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3 Step Inbound Marketing Funnel For Your Business

Inbound and outbound marketing strategies are mainly for businesses to out smart their rivals in this digitally transformed, consumer demanding world.

First of all,

I wonder how most of us live extravagantly without having any plans for our future!

Leaving this aside, as a hustler, we all have our own short and long-term goals. Supposedly, our short-term goals contain a list of things we wish to pull off in a very short span.

One of such attempts is, we scoff down healthy food a day and expect to see massive weight loss the very next day. While our long-term ambition stays something out of reference.

Not a myth: We are way too wacky that sometimes we think the earth is flat (for those who still believe in it).

The point is, if we lack plans, it’s almost like running blind and in the dark. It will only lead to the fatal failure.

Let me place a question, how can we accomplish our goals, dreams, or attain the power we seek to have, when we haven’t yet figured out what we might essentially need to get there?

This applies not only to winning intrapersonal/interpersonal standards but also to designing an evergreen business model.

When your business doesn’t posses a strategic funnel (what a non-technical or a common man who is not up to building a commercial business calls as ‘plan’) what you’ll never be able to spot out is, how half-baked your fiscal investments are, which is soon going to turn into an incurable trauma.

As the result, the efforts and the sweat you invested in never gets acknowledged. And gradually you’ll begin to see an unexpected spike in the revenue drop off.

When this happens, very few businesses stick to taking smart measures by thinking progressively. While the most others make swift moves thrive harder to survive, but in a haste, they all lose sight of critical analysis and go for self cremation by giving up.

How sad! It’s heartbreaking to watch someone going down. Isn’t it?

I am sharing some of my learnings and things I know about running a stabilized business coupled with a few well-performing business strategies.

I’ll definitely try not to dump unwanted cliches and jargons here.

Moving on, these are the essentials of effective online marketing and proven methods by several ultimate brands. When I say marketing, it comprises both the inbound and outbound marketing.

What goes under Inbound Marketing? (Thing this blog will actually explain about)

Inbound marketing is attracting the customers mainly via content. It almost relates to the activities like social media interactions, blogs posts, brilliant case studies, competitive biddings, higher visibility in search engines et cetera.

What about Outbound Marketing? (Let me talk this up in the next blog)

It might look like a thing full of shit, as many businesses don’t entertain it as much as they do their inbound marketing strategies. But it definitely carries a pinch of potential.

Outbound marketing comprises of activities such as running drip campaigns, PPC, CTR, banner ads, cold calling and few others.

I don’t want to vouch for any of these as the best as I believe if implemented well, both inbound and outbound strategies shall ‘rock their way’ (inspired by Calvin’s — My Way). Guaranteed.

Hit play and refresh yourself :)
Like Calvin Harris meant it to the PopCrush peeps that the truth behind My Way is not something scandalous as we may think, but is, ‘breaking out the situation and soaring high.’

The 3 crucial layers of an inbound marketing funnel

  • Increasing visibility or coming out (I know what you’re thinking)
  • Engaging the users/visitors
  • Winning the deal

Take a look at 6 best marketing tools you might be missing out on.

There are a plenty of ways to go about this. The prime focus is to let your target audience know you’re about to go grand and they’ve just gotten lucky to have a sneak peek of what value you’re about to offer them.

Check out what NSM means.

Consider kicking it off with a pre-launch announcement on ProductHunt. It’s so an indigenous portal it lets you make some noise about your ready though yet to be launched product.

So sleek for visitors to interact and understand the value you’re promising them you’ll offer. Have a strong value proposition for your brand, also for your product.

Not sure what value proposition is? Head over here.

Role of content

Create as much content as you can. The type of content may vary based on the business you’re part of. Run through quick keyword/content analysis and identify the top performing content to piggyback on (This is the most effective marketing hack).

Build an informative content base that leaves an impression about your brand with the readers/visitors/trial users.

Why worry about the readers?

Because everybody reads (reviews, product descriptions, use cases, trust badges from existing users) in situations where money and time play the primal part.

Trust me, today’s digital transformation has completely changed the habits of potential buyers downright. There are only impulsive buyers online.

Strengthen on and off page identity metrics/keywords usage. Perform vigorous keyword research and run competitor analysis consistently. Invest most of your time into making SEO fixes.

List of image SEO tips (just in case you need some)

“Organic content on the web are same as organic food. 
 People say they hold quality and are the 
 only life-saving options they have as of now”

One thing that worked the best for me was utilising all of the social mediums and continuously optimizing based on the acquired insights. Every social media portal, taking from fad Facebook to gripping Pinterest, offer abundant and even shocking range of benefits (reason? we barely live outside the online world).

Facebook ad kit is cheap in price as well Twitter is the best tool for you to reach a wider audience.

DATA does the magic

Don’t forget to look into the data. Use a smart analytics tool to understand user behaviour, customer journey, clicks and scrolls, engagement data and so on.

In closing, there are a plenty of marketing toolboxes to learn applicable tactics from. Use them. And essentially, the more you focus on gaining organic traffic the more your growth will stay constant.

And day by day you’ll be considered a sustainable source by the bots that are spread all over the web (will grow to be 80x more in a year or two) and will be pushed to the top of search engines ( the place where users’ cursors reside). Making it easier for your prospects to find you as your quality score is already high.

We’re done for now.

Hey, if you have known anything about inbound marketing from this piece, you may send something to me as you depart.

Okay? Hit that clap button harder :)

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