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3 Reasons Why Netflix Is ​​The Best OTT Platform

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@VasidqVasid Qureshi

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OTT Platforms (Over the Top) are no longer a surprise for anyone in 2020. It would seem that this is the most common thing. But still, there are things that, although with a great delay, you discover for yourself. And it turns out to be a real gem.

Reason #1: Catalog of Films and TV Series

Most of the services on the US market are just catalogues of films and TV series, in which you have to dig and look for something interesting. You can spend the whole evening searching without finding anything in the end.

Netflix always seemed to me just an analogue of Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus, but in reality, it is not so much an online cinema as a recommendation service coupled with an online cinema.

On the first launch, it asks for movies and TV shows you like, and then makes recommendations based on what you've chosen. After viewing the pictures, the recommendations are corrected and updated, becoming even more accurate. 

Netflix is much better when compared with Disney Plus in many aspects. Thanks to the recommendations that everyone like Netflix. I do not consider myself far from the cinema, I follow the latest movies and TV series. And for the last couple of months, it seemed to me that I reviewed all the noteworthy works of recent years. But after registering with the service, I saw a list, which more than half consisted of paintings completely unfamiliar to me. And after I started watching, I realized that I had missed a lot.

At the same time, I do not need to delve into the catalogue in search of something interesting. The service tells me interesting works based on the statistics of my viewing. Moreover, it is so powerful that it very often hits the target. There were times when I just switched to the next recommended movie or TV series and it was just "right!"

Reason #2: Convenient Player

When watching TV series, I always greatly infuriated the need to skip the opening credits and switch to the next episode after the end of the previous one (after all, no one cancelled the credits). Netflix solved this problem quite simply - they provided automatic transition and skipping titles. You just watch episode after episode without any texts that run across the screen at the beginning and at the end.

If you watch movies through the PlayStation console, then in addition to the gamepad, the player can be controlled from your Android phone by simply launching the Netflix app. There you can select the remote control mode.

Reason #3: Interactive Films

In the Netflix catalogue, I came across an interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, in which the viewer chooses which path the main character of the picture will take. At certain moments, the viewer is presented with a choice. The plot will evolve depending on what you do.

This is quite an interesting experience and it may turn out that this may be the future of OTT. After all, such series and films can be watched several times, choosing different storylines.

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@VasidqVasid Qureshi

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Experienced Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in SEO


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