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3 ways Solopreneurship made me a better person

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How running my own little development shop is improving my life…

More and more people are jumping into this entrepreneurial thing, recently. There are various reasons to do that, mine were: “lack of challenging work” and “the thirst to create something valuable on my own”.

I’ve been trying to build a software development and consultancy Rayn Studios, from the ground up, for sometime now. Building such an entity, gives me enough opportunities, to be adventurous, to create, to earn (in future) and most importantly to help people and touch lives.

There are several resources, processes and flows which I’ve to piece together, in order to make my venture a profitable venture, which has a life of its own. During this journey, I’ve picked up some good habits, which really help me in keeping myself focused. Today, I want to share that with the world. So, here you go:

1. Mediocrity is not an option

If you really want your ventures or products to succeed, you cannot just rely on “good enough” MVPs. Your products have to be top notch, if you really want others to trust your brand. You cannot just learn enough to get by. You really have to dig deep and churn the maximum value out of your tools.

Solopreneurship forced me to improve my software development workflows, designing workflows and to effectively manage my time.

2. Procrastinate at your own peril

When you have team members to take care of tasks, you have a sort of safety net, which you can fallback on. When you are flying solo, there is no such support.

Either you have to do it or it won’t get done.

Nowadays, I always plan things, 1–2 weeks ahead, most of the times. So, that I can stay on track and does not end up doing low-value work. This improved my time management skills and made me less of a procrastinator.

3. Commitment to be a life-long learner

When you have a venture, which depends to on new technologies and marketing strategies, you are forced to learn new things and venture into new territories.

When you have a job, although you do have some opportunities to improve, most of the time, you stick to your guns.

Running my own little development studio, compels me to learn cutting edge technologies like crypto-currencies, React Native, which I otherwise would not be motivated enough to learn, if I were still working at my old job as an Oracle DBA, as I could have buried my head in sand and considered it to be a panacea for data storage woes.

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