potential of Bioinformatics with C#

In this article, we'll examine how to apply bioinformatics and C# coding to effectively deal with biological information.

197. Artifact News: The Potential Challenger to Elon Musk's Twitter Supremacy

Artifact News has emerged as a potential challenger to Elon Musk's version of Twitter, which has faced criticism for its content moderation policies and reinstatement of incendiary accounts.Since Musk took over, Twitter have become increasingly polarized, leading to a growing number of users who are dissatisfied with the lack of content moderation policies among others. Enter Artifact News, the newly launched news reader app by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram. Artifact News aims to be the challenger to Elon Musk's Twitter, presenting itself as a reliable source of news for those who want an alternative to Twitter.

198. Blockchain Facts: What Is It, How It Works, and How It Can Be Used

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed digital ledger that records transactions across multiple computers.

199. NFTs Are Helping the Web Evolve

While there is no doubt more information flowing than ever before, the early hopes of the internet have yet to materialize.

200. The Rise In Pet Tech: GPS Tracking, Smart Harnesses, and More

Today, technology is getting more and more personal, and just like humans, the pet industry is also witnessing this change.

201. Why CRISPR Deserves the Hype

The emergence of remarkable technologies like the Internet, the iPhone, and Bitcoin have left us all in constant search of "the next big thing."Is it Uber? Airbnb? Everything-as-a-service? Tesla? Gartner formalized this frenzied questioning with the "hype cycle."

202. 4 Business Trends: 2020 Edition

Let's look at important trends happening in the business world, that have the potential to affect and reshape current industries.

203. 3 Technology Predictions for Philanthropy in 2021

Here are three predictions of what philanthropy-based technology will look like in 2021.

204. 5 Top Payment Trends for 2021, According To McKinsey

Surviving the Pandemic: the Top 5 Fintech Payment Trends of 2021

205. Starlink’s Rapid Growth Points to a Tantalizing 2022 IPO

It appeared that Starlink’s subscriber growth was slowing down, paving the way for potential problems when the company’s eventual IPO landed.

206. 5 Ways SaaS Can Help Speed Up Cybersecurity Implementation

SaaS is making cybersecurity implementation less expensive and easy, and businesses, especially startups, are now leveraging its tools to drive efficiency.

207. Welcome to California, Where Your Face Is Your Credit Card

Whether you are craving a burger or Chinese food tonight, there is no need to reach for your wallet or phone to buy it. Food vendors in California are embracing facial recognition — technology that lets you pay with a smile.

208. How Technology Has Birthed More Millionaires Than Ever Before

In the last few years, digital products and platforms have made it easier for people with new ideas to make money.

209. Cloud Computing and the Evolution of SASE Cybersecurity

Often, cloud applications are deployed “as is,” without the proper security controls needed to prevent data leakage, data exfiltration or malware infection.

210. The Participate-to-Earn Business Model and How it Impacts Web3

Just how sustainable are play-to-earn and participate-to-earn business models in web3? What risks do they pose to users?

211. 7 Concise Statements That Describe the Metaverse

While it’s not expected to be fully fleshed out anytime soon, let’s take a look at what the Metaverse can be, based on things we already know.

212. How Geothermal Technology Is Redefining the Energy Sector

The energy sector often takes on the responsibility of transforming others, such as by providing solar and wind as renewable options. Geothermal energy is now making a name for itself as well, thanks to new technology.

213. Technological Advancements In The Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

Many semiconductor companies have benefited from the emerging spectrum of applications of IoT-enabled electronics and AI-driven chips in a variety of areas.

214. Non-Linear Competition In A Tech-Driven Business World

How the competition works in the long-term, and how competition is non-linear in a tech-driven business world

215. How Many Days of Your Life Have You Spent in an Uber?

I've spent 12 days in Ubers over the last 3 years. Read this to find your own lifetime Uber stats.

216. The Story of Microsoft Buyouts: Why the FTC Won’t Let Them Acquire Activision

The FTC aims to prevent Microsoft's acquisition of Activision, according to the agency, by giving the tech behemoth ownership over Activision's most popular vid

217. Musk Seems to Always Run Away from Good Press

The full #elonjet story could have ended with Musk giving a clearly bright young man an internship and a photo op.

218. Future of Job Sharing Economy: Human Decides. AI Supports. Blockchain Pays.

If you were ever searching for a job during the past two decades, there’s a good chance you’ve used an online job board; a website that lists jobs supplied by employers. Such a “board” could’ve been found on shop windows, in newspapers, and now on the Internet.

219. Web Scraping and the Battle for Open Internet

A few years ago, Cambridge Analytica made netizens concerned regarding the gathering of their online data. At that time, affected or interested users had little knowledge of how big the big-data industry actually was.

220. "Is Bitcoin Useless?" Your Scepticism is Noted, But Immaterial

Ponzi, fraud, and rat poison squared.

221. From Mobile Phones to Networking: Nokia's Evolution in the Tech Industry

Nokia, once the undisputed king of the mobile phone market, has struggled to maintain its position in recent years.

222. Russia Pursues Technological Autonomy in the Shadow of Crippling Sanctions

Since the invasion of Ukraine on February 2022, Russia has faced an array of sanctions from the international community.

223. The Three Countries Helping Europe Lay Claim to the Crypto Crown

As crypto firms face uncertainty in the US and outright bans in China, these three countries are helping make Europe the crypto capital of the world.

224. From Porn To Peloton: 5 Predictions For Tech And Social Media In 2021

This past year has disrupted the tech and social media landscape. What does 2021 have in store? Here are 5 predictions including OnlyFans' new model and more.

225. Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2021

To estimate the trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2021, we need to remember that 2018, 2019 and 2020 witnessed a multitude of platforms, applications, and tools which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

226. What are Digital Asset Management Solutions and Why Your Company Needs them to Boost Productivity

There are more and more companies who chose for Digital Asset Management solutions for boosting their productivity and to smoothen out certain processes within the company. But what are the advantages from implementing a Digital Asset Management solution? And what does it mean? This is exactly what we will show you in this article, read on to find out more about Digital Asset Management solutions.

227. Can Your Child Code?

Over the next fifty years, your child will hear one consistent question throughout their working life, “Can you code?”

228. React Native vs Flutter: What to choose in 2020

React Native with JavaScript and Flutter with “dark” Dart are both highly successful, multi-platform application development techs forming talks and news. In this study, we will make a detailed cross-review from both developers’ and clients’ perspectives.

229. Top 5 Tech Startup Trends in 2020

According to Statista, the global startup economy generates nearly $3 trillion. Startups have always been the driving force behind the world market, bringing new ideas, and transforming familiar business systems. Unfortunately, the economic crisis associated with Covid-19 has not spared this area.

230. Laptop Stickers vs Happy Devs

We surveyed engineers in over 80 companies and quickly did the math: if you are an organization that onboards 100 developers a year and it takes an average of 4 months to onboard them, then as the engineering manager in charge of those developers, you’ll lose approximately 30 years of contribution, which sounds astronomic by all measures.

231. People and Technology Can Restore the Planet

It's hard to be optimistic when we are inundated by news of our rapidly deteriorating planet every single day. Sometimes it's hard to shake the feeling that everything is on fire, because some days it literally is.

232. 4 Questions to Ask When Learning New Technology

it's easy to think we understand a certain technology when in reality it's not the case. So what questions can we ask to make sure we do?

233. Tech Giants Bet on Cost Cutting Initiatives, Emerging Tech for Thriving in a Challenging Economy

In the face of a global economic slowdown, tech giants are betting on new and emerging technologies to maintain their dominance.

234. A Genius, a Deceiver, or a Naive Dreamer? Deep Tech Explained

In 1943, the American aircraft engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson received a call from the Pentagon: the US Air Force needed a fighter jet. Johnson ran Advanced Development Projects (ADP), a closed division of the Lockheed Corporation aircraft manufacturing company. It was located in a separate room, and only employees directly involved in the development of ADP could go in there.

235. 6 Business Technology Trends in 2020

Technology is not only shaping our lives, but it is also affecting how business is done and how successful it will be. Not only are there discoveries, innovations, and inventions, trends keep evolving and humans have to dance to the tune. Let’s face it, the future is now! To drive this point home, China has been setting the record from artificial intelligence to Alipay (an online mobile payment service that makes the transaction easy at anytime and anywhere).

236. Warrant Canaries, Audits, and Linux-based Protocols Shake Up VPNs

Over the past few years, VPNs have become a vital cog in the world of online privacy. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your data, browse anonymously, or simply bypass internet restrictions, there is so much more that VPNs can offer.

237. The Living Metaverse

A boy feels the misty, ocean breeze against his face as he looks out across the ocean and watches his friend’s boat disappear into the horizon. He will see her again tomorrow.

238. How Much Technology Is Too Much for You? 7 Tips to Help You Decide

The use of technology has become an integral part of modern life. While it can have both positive and negative effects. So how much is too much?

239. AI and Chill: 7 Growth Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

7 powerful AI tools that can help you streamline your workflow and achieve better results with less effort.

240. What Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase Means For DOGE

Dogecoin's price jumped as high as $0.1428, marking a 12 percent rise in its price in 24 hours.

241. The Rise of Cobrowsing For Customer Support Reps

Take a look at any industry and it’s likely that online support is expanding. The sooner you adapt to this technological trend, the better equipped you are to sustain and grow in your industry.

242. A Whirlwind Tour of Evolving Technologies and Their Mind-Blowing Capabilities

Evolving tech is taking over, from smart homes to VR education, AI automation to secure blockchain transactions! Time to relax and let the robots do the work

243. Blockchain Technology Reduces the Attack Surface in Identity Management

Incorporation of blockchain technology assists to combat evolving identity theft and unauthorized access and in the prevention of illicit money transfers.

244. How Augmented and Virtual Reality Is About to Become a Norm Because of 5G

Since 4G was launched in 2010 the network researchers started exploring the possibilities 5G might offer. Major network and mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei spent billions by mid-2010s on 5G technology and it's just about to come true. In most of the advanced countries such as US, UK, Japan, China, UAE and many other advanced countries have already started upgrading their networks to offer 5G speed in their major cities and it wouldn’t be more another 12 months when we will see most of the networks in the advanced countries offering 5G services.

245. The Future of Growth Marketing: Predictions and Trends for 2023 and Beyond

As the world becomes increasingly digital, growth marketing is becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

246. SaaS Trends to Look Out for in 2020

The SaaS industry has experienced huge growth over the course of the last few years. Thanks to a number of factors, including faster connections, larger bandwidths, improvements in data processing and global digitalization tendencies, it doesn’t seem like it'll stop any time soon.

247. Dot-Com Bubble 2.0: How Did We Get Here?

An in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about current tech events. Especially Layoffs and loss of valuation.

248. AI Technologies that are Reshaping Social Infrastructure

Together with the rise of the Internet, access to large repositories of data has helped machine learning technology grow exponentially. The incredibly quick pace of growth was unprecedented. As a result, it is obvious that AI will make a significant impact on the world in the years to come. However, with the numerous established and emerging fields of AI around today, such a blanket statement doesn’t provide much concrete meaning.

249. 10 Tech Gadgets All Music Lovers Should Have 

In this age of fast-paced technological advances, music is perhaps more than just the food for the soul. Thanks to many high-tech gadgets available today, listening to music is an extremely amazing experience. But how do you choose perfect devices for your musical needs in a market that has tons of options? Here are 10 must-have gadgets for music lovers.

250. Let's Guess How AR Will Change The Way We See The World in 2020

They say that fish cannot see the water.

251. Pornhub and The Adult Entertainment Industry Helped Shape The Internet

The world as we know it would not have been possible without the influence of porn. In fact, the adult industry shaped today's technological advancements.

252. A Dive into Education Tech Trends: Embracing Innovations to Get Smarter

The latest trends that can redefine education, educational establishments and study approaches.

253. 10 Strategic Technology Trends Businesses Should Plan for in 2021

Information technology is an ever-evolving field where organizations are exploring specific technology trends, and CxOs are striving to adopt the changing scenarios to compose a better future for the business. Gartner's research president Brian Burke has grouped organizational strategic technology trends into three different categories- people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. He also suggests organizational plasticity is the key to strategic tech trends.

254. Unpacking the Fear of an AI God: The Theology of Roko’s Basilisk

Discover how Roko's Basilisk, a terrifying thought experiment about a vengeful AI God, reflects the age-long fear and appeal of the end of the world

255. The New Motto For Businesses is 'Die or AI'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically transforming businesses across the world. Businesses and people must adapt quickly or risk becoming irrelevant.

256. 5 Ways Technology is Reshaping The Restaurant Industry

Learn how technology is reshaping the restaurant industry making businesses more efficient and smart.

257. 7 Ways to Become a Better Trader

Getting into the trading world has always been a challenging adventure

258. The Future of Automotive Tech: Top Trends in 2023

Here’s a look at five of the biggest technology trends that will shape the automotive market in 2023.

259. Why Do We Urgently Need Web 3.0?

Mass censorship and de-platforming have been normalized at such break-neck speed that a new totalitarian milestone appears almost every month. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies have already paved the road ahead for a brighter, less surveilled future, leading to Web 3.0.

260. CIOs Need to Prioritize Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in Their 2022 Budgets

Digital transformation cannot be jettisoned for cybersecurity, a delicate balance must be reached by CIOs in their 2022 budgets for the two to co-exist.

261. Top Ways Organizations Can Secure Their IoT Devices

With the internet of things, which has been around for a while, IoT, sensors, or whatever we call them, the contentedness we have been enjoying, at the same time has resulted in the expansion of the threat landscape exponentially in the past few years.

262. 23 AI-Generated Tech Predictions for 2023

Predictions are a silly business : you either make completely obvious claims, or you end up being dead wrong before the year is over.

263. Using IIoT to Streamline Business Processes

As the world of technology expands, one innovation experiencing an explosion in adoption is the industrial internet of things, commonly abbreviated as IIoT.

264. Amazon and Disney Take Voice Assistance to Magical Heights with “Hey Disney”

Amazon & Disney teamed up to launch a new voice assistant that will be live soon in the United States.

265. Automation is the New Black: What’s There For You?

I wrote this article for my fellow CEOs and all the rest of us in order to discover how to lead the organizations and teams who are challenged by these turbulent times.

266. Social Media Trends for 2020

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and daily routines. Some are addicted to it so much that the first thing they do after waking up is to check their social media feeds.

267. How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using AI

Naomi Simson, one of the Sharks in Shark Tank Australia, turned around the future of her ecommerce company by including AI in her marketing strategies.

268. TikTok Ban: The Biggest Trends to Arrive from 2020's Controversial Social Network

TikTok’s rise in popularity has taken the world by storm. Launched in 2017, the social network only reached world markets in the summer of 2018. Two years on and the video-based platform has amassed over two billion downloads globally.

269. Dating Apps Will Be Better Matchmakers Thanks to AI, but will They Be Safer?

As technology advances, we continue to use these innovations to make our lives better, and that includes how we find love. Today, around 50.2 percent of the U.S. population is single — that's over 124 million people. This higher rate of singles has many people pointing the finger at online dating for making love obsolete. But online dating apps empower singles to find what they're looking for, whether that be a relationship, a casual hookup, or marriage.

270. Facebook: The Magic 8 Ball

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a homo sapien to quit this junk.

271. Which Layer 2 Solutions Are Helping Ethereum Scale?

Layer2 Blockchain protocols are helping with the scalability to the L1 protocols. Others Blockchains like DComm are using subnets to scale the Blockchain.

272. Digital Technologies And Their Increased Role - What Does The Future Hold?

Digital technologies offer more and more new opportunities. The advancement of technologies makes our life easier and our planet a better place to live.

273. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Hernán Ortiz, Co-Founder of Fractal

I’m Hernán (her-NAHN), a writer with a background in systems engineering, but also an ex-developer and coffee geek passionate about science fiction.

274. Mobile App Development in 2023: Trends and Innovative Features to Be on the Lookout For

Creating a new mobile product? Read about the upcoming mobile app development trends and innovations to add features that will benefit your business.

275. Is the Tech Market Oversaturated?

With so much technology on the market, is there any room left for innovation? Is it possible to really do anything new in the industry?

276. The Future of Business is AI: Embracing the Change

The rise of AI is leading to more efficient, effective, and innovative businesses, and companies that embrace this change will reap the benefits for years.

277. ChatGPT: A Potentially Dangerous New Source of Misinformation

ChatPGT sounds credible but it is frequently wrong.

278. The Web Metaphors

In the beginning, we could only understand the Internet and the Web through the lenses of metaphors.

279. Startup Interview with Shachar Tal, Loginno Co-Founder

Hackernoon's startup interview with Shachar Tal, Loginno's co-founder.

280. Tourism in the Metaverse: Transitioning to a Hybrid Future of Travel

Transitioning to a hybrid future of travel with the opportunity to build out more tourism experiences in the metaverse.

281. From Data to Dollars: Exploring the Role of AI and ML in Sales

This blog will discuss what role artificial intelligence and machine learning play in sales.

282. Here’s What CES 2020 Looked Like to the Experts at Digital Trends

Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

If you’ve been to CES, you know it’s like a sprawling, exhausting rumpus room for tech geeks. You probably saw things you didn’t even believe were possible. And you probably went home overstimulated and mind-blown. But how does the technology extravaganza look to someone who knows tech inside and out, someone who keeps up with each new product as they’re released and developed?

283. Proptech: The Evolution of the Housing Market

Property technology (Proptech) has the ability to elevate the real estate industry in all avenues from purchase, maintenance, management, and even investment

284. Addressable TV Ad Measurement: Will We See Groundbreaking Solutions In 2021?

CTV offers advanced targeting, audience reach, and flexibility in running campaigns, but not everything runs smoothly when it comes to measuring effectiveness.

285. Translation Technology and Hallucinating Computers

AI is taking on an increasingly important role in modern society, so it is critical that algorithms can understand and utilize many different languages.

286. Why Businesses Should Invest in VoIP Technology

VoIP has now become the standard form of voice communications for businesses around the world. This is because it brings many benefits over traditional phone systems, including lower equipment costs, lower call rates, and less maintenance.

287. The Rise of Sustainable Cities in Africa

Over 55 percent of the world’s population lives in cities and, by 2050, that number is projected to rise to an astounding 68 percent. As people across the globe are increasingly moving to urban areas, there has been a corresponding rise in the awareness of the environmental impact of billions of people living on the planet. As people relocate, they are also examining the individual implications of their daily lives.

288. Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn in 2022

The craze for learning programming languages is very high. These days people have one question in their mind and that is which programming language should one prefer in 20201 and why?

289. Alexa, Is Voice Recognition Technology The Future Of Industries?

Voice technology is raging across the tech world with its commendable power. Find out how voice recognition technology is disrupting industries globally.

290. ‘Iron Men’ to Rise in AI-Augmented Business Landscape

Read this article to know why people shouldn't be scared of losing their jobs with the rise of the AI-augmented business landscape that is on its way.

291. A World without Digital Technologies

But what if digital technologies never existed? What would the world be like?

292. Why Uber and Lyft Feature Competitors Who Could Cannibalize Them

Last year, Uber announced that it will start showing Lime scooters and Jump bikes in Uber app. On surface, it looks like this move will cannibalise Uber’s cab business. Per trip revenue made by Uber is much higher in case of a cab than in case of an e-scooter or a bike.

293. Investment Areas for 2022: Lithium, Small Businesses, India, and More

Here are 5 investment areas to watch out for in 2022 including metals, semiconductors, small-cap companies, and more.

294. The Future of Experiential Technology in the Sports Industry

The sports industry has always been a sandbox for innovation. The willingness of its stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, administrators, and fans to try something new and have fun with it has made this industry a fertile ground for technology to thrive.

295. How AI is Making Workplaces Safer

Employee health and safety is certainly an industry ready for AI development, but what is needed to adapt AI technology to this industry?

296. I Live for People and Ideas

Check out my HackerNoon interview about my Noonie award nomination!

297. The Most Effective Way to Reach Your Users - Building the Omnichannel

In this two-part series, we’re looking at the trends to be expected for customer communication in 2022.

298. Will eSportsFi Be the Next-Gen of GameFi?

The esports industry has experienced a significant expansion over the past ten years, and the introduction of blockchain technology and P2E games has the potential to completely revolutionize the sector.

299. How Time Tracking is Reshaping the Future of Work

If you are running a business or just started your own startup, it’s important you keep an eye out on every minute detail. In case you are hiring designers, software developers, and/or a team for project management, tracking total working hours is probably what you should be doing.

300. Nearly 25% of HackerNoon Readers to Opt for AMD GPUs Next

AMD is likely going to be the next GPU of choice for nearly a quarter of HackerNoon readers that participated in a recent poll conducted on our website.

301. The Movie-Inspired Developer That Manipulated Code to Steal $300K

Story of the developer who stole 300K dollars from an American e-commerce company.

302. Tech Round Table: The Biggest Challenges in 2019 and Predictions for 2020

For the second year, members of our BIP Capital team came together in at the end of 2019 to discuss the year’s biggest technology and business trends, as well as what opportunities and barriers ahead as we move through 2020. The discussion also included leaders from a number of our portfolio companies so that they could offer their own unique perspectives, especially as they relate to the challenges of growing a successful business.

303. 33% of Technologists Think Section 230 Reform Will Stifle Free Speech

In the wake of Musk's acquisition of Twitter, this article explores the relevance of section 230 of the CDA and its relevance in this day and age.

304. How Can Enterprises Utilize Edge Computer Vision?

Business applications of computer vision technology for Enterprises, retail analytics, edge computing, intrusion detection and monitoring

305. Why Did Blackberry Fail?

How did Blackberry fail? The good, the bad, and the ugly days of Blackberry. A faint tech company with millions of units sold and failed miserably, Why?

306. 7 Platforms for Investing in Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenization makes it possible for you to invest in properties across the globe and make profits, while owning a fraction of real estate in the form of tokens.

307. [Roundup] Twitter's Ban, Hybrid Software Engineers, and the Historical Context of Decision Making


308. Top Articles This Week In Tech: WN 14

We hope you did have an awesome week! Here is your dose of the best articles that came up over the last week. Have fun reading them!

309. How AR Smart Glasses Can Facilitate Businesses' Operating Processes

The companies that choose to invest in AR smart glasses make it possible to have a long-term position in the market by leading the field in which they operate.

310. Blockchain Tech in the Fashion Industry: Transparency, Traceability, and Efficiency

Blockchain technology gives us essential knowledge and provides an insight into the fashion supply chain.

311. Technology Is Saving The World Amid COVID-19

Technology - often portrayed as an industry that the benefits only the privileged - is actually helping with the fight against the coronavirus. And we don’t mean Medtech.

312. How To Start Your Tech Career in 2021

In this post, I'll share some specific action points that can help you transition to a tech career in 2021.

313. Technology and the Pandemic

How has technology and the pandemic combined to accelerate change

314. Technology Impact on the CBD Business and Healthcare

Consumer CBD sales are expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022, an amazing increase from their 2018 total of $500,000, according to Statista. More than a decade from now, the market for CBD products is expected to be worth an incredible $75 billion, according to other studies.CBD farming, in contrast to conventional farming, necessitates the use of sophisticated machinery and equipment capable of doing numerous functions at once, such as plowing, seeding, and excavating. They also have devices that assist in collecting hemp flowers since CBD growing requires precise measurements in water and air quality as well as soil moisture and temperature. In this article, we will explore the role that technology is playing in promoting CBD and Healthcare businesses around the world.

315. How to Achieve 'Product of the Day' on Product Hunt Using a Trello Board

I recently discovered that you can earn the title of “Product of the Day” on Product Hunt with almost any product. You should try it out!

316. A Quick Take on Data Archiving for the Healthcare Sector

We live in the age of technology, with almost every aspect of our routine life now relying on automated systems to function.

317. The Metaverse vs the Billion-Dollar Gaming Industry

The term “Metaverse” was used so frequently during 2022 that everyone should have heard it, even if they don’t know what it means.

318. How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Retail Industry

With 96% of Americans shopping online and the rise of AI lead cashier-less retail stores such as one of Amazon’s 15 Go stores, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key element in the digitalization of in-store retail by personalizing the customer experience and creating a more engaged business-to-consumer interaction. For retail companies, AI creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical sales channels.

319. Hacking The Phone Repair Revolution: Current Phone Replacement Cycle

Most people have been keeping their smartphones longer because of fewer new features and a high price. Today, repairing your phone is far more economical.

320. The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Digital Transformation

The slow death of the old ways

321. Tech's Impact on Relationship Dynamics

In the past, the only way to meet new people was either in person or through someone you knew. This limited the dating and friendship quite a bit, but times are changing. Today, online dating and social media are the new normal.

322. History's Notes on Resisting Progress: From Airplanes & The Printing Press to Bitcoin

Learn why the resistance we're seeing against Bitcoin today is nothing new. The same thing happened with refrigerators, airplanes, and tractors.

323. Will You Be Designing Your Wardrobe in the Future?

In this slogging post, our community discussed their thoughts on the future of the fashion industry.

324. "FinTech Wave-2 isn't Digital, It’s Hybrid." Lessons from Wave-1 and What’s Next?

Fintech represents the collision of two worlds — Financial services and technology, and with this union comes, both disruption and synergies. Fintech came of age in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. New regulations and changing consumer demands began to emerge as the world tried to pick up the pieces of the “great recession”.

325. 5 Ways That AR and VR Support Remote Workers

The corporate world is quickly becoming digitised. From immersive communication to VR training, find out how AR/VR technology is transforming the workplace.

326. Web3 Gaming Trends: What To Expect in 2023

Web3 gaming is just getting started, and is going to play an even bigger role in the expansion of the decentralized economy.

327. Like, Share and Earn! The Future of Social Media in Web3

Will SoFi help to put the power back in the hands of Creators as more blockchains support social projects?

328. Frequently Used Tools By Gamers

(Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay)

329. How the Use of AI and Machine Learning Benefits Law Firms

The job of attorneys and law firms is already changing in many ways thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

330. Space Manufacturing: Microgravity and Industrializing Space

To accelerate humanity's path out to the stars and colonize other planets, we need to industrialize space and build a space economy.

331. AI is Not the Future of Education - Here's Why

AI has been gradually sliding into every single area of our lives and the world of education is not an exception.

332. 6 Not-so-obvious Tech Predictions

By the time of writing of this article everyone knows, the "technologies of the future" as listed from various mainstream media. And I agree with most of them. It is worth discussing a few not so obvious though. I expect my "predictions" to be fulfilled by 2030.

333. Where is DevOps Going in 2021?

Efficiency, speed, transparency — all of this is possible with DevOps. In 2021, AI, data security, assembly lines, and more will take over as DevOps trends.

334. Is Telegram Digging Its Own Grave?

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, wants to introduce Web 3.0 technologies into the instant messaging app in a contested move.

335. Data Science Innovations: 5 Main Obstacles in the Implementation Process and How To Overcome Them

Data science is a rapidly developing sector of study. Its main goal is to translate vast amounts of records into valuable business insights. Implementing data science-based tools into your company can be highly beneficial. AI software is more efficient and accurate than humans have ever been.

336. Should You Ride the Hype-Train to Launch your Startup Faster?

Do you want to create a startup but are lacking an idea? Have you noticed a trend but don’t know how to capitalize on it? Maybe you wonder why are so many new billion-dollar tech companies popping up every year?

337. The Role of Microinteractions in Improving User Experience

It's always said that the little things make more significant differences! The case with user experience is also not different. Every user comes across with microinteractions in our daily lives in some form or the other. It may be in the form of time on the phone's alarm to notifications for new emails in your inbox!

338. Promising Tech trends: 2020 Edition

Technology is a necessity and it's hard to imagine doing anything without these innovations these days. The tech-crazy only gets bigger every year so it is expected to cover a bigger variety of industries and locations the following year. 2020 promises a new start now only because it’s a new decade. It will be an important year for tech lovers since a lot of innovations and advanced technologies we’ve been hearing about will finally be accessible for the public. We’ve combined a list of top 5 tech trends that you should look out for in the following year.

339. Factors and Enablers Driving the Growth of Insurance Tech Industry

Many insurance agencies are stepping into the Insurtech void and harnessing the latest insurance tech trends. Let's explore the enablers and factors behind it.

340. Branding & Digital Marketing Lessons To Learn From The NBA

Now, NBA is one of the fastest-rising sports leagues in the United States. They’re working on broadcast game rating; the NBA rating has increased by 32%.

341. An Honest Look at Remote Working Pros and Challenges

By Adam Fard, founder of a UX Design Agency

342. IoT Trends And Insights That Can Guide Your Business Decisions: 2020 Edition

Internet of Things is literally changing our world. The global number of IoT devices is predicted to grow from 30.7 to 35.8 billion in a single year (2020-2021). Both industrial and consumer niches get transformed by diverse IoT applications.

343. Coming Workforce Changes in An AI, Automated Future

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are innovating ways business is done. This is seen in every industry across the board. AI and automation make several contributions to productivity, reshaping how businesses see the core of their business in relationship to growth.

344. Space Exploration: New Frontier For Technological Innovations

From the earliest known periods of human history, people have always been fascinated by the big yellow ball that provided light and heat, the tiny light dots shimmering in and regularly recurring tailed streaks dashing across the night sky. We wanted to know more about those objects, but the crippling limitations in our knowledge and technology didn’t allow that.

345. Cybersecurity Predictions For 2022

This article will highlight the potential threat vectors and protections that may have a large-scale and global impact in 2022.

346. Geofencing Marketing: Beginners Guide

Have you considered the idea of using geofencing marketing in your business strategy?  It is one of the best marketing tactics for those retailer stores businesses. Geofencing helps you reach out to potential customers in your confined area.

347. How Will Smart Contracts Disrupt the Legal Landscape?

Smart contracts are beginning to resemble a sizable disruptive force for the legal sector, even if they have not yet reached their full technological and proced

348. How Can Companies Use AI for Better Customer Experience?

Explore how AI can help businesses to upgrade the experience of new and existing customers.

349. Does Politics Improve Technology?

In this Slogging post, the team at hackernoon discuss how politics is impacting technology and how political affairs may impact tech far into the future.

350. The Clouds are Thickening: An Overview of The SaaS Ecosystem and Big Cloud Providers

The global cloud technology market is entering a new stage in its development and is becoming more mature. What to expect next?

351. How to Install Free SSL Certificates on WordPress Websites

On 5th January 2020, the Federal Depository Library Program website was hacked by suspected Iranian cyber-criminals.

352. IoT Trends in 2021: Driving Innovation in Businesses

Here are the latest IoT trends and key predictions of how the Internet of Things will drive digital transformation of business in 2021.

353. 13 Retail Technologies That Could Help Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Learn about key retail technology trends that can help brick-and-mortar retailers sustain their businesses. Dive into the applications of innovative retail tech

354. Computer Vision Applications are Everywhere: Top Use cases in 2021

Computer vision applications have become ubiquitous nowadays. It’s hard to think of a domain where the ability of computers to “see” what’s going on around them has not yet been leveraged.

355. So, Just What is Technology?

So, just what is technology? How do we define it and understand it? We use William Brian Arthur's "The Nature Of Technology" to explore those questions.

356. The Developer Boom of Georgia: Reasons Behind It

Similar to every post-soviet nation, the country of Georgia has started to grab the opportunity of developing itself through the technology sector rather than relying on various other industries that are more common in the country.

357. How COVID-19 Is Shaping Technology Trends

The COVID-19 outbreak affected people’s lives throughout the globe, every industry, and every economy. After all, it’s a global pandemic for a reason. Throughout history, all crises have forced people to look for new opportunities. Nowadays, this search can encompass anything from a new distribution strategy, amendments in the production process, or the implementation of a new technology.

The COVID-19 crisis forced businesses to embrace digital transformation in one way or another. Many companies took advantage of the opportunities brought by digital transformation way before the pandemic happened and can now reap the benefits of being early adopters. On the other hand, some businesses were forced to jump on this bandwagon, as the majority of our daily lives moved to the digital world—remote work, online shopping, online services.

358. Israel has already started testing their own central bank digital currency

The Bank of Israel has already issued a central bank digital currency through a pilot test of a digital shekel. The idea of issuing such a currency has going around since 2017, but Israel has fast tracked the development process.

359. Is Digital Minimalism Working For You or Against You?

Digital Minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools and behaviors add the most value to your life. It encourages you to live intentionally and aggressively, eschewing low-value digital “noise” in an effort to live a more balanced life. This is often achieved by reverting to older methods and technologies that are perceived as less addictive, intrusive, or upsetting.

360. Time Travel Through 2010s Technology: Part 2

In the first part of the series “Time travel through 2010s technology” we looked at how operating systems, phones, tablets, smartwatches and smartglasses changed through the last decade. The 2010s changed how we interact with technology, but more importantly, how we think about the impact it has in our lives.

361. What's the Big Deal with Technology Transfer?

The year was 1900, and Japan is as developed as the West at the expense of the West. This is what technology transfer does, and why it's risky.

362. 5 Most Important Directions In Which Tech Industry Develops In 2021

Stay competitive within the COVID-19 landscape. Take a look at our findings on what trends will shape the IT industry in 2021.

363. Drones Will Change The Insurance Industry

It is never too early to be thinking about the future. And if you are thinking about the future, think about drones.

364. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Copywriting

Learn how artificial intelligence is impacting copywriting and helping businesses grow.

365. An In-Depth Response to Sam Altman's "American Equity"

Sam Altman, CEO, and founder of OpenAI, published an essay with HackerNoon in 2017 titled American Equity where he makes the case for a Universal Basic Income.

366. Web 3.0 – Our Future or Just Another Buzzword

“Web3 isn’t another buzzword or jargon which can be written off. It is the future of the internet. This is the new infrastructure layer which will power the next generation of computing innovation,”

367. In-car Payment Systems Unlock New Opportunities for M2M Economy

The full potential of in-car payment systems will be revealed in the machine-to-machine economy and a cooperative mobility ecosystem

368. All The Best API Related Blogs and Newsletters

APIs have fascinating implications for how companies are built. We compiled a list of the best places to get the most impactful information on APIs.

369. Trials and Tribulations for AI Artist to Be Human Disappoints Human Girl

AI artist, Al Gahaku, will “paint” more in a second than an artist's lifetime but the depth of human to human experience is lost until AI becomes human.

370. Connecting Autonomous Vehicles to Mapping Systems via the Cloud

Autonomous vehicles are here.

371. Why WeWorked Until WeDied 

WeWork was Silicon Valley’s solution to the corporate burnout problem but now its books, and its leader have gone down in flames. By the fireside, CJ Tayeh reflects on what the company’s decline can teach us about the true value and nature of community spaces.

372. 4 Zoom Tweaks To Improve The Quality of Your WFH Meetings

The Coronavirus outbreak is no less than a fortune for Zoom. The cloud meetings app has seen enormous growth that roots from the disruption of normal routine due to lockdowns everywhere. From the surge of Zoom app downloads worldwide to the company almost doubling its annual revenue, 2020 may have a bad start for most of us but for Zoom it’s their heydays.

373. Would You Notice If You Were Hacked?

Android Security

374. Why the Hybrid Workplace May be the Future of Work [Infographic]

A look at how and why the hybrid blend of remote work and in person office experience may be the future of work.

375. Developing, Packaging and Distributing a Python Library

How to use new packaging standards with virtual environment tools — adapted from the official documentations of and Pipenv

376. Interesting Innovations Presented at CES 2020

It seems that in the past years, the СES exhibition has surprised us already with everything we can be surprised about. But no!

377. The Black Swan: The Aircraft with No Pilots on Board

The Black Swan is a cargo-hauling aircraft with no pilots on board.

378. Amazing Breakthrough Technologies That Can Potentially Change the World

A breakthrough is not actually breaking through something and coming out with something never seen or imagined. A breakthrough is the byproduct of multiple innovations combined into one big evolution. Evolution in any medium of our lives takes place when multiple small innovations, experiments, and discoveries combined together to create a new, never before seen feature or a product that leverages our existing lives.

379. Can Technology Save the Oil and Gas Industry?

Digital advances are here to aid the Oil and Gas companies in transcending the limitations of traditional techniques.

380. Great News: WhatsApp Finally Let’s You Text Yourself

Great news: WhatsApp released a new update that allow's users text themselves.

381. Technologies That Are Transforming Logistics Industry

How Big is the Number Game?

382. Artemis 1: NASA Makes History, Again

Nasa makes history again.

383. I Found a Way to Donate Unused CPU Cycles to Combat the Coronavirus!