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Three Bullish Tech Predictions for 2020

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#1 The Distributed Workforce Proliferates 💻

It is no secret work has become increasingly distributed. Not just from ride sharing and Craigslist gigs, but startups and small businesses seeking on-demand talent for cheap. Today, employers are connecting with part-time experts from around the world thanks to services like Fiverr and Upwork. I’m expecting this trend to accelerate in 2020, perhaps to the point large corporates get onboard for an upper hand. The future of work will encompass a shared workforce — one where a talented designer or even excel wizard receives premium pay for their 3-month project (and maybe pro-rated health and 401K benefits).

#2 Bitcoin Tops $50K 🚀

Bitcoin traders are anticipating “the halvening” — an event where BTC mining rewards will be cut in half sometime near May 2020. In the past we’ve seen rollercoaster pricing due to chain splits and general 2017 FOMO. So why would a major mining event be different? Institutional investors will face a ‘now or never’ bitcoin investment dilemma in 2020 and may have SEC assurance this time around. Bitcoin won’t be the the de facto future of digital payments but the supply squeeze will propel non-believers into reluctant investors. To the moon!

#3 Electric Vehicles Hit Tipping Point ⚡️

If there is one company who has proven doubters wrong in 2019, it is Tesla. Elon and friends crushed production expectations, quickly built a China Gigafactory, and led a booming stock rally to close out Q4. The electric vehicle evolution is staring auto incumbents in the face, and they’ll push hard in 2020 to make up for years of ignorance. Plenty of factors finally favor an electric profit too. The costs of lithium-ion batteries is drastically declining and more EV fast-charging stations are on the way. 2020 could be the year of an EV that is affordable, reliable, and long-range. Fitting that this would come 20 years after the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius was launched?

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