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3 Reasons why you should focus on the Font rather than the color.

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How you can attract your users with your font.

Let me make this article short and simple. I have used dozens of sites, and created three. The feedback I get each time differs. I changed a lot on the CSS files, made it look colorful and classy, but something misses out every time.

One day, I started changing the fonts of the site and noticed the vast difference it made. Some sites look better when you choose a style that suits it. I will give you 3 reasons why.

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1.People give attention to things that are NOT ordinary.

Take Medium for example. It has a lot of fonts — two for the quotes, one for the heading, one for the subheadings. The difference indicates different messages and it makes people want to read more.

You may have seen research papers. The long two columns,the same Times New Roman/Arial and the fixed 12 size. Sounds like a prescription for sleep.

People read if there are different texts in different font. It varies on the size, style and the weight(bold/italic). You might notice this section better than the one written above.

That is the magic here. The eyes attract the extraordinary and your text should have an ‘out of the box’ look.

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2.Readability increases when you choose the right set of fonts.

Readability is everything. It is what makes people use a site. Medium has more users compared to other reading platforms. It is because it is readable. The font size and the style is different, and has good aesthetics.

Choose a font that is classy,different and readable. Cursive fonts are usually discouraged, as some alphabets look similar and there arises a confusion.

Another important thing to note here is Uniformity. Since I said you to use different fonts, don’t go and download 10 of them and scatter it across the site. It should be a limited number.

I would usually go with three — one for the heading and the numbers, one for the important text and one for the normal paragraphs.

You can maybe add one more to highlight some titles. But,don’t overdo it.

3.Know where to look.

The best and worst thing about Internet is that it has a diverse amount of data and you can fish all you want. But, you need to look at the proper place to get the right answer.

Google Fonts is the best place to look for fonts : Source
My key recommendation is choosing fonts is to use Google Fonts.

The best feature about Google Fonts is that it gives you variety in different languages. You can test it by writing your own input and easily include it in your website. My suggestions are Roboto,Calibri and Open Sans. These are the default good ones.

Sometimes,usage of Google Fonts may slow down your website. In that case, you could download the font elsewhere. There are tons of websites to download and use fonts, but not all fonts are available.

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