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345 Stories To Learn About Learn To Code

by Learn RepoMay 15th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Learn To Code via these 345 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Learn To Code via these 345 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

“Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime.” - David Leinweber, Nerds on Wall Street

1. 9 Best Java Online Courses to Learn Programming for Beginners

In this article, I am going to share some of the best Java courses beginners can join to learn Java.

2. How to Call Multiple Microservices in Parallel

We can call microservices in parallel, storing results in the form of feature objects in one more list and then combine the result of all features.

3. Making Your Code Look Pretty

When you are new to programming, you’re focused on making your code work—not on making it look pretty.

4. Practice with Functional Programming in Go

Take a look at a functional programming paradigm in Go

5. Building An Airbnb-Like Map in Next.js

We will be building a proof of concept to create customer Google Maps markers using any React component in a Next.js project using AirBnB as an example

6. 12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

7. Coding - The Universal Language You Must Learn

Coding is a universal language, a 21st-century survival skill everyone can learn. Today more than ever, coding is a base requirement in numerous careers.

8. 5 Reasons why you should NOT go to a coding bootcamp

I went to a coding bootcamp 2 years ago. From my experience and people I met, these are reasons why someone should NOT go to a coding bootcamp.

9. Implementing Stack in Python using Linked List

A stack is a data structure in which items are added and removed from the same point. It's kind of a one way storage system. Also known as LIFO data structure.

10. How to Delete Commits From Remote in Git

This article explains how to remove commits from a remote server in Git.

11. React: Redux Reducer With Object

Many developers using React use Redux for state management. React Redux lets them use object notation to check action types for the code they are writing.

12. Swift XCTest: setUp and tearDown Are Not Dead Yet

iOS developers may hate force unwraps and ignore how Apple tells us to write our unit tests (setUp and tearDown), but do we really know what we're doing?

13. How to set up FastAPI, Ormar, and Alembic

Learn how to set up a mini async Object Relational Mapper with migrations for your next FastAPI project using the SQLAlchemy toolkit with this guide.

14. Self-Taught vs College-Educated Programmers: Who's More Effective?

If you’re just a normal person who doesn’t know much about coding, you would probably think that those programmers who went to college are better then those who are self-taught. I mean, they went to college, they must know more than those who have learned it by themself. In reality, the answer is not that simple.

15. How to Create a PDF File from a List of Images with Python

A how-to-guide for generating PDF files from a bunch of images using Python.

16. Fetch Data From a JSON File With a React & Redux App

This guide explains how to use React and Redux to fetch data from JSON files in an easy and lightweight method through a real example and well explained steps.

17. Simplify CSS With a Few Easy Rules

Maintaining CSS may be a real problem when developing a project.

18. A Chrome Extension to Code Daily with LeetCode

I made a Chrome extension that generates random LeetCode questions for you to practice with every day. Here's how I did it.

19. Java Algorithms: Linked List in Binary Tree (LeetCode)

Linked List in Binary Tree

20. How I Use Zettelkasten and Obsidian to Keep My Notes Organized

I use Zettelkasten and Obsidian to make a connected web of notes that help me with being more productive and learning new concepts much faster than normal.

21. How the TypeScript Pick Type works

The Pick utility Type lets us take types based off existing ones, by selecting specific elements from them. Let's look at how it works and when to use it.

22. The Coders' Handbook: Tools of the Trade

Git, debugging, testing, the terminal, Linux, the cloud, networking, patterns/antipatterns - what even is this mess? Don't worry we'll go through it from beginning to end (all the way, I promise) everything you need to know to collaborate proficiency with others.

23. How to Fetch API Data With RTK (Redux-Toolkit)

Learn how to fetch data with Redux toolkit.

24. Everything a self-taught developer shouldn't do

Over a decade ago I completely changed the trajectory of my life from becoming a lawyer to becoming a programmer. I learned from a C++ book then made some pathetic iOS apps for about 4-5 months. I then moved to Silicon Valley to start my career. I'm sure you're reading this thinking 'what a genius!', but sadly the truth is far from that. I'm definitely proud of what I've accomplished but often think about the missteps I made along the way and continue to make to this day.

25. 10 Anypoint Studio Shortcuts You Need To Know

Mulesoft anypoint studio tips and tricks, ease your integration development with the Mulesoft anypoint studio by using these shortcuts or making your own.

26. How to Keep Your Code SOLID

S.O.L.I.D principles are general guidelines for writing clean code in object-oriented programming

27. The package.json File Guide

If you work with or interact with a JavaScript project, frontend project or a node.js project you surely know about the package.json file.

28. Your Highly Practical, Resource-Filled Guide to Overcoming Coding Anxiety

Does programming sound like a stressful job for you? People believe it shouldn’t be since it seems all coders do is sit in front of the screen, typing. There are no life-or-death situations, no enormous responsibility compared to medicine, banking, or accounting. Technically speaking, software development should be one of the calmer jobs out there.

29. 6 Best Go Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

Learning Go and Black Hat Go are some of the best Go programming books based on their review scores.

30. Here's Why I Quit a 6-Figure GitHub Salary To Become a Solopreneur

Last week I left GitHub.

31. Cats Taking Over: How to Make a Random Cat Image Generator With React and Cat API

Easy guide to filling your life with (more) internet cats by making a random cat image generator with React and Cat API. If you prefer video format then I have already made a video on YT:

32. Your Guide to Becoming a Faster Programmer

33. Should You Become a Programmer ??

A lot of people are thinking about becoming programmers. Some, because they just like computers in general and think that coding should be a fun challenge for them, others maybe because they’ve heard that programmers have very high paying jobs. Either way, most people don’t know what are they going to work at a job as a programmer. Some think that it will be like in movies.

34. Turn Your IDE Into a Powerhouse for Laravel Development With These Plugins for PhpStorm

I will cover plugins that I use and recommend for your PhpStorm installation.

35. Shortcuts for Quick Key Command Formatting with ksc and Siri

Using a command line utility on iOS/iPadOS to translate natural language keyboard commands into symbolized format.

36. Git Tutorial: How to Easily Exclude Files During Git Add without Manual Entry

Every day we use the "git add" command a lot to add our changes to the index for new commits, but have you ever wondered how we can add all the changed files...

37. How to Remove Duplicates in Go Slices

Different ways to remove duplicates in slices in Go, a powerful language whose lack of tools makes learning this necessary if you want to make full use of it.

38. How to Achieve Immutable DTOs With C#

The story is about how to implement immutable DTOs with C#, both with the older method and with the newer 9 record reference type that recently came out

39. Use Type-in Programs to Teach Kids to Code

Type-in programs were big in the 80's. Virtually all computer magazines and books use to publish code listings in BASIC. Kids spent hours at a time to type-in the programs, debug them and see them run on their Commodore / Apple II or ZX-Spectrum computers.

40. 7 YouTube Channels That Make Programming/Web Development Simple

7 YouTube Channels to get started coding.

41. Git and GitHub Explained

A brief introduction to Git and Github, two services that the vast majority of developers are intimately familiar with thanks to how incredibly useful they are.

42. Beginning of a Programming Career

Many of us have various doubts like how to start a career in Programming?? I too had the same doubt .I had know one to guide for me. So, first I started to learn HTML and CSS which led the way for web development.

43. Discover the Pros and Cons of the top Web Development Languages

Choosing the correct language for web development can be difficult.

44. A Conversation with Roberto Ierusalimschy, Creator of Lua

Roberto Ierusalimschy, world-renowned creator of Lua, talks about creating the language and reflects on how it has affected the way he teaches his students.

45. What Is the Difference Between the Created and Mounted in Vue?

Both created and mounted seem to do the same thing in Vue, but there are differences. Let's look at when to use created and mounted in Vue.

46. Learning SQL Can Give You a Major Career Boost

Why learning SQL is a major career boost with LogicLoop

47. What are Unit Tests and Why Should You Write Them?

Unit tests might seem like a waste of time to a junior programmer, but they bring significant advantages with them such as faster checks that makes better code.

48. A Brief Guide on Typescript Discriminators

Very often we have use-cases where we would like to use a single type Union Type but still be sure about the properties inside them.

49. How to Insert Binary Tree in Rust

Let's learn interesting Rust concepts like smart pointers and ownership with a classic data structure and algorithm together.

50. A Bootcamp Won’t Make You an Engineer

A coding bootcamp does not mean you will have a successful career as a software engineer. But the coding journey can make you a better person. Here's why.

51. Is Java the Right Choice as a First Language to Learn?

In a world with billions of devices running on Java, I got rid of it in my curriculum and replaced it with Javascript. Here is why.

52. I Created 500+ Dev Questions and Launched a Quiz Platform 🏆🎉

53. A Picture Book Written in C Code

If you’re a programmer, you probably remember your first program as the classic Hello World program that outputs “Hello World!” to your display. The Hello World program is a nice, simple little program- but it’s BORING! Likewise for the numerous code examples for beginners that involve the variables i and j.

54. Understanding 'Git', 'Bash', and 'Git Bash'

Do you know when you install Git Bash on windows what exactly you are installing? Git or Bash? In this article, I will explain everything about them.

55. The Interconnection of Functional Interfaces in Java and Kotlin

Functional interface in kotlin and how to declare and use them in kotlin and java too

56. What Parents Need to Know to Teach Their Kids to Code

Learn the key steps to teaching your kids how to code.

57. 6 Best PHP Programming Books Ranked by Review Score

This list will rank PHP books based on their total number of reviews alongside their average 5-star rating.

58. Solving The Staircase Problem With Just 5 Lines

The staircase problem is a challenging and well-studied problem that may stump beginners. However, experienced developers can solve it in just five lines.

59. Python Tutorial: Recursive Function Debunked

This Python Tutorial about the Recursive Function outlines the basic principles and methods to use recursion as a method of automating your software.

60. Keeping Your Code in Monorepo -Pros and Cons

61. Minor Imperfections That Shout ‘Beginner Code'

Beginners may make functional code but they can still make small mistakes that can cause problems down the line and are obvious to more experienced programmers

62. What I Learned in My First Month of Web Development


63. Using a Script to Send Desktop Notifications from Your Linux Terminal

Send visual feedback and reminders from scripts, using notify-send and at commands on Linux. Also how to get MacOS to do it as well, through some jury-rigging.

64. How To Make Your Own Game in Python

Hi there !

65. One Small Step for You, One Big Step for Your IT Career

We all sometimes try taking on more significant tasks than we can deliver on—it stems directly from our human inability to evaluate complex tasks correctly.

66. Variables in Java: What They Are and How They Are Used

Instance variables or instance fields: these are variables declared inside a class without a static keyword, but outside a method, constructor, or code block.

67. REM and EM in CSS Explained

em and rem both are known as relative units in CSS. You've probably been using em and rem units now for a while already but might not know what they actually do

68. What is Big O in Web Development?

Big O is an Important tool in analyzing the efficiency of algorithms. In this article we explore its importance in web development.

69. How to Commit and Push a Blank Directory to Your Git Repository?

Usually, blank directories are not pushed when you commit and push new code to your repository. Let's look at how to push a blank directory to your git repo.

70. Debugging jsoup Java Code in Production

Scraping is a fragile discipline. As a workaround we often use a server. Debugging these issues is remarkably difficult. Or at least it was.

71. Why Learning to Code is Crucial For Growing Children

As children learn to code, they develop hard skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving while improving communication and managing time.

72. How to Set Default Value of Props in Vue?

Sometimes properties require default values to avoid code breaking errors when designing components in Vue. Let's look at how to give props default values.

73. What is Remix Framework and Why Use it for Ecommerce Websites?

E-commerce websites require a lot of complex functionality, such as dynamic routing, server-side rendering which can easily be done with Remix Framework.

74. 8 Free Online Games to Help You Learn Coding

One of the biggest problems that some people have is that they don’t know fun ways to learn to code, but with some free games which you will read in this articl

75. Checkers on React - Part 5 - Simple movement

Adding simple movement to Checkers made in React, part of a series on learning how to implement the systems ended to create a simple boardgame on React.

76. Useful Resources for Data Structure & Algorithm Practice

These four resources may be useful for learning about data structures and practicing making algorithms for your advanced programming needs in your work.

77. Understanding The Model View Controller Design Pattern

For entry-level, web development enthusiasts and beginners alike, understanding the Model View Controller architecture can at times be a daunting task. In a variety of cases, its usage and implementation in projects may be discouraging when getting your feet wet in the early stages.

78. Graph Databases, GraphQL and Dgraph [Tutorial]

In the first quarter of 2020, I had the experience of being in a short term advisory role for a company that had built a type of Linkedin product for a specific vertical market. They had done a valiant job, but it was clear that scalability was a problem and they had created a problem for themselves by having used MongoDB as the datastore.

79. Custom Progress Bar with Jetpack Compose Canvas API: Tutorial

Learn how to build a custom progress bar with jetpack compose canvas API in this tutorial by Ishan Khanna, covering basics like colors, placement and more.

80. 7 C# Tips for Beginners in Programming Language 

You may not believe that learning a programming language is easier than you imagine. However, it is! And we want to help you to start the way in IT via C#.

81. 7 Best Coding Apps For Kids that Help Gamify Programming

Most parents fail to provide their children with proper coding education because of a lack of coding courses in elementary school. Many parents don't have the ability to teach coding themselves. If you want your kids to stay up to date with modern education and are looking for a way to teach your kids the basics of computer programming and coding, check out some of these best coding apps for kids.

82. Understaning Chrome V8 - Chapter 23: Compiler Workflow Parse, AST, and Token

"Let's Understand Chrome V8" are serial technology articles that explain the V8 code, it covers many V8 kernel functions and fundamentals such as AST and Token

83. A Philosophy of "Learning By Doing"

Let's change the youth's perception of learning by doing.

84. Web Development: Teach yourself to Teach Yourself

Struggling to pick up Web Development? This article contains lots of advice you don't have time for or want to hear.

85. Learn the Fundamentals of React JS: A Guide for Beginners

This guide explains the basic fundamentals of ReactJS such as how it works with JavaScript which many beginners may find helpful as they learn the language.

86. Baltic Women In Tech To Watch

I’ve spent 10 years of my life while working as a stylist and fashion editor in the international fashion magazine L'Officiel. I've also just finished a fullstack program, and my friends are confused.

87. Hosting Your Web Development Projects For Free [A How-To Guide]

Many people (myself included) don’t host their personal projects, because it usually costs money, right? The thing is that those projects don’t matter if no one can see them. How are you going to prove someone that you’ve to build 3 real-world projects if he can’t see them? There is a solution for that, and that’s free hosting. In this article, I’ll give you a few best free hosting options that you can use to host your projects. Let’s get started!

88. How to Choose the Best Programming Language to Learn First

When I was first learning to code, I wanted to choose the right programming language. But as a beginner, I didn’t know how to evaluate which was the right one. So I turned to the internet. The internet had lots of opinions. After reading through articles with titles like “Why Python is the only language for beginners” and “If you want a job, learn JavaScript”, I had serious analysis paralysis. I just chose a popular one with a cool name: JavaScript.

89. Start Your C# Journey With This Guide

As new programmers, we all have to get started somewhere. If you're looking into C# and want to get learning, then this article focuses on all of the C# basics!

90. 6 Best Ruby Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

Learn to Program, Practical Object-Oriented Design, and Ruby for Beginners are the best Ruby books on the market according to review score.

91. Why Roblox is the C-64 of Our Time

Why Roblox Is the Commodore 64 of our time by giving kids the opportunity to learn how to start coding in the same way that the C-64 did for programmers.

92. Steps to Become a Front-end Developer

This article will help you to start a path to front-end development. In the last 10 year’s I didn’t pay any attention about programming and the way websites built. About 2 years ago, I started to spend more than 12 hours every day working as a remote tester for several platforms.

93. How To Learn Coding Basics By Creating Simple Games

You may have been grinding all those algorithms question on various platforms for your next interview, ever wonder when can we actually use them. Well, I got to finally see them in action while creating a board game called 8 Puzzle. It is played on a 3-by-3 grid with 8 square tiles labeled 1 through 8 and a blank square. Your goal is to rearrange the tiles so that they are in order. You can check out my implementation to get a better idea here.

94. Improving your experience with Criteria API using Builder pattern and JPA Static Metamodel - Part II

An extension for the Criteria API using Builder pattern and JPA Static Metamodel Generator to increase readability and reduce read complexity with explicitness

95. Setting Up .gitignore For Your JavaScript Project

Gitignore lets you give instructions to Git that makes it ignore name patters that you designate, making it possible for you to control the files tracked by it.

96. Build an Array from Scratch in Javascript

In the last post Arrays in JS, we learned about what arrays are, how we can store data in them and some methods which can be used on the array to get certain results.

97. Scrap Homework And Build Projects: Our Manifesto For Raising Lifelong Makers

Homework – Not again!

98. Things I wish I knew before Coding Bootcamp

I went to a coding bootcamp recently. These were the things I wish I knew before going, which would have helped me set MUCH more realistic expectations.

99. We Should All Learn How To Code, Period!

One day we will all be developers, won't be?

100. Why Kids Should Learn to Code and How to Get them Started

Coding not only gets kids to learn something new apart from the regular school curriculum but it improves the mathematical as well the logical thinking capacity

101. Meet the Holy Trinity of Functional Programming: Map, Filter, and Reduce

You've watched the Youtube videos, you've done the tutorials on Pluralsight and you consider yourself a Javascript expert.

102. How To Get Your Kids Coding: A Quick Guide for Moms & Dads

Coding for kids is one of the hottest topics among many parents and teachers right now. Here, I'll explain the benefits of learning to code at a young age.

103. "Code for 15 mins a day" and Other Tips To Become A Better Developer

I've read dozen of articles on how to become a better developer in the past year. So, to share what I've learned, here are 7 ways to become a better developer.

104. "SQL Will Help You Achieve Your Goals" - Jarosław Błąd, Vertabelo CEO

We spoke to Jarosław Błąd, CEO at Vertabelo about how he set up his website based around teaching people how to code using SQL and the motivations behind it.

105. 12 Websites to Take Your CSS Skills From Beginner to Pro

From comprehensive tutorials, to cheat sheets and code snippets—these sites will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to create beautiful, functional.....

106. How To Use The Linux Command Line

Learning the basics of the Linux Command Line helps users get the most out of their machine while streamlining the experience of using the open-source OS

107. 3 Things I Wish I Knew During College Placements

So, how many times do you feel like traveling back in the past and starting 'not from scratch' but at least tiptoeing safely from the mistakes you made.

108. Integrating Flyway With Spring Boot

Learn how to integrate FlywayDB to Spring boot application to help with adding database migration functionality to your Spring Boot project using Flyway.

109. The Unsung Peer-to-Peer Review

The benefits of peer-to-peer reviews accrue to both the organization and the individuals.

110. 25 Useful Websites Developers Don't Use Enough

There are many websites to make the work of developers easier, even if they are as basic as helping you share your code. Here are 25 useful websites for devs.

111. How To Start Learning To Code

Have you decided that you wanted to start coding, but you have no idea where to begin? Well, neither did I, and there's no shame in it. After some months of studying, I've realized the hardest part of coding is just starting (that phrase came too naturally to me, so I think I might have heard it somewhere else).

112. Detecting Linked List Cycle. (LeetCode)

Given head, the head of a linked list, determine if the linked list has a cycle in it.

113. Learn How to Pass Arguments to Events in Svelte in Just 4 Steps

It's common to want to add an argument or parameter to a function called in a Svelte event, but it doesn't work exactly how you'd think.

114. Should You Watch Tutorials To Become a Programmer

Tutorials are often the type of media that allows people to learn something the easiest way possible. Tutorials can be made about almost any topic because everything is easier to understand if there are both audio and video instead of just word that are wrote down.

115. Coding 101: Who is Json?

A.) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

116. Python for Beginners, Part 1: How to Download and Install Python

I will show you how to download and install Python in less than 2 minutes! We will be up and running super fast and get to working on some cool stuff. So what are you waiting for, let's get started!

117. Debugging Gson, Moshi and Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production

Parsing is a major source of production failures. Some are easy to track but some are insidious. Here's how you can debug them on the fly!

118. Checkers on React - Part 4 - Figures, Selection

Adding figures and selection to a version of Checkers made on React is reasonably simple if you know the basic steps of adding game logic into the language

119. Choosing the Best Beginner Programming Language

Without a doubt you've had to ask yourself, "What is the best beginner programming language?" if you're new to programming. This article will help you decide!

120. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Football Data Scraper

Scraping football data (soccer in the US) is a great way to build comprehensive datasets to help create stats dashboards. Check out our football data scraper!

121. Building Your Own Programming Language

In this article, I will explain how an interpreter works. If you want read the code before, just check the tiny-lang repository on Github.

122. Why People Use Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Even though graphical user interfaces have been around since the early 90s and are easier to use, many programmers still use the command line interface

123. Debugging Tutorial: Java Return Value, IntelliJ Jump to Line and more

Posted two new videos in the "140 Second Duckling" series. They cover some basic and some little known features of debuggers. Such as Object Marking

124. How To Check if a Javascript Object Contains all Keys in Array

Sometimes in Javascript we have an object which we need to check an object has a specific set of keys. Let's look at how that check is written and done.

125. The Magic of Iterators: Build Python range() in JavaScript

How to build the beloved Python range() in JavaScript by using Iterators.

126. I Plan to Learn Coding Before 2022: Here's How

During the application process for this online class, I first discovered what programming was all about. So I started researching how to learn to code.

127. Mentor Vs. Developer: The Best Option to Hire When You Want to Launch Your Dream Project

Mentor or Developer: The best option when you want to kickstart your dream project or your career in coding.

128. Why You Need to Learn Multiple Programming Languages

Why do computer science curriculums require you to learn more than one programming language? Here's the answer.

129. Secrets of Reverse Programming: Learn Coding Faster

How to start Programming? Nope, there is a lot of articles on internet related with this topic, so I am not going to say same things to you because I will show you secrets of Reverse Programming

130. The Benefits of Attending College Online

While some will never reach for a higher level of education after high school graduation, there are those who wish they could go to college, yet they don’t think it possible. For one reason or another, they know they could never physically attend classes. The development of attending college online has made it possible for almost anyone to get a college diploma. Here are seven benefits to online schooling.

131. Why Do You Need a Cancellation Token in C# for Tasks?

The algorithm how and when you should use cancellation tokens for tasks in c# to use cooperative cancellation when working on parallel computing projects.

132. 9 Step Solution to Escape Tutorial Hell Permanently

Tutorial hell is real and it is very common for newbie developers to fall into it. Check out these 9 steps to escape tutorial hell permanently.

133. How I Built a Simple Report Card Program in Java

Learn How to make a simple Report Card System in Java, which will accept 2 subjects but later it will be updated to 15 subjects.

134. Step-by-Step Guide To Web Development In 2022

With every year, more technology is developed, meaning that there are new ways to code websites. This is how to start web development in 2022 in a simple way.

135. Vue: How To Use The Teleport Command

The Vue teleport tool can be used to move parts of templates around which is useful when components do not appear where we expect and need to be relocated.

136. Every Link I Wish I Had When I First Started Coding

When I first decided I wanted to do programming professionally I was at the end of a Biology degree. My exposure to programming was a statistical analysis unit in the R programming language, and I left it more interested in the programming behind it, than the Biological data I was analysing.

137. How the TypeScript NonNullable Type Works

The NonNullable type is a utility type in TypeScript which creates a new type, whilst removing all null or undefined elements.

138. How to Learn Python Without Information Overload

For everyone who doesn't know who I am - hello, I am Casey and I'm a full-stack developer.  Many people, friends, and family mostly, have come to me over the years wanting to learn how to code and wanted me to teach them.

139. Learn How to Stop Tracking Files After Adding It to .gitignore in 4 Steps

When a file is tracked, adding it to .gitignore will not cause it to go untracked. Learn how to untrack a file that you have recently added to .gitignore.

140. Writing a Simple MVC (Model, View, Controller) App in Vanilla Javascript

While working on my front-end skills I wanted to see what implementing the MVC pattern could look like in a simple vanilla Javascript app.

141. Sending Emails in PHP

In this article, we’re going to help you painlessly configure the mail function in your application.

142. How to Learn Python Without Any Programming Background

You are not a programmer. You have zero coding experience. You probably consider yourself “not a math person”. So let’s find out how you can learn Python, even if you’ve never had any exposure to a programming language.

143. Can You Get A Developer Job With HTML And CSS Only?

When I was just learning web development and only knew HTML and CSS, I wasn’t applying for any job, because most of the people told me that you can’t get a developer job with just HTML and CSS. In this article, I’ll analyze that a little bit better and maybe try to prove it wrong.

144. How to Encrypt and Decrypt with NodeJS

A simple tutorial to learn Encryption in NodeJS.

145. Programming Concepts for Non-programmers. Explained.

We use programming concepts in everyday life more often than you think. Here're some programming concepts explained for Non-programmers.

146. The Lessons We Learned From Moving to Recoil.js

The many tips and tricks that we learned when we switched to Recoil.js and how the change affected how we handled React state management for our product

147. The One Config to Rule Them All

Goplicate - An epic tale about a developer trying to maintain dozens of project config files and finding the one config to bind them and rule them all.

148. These are the best Courses to Learn New Java Features from JDK 8 to JDK 13

There are many useful features introduces from Java 8 to Java 13 like lambda expressions, Stream API, New Date, and Time API, Creating Immutable Lists, var for storing local variables without types, String in switch case, Text Block and many more.

149. How to Create Your First Ruby on Rails Application in No Time

If you are a beginner, you should know that Ruby on Rails is a framework that helps you build web applications.

150. An Introduction to 140 Second Ducklings: What is Debugging?

I’m launching a new twitter video series that will focus on teaching the concepts of debugging (and other concepts) in small video bites this is the first video

151. How I Got 15,000+ Requests on My Learn to Code App in Less Than 24 Hours!

It was a warm evening in April in the northern plains of India, I was sitting at my desk with a slight discomfort for I could not figure out the solution of a Foobar Level 4 problem because well, my high school was closed ( still is! ).

152. Building An In-memory Database in Go

Building an in-memory database in golang is a basic task that you are likely to have to do. It needs you to make a database and a table before organising.

153. Introduction to Mocha Testing Framework

Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser.

154. An Introduction to API Gateways

Understanding what API Gateways are, how they differ from a reverse proxy & load balancer and their use in a microservices environment

155. 11 Useful Tips for Learning Programming

Information technology has undoubtedly changed our world for good. With so much around us getting automated and heavy dependence on computer and internet has actually made programming a sought-after career opportunity for many. You can do front end programming like Web Design, backend programming or even go full stack.

156. 5 Cool Python Project Ideas For Inspiration

In the past few years, the programming language that has got the highest fame across the globe is Python. The stardom Python has today in the IT industry is sky-high. And why not? Python has got everything that makes it the deserving candidate for the tag of- “Most Demanded Programming language on the Planet.” So, now it’s your time to do something innovative.

157. How to Make Whatsapp Clone in React Native: A Beginner’s Guide [Part 1]

How I made a WhatsApp Clone using react-native (Expo) and FireBase.

158. I'm Too Old to Learn to Code, Right?

Coding is for kids. At least that’s what some people say. But is there room for adults to learn too? Of course there is, find out more.

159. What is Scala and Should it be Your First Programming Language?

In the early 2000s, the future of Java looked doubtful. Other programming languages had emerged, and Java no longer looked as attractive as it once had, even though it was still very widely used.  Along came Scala.

160. How to Understand Source Code and Delve Deep into the Codebase

Learn a new codebase by diving into it with debuggers to understand the full extent of internal semantics & interactions within the project.

161. Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java

What are autoboxing and unboxing, and where are they taking place in your code.

162. The Path of a Self-Taught Developer

Acquiring a new skill is good but knowing exactly which path to take in advance is best. For every decision taking to learn something new, there is always this “where” or “what” question. Where will I start, what should I do, where will I get material, what so ever be the case there is always a “where” or “what” question. Knowing exactly which path to take as a newbie in technology is almost impossible unless you follow a strict guide from a mentor or any other source. This article is more like a guide through the walk of a self-taught web developer.

163. Going From Not Being Able To Code To Deep Learning Hero

A detailed plan for going from not being able to write code to being a deep learning expert. Advice based on personal experience.

164. The All-Purpose Programmer: Episode 1 - "Hello World"

I love to learn, I love to code. I'm on a journey to learn (at least the basics of) several new languages to enhance my resume. Join me!

165. Higher-Order Functions Explained

Whether you are a beginner or a 10x developer, chances are that you have used the methods of the Array Object. The methods in the Array Object are classified into two different categories. One category takes a value as arguments( string, integer, array, object) and another category takes a function as arguments. l

166. Disrupt Founder Tony Delgado Launches Coding Bootcamp In Puerto Rico

Tony Delgado is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, and tech entrepreneur who has started multiple online and software-based businesses. He is the founder of Disrupt, an online media, and education company that has leveraged the power of social media and technology to transform the lives of the students all throughout Latin America. Tony is on a humanitarian mission to help the 3 million people who live on the island of Puerto Rico, by teaching the principles of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He thinks the word "nerd" should be considered a curse word in school, as it shames kids from being smart and excelling in life. He wants to change young people's mindsets and make them become open-minded and have a different view of technology and the opportunities it contains.

167. Making Your Links Look Pretty With CSS: Practicum Coding Bootcamp

A professional-looking site is all about the details: the colors, the graphics, the subtle elements, and the overall look and feel. In this project, I’ll show you how to make beautiful, elegant, and professional-looking links that can help your website stand out.

168. A Basic Introduction to Event Handling in Svelte for Beginners

Events are a crucial element to a well designed and interactive application experience. Let's get started with events in Svelte, and look at how they work.

169. The Dummies Guide to Earning While Learning Web3: 12+ Learn to Earn Platforms

This article will teach you different Web3 learning platforms where you can earn while learning diverse topics, including crypto, Web3 development, and DeFi.

170. Deploying Ethereum Smart Contracts via Remix IDE

Deploying a smart contract to the Ethereum Network is not as complicated as the process may appear. You only need to finish eight steps to get yours online.

171. A Basic Guide to Event Handling in Vue

Events are an important part of any framework, and Vue is no exception. Let's look at how events work in Vue in this cheatsheet.

172. Your Kids Should Start Coding Early and Here's Why

There are good reasons to believe that children that explore code early can develop more complex thinking processes.

173. "It Just Happened On Its Own" Franck Jones, Node Chronicles, On Their Unexpected Preorder Wave

Interview w/ co-creator Franck Jones on a new comic book series that teaches computer science & electrical engineering. Episode #1, The Hacker Way (on Amazon).

174. How I Created My First Google Sheets Add-On and Why You Should Try It Too

In this article, I'll share my story of how I created my first Google Sheets add-on.

175. How to Find Open Source Projects for Beginners

I think, fundamentally, open source does tend to be more stable software. It's the right way to do things. - Linus Torvalds

176. Don't Make These 5 Golang Mistakes

These are mistakes that I’ve made writing Go. Although these might not cause any sort of error but they can potentially affect the software.

177. Modernizing Legacy Code in Production

Rewriting apps is easy. Doing it while preserving compatibility... That's a bit hard. Doing it live in production. That's the big challenge!

178. If You Think 100 Days of Code is Hard: Try One Game a Month Challenge

A popular challenge that beginner programmers participate in is called 100 Days of Code. Although I never participated in it myself, I see countless tweets with screenshots and progress reports of people sharing bits of apps they made. 100 Days of Code is a great way to keep people in the programmer mindset. It gets them familiar with what it is like to code every day. Still, I wonder if it is the best approach for everyone.  For them, One Game a Month could be a great alternative.

179. Getting started with Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is becoming increasingly popular as its applications expand. But how can one learn it? Here is how to get started with Quantum Computing.

180. Pros and Cons of Coding Bootcamps

Now everything about coding is accessible for learning at home, yet many people still head off to schools to learn it. Software development is a colossal, complex subject, and has various complexities and nuances that an average person would be not capable comprehend with no assistance. In any case, with the help of world-class educators and graduate TAs who have a pleasant foundation, they make the learning procedure significantly less complex.

181. Software Design Patterns Explained

Software design patterns have been used to package solutions to many common design conundrums. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks to consider.

182. 6 Best Rust Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

This list will cover books that primarily focus on Rust. It also won’t take into account separate editions of books.

183. Computer Science Degrees: Are they Worth Getting in 2021?

Is a computer science degree worth it? For me, partially. For you? You tell me.

184. Folder Structure of Angular Applications

Today we are discussing another angular topic which is the folder structure of angular applications.

185. 7 Useful Tips for HTML & CSS Rookies

When learning a new skill, at first you might get intimidated. That intimidation can grow to become frustration which can then lead to a lack of motivation. You must stay motivated when learning something new, especially in demanding areas like web development.

186. The Essential Guide to HTTP

In this article, you are going to learn what HTTP is, What Sessions are, and their usage, The Request-Response cycle and another fundamental concepts.

187. Machine Learning 101: How And Where To Start For Absolute Beginners

This post covers all you will need for your Journey as a Beginner. All the Resources are provided with links. You just need Time and Your dedication.

188. Before You Start Learning to Code, Read This.

How to get started with software development, the easy way.

189. How To Create React Apps From Scratch: [Part 1 - Setting Up]

Since React is currently one of the most in-demand front-end technology, I have decided to start a course series that intends to show you how to create the React js app from scratch to finish.

190. A CSS Property That Every Web Designer must Know

I am Javier, a guy starting in this world of web development. My background is the filmmaking business, especially the video edition. I am writing this article to help guys like me that are learning web development or everyone that considers the design or the “look” of a webpage one of their passions. Back in my days of video-editor, one cool thing that I found in the software video and design editors was the ability to blend two images or more in order to display better. So if you just put an image in a given color background you can start to discover how the different values can make interesting looks.

191. How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2020

A lot of people want to become web developers. Some of them are passionate about computers and they want to try programming, some of them are wanting to find a higher paying job or something else. It doesn’t matter why you want to learn web development, but the thing that matters is how are you learning it. If you are learning everything by yourself, you’ll probably be struggling, because you don’t know the right way. That’s why I’ve created this article.

192. Train Your Own Neural Network

These days, using Machine-Learning and particularly Deep-Learning solutions to solve many technical challenges has become a norm.

That’s mainly thanks to having access to unprecedented volumes of data, hardware advancements, and academic progress.

Many problems are tackled by modeling Neural-Networks, feeding them with tons of data, and consequently they “learn” and turn artificially “smarter”.

While we, humans, are still smarter than our computers - we do suffer from an inferior processing speed of information.

We can’t read a million books over throughout our lifetime.

193. Should You Learn Javascript in 2021?

So, you want to learn programming but you’re unsure what programming language to learn, This is a position that every programmer has been in at some point.

194. 6 Best SQL Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

SQL Practice Problems and SQL for Dummies are some of the best SQL programming books on the market based on review score.

195. 5 Things I Wish I Knew When Learning to Code

From dropping out of college at the young age of 20 to co-founding a deep-tech startup, the last 5 years have made for a convoluted and enlightening journey. All this while, coding has been a constant positive in my life.

196. 12 Fun Challenges to Learn React Native

So you want to learn React Native? Here's 12 exercises to that will help you do that.

197. Validate Binary Search Tree Blind 75 LeetCode Question

Given the root of a binary tree, determine if it is a valid binary search tree (BST

198. Get the Return Type of a Function in Typescript Using ReturnType

The ReturnType utility Type in TypeScript lets us take the outputs of a function, and codify a new type based on that. Let's look at how it works.

199. Python for Beginners, Part 14: E-1 Circle of Squares

Learn how to write a function that makes a circle of squares!

200. Python for Kids: A Fun and Easy Guide to Learning the Popular Programming Language

Programming languages are created to give computers instructions, just the same way your parents use the English Language to give you instructions to do a thing

201. 6 Best JavaScript Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

When it comes to programming on the web, very few languages can measure up to the immense popularity of JavaScript. Countless websites make use of JavaScript for the user experience, making its appearance on the Internet almost universal. Even if programmers never learn another language in their life, they can still make incredible use out of this one. Both newcomers and experienced programmers will want to check out these 6 best JavaScript programming books ranked by Amazon reviews.

202. How I Went From Forensic Officer to Programmer

My post will help you to start work from home by teaching you to become a Software Development.

203. Simple Steps to Get a Web3 Developer Job

The world of work is changing, and more and more businesses are looking for employees with web3 skills. Here is where you can find job openings online.

204. To Infinity and Beyond: Java Developer Roadmap

So how long does it take to learn Java? Ten years, ten weeks, or one day? Maybe your whole life? You may find very peculiar answers to this question on some online forums. Let’s make it clear from the very beginning. In this article “to know Java” doesn’t mean you can write “Hello world program”. It is about knowing Java well enough to find your first job.

205. Benefits of Pair Programming

As the name implies, pair programming is where two developers work using only one machine. Each one has a keyboard and a mouse. One programmer acts as the driver who codes while the other will serve as the navigator who will check the code being written, proofread and spell-check it, while also figuring out where to go next. These roles can be switched at any time the driver will then become the navigator and vice versa. Though my experience in an online school, we did remote pair programming which we had 2 sets of computers and the navigator had to share their screen for the driver to see and vice versa.

206. A Comparison Of The Best Desktops vs Laptops For Coding

Every programmer who is buying a new computer will ask themselves, ‘Should I buy a desktop or a laptop for coding’? Also, what computer should I buy if I also want to do other things besides coding, like playing games?

207. How to fix the Python TypeError: ‘int’ Object is not Iterable

The Python TypeError: 'int'object is not interable is a common error that can be caused by using a loop without the range() method. It can be easily fixed.

208. Treasure Hunt: 5 Juicy Repos on GitHub

209. "The best advice I ever gave was the gift of a book on how to learn programming" #Noonies2021

We built Reintech to remove barriers between Ukrainian software developers and Western companies experiencing a lack of local engineering talent.

210. You Cannot Learn Coding without Problem-Solving Skills

In a sea of options available to learn computer science, Learnly might be the right fit for you.

211. My Journey to Become a Web Developer


212. How to Learn Any Programming Language

All it takes to master any programming language is the right learning plan.

213. How to Build Your First NodeJS Server with ExpressJS

Initialize the project:

214. How to Check if a Graph is Bipartite in C++

The problem of determining whether a graph is bipartite or not is important in interviews, and it also helps in solving real-life problems

215. What is a Full Stack Developer and How Do You Become One?

A full stack developer is an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients.

216. When To Start Applying For Web Developer Jobs

When I was in the process of learning web development, I was always thinking to myself: “Am I ready to start applying for jobs”, “How many things do I need to know before I start applying for jobs”, “When should I start applying for jobs”. These are probably one of the most important questions in your web development career and ones most people struggle with.

217. What You Need To Learn to Become a Full Stack Developer from Zero

I worked in marketing and data analysis. After a long time, I decided to change career and leave my 8 to 5 job, to pursue a remote job and start a business of my own. After this point, it's difficult to decide where to look for information and what language to start learning first. If you don’t have any previous knowledge this could be an impediment to continue with your goal. And a waste of your time trying to find the right resources to start.

218. How to Add Icons and Splash Screen in React Native (Without Library)

Today, I faced the following challenge at my internship: to modify/implement a splash screen and an icon for the project I am working on.

219. Master JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Dynamic, Interactive Web Pages

This blog post discusses JavaScript, its role, features and frameworks that are at a developer’s disposal. Read on to know more…

220. I Just Finished a Coding Bootcamp... Was It Worth It?

Long story short: F*ck Yes!

221. Why Should you Learn the Leo Programming Language

New language for web3 private applications

222. Using HTML And CSS To Create An Image Slider

In this section, we learn how to create an image slider using HTML and CSS that would be great on the front page of your website as a visual element.

223. My Top-Rated Java Tutorials for Coding Newbies

Why Java?

224. Learn in Public: My First Time Writing Code

Two weeks ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to write my very first code. The opportunity came in form of a series of exercises I had to complete during my application to participate in a free online class on programming.

225. Is Paying to Learn Java 'Playing the Fool'?

Find out what time is the right time to switch from free online education to one you pay for.

226. Learn To Code in 30 Days: My Personal Journey

Learning how to code is something I’ve thought about doing for some time but always found an excuse for putting it off. Then the pandemic happened, flipping my schedule upside-down. If I was serious about wanting to learn, then this was the perfect opportunity. It was time for my next 30-day challenge.

227. How to Use Rest Parameters in JavaScript

This short article will cover Rest parameters and how to use them in JavaScript programming.

228. The Dangers of False Interpretations When Using the Promises API

JavaScript Promises have an API that can lead to incorrect interpreting of potential results by developers. This is how it works and how to avoid the error.

229. A Beginner's Introduction to the Python Programming Language

Python is a language known for being modular. It has an extensive standard library and its simple to use syntax facilitates coding in the language.

230. Shrinking for Easier Debugging - Property-Based Testing (Part 3)

An explanation and short implementation of how shrinking works in property-based testing

231. Debugging Collections, Streams and Watch Renderers

Inspecting the data in the watch quickly is key to a fast and effective debugging session. Here's how you can see the data that's important instantly!

232. Why The CCIE is My Favorite Intro Level Certification

The CCIE certification has two other key benefits beyond opening the door to a deeper appreciation of the knowledge continuum in its area of expertise.

233. Coding Games and Websites to Help You Learn Programming

The biggest question you should ask yourself before read further is "What is coding?". So coding is the process of assigning a code to something for classification or identification.

234. How To Choose The Best Programming Course

If are like most people, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on something that may not even work. The same principle goes with the programming courses. These days there are so many of them, and most people, who are beginners don’t know which one they should pick. Most of them end up spending more time and money than they needed.

So, in this article, I am gonna point out all the things that you need to know to choose the best programming course for your needs. I am going to list courses that will suit your goals the best and will have the best bank for the buck and also save you a quite lot of time. Let’s go!

235. 31 Lessons Learned From 10,000 Hours of Programming

Well, I'm certainly not a world-class expert, but I have put my 10,000 hours of deliberate practice into programming.

236. 5 Reasons why you should go to a coding bootcamp

I went to a coding bootcamp recently. These are the reasons why I went and considerations I took when deciding to go.

237. Don't Panic, Just Make a Plan to Learn to Code

If you are a beginner and trying to learn how to code during the situation we are currently living in, and have no idea where to start let me share with you how I have been doing it.

238. Top 5 Online Courses to Learn Python in 2023— Best of Lot

How to become a Python Programmer in 2020?

239. I Cloned a Youtube Page to Learn HTML & CSS, And It Was Awesome

My new year's resolution this year was to land a remote job as a web developer. I'm glad to say that, so far, I've been very fortunate!

240. 10 Common Behavioral Mistakes Novice Programmers Make

The mistakes of novice programmers, those who are just learning or just starting to work, are very similar to each other. Many of them can be called not mistakes, but behavioral features, stages all beginners go through. We as Java course creators are interested in this topic, so we interviewed opinion leaders and collected the most common, in their view, examples of such behavioral errors in order to … shorten their duration for future software developers. If you start noticing such behavioral mistakes early and try to fix them, your path to mastery will be shorter and your work will be more efficient.

241. Competitive Programming - An Introduction

Competitive Programming is an art form. It is creative problem solving at its finest, a combination of hard analytical thinking and creativity. Competitive programmers use their knowledge of algorithms and data structures and logical reasoning skills to solve challenging algorithmic problems in a limited time frame.

242. How I learned Flutter and How you Can Too...

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

243. Learn Java with These Mobile Apps

Java is a solid choice of a programming language to learn in case you have no prior tech background.

244. A Shortcut From Coding Courses to Job Offers

Learning to program can be frustrating if you’re not sure you’re headed in the right direction. How do you know you’re making real, legitimate progress? Is it when you’ve earned a certification? Completed an online course?

245. Learning to Code: Print Nodes at Distance K From Node

We have an arbitrary binary tree, a node of that tree, and also an integer: 'K.'

246. The Basics of Breakpoints you Might not Know

We work with debuggers practically every day & yet so much remains unknown. We’re operating this complex tool while using 4 or 5 basic features...

247. How To Create An Onboard Screen In Android and IOS with Flutter?

Create an onboard screen with smooth animations in Flutter for both Android and iOS. Use shared preference to onboard only once, saving you and your users time.

248. Python for Beginners, Part 5: Variables

We will discover what are variables in this video. How is data stored into variables and then how you can retrieve it later for easier access. We will look at all this through a visualization using the Turtle library from Python.

249. Top 3 Free Resources to Learn Django in 2022

This blog post provides an introduction to the Django framework as well as a handpicked list of free resources to learn this framework.

250. Learning How To Code The Old Fashioned Way

There are a ton of articles written to help new programmers build their skills and succeed in a fast-changing and high-paying industry. The ability to learn new and complex things quickly is key to succeeding in the tech industry, which is always changing at a fast pace. One day the language or framework that you are using will go out of style and eventually you’ll need to pick up a new skill set.

251. Python for Beginners, Part 8: Function Arguments

Let's see how functions accept multiple arguments, or parameters, or inputs. Those are interchangeable terms.

252. Why Should You, in Fact, Become a Software Developer

There are a million and two reasons why you should study computer programming but let’s break it down into four simple ones.

253. Best Practice in CSS: Organisation and Naming Conventions

I've been writing code for over three years. I have always asked myself about the good practices and how I could make my code more readable, understandable, easy to maintain and to be handled by other developers.

254. 7 Top Programming Languages To Learn in 2021

The software development industry is flourishing, and the best part is it pays off well! There has been always the demand for good and qualified software developers and that is the reason why more and more people are learning codes as it is the most appealing career option. However, with the new skills, technologies, and programming languages coming up in the industry, developers are finding it difficult to understand the ways to start.

255. Python for Beginners, Part 2: Hello World Exercise

We cover the most basic 'hello world' exercise! This will be fun and now you are on your way to an exciting journey!

256. Learn To Code With Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

Classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales are translated into Python code in my upcoming picture book that teaches Python programming to beginners.

257. Python for Beginners, Part 9: Loops

In this one, we explore the concept of looping constructs, visually, in computer programming.

258. How to Build a Parser in Rust for Fun and Profit

Learn how to build a parser in Rust in an afternoon with memes

259. Your First Steps to Becoming a Programmer

Let’s discover the most interesting and effective sources to learn programming and make the start for a bright new career.

260. Minimum Java Knowledge Requirements for Your First Coding Job

What does a potential Java junior need to know to get their first job or even qualify for a trainee position in a good company? What tools will help a Java programmer reach the next level? Which technologies should you study, and which ones are better to hold off on?

261. Essential Algorithms: The Quick Sort

The Quick Sort is an interesting algorithm and a favorite among software engineers, with some unique advantages and quirks worth looking into. Quick Sort can be highly efficient, often outperforming Merge Sort, although certain cases can make it behave slowly like Bubble Sort. As always, we'll jump in first with a broad-strokes overview of how this particular algorithm works before exploring the finer points about why it behaves the way it does.

262. How To Get Better at Kubernetes

Here are some operators and advanced use cases for them to help you level up your Kubernetes game and to get even better at programming with that language.

263. HTML & CSS: A Basics Guide and Introduction

This post will help beginners who are just starting up with programming to solve problem with understanding HTML & CSS. By the end of this article you should be able to understand some key concepts of both HTML & CSS.

264. Python for Beginners, Part 15: Solution Circle of Squares (Exercise)

Let's go over the solution of how to create a circle out of squares, the exercise which I gave you in the last tutorial.

265. Debugging with Exception Breakpoints in Java

Dial up your debugging skills to 11 by leveraging some of the lesser known capabilities for debugging highly complex systems such as filters & wildcards

266. Introduction to Scripting Languages

You may be surprised to know that there are around 700 programming languages invented throughout the days of computers. Corresponding to 6500 human speaking languages. Even though that's not near that number but learning another language is no easy feat.

267. How I Switched From My Traditional Career Path to a Tech-Savvy Software Developer

Just a short story about how I switched my career path to software development.

268. Python for Beginners, Part 12: Lists of Things

Let's talk about the list data structure of python and discuss why it's so wonderful.

269. 20 Fun DIY Java Projects To Fine Tune Your Skillset

This is a rundown of amazing Java project ideas that will set off your career in programming. Given, there are dozens of projects that could help you learn or perfect some basic or complex Java tasks. But if you are a beginner who is rather skeptical about venturing out on your own, the projects in this mini-guide have been handpicked specifically for you.

270. What Adding display: flex Does

display: flex will change the way that your text will appear when rendered based on how you set its behavior and how large the box it is placed in is.

271. 4 Ways to Hack a Career in Code, Faster

Learning to program can be brutal. You never know if you’re learning the right things, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by how much content there is to learn. That brings up a good thought: How do you know when you’ve learned enough to start applying for jobs?

272. Python for Beginners, Part 13: Append List-Method

Let's talk about the append method of a list and how it works

273. Best 16 Websites to Learn Programming in 2020

So, you’ve chosen the programming language to learn and decided to start browsing all over the Internet looking for a course that will satisfy your requirements. That’s where you may encounter a problem because there are tons of great resources on the web to help newbies learn coding from nothing. The question is: which one to choose?

274. Steal Like a Pro: Learn Java by Using Code Examples

Hello, everyone! I am Johnny, senior Java developer and … I am a code thief—indeed, an old offender in this area. But guess what’s the best part: It’s not a crime!

275. Practical tasks for JavaScript interview

Practical tasks like phrase reverse, event loops and using keywords are likely to be used to test you if you are applying to a job that uses Javascript.

276. Build an Easy Desktop app With Electron

Creating your desktop app can be easy with Electron. You can build cross-platform applications that work in any OS without too much trouble by using Electron.

277. Learning to Program in Java? Here's How Long it Will Take

Are you about to start coding and gravitate towards an easy, reliable programming language that can be learned in a short time and used for creating a plethora of applications and programs? If yes, you just can’t go wrong with Java. But how long does it take to learn Java to become proficient in it? To estimate the approximate time you may need, let’s answer some essential questions.

278. How to Build a Model Train Calculator the Right Way

Using Javascript to build a calculator for the cost of assembling model trains by combining API functions and a Wordpress site to streamline the process.

279. Is it Easy to Learn Java if You Already Know JavaScript?

Knowing several programming languages is trendy today and I am often approached by my students with requests like How long does it take to learn Java?

280. 13 Free/Low-Cost Sites to Supercharge Your Programming Self-Education

Although we still talk about programming as a standalone career, the dominance of technology in our lives makes it clear that coding is much more than a career path. In my opinion, computer science is more than a college major or a high-paid job; it’s a skill, essential for thriving in a modern-day economy.

281. Python for Beginners, Part 16: Dictionaries

Let's talk about yet another fascinating data structure known as dictionaries. Ever wondered how your iPhone stores phone numbers and then allows for simple and efficient lookups? Well, no need to wonder anymore after you watch this video!

282. Code a Java Game with (almost) Zero Coding Skills

Everyone, well, almost everyone, loves video games. So even if you are not going to be a professional game developer or just don’t know for sure, to learn a programming language through practice and creating your own video game project is an excellent idea. Furthermore, it could be a good motivation for your learning.

283. It’s Time to Start Learning Coding: Top 20+ Best Websites To Learn Programming in 2020

I’m sure many of us are wondering how to stay a relevant professional in the post-pandemic world. One of the ways, obviously, is learning to program. Now that the industry is at the 21% growth rate (higher than that of any other field), it’s clear that the demand for good developers is not going anywhere.

284. Wake Up With a Cup of Java: 10+ Practice Projects for Your Programming Career Prospects

So, you’ve started to learn Java programming and wonder how to make the learning process faster and boost your career prospects. But what about practice?

285. Learn or Die: Turn your Learning into a Routine

First, write down your small knowledge source catalog of various personal and company blogs, articles, podcasts, and newsletters.

286. 15 Books for Computer Science Students

In this article, I am going to discuss 15 Recommended Books For Computer Science Students

287. 40 Best Websites to Learn Programming Online Right Now

If you’re new to coding, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a ton of great resources on the web to help brand new programmers learn programming from scratch. In fact, some of the best programmers in the industry are autodidacts with no formal degree in computer science.

288. 9 Types of Essential Tools for Every Web Developer

As the web gets more complex, the demands on developers grow in turn. These are 9 essential tools that every web developer should use in their processes.

289. Common Java Learning Mistakes To Avoid

Are you stuck in the learning root, or do you feel like your Java study doesn’t bring the results you’re craving for? If so, you’re not alone.

290. HTML Fundamentals: How To Get Started [Part 1]

If you are here to begin your journey to become a full-stack developer, understanding the basics of HTML will be your first stepping stone. Or if you are here to simply learn how to build an awesome website of your own, I have got your back. This could be used as an ultimate HTML cheat sheet for beginners.

291. The Hacker in the Second Renaissance

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating”, Oscar Wilde.

292. 8 Best Java Online Courses for Beginners and Experienced Programmers

If you are a computer science graduate or a programmer who wants to learn Java and looking for some awesome resources like books, tutorials, and online courses then you have come to the right place.

293. What Programming Languages Should I Learn? A Multi-Language Approach To Career Development

Are you just taking your first step into web development, and you want to learn programming? Discover the benefits of learning more than one coding language.

294. Python for Beginners, Part 19: Conditionals and Control Flow

Let's cover conditionals and control flow! This includes your Boolean logic combined with Boolean operators combined with if then type of statements!

295. Python for Beginners, Part 17: Boolean Algebra Jiu-Jitsu

Let's talk about the most important thing in programming... BOOOOOOOLEAN ALGEBRA. Hmm... Is that a True statement OR False? Watch the video AND find out... Or NOT... Up to you.

296. Python for Beginners, Part 18: Logical AND, OR, NOT

Let's cover logical AND, OR & NOT..

297. A Simple Introduction to CSS Animation

Moving objects attract more attention and add a flavor to the page, CSS animation is a feature in CSS that allows animating DOM element without using any javascript or flash plugins, in this article, we will introduce all the properties related to animations.

298. Tutorial: How To Use CSS Position Property

I am a student that recently commenced studying HTML and CSS. I was eager to learn how to apply the styles in the way I see foremost visually appealing as today’s standards.

299. How to Write Your First PHP Code

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and is a widely-used, open source server-side scripting language.

300. How To Start Becoming A Programmer

To become one of these in-demand professionals, you need to know how to learn to program.

301. Python for Beginners, Part 11: String Slicing

Let's discuss string slicing and you'll know how string slicing is an amazing aspect of python programming.

302. Python for Beginners, Part 20: For Loops

Let's talk about 'for' loops and why they are so important! Anything that requires repetition. 'For' loops are your friends!

303. Simple Advice on How To Complete That Never Ending Task

Faced with a mind numbing, insurmountable challenge, you stare at your screen, thinking of all the hours that are about to slip by you as you chip away at the never ending task you’ve been set.

304. 6 Best Java Programming Books Ranked By Review Scores

Java: The Complete Reference, Head First Java, and Effective Java are the best Java programming books on the market today according to their review scores.

305. The Ensuing Battle Between Python vs. .Net Continues

C# and Python are two of the most popular languages with C# being widely used in business applications, while Python is more flexible and easier to learn.

306. Teach Yourself Java: Where to Begin

All languages are “tools” for solving numerous problems. However, there is one that can be considered a star choice — Java (though some would argue for Python).

307. Recommended Java Practice Platforms for Your 10,000 Hours

The more you do something the better outcomes you gradually get. This common knowledge applies to Java programming as well.

308. 10 Ways Stand Out as a Java Developer and Land that Dream Job

If you’re the one who’s stuck asking yourself “What should I learn to stand out as a Java developer?”, this blog post can help you figure things out.

309. What it’s Really Like to Work as a Front-end Developer

Being a successful developer goes beyond your title - you need to have a good mix of technical and soft skills. Indeed Design Developer, James Zhang, shares what it's really like to work as a Front-end Developer.

310. How Do I Start Learning Programming if I Don't Know Where to Start?

Software development is a challenging and lucrative career option. Our daily utility items — light bulbs, televisions, cars, banking, shopping — everything is driven by intelligent pieces of codes.

311. Python for Beginners, Part 6: Strings

Let's discuss the strings primitive data type and it means. This will answer the question of what's the difference between variables and strings.

312. Python Tutorial: How to Make API Requests

Python is in the midst of a resurgence. It never went away, but usage now grows like never before. With machine learning developers and data scientists relying on Python, much of the web development ecosystem around the language continues to grow.

313. How to Learn Java Effectively

A fresh overview of the best platforms for learning Java and tips on how to make the process of learning Java from scratch effective and fast.

314. Python For Beginners: Functions, Parameters And Arguments

Explore more on functions through arguments, parameters, and return statements.

315. How to Fight Coder’s Block: A Guide for New Devs

4 reasons why coder’s block exists and a few ways to overcome it.

316. Syk Houdeib's First Line of Code Was Written at Age 39

Living proof that it's never too late to switch careers, 2020 Noonie Nominee Syk Houdeib (Spain) shares, in this 10-question interview, inspiration for supporting the career development of those from less-represented backgrounds, the most useful advice ever imparted, and what's most worrying in tech right now.

317. Learn Java Programming Online with these 5 Top-Rated Courses

Programming is one of the most relevant skills to learn if you want to stay up-to-date in the modern-day job market. According to statistics, the demand for tech specialists is skyrocketing — by 2030, we will be over 85 million professionals short to cover the needs of the field.

318. 6 Best C Programming Books Ranked by Review Scores

C Programming Language and Let Us C are among the best C programming books available today, according to their review scores.

319. How to Solve 6 Dynamic Programming Problems In a Systematic Way

In this article, I gave you an introduction to Dynamic Programming with several examples. Here I will solve 6 harder Dynamic Programming problems to show you how to approach them.

320. How Much Java Do You Need to Master Before They'll Hire You?

Let’s talk about job hunting in programming. It’s no secret that software development is one of the most promising fields out there — yet, as hundreds of developers learn the language, it’s easy to feel insecure about job prospects.

321. Ditch Web Development, Cloud Development Is What You Need ☁️

The “Learn How to Code” Hype Train

322. SQL and Database Management Skills Should Be Introduced Into School Curriculums

This article will discuss the wide-ranging benefits of learning SQL, and how we can transform the current curriculum.

323. Python for Beginners, Part 7: Fun Fun Functions

What are functions? We discuss how functions work and allow you to use clean, reusable code. We do this while visualizing our code through the Turtle library in python.

324. Python for Beginners, Part 4: Interactive Shell vs. Script

We will discuss the difference between an interactive python terminal vs. A python script.

325. 7 Great Resources for Java Beginners

To begin with, the Java programming language is easy enough to learn and has the greatest impact on the industry. So the question is: “which course to choose?"

326. Using PhpStorm, Docker and Xdebug 3 on PHP 8.1

How to configure PhpStorm and Xdebug to run PHP in Docker for php-fpm, cli and daemon worker processes in 2022.

327. 19 Basic Java Interview Questions and Short Sample Answers — 2021

Here are some basic Java interview questions and answers.

328. Grid vs. Flexbox: An Introduction to the Useless Battle

Through time has been common to compare things that can do similar functions, for the sake of electing a champion, something that is better, be it reason "y" or reason "x", and specially to be on the "right" side. If you think that you haven't done something like that maybe these topics will remind you of something, "XBOX or PlayStation?", "Android or iOS?", "Java or .Net?" and the list can go on, sometimes making a fuss about which one is better is pointless.

329. Beginner Developer Guide: What Language Should You Learn First

Should you start off with Java, C++, C, Python, Javascript, SQL, Swift, Objective-C or what!??

330. 6 Best C++ Programming Books Ranked by Review Score

The C++ Programming Language is a book with a fitting name for the top spot on this list. The author, Bjarne Stroustrup, is well-known.

331. 12 Common Java Mistakes Made by Newcomers

Everyone makes mistakes, not just beginners, but even professionals. This article goes over a dozen common mistakes that Java newbies make and how to avoid them

332. Python for Beginners, Part 3: The Turtle Module

In this part of the Learn Python for Beginners series... We go over how to use the turtle module and learn computer programming in a fun visual way. Things like functions, variables, and more will start to make sense instantly.

333. Going from C++ to Java: The Quest to Become a Polyglot Programmer

In the era of non-stop personal development, more and more software engineers choose to become competent in the second or even the third programming language to gain more experience and access more career opportunities. If you are a C++ developer who’s looking for a second programming language to master, it makes sense to add Java to your skills cloud. Next, I will explain to you how long it takes to learn Java for C++ programmers and why you should go for it.

334. Node.Js or Python and why?

With this article, we will discuss every element of both the back-end technologies platforms to provide you with clear insights.

335. How To Avoid n00b Programming Mistakes?

To become a Senior Java Developer, I’ve been learning Java for many years and still I’m not gonna stop learning as actual coding never stops teaching. I’ve also been teaching it for over seven years now. Just fancy how many mistakes I’ve already made myself and how many I’ve watched my students doing. I am pretty sure now I know a hundred wrong ways of learning to code (as well as dozens of the right ones).

336. The Best Advice Ever On How To Learn Faster And Become A Coding Pro

Let’s face it: people are impatient by nature and most likely want things to happen faster in their lives. I would apply the same to code learners. Students, when starting to learn programming, first wonder how to speed up the training and make a career as a programmer as soon as possible.

337. Why Senior Citizens Should Learn to Code

Seniors - learn to code! As a mind-stimulating leisure activity, learning to code has many health and social benefits for older adults.

338. You Learned a Programming Language, But How Do You Start Coding?

Anytime I visit r/programming, without fail, there’s a post of a programmer that goes “I’ve completed Sololearn courses, read through coding books, and finished my CS curriculum. I even understand most programming jokes. So, am I already good enough?”.

339. Learn To Code With No Hassle

I’ve been teaching Java for quite a while now. So I often share advice on how to learn programming faster and better. In talking to my students I can see that one thing distracts them very much: coding anxiety. It is a real trouble. Some people find it hard to focus their attention for more than one hour. Some are excessively stressed out by the job search.

340. Learning to Code: The Hero’s Journey

Almost universally learning to code is hard. It is hard and it is frustrating. Resources to go from 0 to 1 as a beginner are easy to find but figuring out the path from 0 to mastery are not.

341. How to Become a Java Developer: Top Skills You Need to Master

How much Java do you need to get your foot in the door as a Java specialist? There is no one correct answer.

342. Learning to Code: Is It Really That Difficult?

Skills like coding scares a lot of people. The media has made it seem like writing computer code is a genius-level activity, as weird symbols race across the screen and techno music blares in the background.But the truth is that, coding is actually pretty easy.I’m not saying this to dismiss the work of brilliant programmers. A skill can simultaneously be fairly easy to get the basics in, while also being really difficult to master. Everyone learns to write, few people learn to write well. There’s no contradiction, therefore, in saying that basic literacy is an “easy” skill to acquire (in that the vast majority of us are able to do it), without dismissing the efforts of talented writers.Nor am I saying this to mock people who are trying to learn programming and find it frustrating.Rather, I say coding is easy because I believe that almost all people, even if they don’t see themselves as particularly smart, have the ability to learn to write simple programs. That they don’t is mostly due to some structural barriers than any intrinsic difficulty with the skill itself.My Experience CodingI started learning how to write code since I was 14. I’ve read a couple of O’Rielly books on programming, took even free courses on Coursera and Udemy. Watch thousands of hours on programming related videos on YouTube. I remember even working through the content of a Computer Science Degree online (which is totally unnecessary if you want to learn to code,by the way).If you take a closer look, in some ways... my background may seem to disqualify me about making statements on the ease of coding. However, I can say without a single doubt, that subjects like Accounting, Physics, Engineering and even Law are more difficult than programming.Most math you learn in high-school is more difficult too, believe it; although you usually get wayyyyy more practice with algebra than writing code, which leads to a misperception as to which is more difficult.Why Coding Feels HardLearning to code is hard for a couple reasons:Installing new languages can be super frustrating. This is the first activity for a wanna-be programmer. This can create the misperception that programming is really hard because newbies extrapolate the difficulty of getting set up to how it weill be every moment after.Also, there are waayyyyyyyy too many languages, frameworks tools, libraries and plug-ins. Starting programming is super overwhelming because there are a stadezillion things to learn and you have no idea where to start.The first moments of programming are the hardest. Getting set up is annoyingly difficult and often requires learning a new way of working with computers even before you write a single line of code.Consider the instructions for installing most languages:“Open the terminal or command prompt. Type in a case-sensitive exact set of instructions to download and install the language. Use GitHub. Homebrew. Versions matter too. Are you running 32 or 64 bit? ‘Cause if you’re not sure it will crash with a cryptic error message and you’ll feel like an idiot.”These tools are learnable, like everything else, but they reinforce the impression given by the media that coding is mostly using elite tools with weird, unfriendly user interfaces. When people see coding they imagine parsing the green-streaming letters on computer screens like the movie, The Matrix; whereas the truth is a lot more like following a recipe along step-by-step.How Do You Get Over the Initial Difficulties?There’s a few ways you can do this. My favorite is to just go to the language or technology official documentation, that will tell you exactly how to set up step-by-step.Alternatively, you can dive into internet tutorials (why do you think platforms like YouTube, Quora exists?), but recognize that sometimes they are aimed at already-proficient programmers, who know what OOP and GitHub are, and are fluent with writing commands into Terminal.If you get one of these, you can try to follow it, but don’t feel bad if you screw it up. It’s frustrating and it doesn’t mean all coding will be like this.Another option is to avoid setup at all. Just use some coding tutorial website that teach you to code without needing any installation. I like this too, but sometimes you can’t actually build the thing you want to build with these apps. However, if you hate the setup, that’s where I’d start.Most important, however, is to remember that I told you this. When you try to learn to code, it will be frustrating to get set up, and just accept that this is a small price to pay. Soon it will be easier and you’ll do stuff that is cool. Don’t feel dumb because you get stuck here, I still do and I’ve been writing code for years.What Language/Framework/Library Should I Start With?This seems like a good question to ask, but, I’d argue, it’s actually the wrong way to think about learning programming.First, despite the fact that programmers often boast about how many languages they know, recognize that most languages are only superficially different. Yes, I know all about language design, so don’t tell me about the importance of scripting versus compiling, or whether a language is strongly or weakly typed. Those things matter, but they’re details.The basics of nearly all languages and tools are the same. Variables. Loops. Functions. Pointers. Data Types. OOP. Modules. These concepts exist in almost all programming languages. If you pick a mainstream language, you’ll learn these in mostly the same way, so it doesn’t matter if you pick Python, JavaScript, C++, Java or even PHP.The place languages do matter is what you want to use them for.Want to write iPhone apps? Swift or Objective C are the languages of choice. Need to create web pages? JavaScript is going to come in handy. Yes, you can use almost any language for any task if you tinker with it and get the right plug-ins. However, some languages are easier to get started with certain types of projects than others.Therefore, the first question to ask is not: which language should I learn, but, which project should I start with?What Should Be Your First Project?I recommend starting your programming adventure, even before you write a single line of code, with a decision about a concrete programming project you’d like to create.This serves a couple purposes:It narrows down the language/framework choices considerably. Once you know you’re building a website, you’re already leaning towards tools that were designed with that goal in mind.Everything you learn is connected to a destination. Transfer of learning is notoriously difficult. Learning directly by building, works better than learning something and just hoping it will help you later.You can work on something you think is cool. If you think it would be cool to make an interactive website, do that. If you’d prefer a game, do that. If you’d prefer to automate some tedious work, do that instead. Do what you feel is cool and you’ll be motivated to stick to it.In general, smaller is better when it comes to projects. Deciding to start with making the next Google is ambitious, but probably will get you stuck in the weeds before you make much progress.If your true ambitious are huge, it’s often best to work on a toy project first. Many experienced programmers still do this when they are entering a new territory of programming. Toy projects take the essential ideas of programming, but turn it into something you can do in a few days or weeks, instead of years.Examples of good projects include:A basic terminal text-adventure game. No graphics, but still requires learning concepts like loops, variables, input-output processing.A simple website. Start with just displaying a static page. Maybe add in comments, users, photos or interactive elements as you learn more.A simple app. What’s something dead-simple you’d like to have on your phone? It can be stupid to start, don’t worry.A script for automating a tedious task.In general, programs are easier when they involve no multimedia content (websites are a bit of an exception), so if you’re making a game, for instance, a text game tends to be easier than one with graphics, if only because making all the graphics can take time.Similarly, different core activities have different difficulties. Arithmetic and simple calculations done repeatedly are easiest. Processing text for exact patterns is a bit harder. Processing text for vague patterns is harder still. Processing, speech, photos and video is even harder.If you do end up picking an initial project that turns out to be super difficult, it’s okay to scale back. “Make an application that calculates my mortgage payments” is much, much easier than “Make an application that can tell you what someone’s hairstyle is from a photo.” It’s often not obvious that this is the case in the beginning, so don’t worry if you accidentally pick a “hard” problem to start with, you can adjust it later to something easier.Which Resources Should You Use?Once you’ve picked a project, the next step is to get some resources to help. This is a step many people worry over endlessly, but like the language choice, it’s a lot less important (and depends more on your goals) than you think.I won’t list specific resources, because there are so many good ones that my suggestions are going to leave out some of the best. Instead, here’s three strategies for finding good resources:Get a book that teaches you the language + project you want. There should be a computer section in your city’s bookstore or library, you can just pick any of those. I personally like O’Reilly (they publish the best software development books), but there are lots of good ones. (If you haven’t figured out which language yet, just DuckDuckGo your type of project and look for suggestions.) I read the Self-taught programmer by Cory Altoff, the first time I wanted to learn Python.Attend a MOOC. Coursera, edX, MIT, Harvard, FreeCodeCamp and others all teach computer programming online. Once again, the thing that matters most isn’t the exact class, but whether it teaches the language/project domain you care about.Stressing over which book or course to pick is the wrong thing to worry about. The main thing to do is to use the book or course to learn enough to start tinkering on your project, not to master programming on its own. Starting your project before your ready is definitely the way you should feel about it.Do What Real Programmers Do and Ask DuckDuckGo/StackOverflow/GoogleOnce you actually get started writing code, you’re going to encounter many, many situations where you either don’t know how to do something, or you learned how to do it before and you’ve forgotten.In these situations, you should do what real programmers do: ask DuckDuckGo/Google/StackOverflow. This isn’t a shameful activity, but a part of real programming. I’ve been coding for years, but I always forget silly syntactical things and so I find myself duckduckgoing regular expressions over and over again. It’s not bad, it’s just part of the process.Once you’ve gotten yourself installed, you’ve learned a bit with your book to know the basics and have started working on your first project, you’ll learn the rest by googling and adding to your library of programming knowledge. Computer science theories, detailed understandings of the language you’re working with or advanced design patterns can wait until you’ve finished a few real projects and feel like you can code something.Notice #1: Don’t Copy-and-PasteA first piece of advice when it comes to this step is to never copy-and-paste. Copy-and-pasting is bad because you don’t try to understand the code you’re copying. If you have to transcribe, in contrast, you naturally ask yourself, “why this? why not something else?” Even if you don’t have a great answer immediately, typing things for yourself will open your mind up to the answer whereas copy-and-pasting shuts down thinking.Notice #2: Try it Yourself Before Looking for a SolutionA second piece of advice is to always try to solve something yourself before looking up how someone else does it. Most problems have many, many ways they can be solved. The challenge is that expert programmers often know a particularly concise, clever way, but that often isn’t the “obvious” way.This can lead to a trap where you see a clever solution that employs tricky syntax, think that there was no way you would have guessed that solution, and believe you couldn’t have solved it on your own. That’s usually not true, yet it’s an unfortunate side effect of looking up solutions before trying to find your own.Summary of AdvThisisting up is frustrating.

343. How To Swap Values In JavaScript

At some point in their career, developers need to swap values. Most of the time we use the one plain old solution of “using a temporary variable”. Ugh, if only there was a better way. But wait! There is, and there’s not just one but many. In desperate times, we scour the web for solutions, find one, and copy it without ever wondering how this little snippet of code works. Lucky for you, now is the time to learn about how to swap values easily and efficiently, putting an end to your misery.

344. Coding for Beginners: A Guide to Languages, Courses, and Platforms

Software development is one of the most popular professions today, with an average salary of $59,568 a year. As the demand for promising coding professionals is not going anywhere, many people strive to master new skills to join the ranks of developers. But, even if you don’t plan to become a full-time developer, obtaining experience in coding will open up more opportunities and greatly benefit your future career.

345. The NodeJS Digital Transformation Guide for Non-Technical Founders

When it comes to selecting the right back-end technology. It can be confusing to evaluate your project needs and a versatile fit for your back-end development. However,  NodeJS can be the best fit for your product. Thus, hire NodeJS developers to build the best business solution. Some of the crucial factors include whether you should look for offshore or onshore hiring.

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